2022 Clemson Football Season Summary

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@Georgia Tech
Furman $
Louisiana Tech +
@Wake Forest
NC State %
@Boston College
@Florida State
Syracuse ~
@Notre Dame
Louisville ^
Miami *
South Carolina #
vs. North Carolina &
vs. Tennessee
$First Responders Day; +Family Weekend; %Hall of Fame Day, Land Grant Day; ~Homecoming, Football Reunion Day; ^Military Appreciation Day, Purple Out; *Senior Day; #IPTAY DAY, Solid Orange Day; &ACC Championship;

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It appears your Web browser is not configured to display PDF files. No worries, just click here to download the PDF file.

2022 Clemson Football Roster

Keith Adams Jr. Photo 19 Keith Adams Jr. RB 5-9/210 Freshman RS St. George, Utah
Davis Allen Photo 84 Davis Allen TE 6-6/250 Senior 3VL Calhoun, GA
Sergio Allen Photo 45 Sergio Allen LB 6-1/230 Junior 2VL Fort Valley, GA
Griffin Batt Photo 33 Griffin Batt TE 6-0/220 Freshman RS Clemson, SC
LaVonta Bentley Photo 42 LaVonta Bentley LB 6-0/235 Junior (RS) 2VL Birmingham, AL
Will Blackston Photo 43 Will Blackston TE 6-1/255 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Honea Path, SC
Will Boggs Photo 68 Will Boggs OL 6-3/290 Sophomore (RS) 1VL York, SC
Liam Boyd Photo 37 Liam Boyd PK 6-0/185 Freshman RS Asheville, NC
Bryan Bresee Photo 11 Bryan Bresee DT 6-5/300 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Damascus, MD
Jake Briningstool Photo 9 Jake Briningstool TE 6-6/230 Sophomore 1VL Brentwood, TN
Nathan Brooks Photo 67 Nathan Brooks OL 6-4/285 Freshman (RS) RS Fort Mill, SC
DeMonte Capehart Photo 19 DeMonte Capehart DT 6-5/305 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Hartsville, SC
Jesiah Carlton Photo 46 Jesiah Carlton LB 6-1/230 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Winston-Salem, NC
Barrett Carter Photo 0 Barrett Carter LB 6-1/225 Sophomore 1VL Suwanee, GA
Holden Caspersen Photo 58 Holden Caspersen LS 5-11/215 Freshman (RS) RS Roswell, GA
Quinn Castner Photo 36 Quinn Castner PK 5-5/145 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Fort Mill, SC
Dacari Collins Photo 3 Dacari Collins WR 6-4/215 Sophomore 1VL Atlanta, GA
Beaux Collins Photo 80 Beaux Collins WR 6-3/210 Sophomore 1VL Los Angeles, Calif.
Brodey Conn Photo 40 Brodey Conn S/P 6-0/200 Freshman RS Clemson, SC
David Cote Photo 48 David Cote LB 5-11/215 Junior (RS) 2VL Six Mile, SC
Fletcher Cothran Photo 29 Fletcher Cothran LB 6-3/210 Freshman RS Anderson, SC
Sherrod Covil Jr. Photo 12 Sherrod Covil Jr. S 5-11/195 Freshman HS Chesapeake, VA
Mac Cranford Photo 60 Mac Cranford OL 6-0/285 Junior (RS) 2VL Hartsville, SC
Jackson Crosby Photo 82 Jackson Crosby WR 5-10/195 Freshman (RS) RS Six Mile, SC
Tyler Davis Photo 13 Tyler Davis DT 6-2/300 Senior 3VL Apopka, FL
Fred Davis  Photo 2 Fred Davis CB 6-0/190 Junior 2VL Jacksonville, FL
Cade Denhoff Photo 44 Cade Denhoff DE 6-5/255 Freshman (RS) RS Plant City, FL
Carson Donnelly Photo 27 Carson Donnelly S 5-11/195 Senior (RS) 3VL Birmingham, AL
Colby Doolittle Photo 51 Colby Doolittle LB 6-2/235 Freshman (RS) RS Newberry, SC
TJ Dudley Photo 26 TJ Dudley LB 6-1/230 Freshman RS Montgomery, AL
Hampton Earle Photo 83 Hampton Earle WR 5-10/195 Junior (RS) 2VL Clemson, SC
Joey Eddis Photo 52 Joey Eddis LB 5-11/205 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Lawrence, KS
Sage Ennis Photo 11 Sage Ennis TE 6-4/235 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Graceville, FL
Riggs Faulkenberry Photo 43 Riggs Faulkenberry LB 6-1/210 Freshman (RS) RS Greenville, SC
Philip Florenzo Photo 45 Philip Florenzo LS 6-2/240 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Towson, MD
Connor Graham Photo 62 Connor Graham OL 6-2/285 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Powdersville, SC
Hamp Greene Photo 24 Hamp Greene WR 5-9/180 Junior (RS) 2VL Birmingham, AL
Malcolm Greene Photo 21 Malcolm Greene CB 5-10/195 Junior 2VL Richmond, VA
Kylon Griffin Photo 18 Kylon Griffin S 5-11/190 Freshman RS Montgomery, AL
Robert Gunn  Photo 38 Robert Gunn PK 6-0/180 Freshman RS Seminole, FL
Hunter Helms Photo 18 Hunter Helms QB 6-2/215 Sophomore (RS) 1VL West Columbia, SC
Jacob Hendricks Photo 37 Jacob Hendricks S 5-7/170 Freshman (RS) RS Six Mile, SC
KJ Henry Photo 5 KJ Henry DE 6-4/260 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Winston-Salem, NC
Tye Herbstreit Photo 86 Tye Herbstreit WR 5-11/170 Junior (RS) 2VL Nashville, TN
Trent Howard Photo 75 Trent Howard OL 6-3/295 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Birmingham, AL
Blackmon Huckabee Jr. Photo 25 Blackmon Huckabee Jr. WR 5-11/190 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Clover, SC
Zach Jackson Photo 89 Zach Jackson WR 6-3/205 Freshman (RS) RS Acworth, GA
Hunter Johnson Photo 12 Hunter Johnson QB 6-2/215 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Brownsburg, IN
Mason Johnstone Photo 72 Mason Johnstone OL 6-5/240 Freshman RS Clemson, SC
Sheridan Jones Photo 6 Sheridan Jones CB 6-0/190 Senior 3VL Norfolk, VA
Sam Judy Photo 69 Sam Judy OL 6-5/315 Freshman (RS) RS Taylors, SC
Jaden Kinard Photo 36 Jaden Kinard S 5-10/180 Freshman RS Pawleys Island, SC
Cade Klubnik Photo 2 Cade Klubnik QB 6-2/195 Freshman HS Austin, TX
Jahiem Lawson Photo 15 Jahiem Lawson DE 6-2/235 Freshman RS Central, SC
Tristan Leigh Photo 70 Tristan Leigh OL 6-6/315 Freshman (RS) RS Fairfax, VA
Ryan Linthicum Photo 53 Ryan Linthicum C 6-3/305 Freshman (RS) RS Damascus, MD
Jeadyn Lukus Photo 10 Jeadyn Lukus CB 6-2/195 Freshman HS Mauldin, SC
Phil Mafah Photo 26 Phil Mafah RB 6-1/230 Sophomore 1VL Loganville, GA
Keith Maguire Photo 30 Keith Maguire LB 6-2/230 Junior (RS) 2VL Media, PA
Matthew Maloney Photo 49 Matthew Maloney LB 6-0/215 Junior (RS) 2VL Clemson, SC
Michael Mankaka Photo 87 Michael Mankaka WR 6-0/185 Freshman RS Laurens, SC
Justin Mascoll Photo 7 Justin Mascoll DE 6-4/255 Senior (RS) 3VL Snellville, GA
Armon Mason Photo 34 Armon Mason DE 6-2/225 Freshman (RS) RS Richmond Hill, GA
Levi Matthews Photo 92 Levi Matthews DE 6-5/215 Freshman RS Raleigh, NC
Mitchell Mayes Photo 77 Mitchell Mayes OL 6-3/315 Junior 2VL Raleigh, NC
Bubba McAtee Photo 39 Bubba McAtee S 6-3/205 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Central, SC
Kobe McCloud Photo 31 Kobe McCloud LB 5-10/225 Freshman RS Tampa, FL
Evan McCutchen Photo 58 Evan McCutchen DE 6-2/250 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Hampton, SC
Jordan McFadden Photo 71 Jordan McFadden OT 6-2/310 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Spartanburg, SC
Kevin McNeal Photo 34 Kevin McNeal RB 5-9/195 Freshman (RS) RS Tuscaloosa, AL
RJ Mickens Photo 9 RJ Mickens S 6-0/205 Junior 2VL Southlake, TX
Blake Miller Photo 78 Blake Miller OL 6-6/315 Freshman HS Strongsville, OH
Boston Miller Photo 47 Boston Miller S 6-2/200 Freshman RS Central, SC
Reed Morrissey Photo 56 Reed Morrissey LB 6-0/225 Freshman (RS) RS Greenville, SC
Hogan Morton Photo 47 Hogan Morton PK 5-9/165 Freshman (RS) RS Birmingham, AL
Andrew Mukuba Photo 1 Andrew Mukuba S 6-0/185 Sophomore 1VL Austin, TX
Myles Murphy Photo 98 Myles Murphy DE 6-5/275 Junior 2VL Marietta, GA
Peter Nearn Photo 38 Peter Nearn S 6-2/205 Freshman (RS) RS Memphis, TN
Joseph Ngata Photo 10 Joseph Ngata WR 6-3/220 Senior 3VL Folsom, Calif.
Caleb Nix Photo 41 Caleb Nix S 6-0/200 Freshman RS Phenix City, AL
Myles Oliver Photo 16 Myles Oliver CB 5-11/180 Freshman RS Villa Rica, GA
Ruke Orhorhoro Photo 33 Ruke Orhorhoro DT 6-4/295 Junior (RS) 2VL Lagos, Nigeria
Kobe Pace Photo 7 Kobe Pace RB 5-10/210 Junior 2VL Cedartown, GA
Payton Page Photo 55 Payton Page DT 6-4/315 Sophomore 1VL Greensboro, NC
Walker Parks Photo 64 Walker Parks OL 6-5/315 Junior 2VL Lexington, Ky.
Zaire Patterson Photo 91 Zaire Patterson DE 6-5/260 Freshman (RS) RS Winston-Salem, NC
Trent Pearman Photo 14 Trent Pearman QB 6-0/185 Freshman RS Clemson, SC
Chapman Pendergrass Photo 65 Chapman Pendergrass OL 6-3/295 Freshman RS Anderson, SC
Dietrick Pennington Photo 59 Dietrick Pennington OL 6-5/355 Freshman (RS) RS Memphis, TN
Jalyn Phillips Photo 25 Jalyn Phillips S 6-1/205 Senior 3VL Lawrenceville, GA
Peyton Pitts Photo 51 Peyton Pitts OL 6-6/300 Freshman RS Clinton, SC
Banks Pope Photo 44 Banks Pope TE 6-4/240 Freshman (RS) RS Columbia, SC
BT Potter Photo 29 BT Potter PK 5-10/190 Senior 3VL Rock Hill, SC
Luke Price Photo 40 Luke Price TE 6-2/235 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Dillon, SC
Toriano Pride Photo 23 Toriano Pride CB 5-11/185 Freshman HS St. Louis, MO
Toriano Pride Jr. Photo 23 Toriano Pride Jr. So. 5-11/190 Freshman HS St. Louis, MO
Will Putnam Photo 56 Will Putnam OL 6-4/315 Senior 3VL Tampa, FL
Adam Randall Photo 8 Adam Randall WR 6-2/230 Freshman HS Myrtle Beach, SC
Etinosa Reuben Photo 32 Etinosa Reuben DT 6-3/285 Junior (RS) 2VL Kansas City, MO
Tristen Rigby Photo 31 Tristen Rigby RB 5-10/205 Freshman (RS) RS St. Gabriel, LA
Andrew Roberts Photo 97 Andrew Roberts DE 6-4/225 Senior (RS) 1VL Conway, SC
Jabriel Robinson Photo 90 Jabriel Robinson DL 6-4/260 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Bluffton, SC
Elijah Rodgers Photo 35 Elijah Rodgers CB 6-1/185 Senior (RS) 3VL Gaffney, SC
Collin Sadler Photo 50 Collin Sadler OL 6-6/325 Freshman RS Inman, SC
Josh Sapp Photo 85 Josh Sapp TE 6-1/245 Freshman RS Greenville, SC
Wise Segars Jr. Photo 32 Wise Segars Jr. RB 6-1/200 Freshman (RS) RS Sumter, SC
Will Shipley Photo 1 Will Shipley RB 5-11/205 Sophomore 1VL Weddington, NC
Trenton Simpson Photo 22 Trenton Simpson LB 6-3/230 Junior 2VL Charlotte, NC
Jack Smith Photo 89 Jack Smith P 6-5/230 Freshman RS Saraland, AL
Brannon Spector Photo 13 Brannon Spector WR 6-1/205 Junior (RS) 2VL Calhoun, GA
Troy Stellato Photo 15 Troy Stellato WR 6-1/190 Freshman (RS) RS Fort Lauderdale, FL
Caden Story Photo 93 Caden Story DT 6-3/290 Freshman RS Lanett, AL
Davian Sullivan Photo 23 Davian Sullivan WR 6-4/195 Junior (RS) 2VL Woodruff, SC
Aidan Swanson Photo 39 Aidan Swanson P/PK 6-3/170 Junior (RS) 2VL Tampa, FL
Drew Swinney Photo 81 Drew Swinney WR 5-9/185 Grad Student (RS) 4VL Clemson, SC
Clay Swinney Photo 88 Clay Swinney WR 5-9/165 Freshman RS Clemson, SC
Kevin Swint Photo 14 Kevin Swint DE 6-3/255 Junior 2VL Carrollton, GA
Marcus Tate Photo 74 Marcus Tate OL 6-5/325 Sophomore 1VL Sunrise, FL
Will Taylor Photo 16 Will Taylor WR 5-10/180 Sophomore 1VL Irmo, SC
Xavier Thomas Photo 3 Xavier Thomas DE 6-2/255 Senior 3VL Florence, SC
Domonique Thomas Photo 20 Domonique Thomas RB 5-8/215 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Ohatchee, AL
Mason Trotter Photo 54 Mason Trotter OL 6-2/285 Junior (RS) 2VL Roebuck, SC
Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Photo 54 Jeremiah Trotter Jr. LB 6-0/230 Sophomore 1VL Hainesport, NJ
Bryn Tucker Photo 73 Bryn Tucker OL 6-3/330 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Knoxville, TN
Cole Turner Photo 22 Cole Turner WR 6-1/180 Freshman RS Vestavia Hills, AL
DJ Uiagalelei Photo 5 DJ Uiagalelei QB 6-4/250 Junior 2VL Inland Empire, Calif.
Tyler Venables Photo 24 Tyler Venables S 5-11/210 Junior 2VL Clemson, SC
Nate Wiggins Photo 2 Nate Wiggins CB 6-2/185 Sophomore 1VL Atlanta, GA
Billy Wiles Photo 17 Billy Wiles QB 6-3/215 Freshman (RS) RS Ashburn, VA
Greg Williams Photo 99 Greg Williams DE 6-3/270 Junior (RS) 2VL Swansea, SC
John Williams Photo 76 John Williams OL 6-4/305 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Canton, GA
EJ Williams Photo 6 EJ Williams WR 6-3/195 Junior 2VL Phenix City, AL
Tré Williams Photo 8 Tré Williams DT 6-2/300 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Windsor, CT
Antonio Williams Photo 0 Antonio Williams WR 5-11/190 Freshman HS Irmo, SC
Wade Woodaz Photo 17 Wade Woodaz LB 6-3/215 Freshman HS Tampa, FL
Lannden Zanders Photo 36 Lannden Zanders S 6-1/210 Junior (RS) 2VL Shelby, NC

2022 Clemson football Coaches

Dabo Swinney Photo
Dabo Swinney
Head Coach
Mike Reed Photo
Mike Reed
Assistant Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, Cornerbacks
Mickey Conn Photo
Mickey Conn
Assistant Coach, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Safeties
Nick Eason Photo
Nick Eason
Assistant Coach, Defensive Run Game Coordinator, Defensive Tackles
Wes Goodwin Photo
Wes Goodwin
Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Linebackers
Kyle Richardson Photo
Kyle Richardson
Assistant Coach, Passing Game Coordinator, Tight Ends
Brandon Streeter Photo
Brandon Streeter
Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks
Tyler Grisham Photo
Tyler Grisham
Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, Wide Receivers
Thomas Austin Photo
Thomas Austin
Assistant Coach, Offensive Linemen
Lemanski Hall Photo
Lemanski Hall
Assistant Coach, Defensive Ends
C.J. Spiller Photo
C.J. Spiller
Assistant Coach, Running Backs

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