Three TDs in three receptions for Overton Saturday.
Three TDs in three receptions for Overton Saturday.

Playing time breakdown: Tigers clear bench in BC blowout

by - Staff Writer -

Clemson's return home last week meant a deeper bench, with some of those decisions with the future in mind.

Backup QB Ben Batson played six snaps with the No. 92 jersey on, after playing four games on special teams-only and two snaps prior. That decision is partly with true freshman QB Taisun Phommachanh's redshirt game count in mind, which stands at three games with one left to play over the final four games plus postseason action.

Freshman defensive lineman Ruke Orhorhoro joined the redshirt-limit club (4 games) with one stop in 13 snaps on Saturday. A core of 13 freshmen are playing beyond that limit this season so far (table below), with TE Jaelyn Lay, LB Keith Maguire, offensive linemen Mason Trotter, Hunter Rayburn and Kaleb Boateng there with Phommachanh with a game left to play.

The extra rotation, including that trio of freshmen offensive linemen, allowed for 13 to see the field on the O-line.

Diondre Overton was the most productive with his snap total, seeing the second-least snaps of the WR corps Saturday (20) and posting a career game of three TDs in three catches for 119 yards.

Clemson snaps breakdown: Boston College

(Players' snaps assigned positionally by place on the depth chart below; the initial participation report is provided by Clemson and represents all non-special teams snaps; season totals in parentheses; this breakdown notes all depth chart contributors and select scholarship players)

Offense (33)

Quarterback (3): Trevor Lawrence 49 (436), Chase Brice 29 (117), Ben Batson 6 (8).

Running Back (5): Lyn-J Dixon 30 (154), Travis Etienne 27 (292), Darien Rencher 10 (45), Michel Dukes 7 (46), Chez Mellusi 6 (48).

Wide Receiver (9): Tee Higgins 34 (285), Justyn Ross 33 (295), Amari Rodgers 32 (212), Joseph Ngata 25 (187), Frank Ladson Jr. 24 (152), T.J. Chase 24 (117), Will Swinney 21 (79), Diondre Overton 20 (216), Cornell Powell 17 (120).

Tight end (3): Davis Allen 28 (128), JC Chalk 26 (281), Luke Price 15 (105).

Offensive Line (13): Gage Cervenka 48 (385), Jackson Carman 46 (420), Jordan McFadden 42 (193), Cade Stewart 40 (202), Tremayne Anchrum 38 (443), Matt Bockhorst 38 (260), Chandler Reeves 34 (125), Will Putnam 34 (112), Sean Pollard 32 (362), John Simpson 29 (386), Hunter Rayburn 14 (33), Mason Trotter 14 (27), Kaleb Boateng 6 (18).

Defense (27)

Defensive End (4): Logan Rudolph 33 (214), Justin Foster 31 (238), K.J. Henry 28 (198), Justin Mascoll 25 (167).

Defensive Tackle (5): Tyler Davis 31 (251), Nyles Pinckney 30 (212), Jordan Williams 24 (143), Darnell Jefferies 17 (78), Ruke Orhorhoro 13 (35).

Linebacker (7): Isaiah Simmons 46 (425), James Skalski 45 (385), Chad Smith 38 (330), Baylon Spector 22 (174), Mike Jones Jr. 16 (104), Jake Venables 10 (79), Kane Patterson 7 (51).

DB (CB/S/NB - 12): A.J. Terrell 47 (418), Derion Kendrick 45 (328), K’Von Wallace 38 (352), Tanner Muse 37 (323), Nolan Turner 17 (263), Lannden Zanders 16 (67), Mario Goodrich 15 (130), LeAnthony Williams 10 (51), Sheridan Jones 9 (66), Denzel Johnson 5 (166), Jalyn Phillips 5 (33), Joseph Charleston 8 (47).

Special teams-only**: CB Andrew Booth Jr. (43), CB Brian Dawkins Jr.

Did not play: DE Xavier Thomas% (198), DT Xavier Kelly (66), QB Taisun Phommachanh (43), TE Jaelyn Lay (33), WR Brannon Spector (27), LB Keith Maguire (7), DL Etinosa Reuben (3), DB Ray Thornton III (3), DE Greg Williams (2), LB LaVonta Bentley (1), DT Tayquon Johnson (1).


True freshmen participation* (tracking for 4-game redshirt rule): DT Tyler Davis (4+), CB Andrew Booth (4+), WR Joseph Ngata (4+), WR Frank Ladson Jr. (4+), TE Davis Allen (4+), LB Kane Patterson (4+), CB Sheridan Jones (4+), RB Chez Mellusi (4+), S Lannden Zanders (4+), DB Jalyn Phillips (4+), S Joseph Charleston (4+), RB Michel Dukes (4+), OL Will Putnam (4+), DL Ruke Orhorhoro (4), TE Jaelyn Lay (3), LB Keith Maguire (3), QB Taisun Phommachanh (3), OL Mason Trotter (3), OL Hunter Rayburn (3), OL Kaleb Boateng (3), LB LaVonta Bentley (2), DB Ray Thornton (2), WR Brannon Spector (2), P Aidan Swanson (2), DT Tayquon Johnson (1), DL Etinosa Reuben (1), DE Greg Williams (1), LB Bryton Constantin% (0).

* Scholarship

** Non-specialists

% Injured.

Week seven

Week six

Week five

Week four

Week three

Week two

Week one

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