TigerNet Premium Memberships
We have been running TigerNet since our Junior year at Clemson in 1995. As of 2013, we were finally both able to work on the site full time! It has been a ton of work and we have both made sacrifices to keep it going, but that is because we both love it. We greatly appreciate the support of members like you!

Membership Drive Update
Thanks very much to everyone that has become a premium member recently. It's been a rough year as all sports website traffic has been hit hard by Covid (read below). If you enjoy TigerNet, please consider supporting us. Every year as our traffic increases, so do our expenses and the number of hours we put into the site! We are thrilled with the continued growth of the site over the years, but we need your help to keep it going strong! If you think a month of TigerNet is worth as much to you as a meal at Chick-fil-A (well that's pushing it but still), please help us out and upgrade! Go Tigers!
TigerNet Premium Membership Levels
Military / First Responder Student Premium Ultimate
$4.99 /month
$49.99 /year
$7.99 /month
$79.99 /year
Ad-free experience
Ad-free experience clear clear clear check
  TNET Coins
TNET Coins 500 500 100 mo. / 1,500 Yr. 200 / 3,000 (+50%)
  Pulse Points
Pulse Points 50 50 100 500
  Create User Polls
Create User Polls clear clear clear check
  Advanced T-Mail
Advanced T-Mail clear clear clear check
  Watch users
Watch users clear clear clear check
  User posts RSS Feed
User posts RSS Feed clear clear clear check
  Highlighted Ticket ads
Highlighted Ticket ads clear clear check check
  Can post more Ticket ads
Can post more Ticket ads clear clear check check
  Premium Ticket Exchange
Premium Ticket Exchange clear clear check check
  Instant Site Access
Instant Site Access clear clear check check
  Reserved(�) mark
Reserved(�) mark check check check check
  Donor's Den Board
Donor's Den Board check check check check
  Historic Clemson Photos Board
Historic Clemson Photos check check check check
  Sky Box chat room
Sky Box chat room check check check check
  Watch Board Topics
Watch Board Topics check check check check
  Watch Notification Emails
Watch Notification Emails check check check check
  Edit & Delete your posts
Edit & Delete your posts check check check check
  Premium Profile Logo
Premium Profile Logo check check check check
  Priority support response
Priority support response check check check check
  Ignore Users
Ignore Users check check check check
  Board post tracking
Board post tracking check check check check
  View list of online users
View list of online users check check check check
  Breaking and other email alerts delivered instantly
Board post tracking check check check check
TigerNet memberships make great gifts! Please include the recipients username or email us.
NOTE: IF this is NOT a gift membership or 1 time payment, please use the Buy Now buttons above. Thanks!
Stripe (preferred): https://buy.stripe.com/eVa9BWezigap8a46oo
PayPal: https://paypal.me/ClemsonTigerNet
Venmo: @tigernet
Square Cash: https://cash.me/$TigerNet
Payable to: 2C Internet Consulting

2C Internet Consulting
PO Box 1053
Central, SC 29630

If you send a check, please contact us so we can update your account right away. Please include your username on the check memo line.

We sincerely thank you for your support,
--TigerNet Staff