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Question: Keys for the Miami game?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope everyone is well. I think Clemson has to continue to win the turnover battle. Run the ball. Limit the Cane big plays. Play even in the kicking game. Get the crowd in the game early.

Question: Who are some of the recruits who will be at the Miami game?

Answer: They had a nice crowd at the A&M game but more will be there this week. You never know because sometimes plans change after a lat night Friday night but some of the players who say they will be ther include Geathers, Gaither, Sapp, Maxwell, Korn, etc

Question: If you could, talk about how Clemson matches up with Miami and, specifically, how Clemson's use of the blitz on Kyle Wright is crucial to winning the game.

Answer: Miami has great speed on defense. Last year teams that spread the ball could run a little against them. They have a great secondary. Offensively, T. Moss has improved. The QB play is much better. The OL is not quite as talented. They have one of the best TEs in America. Their kicking game looked terrible vs FSU. You have to be careful blitzing him because they screnn so well. Also they can use TE as a safety valve

Question: how much zone do you expect to see this week?

Answer: I think you have to mix the coverages and confuse Wright

Question: biggest weakness on defense right now?

Answer: Assignments. Run defense looked bad vs A&M and good vs MD. Pass defense looked good vs A&M and bad vs MD. Here is the answer-Assignments blown vs A&M's option. Assignments blown vs MD's TE. The defense must play more discplined

Question: Is it possible that Clemson fans really underestimated just how good, or how much of an effect, James Davis would have on this team?

Answer: Yeah. He is special but he makes other better. He makes Merriweather, Coleman and Browning work harder. He gives OL confidence. He takes pressure off of Whitehurst and passing game

Question: This long snapper think was a lot more important than you thought wasn't it it?

Answer: LOL. I have never doubted that.

Question: Miami playing man defense in the secondary should open up a fair number of running lanes....fact or fiction?

Answer: Fact but it also lends more men in the box and Miami is fast, fast, fast

Question: what were your impressions of wade and jackson from the game yo udid Fri night ? Easley 's Jr looked like a nice player.

Answer: Wade is a tough kid and throws on the run well. Jackson has a great leg. The Easley Jr. WR is talented

Question: Can Browning or Grisham return KOs? We averaged 17 ypr against Maryland. Not good.

Answer: I thought Miller's loss would be felt more on special teams. The real answer for the kick return team is to limit the number of times they have to get on the field

Question: Will Hamlin start this week at cat?

Answer: Maybe. I will ask Koenning. He is steady and better with assignments

Question: is there anyway to keep the canes from meeting us at the bottom of the hill? and do we need to go ahead and tell TDP to put the cops out there to protect our end of the field?

Answer: Throw enough flags

Question: The problem on defense seems to be with the OLBs now. Gaddis looked much improved.

Answer: Needs to be better with assignments. Also missed tackles

Question: do we offer the snapper from G'wood now ?

Answer: He is very good. I would offer

Question: Your initial thoughts on Clemson's chances to win against Miami?

Answer: Clemson is an underdog for a reason. Miami is deeper and more talented. However, they have to come to one of the toughest stadiums in America

Question: biggest position suprise thus far? and biggest position disappointment thus far?

Answer: Surprises- Running game, OL. Disappointments-defense's discipline and tackling.

Question: YOu are stranded on a desert island and can get one recruiting service.. ard, kornblut or philpot ?

Answer: Mary Ann

Question: Mick, in your opinion, what can we do to improve the kick return game?

Answer: Change the personnel

Question: What's wrong with the pass defense, specifically zone coverage?

Answer: They good great vs A&M. It takes discipline to play zone. They need to understand the checks and schemes more

Question: Lets face it Miami may a talented Def, but they are 5-4 since entering the ACC..almost like we are playing the ghosts of miami instead of the real team

Answer: They have issues and they don't have Irvin, Testaverde, Blades, Lewis, Shockey, Portis, etc

Question: Asessment of our def. line?

Answer: Getting better. Improved play vs MD

Question: In your opinion what has been going on with the defense in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, in other words why do we play such bad defense then?

Answer: It has nothing to do with the quarters. It has to do with the other team having good players and Clemson's guys missing assignments

Question: Is Sergio, in spite of his size, a man or what?

Answer: He played well

Question: What receivers are we recruiting do you think may sign with us?

Answer: Johnson, Ogren, Harris, TJ Williams

Question: How would you rate Hollenbach?

Answer: He is much better than I thought. I watched the Maryland-Navy game and he looked better this week. He threw the ball well and on time

Question: What is the time on the BC game.

Answer: It has not been announced yet

Question: Is it just me, or do Billie and Watkins look a bit lost in pass coverage?

Answer: Yes. They looked lost. But remember sometimes we do not know what their assigments are so it is hard to tell

Question: I noticed Kwam Williams getting more PT. Is that because of lack of depth or has he stepped up his level of play?

Answer: Both

Question: Who do you believe should be the kickoff returners for Clemson?

Answer: They really do not have answer their but I would try more of Grant

Question: If we have fewer blown assignments and better tackling, what is the potential for our defense?

Answer: They can be very good. The scheme is good

Question: Chances with Alex Rose?

Answer: I am not sure they will sign four.

Question: How is Littlebury progressing?

Answer: He has not been a factor

Question: Will Kelvin Grant get more involved this week?

Answer: He progressed this week. But how do you get Aaron kelly off of the field?

Question: Do you think Xavier Harris will be a tiger?

Answer: Right now yes but it is early

Question: is the miami game more prone to a slugfest or a shootout?

Answer: Slugfest

Question: looks like we are using a lot of receivers. who will become the go to guys?

Answer: Kelly, Stuckey, Baham, Grant

Question: Are all the freshmans ols now going to redshirt?

Answer: Right now yes but Lambert may have to play

Question: What about Browning or Grisham returking kickoffs?

Answer: Both are small but have more speed and ability than current ones

Question: Your comments on LouLou saying we are being forced to run b/c our receivers are bad.....

Answer: He should know bad receivers

Question: I thought Kelvin Grant looked almost like a tight end...Has he put on some extra muscle...he made a great block on reggies long run...

Answer: Stuckey also had a key block on the play

Question: Why not get Grant and Kelly on the field at the same time?

Answer: They can but I could have sworn that Baham played well too.

Question: I thought everyone raved about Gaddis' open field ability. Why has he failed to show it on KO returns?

Answer: I think he has alomost outgrown the position

Question: Has grant put on some weight? he looked big saturday...

Answer: He looks bigger

Question: Are we going to continue to recruit the RB from Tenn, now that they plead to a lesser charge?

Answer: I do not think so

Question: do you feel we need to do more to stretch the field even if only 2-3 times a game? miami could keep 9-10 in the box as tight as we are playing

Answer: Yes. Stretching the field helps so much

Question: why can't hill do returns, he is a x-rb and the fastest guy on the team

Answer: He is too valuable at CB and has a hard time catching the ball

Question: Do you think our defense will give Miami issues?

Answer: If they play more disciplined and tackle well

Question: my big conern is with our safety play so far this year, do you have any concern about the safety?

Answer: Yeah. Fudge does not look comfortable.

Question: Charlie was hitting 82% of his passes. Why are we not throwing more?

Answer: Dang guys Clemson is 2-0. One of the reasons why he has been so successful is they have not thrown it as much

Question: Mick, what % of Spences offense do you think we've seen so far?

Answer: 30%

Question: Koenning says he played zone to protect some people. Any idea who?

Answer: 3/4 of the secondary

Question: Potentially who are our best def. backs among the younger players?

Answer: McElrathbey, Hamlin, Lewis

Question: IF fudge does not look comfy, why not move him back to where he has played very well the last 3 years?

Answer: I agree. Hamlin FS

Question: In your opinion..who is the better DC Koening or Lovett?

Answer: Koenning

Question: hamlin really seems to be in on a lot of plays - when should he emerge as a starter?

Answer: This week

Question: with miami speed should we run right at them or do alot of mis direction on them

Answer: Right at them then play action

Question: I was shocked how poorly DJ looked for UGA. Do you agree?

Answer: Yeah. UGA tried to force the pass instead of being patient

Question: in my opion will look better when we stay out of the nickle package

Answer: Depends on the situation

Question: Do yuo anticipate Fudge switching back to his old position?

Answer: Not right now. We are interviewing Koenning at 3:00 PM today and should have it on the website tonight

Question: What seems to be the biggest difference this year so far?

Answer: Winning the close ones like last year. No turnovers. Commitment to the run game

Question: Who will get looks at kickoff and punt returns this week?

Answer: Stuckey will be the punt returner. Not sure on KO

Question: your grade on the o-line so far, my is a B

Answer: A

Question: With our first two games in the record book as wins, how do you see us finishing?

Answer: How in the world can anyone tell. I expect more fourth quarter games. I would say it could be a fourth quarter game vs MIA, BC, WF, NCSU, GT and FSU

Question: How many recruits will we sign ? by position?

Answer: QB-1, RB-2 WR-3-4, TE-2 OL-2 DE-3 DT-2, LB-3 DB-4 K-1

Question: Keys to beating Miami?

Answer: Stop, the run, tackle better, play disciplined on defense. Run the ball. Play even in special teams

Question: biggest surpise this year davis or kelly

Answer: Both

Question: Do we kick it out of bounds this week? Or take a chance?

Answer: Kick it through the endzone on KO. Take your chances in the punt game. He looked terrible vs FSU

Question: A 4th quarter game against Wake Forest? Did they not just lay a HUGE egg against Nebraska this past Saturday?

Answer: Nebraska scored three defensive touchdowns. Have you been to the game in W-S lately?

Question: I asked all thru August who would be the new long snapper. Now see why I was so concerned?? LOL.

Answer: Yeah. I was concerned but had no idea who it be

Question: Think our game with the Gamecocks will be a 4th quarter game?

Answer: No. BTW-The BC-Clemson game is a noon kick

Question: Have we won a game this year? From what I am hearing on Q&A we must have lost both.

Answer: 0-2 stinks. Fire Bowden!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta run to the day job. Have a great week.

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