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2023 Stats

  • Softball America ACC Top Newcomer to Watch

  • Had five wins on 18 appearances in the circle with six starts

  • Pitched a season-high 5.1 innings vs. Northwestern

  • Struck out a season-high five batters vs. Winthrop

  • Earned her first save against Mercer (March 9) and second at North Carolina (April 3)

  • Tallied four at bats over the season, including three vs. Texas (Feb. 11)

Before Clemson

  • 2020 Georgia Gatorade Softball Player of the Year

  • 2019 GACA State Pitcher of the Year

  • 2019 GADC State 5A Player of the Year

  • Two time Region Pitcher of the Year (2018,2019)


  • Born on May 14, 2003

  • Daughter of Brian and Hollie McCubbin

*Courtesy Clemson Media Guide


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Brooke McCubbin FAQ

What position does Brooke McCubbin play for the Clemson Tigers? Brooke McCubbin is a RH Pitcher for the Clemson Tigers
When did Brooke McCubbin join the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What years did Brooke McCubbin play for the Clemson Tigers? 2022,2023
What is Brooke McCubbin's number at Clemson? 2
Did Brooke McCubbin play for the Clemson Tigers? Yes
Did Brooke McCubbin go to Clemson? Yes
What college did Brooke McCubbin go to? Brooke McCubbin attended Clemson
What is Brooke McCubbin's hometown? Locust Grove, GA
What city is Brooke McCubbin from? Locust Grove
Where is Brooke McCubbin from? Brooke McCubbin is from Locust Grove, GA
How tall is Brooke McCubbin? Brooke McCubbin currently stands at 5-10
How much does Brooke McCubbin weigh? Brooke McCubbin currently weighs in at 0 pounds
What state is Brooke McCubbin from? GA
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