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Question: Who looks to be our best chances for commitments left on the board?

Answer: Good Afternoon! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the weekend. The best chance for a commitment would be Jamal Medlin. I still think Clemson has a good shot with Kevin Alexander

Question: Chances of getting Terry Grant?

Answer: If Spiller chooses FSU, which he will, Clemson has a very good chance to land to Terry Grant. Grant is difficult player to track down, but we hope to speak with him in the next day or two

Question: Ok, so tell us everything you know about the situation with Whitehead? Are we truly out of it? Any chance he'll still visit? Any chance his is this year's A. Clay?

Answer: He is not Antonio Clay. Clemson is out of it. Whitehead changes with the wind however, but I do not feel Clemson will get a visit anymore.

Question: Sims?

Answer: He is still coming in this weekend. I am not sure if his brother leaving for the NFL helps or hurts Clemson's chances. If he wants to play RB then Clemson would be his choice, but I think FSU lands him in the end

Question: Any DT prospects left for us at the moment?

Answer: Kareem Crowell

Question: Mickey or Trey?

Answer: Trey

Question: Is Matt Morris the answer?

Answer: If he grows seven inches by Wednesday, then yes he is the answer

Question: Who else is in the mix for Grant?

Answer: Florida State, Clemson, Southern Miss, and Alabama

Question: Should Matt Morris be getting more playing time? Please settle this once and for all....

Answer: No

Question: I watched part of the Army All-Am game this wknd. There were very few ACC teams represented and none in the top 10 classes. Are FSU, Mia, and VT slipping? Are we catching them?

Answer: I think FSU and Miami are slipping a little, but dropping out of the top five is slipping for them. FSU will finish with a top 10 class there is no doubt in my mind. Virginia Tech is generally not a school that has been ranked in the top ten in recruiting. There staff does a good job of evaluating talent. North Carolina nnd Clemson have done very well for themselves this year

Question: Assuming we land Medlin and Grant (and that's it), where would this class rank and would it be a disappointment not landing any of the other big names still left on the board?

Answer: The class would finish somewhere around 15 to 18 if Clemson landed Medlin and Grant. If Clemson doesn't land another player this is a solid class. Clemson is getting closer to landing some of the bigger names. Remember FSU went after Sapp hard, and Notre Dame really wanted Jamie Cumbie

Question: Do you think the high preseason baseball rankings help or hurt?

Answer: I think it helps. Clemson baseball normally lives up to or exceeds expectations. This team relishes the opportunity to be on top, and I cannot wait for the season to get started

Question: Mickey or Trey?


Question: Where do you see this class being ranked on signing day?

Answer: 15-18

Question: How do we look with Caleb King from Parkview? He could be as big or bigger than Korn for next year. Also, any signing day surprised for next year? Thanks.

Answer: Clemson is right in the mix with Caleb King. King will be one of the first juniors we discuss after Signing Day. I think Clemson, Auburn, and Georgia are probably the three schools in the lead right now. I do not see any Signing Day surprises for Clemson at this time, but a lot can change in the month of January

Question: projected 2 deep OL post spring practice?


Question: 9 wins, at least, expected in 2006?

Answer: Yes, and the projected OL two deep will be LT-Richardson, Debeer LG - Roman Fry, Brandon Pilgrim C -- Dustin Fry, Barry Humphries, RG - Nathan Bennett, Thomas Austion RT - Marion Dukes, Corey Lambert

Question: biggest question marks heading into Spring ball for this FB team?

Answer: 1) Cornerback 2) Depth at defensive end 3) Tight End

Question: are you saying matt needs to hang in the closet like barney fife did to get taller.

Answer: Whatever works to get this team back in contention

Question: How SCREWED are coots on D?

Answer: They could be hurting. I looked at their projected two-deep before the chat, and they will need their offense to carry the load next season

Question: Basketball - NCAA tourney, NIT, or bust?

Answer: NIT

Question: So, anybody going to break our hearts on signing day?

Answer: It does not look so at this time

Question: Any true scorers and/or post players signed or close to committing to us in basketball?

Answer: David Potter is signed and he will bring in some scoring, but they have three other guys that will help in the post. Do not forget Laron Dendy is one of the top juniors in the nation and he is already committed to Clemson

Question: I know that a lot of our current verbals like McDaniel and Wilkerson play basketball in high school. Has anyone expressed interest in possibly walking on the team at some point? Same question with baseball. Thanks.

Answer: Paul Muse was planning on playing first base and pinch hitting for Clemson in baseball this season. No one has expressed interest in playing basketball, and Jamie Cumbie may be interested in playing baseball as well

Question: How does our class this yr stack up against FSU and the other ACC-Atlantic teams?

Answer: Clemson is right on FSU heels, but they will need to land probably two or three of the big names on the board to jump FSU and even still that might not do it. Clemson will have the second best class in the Atlantic Division, and probably the third best in the ACC

Question: Baseball - is a number 2 preseason ranking legit or are we a little overrated?

Answer: I think it is very legit. All 9 starters return to the field, and one of the best pitching staffs in the country.

Question: Will there be any surprises? and what are they?

Answer: No surprises

Question: Does Danny Pearman recruit primarily in North Carolina?

Answer: Yes North Carolina and South Carolina

Question: When is Kendrick Johnson going to sign his letter?

Answer: He is supposed to start classes on Wednesday, so I would imagine it would come through some time today

Question: Is Culpepper scheduled to visit? The other Clemson recruiting sites are giving conflicting reports.

Answer: I do not believe Clemson will bring Culpepper in for a visit. I spoke to a source this morning on Culpepper, and they told me Clemson is no longer recruiting Culpepper

Question: who among our current commits may not qualify?

Answer: Ricky Sapp has some work to do as everyone knows, we are also watching JoJo Cox closely

Question: The staff wants a def. end, which one or ones may be our best bet?

Answer: John Paul, Walter Dublin, or Rodney Prince

Question: Who replaces Hines? Pearman, Kehoe, Bentley?

Answer: If Coach Hines does leave, Pearman or Bentley would be the top candidates

Question: Tommy Bowden's best class by far?

Answer: Not by far, but it has chance to be the best one

Question: Any freshmen that might play immediately from this upcoming class?

Answer: All four January enrollees will play, Ricky Sapp, DeAndre McDaniel, and Darius Gaither will have opportunities

Question: So not signing day surprises from Whitehead, Spiller, Geathers, etc?

Answer: Geathers will be a surprise, but it will not be Clemson. Who knows with Whitehead, but I really feel Clemson is out of it. Clemson needs to get Spiller on campus, and then you at least have a shot

Question: How are we looking recruiting wise for NEXT year ... do we not already have 3 verbals?

Answer: Yes Clemson has 3 verbals for 2007 (Willy Korn, Jarvis Jenkins, Xavier Dye), and Clemson is looking very strong for 2007

Question: Is Thomas Hunter coming back next year? Do you think Adams and Waters will be back?

Answer: Hunter will be back, and I feel Adams and Waters will be back. We should know something before Friday. Normally, the players inform Coach Bowden before the big recruiting weekend of their decisions

Question: what size load could that sorry offense carry?

Answer: If Blake Mitchell develops, they should have a good passing attack with Rice, McKinley and Murdock

Question: Have we seen th last of NC State football for a while?

Answer: I think the downward spiral will continue for NC State. Tough to lose that much on defense, and when your offense is not very good, and still be compettive

Question: Any info on the Hines situation?

Answer: No one is talking on that situation

Question: Chances of getting Crowell or Godfrey to switch to us?

Answer: If both follow through on visits, the chances are good

Question: When will we know something about Jack Hines and if he is staying or going?

Answer: I would something will be settled before or shortly after Signing Day

Question: Hines? What's the deal?

Answer: Apparently, Coach Hines is looking into joining another program. This is not the first time he has explored other options.

Question: Tell us more about Laron Dendy. First I have heard of him.

Answer: Dendy is 6-8 195 pounds. He is very athletic, and he does everything well.

Question: Come on- answer questions about Hines...

Answer: Normally, I can get someone to comment on anything, but no one is breathing a word on his situation.

Question: any early word on who replaces coach hines.

Answer: If Hines does leave, I believe Danny Pearman and Bobby Bentley would be the top candidates

Question: Chances of getting Dennis Godfrey?

Answer: If he visits, Clemson can turn him

Question: What is up with Hines? Gone or staying?

Answer: 51-49 right now, he would be leaving

Question: What other class of Bowden's would this rival ... last years?

Answer: last year and 2001

Question: So what really happened with Whitehead for us to fall out of favor with him?

Answer: He changes with the wind. Whitehead loves attention, and he loves talking to the media. There is nothing Clemson really did, I do believe Stanley McClover leaving helps Auburn a lot

Question: Percentage odds of getting Spiller if he makes it to campus for a visit?

Answer: 10%

Question: Bentley from Byrnes???

Answer: yes

Question: What is the official signing day in February?

Answer: February 1

Question: Who wins NC? :-)

Answer: In 2006, Ohio State will be the favorite, could be a fiesta bowl rematch

Question: What round do you see Vick being picked?

Answer: 4-6

Question: Anyone leaving for the NFL from the Tigers?

Answer: Gaines Adams and Anthony Waters are still weighing their options

Question: Don't rule out Kehoe......Bentley won't come....

Answer: I think Pearman would be the top choice

Question: Are you saying Bentley would be a candidate to replace Hines because he's expressed interest or what?

Answer: Just a guess on my part, personally I do not think Bentley would come, but I do feel he would be a candidate

Question: Why would Bentley or Pearman come now when they wouldnt come before?

Answer: Neither have ever been offered to come to Clemson

Question: Who will be ACC favorites in 2006?

Answer: Miami, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Clemson

Question: Percentage odds of Adams and Waters jumping to the NFL this year?

Answer: 25%

Question: Could Cumbie get an MLB contract?

Answer: From the scouts, I have heard from no

Question: Whether or not Bentley was "offered" a job here before is purely a question of semantics. If he waned to be at Clemson- he'd be here already.

Answer: For Bentley to come to Clemson, he would have to be offered a job. Last year, he was never offered a job at Clemson.

Question: Korn to MLB?????

Answer: no

Question: What's your thoughts on Spiller/Sims/Grant? Will we get one of these? Do our chances with Sims improve since Ernie is going pro?

Answer: Spiller and Sims will go to FSU. Clemson has a good chance with Grant, Ernie has announced he is turning pro, and I am not sure how that will affect Marcus

Question: Do you think Ko Simpson and Jonathan Joseph are going to be announcing they are going pro or coming back?

Answer: They will announce today at 4 that they are entering the NFL Draft

Question: Will Patterson ditch the cocks?

Answer: Not sure, I haven't talked to him since August

Question: will Fudge be drafted?

Answer: No

Question: When will we know for sure if Spiller is going to visit?

Answer: Tuesday or Wednesday

Question: As of right now, who are the last 5-6 verbals we get...in your opinion?

Answer: If I had to guess, I would say Clemson gets Jamal Medlin, Kevin Alexander, and Terry Grant

Question: Any chance the coots lose Smelley or any of their highly touted class?

Answer: I do not see them losing anyone, but I am not sure there class would be highly touted right now

Question: Are our coaches sold on the OL not using the 3 point stance?

Answer: As long as Rob Spence is the offensive coordinator, the OL will be in a two point stance

Question: Without revealing too much, do you know of any potential "big" signing day surprises for us?

Answer: No surprises

Question: Any silent commitments that you know of? Yes/No?

Answer: No

Question: What about Craig Stevens? Any chance?

Answer: I actually think Clemson does have a chance with Stevens. He definitely has an interest in Clemson, but I do believe he will visit on the 20th and not the 13th

Question: Is it true Hines is looking to trade places with Bentley?

Answer: No

Question: Kenrick Ellis to USC? Are you kidding me? Or, are grades an issue there?

Answer: I have not heard that Kenrick Ellis would be going to USC

Question: Why is SPiller flying into Atlanta rather than GSP?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Did Hines coach our punt protection this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will we sway Alexander away from Louisville?

Answer: Clemson can sway Alexander in my opinion

Question: How many more 4 star recruits do you think we land? If any?

Answer: 1

Question: Do you find it peculiar how Tennessee has suddenly become a contender for Whitehead?

Answer: Nothing is ever peculiar about Tennessee recruiting, what they do is obvious

Question: Compare T. Grant's ability to J. Davis.

Answer: They are similar backs. Grant is not quite is powerful as Davis, but they are very similar

Question: mickey--how many kids r left on your board that u think we have a 50/50 chance(or better) to get?

Answer: 4 or 5

Question: What's the word on Sapp?

Answer: Sapp is firmi to Clemson

Question: So, if Hines is gone, who do we look at to fill the TE position

Answer: Danny Pearman

Question: If Grant commits, does he start next year over Reggie?


Question: I am confused...if Hines is not doing anything as a coach...why would he be replaceable??? He is mre than likely going administratve or D-2..what do you think?

Answer: I am not sure what is going with Jack Hines in all honesty, hopefully we will have something on his situation in the near future

Question: What about Quintez Ruffin and Jamarcus Grant? Do we have a decent shot at Cromwell?

Answer: Ruffin will compete with Tim Debeer for #2 at LT, and Grant will compete with Pilgrim for number 2 at LG

Question: Is this the year that we go to Omaha and leave champs?

Answer: I hope so

Question: Mickey, hearing around Columbia that Clemson is making real stides with the Jr. , Barnes, at RNE. That would be a jolt to the coots if he committed to the Tigers.

Answer: Clemson is slowly working their way back into it with Barnes, but he is still leaning to South Carolina

Question: How many OL will we be looking for next year, assuming we sign Medlin?

Answer: 5-6

Question: come on, post the last one....it is funny....and you know it!

Answer: I clicked too fast resend it

Question: Do you think Sapp will have the grades to attend?

Answer: Yes

Question: Mickey, any way to know if the January enrollies will be admitted per the clearinghouse in time to participate this semester?

Answer: Three of the four are cleared, not sure what the hold is with Kendrick Johnson

Question: Ankle tatoo......feminine?

Answer: YES

Question: USC always has silent commits. Once they sign with the coots, you never hear from them again!

Answer: LOL! I would give you a point if I could

Question: How may times will USC beat Clemson in the next 10 years?

Answer: 1-2

Question: Who much did Stock's going to MTSU hurt recruiting in Columbia?

Answer: it was a big loss, b/c he was their best recruitor

Question: When JoePa retires and BBowden does too, who will take over as FSU's coach, Jeff B?

Answer: I think Mickey Andrews will get the Bill Guthridge courtesy call

Question: Fair to say that Clemson owns instate recruiting for at least the next 3 years?

Answer: probably fair to say the next two, 3 years might be a stretch

Question: Kornblut impartial or closet cock?

Answer: The answer is obvious

Question: If Lindsay is now ineligible, how inthe world was he eligible for the bowl game? Grades were posted before then.

Answer: He decided to not enroll for the spring semester, and that does not affect the bowl game

Question: What's the latest on Xavier Dye? Does he stay at Greenwood or transfer to Byrnes to get experience with Korn?

Answer: Korn said last night he will stay at greenwood

Question: Who do you think gets Spiller?

Answer: FSU

Question: What round for Charlie? 3rd?

Answer: I have some concerns about Charlie, that may cause him to slide to day two

Question: I really don't see many big time prospects looking at USC this year. Are they struggling in recruiting this year?

Answer: They have not had the success they would have wanted

Question: Assuming that we land Pearman for the hypothetical opening, how much of an impact could he have on special teams play with a VT background?

Answer: Pearman is a great coach, and he would be a great addition for any staff

Question: Why don't you think our far superior OL will swap SPiller?

Answer: Track record states, if a player visits FSU the last weekend in January, that is where he will sign

Question: "Question: How may times will USC beat Clemson in the next 10 years? 1-2? Why?

Answer: At some point,, you slip up

Question: What's wrong w/ Charlie to cause him to slip?

Answer: Charlie digressed since his sophomore season. NFL scouts do not like seeing a player peak in his sophomore season. Charlie still locks onto his primary target

Question: Do you like Carolina or Chicago on Sunday?

Answer: Chicago

Question: Does JoePa even care what the NOW thinks?

Answer: no

Question: If Jacoby Ford, a barefoot Mickey Plyler, and a roided up Maurice Greene raced in the WCCP parking lot, who would win?

Answer: Dan Scott

Question: Lindsay not enrolling in the spring does not automatically make him ineligible (24 hours)..unless he failed classes in the fall...which should have been know pre-bowl game...

Answer: If he only took 12 hours, and he does not sign up in the spring, it does make him academically ineligible automatically

Question: is it true that Spence poops in a 2 point stance?

Answer: LOL

Question: How do we stand instate for next year? Smith, Hemingway, Matthews, Barnes?

Answer: Clemson leads with Smith, Hemingway is headed out of state, no news on Matthews, Barnes still leaning to South Carolina

Question: Is Walt Deptula human??

Answer: Yes, and he did go 4-0 in the playoffs this past weekend

Question: Can Pearman recruit??

Answer: Yes

Question: Stockstill, now that he is out of Columbia, Clemson or South Carolina man?

Answer: Clemson

Question: What position willJack Hines be shuffled to this year? Or is he getting the ax?

Answer: There is nothing new to report on Coach Hines. Thanks to everyone for stopping by

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Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week

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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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