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Question: Can this team turn it around?

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope everyone is well. Great first question and the answer is yes. Yes they can turn it round. However, this schedule is so difficult that I am not sure it will happen. This team has not played well in the first three games but this schedule will not allow a bad performance to emrege with a victory. Most of my thoughts on this team right now are very negative. However, they are not much more neagtive than Bowden's comments after the game. This team is 25% of the way through this season and I am not impressed.

Question: What is your opinion on moving Ben Hall to a slot receiver. Seems like he is our most consistent reciever right now.

Answer: This offensive line has not played well enough to allow him to get involved in the passing game as a tight end. How can they move him to slot receiver?

Question: I think TB spoke a little too soon about Chansi versus D. Hamilton after the WF game, don't you?

Answer: Not really, Remember Stuckey has only played three full games at wide receiver and his first one was incredible. Maybe he spoke a little soon but Stuckey is not the problem on this team. Players that you cannot count on are the problem

Question: Did the team spend too much time reading their own clips in the off-season like Auburn did last year?

Answer: I am not sure. I do know that they were in no way ready to play Saturday night.

Question: mick, you make it to the dixie chicken.

Answer: Yeah. It was great. The Aggie Spirit is incredible. Every school in the country should take a note on hospitality. Best trip I have ever been on. Nicest people I have ever met

Question: Will Vontrell want to stay another year?

Answer: He says he does. My heart goes out to him. He is one you can count on.

Question: If the season continues as it has, disappointing, who on the staff is in danger. Bowden certainly can go -.500 and not make staff changes... can he?

Answer: I do not think it is appropriate to speculate on that but I do think at this pace there will be changes

Question: Players that you cannot count on are the problem ... and they would be?

Answer: I am torn on this one. I think players ought to be responsible but they are amatuers. I think you know the ones I am thinking of.

Question: I know you can't name them by name, but what do you mean by "players we can't count on"?????

Answer: The ones that are there to do the right thing. The ones that understand the gameplan, that play with heart and play for their teammates and not the ones that play for themselves. The ones that will execute when counted upon

Question: Are there some internal conflicts/strife with this team?

Answer: I am not sure. But losing magnifies them if there are

Question: When you just referred to players that you cannot count on, were you referring to linemen? please elaborate.

Answer: I would say sixI know of at least in my mind that I as a spectator do not feel I can count on and only one is an offensive lineman.

Question: How badley will a 5-6 or 6-5 season hurt our recruiting efforts?

Answer: I think it will hurt. The real issue with the program is the big picture had all of the momentum in thw world and now that is not there anymore. All this team had to do was to take care of business and beat the three teams you had to beat to start the season before you got to the real good teams. Lets face it GT and A&M are average football teams. FSU, Virginia and Miami are much better

Question: Any inkling as to what TB means when he says they're going to simplify thing?

Answer: Just get back to fundamentals where players react more than think

Question: I am of the belief that the game with TA&M should have been cancelled after ACC expansion was announced. IMO Clemson got absolutely nothing out of this game except a loss that will make it even more difficult to reach a Bowl game. In your opinion did Clemson get anything positive out of playing TA&M?

Answer: Not in hindsight but I don't think it should have been cancelled. Why run from competition? This game would have been a positive if players made plays. This game would have been a big confidence boost. The fact that nothing positive came out of it is a reflection of execution not in the game itself. Again, A&M is a average team.

Question: mickey... is it just me or have you seen the same unimaginative play calling the last couple of games that we showed over the first 8 games last year... none of the option -shovel passes to a Chansi Stuckey like we did with Dham since the Wake game.....

Answer: They ran a few option plays and shovel passes Saturday. I do not think it was the play calling. I think it was the attitude and lack of fundamentals. Clemson lost because they were not ready to play and they did not block or tackle well. No one made plays. Dropped balls, penalties, missed extra point, missed tackles and a big missed opportunity to get the year back on track

Question: Are we recruiting a kicker? I know we have some walkons over there now that can kick extra points consistently.

Answer: I don't know of any great ones out there. I see Oregon State, Tennessee, LSU missing extra points. Lets see what Dean does

Question: In your opinion, are our problems on the o-line in any way related to the coaching changes made in the off-season?

Answer: Maybe. The personnel is not that much different. than last year.

Question: Mickey - should this be happening in Bowden's 6th year?

Answer: No.

Question: Do you think (aside from the final score) that Clemson and A&M might set up another home and home in the future?

Answer: I doubt it but that is unfortunate. Best road trip I have ever been on.

Question: Great Clemson following Saturday night, wouldn't you say?

Answer: Yeah. The fans braved hurricane and travel to be there. Too bad players did not show up

Question: When you say count on, is it lack of effort or just trying to hard?

Answer: I think a couple of the ones I am talking about are character issues. The others are effort at times are mental breakdowns

Question: Can you remember a bigger bust to this point than the 2004 Clemson FB team?

Answer: Plenty. Did you watch the Ryder Cup? In sports there are busts everywhere. Defending Super Bowl teams not making the playoffs the next year, etc

Question: Is this the year that the "mighty fighing gamecocks" crush us with all that talent?

Answer: No

Question: All the QB's we have faced seem to play the game of their lives ... are there problems with our secondary?

Answer: Yeah, One player in the secondary has no idea which side of the field to line up on almost every play he is in there. Both All-ACC corner candidates have not played that way yet

Question: Is there any reason to think next year's OL and DLwill be improved enough to compete with the big boys?

Answer: I think both will be more experienced

Question: Is there a good chance the Tigers finish below .500? And is this staff good enough to compete in the ACC?

Answer: I still think a winning season is possible

Question: Why would Kelly possibly get the nod this week and why not any screens in the A&M game?

Answer: Kelly would never play another down if I were in charge. Good thing I am not. They ran slip screen in the first quarter and Stuckey was destroyed on the play. I think Whitehurst dhould have dumped the ball to Browning and Merriweather more underneath the linebackers rather than force the ball further down field in to coverage

Question: Have we gone to Dean as the placekicker? How long? Until he misses?

Answer: Dean is the starter this week

Question: Exactly how do you make people tackle better?

Answer: Practice the form tackling and pursuit drills. Tackling is about fundamentals and attitude

Question: Mickey - isn't it ultimately Bowden's responsibility to have the team ready to play? Should a debacle like aTm on Saturday occur in Bowden's 6th year? What can be done?

Answer: It is his responsiblity. It happens to almost every team at least once a year. Bowden and Paterno have been at their schools forever and it happens to them, Beamer has been at VT forever and it happens to them

Question: In hindsight, was switching Scott to Oline and changing the pass blocking scheme a bad move or just a personnel problem?

Answer: I think a little of both

Question: How do you NOT SHOW UP? Georgia Tech hangover?

Answer: You tell me. I just don't understand. GT hangover is an excuse that I don't buy

Question: I think Reggie Merriweather is separating himself as our best runner. Of course, Coleman may re-emerge. What do you think?

Answer: Reggie played well once again. He combines quickness and power. I like Merriweather, Coleman and Browning. You can count on all three of those guys

Question: Is RB by committee the way to go, or should Merriweather/Coleman get the job

Answer: I like all three. You can count on Coleman, Merriweather and Browning

Question: Currie's already dropped more passes than he did last year. Justin's dropped more ints that he made last year. Wht do you think it will take to regain the proper focus?

Answer: Great question. I still feel Like you can count on Currie. Three drops are not good but I am still counting on him

Question: I'm shocked at Eric Coleman's slow start. I thought he would dominate, but we seem to be missing Donnell more than I thought we would.

Answer: Coleman plays hard but has not been productive. It is not effort with him.

Question: Mickey - in reference to the "bigger bust" question, I meant that in relation to other Clemson FB teams of the past. This bust has to rank up there.

Answer: The 1984 team was ranked 2nd in the country and went 7-4

Question: Mickey what is your gut feel? 1-4 after the UVA game?

Answer: Right now yes. The Tigers will be double digit underdogs in the next two games

Question: For busts, fans with long memories in Tiger Town might think back to 1975...

Answer: Very good point

Question: Any committs wavering now?

Answer: I think some will but this is a long season. There is a lot to still happen throughout the country

Question: Both lines will be more experienced, but do we have the bodies an dtalent to be BETTER?

Answer: I think eventually Richardson and Robinson will be very good. the younger defensive linemen are the more talented players,

Question: Is this staff really good enough to compete in the ACC?

Answer: Yes

Question: So basically, we have taken a HUGE ooportunity to take advantage of a wonderful close to the 2004 season last year and choked it away?

Answer: Not completely. But this team should be 3-0 and on a 7 game winning streak and ranked in the top 15 before the tough schedule starts.

Question: Has Miller grown into a safety prospect in the NFL/

Answer: I am not sure. he has not made plays in the passing game this year

Question: How many fans will be at the Utah State game if we are indeed 1-4?

Answer: 80,000 it is homecoming

Question: Do you think Miller goes pro, even after a mediocre season?

Answer: If I were him I would be trying to figure out how to stop Jason Anderson, Calvin Johnson and Terrence Murphy instead of Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss

Question: How angry is the coaching staff particularly Bowden after 3 weeks?

Answer: Very

Question: Maybe we should have Cole teaching how to tackle? He looked pretty good on his stop.

Answer: Best form I saw all night

Question: Is JUCO the way to go to shore up the lines next year?

Answer: I do not think so

Question: Why didn't we blitz more?

Answer: Great question

Question: Why are you so down on Kelly?

Answer: What has he done to deserve anything different? Fumbles, not making plays and I know why he was suspended for the game. Let me say this, the reason he was suspended for the A&M game may not be a big deal legally and some team rules wise. Some of you may not even think it is a big deal what he did but I do. I think it says a lot about his character and he let down his teammates. I do not want to talk too negatively about an amatuer athelte but a man needs to be responsible and be a man. Enough said on him. Lets talk about the three tailbacks that want to be there for their teammates

Question: 300.00 for a plane ticket, 60.00 for tickets to the game, travelling 1000 miles to watch us get our ass whipped, priceless. with all the people we brought that far they should have been stoked.

Answer: I agree 100%. How could you not be ready to play?

Question: Why not play a soft zone against Clemson and let Charlie get greedy and throw down field? Are we not looking at safety valve/short passes?

Answer: I thought both backs were open underneath the linebacker coverage all night

Question: How long before Billie starts over Sampson?

Answer: Hopefully very soon. Billie is much more productive this year

Question: Billie appears to be passing Sampson at the whip to me. What do you think? #20 was ONE guy who played Saturday night.

Answer: I agree 100%

Question: In obvious passing downs, should we have our best blocker in the backfield? Is Harrell and Jackson our best blockers?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Is denying a team bowl eligibilty 3 years in a row some sort of record? Do we get his record in November?

Answer: I am not sure they keep records for such

Question: Our running game seems very limited in terms of plays. Where are the trap plays we ran last year with Jasmin?

Answer: They are in the one-back package. So far the shotgun package has been featured more

Question: what was wald deptula's record last week in his picking? he's the best!

Answer: I was not here. I was in an RV heading to Texas

Question: I remember that after a loss you use to hear about the punishment coach Ford would dish out to the players. Will the players experience that this week from Bowden?

Answer: I would think so

Question: Why should we be 3-0? TAMU seems to have good talent, why is everyone sure that they will be mediocre this year? We were completely written off after WF last year and look what happened. Don't you think that college football is much more even than it used to be?

Answer: Yes. But Clemson was the favored team in all three and should be favored. A&M is average. Ask Utah

Question: You have often criticized UVA's defensive scheme ... what do you think of Lovett's at Clemson?

Answer: I still think UVA is bad scheme. I think the scheme vs A&M was not very effective

Question: Chason and Dean have made the 2 best foem tackles this year - Tackling must be coaching? Who is the Kicker Tackling Coach?

Answer: LOL

Question: I hate to ask about next season already (sounds very Carolina-ish, I know) ... with what we lose and what we have coming back, should we be excited about next season?

Answer: Very

Question: Why haven't we taken more shots deep against all these blitzes?

Answer: It takes time to throw the deep bal. Whitehurst has not had time

Question: Who would start on the OL if you were making out the lineup?

Answer: Richardson, Frye, Sharpe, Myrick, Dukes

Question: Was the Duane Coleman call legit?

Answer: I think so

Question: Do you feel that the Senior leadership is stepping up to the challenge?

Answer: I think Ben Hall will.

Question: If the coaches are angy... then you're saying it is all the execution of the players and not the gameplan/play-calling?

Answer: No, both are responsible

Question: Mickey did this game remind you of Mizzou in 96?

Answer: very much so. I told someone that very same thing heading out there

Question: How was the ride back in the shasta? But on a serious note, what do you think should happend with the OL? Who would you start where?

Answer: Great trip. See above on OL starting lineup

Question: is rick stockstill the "missing ingredient"? maybe dabo cost us a bunch by chasing dham off!

Answer: No. Dabo is perhaps the best coach on this staff

Question: Didn't Lovett have a reputation at Auburn of playing too soft of a defense?

Answer: No. He was well thought of by Auburn

Question: DO you think the losses on the lines are the biggest difference from last year, or is it more mental/attitude?

Answer: Mental and attitude

Question: Does the team respond and come out to play vs. FSU?

Answer: I think so but I thought they would have played well vs A&M

Question: Is Charlie's lack of success thusfar been more due to 1. running for his life, 2. adjusting to some new faces or 3. pressing?

Answer: I think the lack of time to throw

Question: I think it is wrong for you to make a comment like that about Kelly and not tell why he was suspended. Either say no comment or tell us why.

Answer: I am sure you are but I will not reveal what he did. Again most of you would not think it is a big deal but I do. I am responsible for my words and I stand by my thoughts on his suspension and accountability

Question: Can we count on K Grant to continue to improve and be a big time WR like we know he is capable of being?

Answer: I think he is starting to make some strides

Question: Do you think this game would have been much differnet if we had not choked against tech?

Answer: I think so but how can you really tell

Question: Which starters would be in trouble if you were coaching the team?

Answer: I would play Billie more, Merriweather, Coleman, Browning, Clark, Groover, McDuffie

Question: Why was Lovett let go at Auburn? Politics?

Answer: Tuberville had to make move because of politics

Question: mickey... anybody know why Reggie gets to run only 8 times... he makes a long run, they take him for 10 minutes; makes a long run, they take him out....

Answer: I do not know

Question: name the top 5 callers to your show.

Answer: We have too many to count

Question: How far does this start set us back as a program ... recruiting, etc??

Answer: It depends on what happens the rest of the season

Question: Will we EVER see a bruising running back in this offense in the mold of a Chad Jasmin or, to a greater extent, Raymond Priester?

Answer: You just saw one last year. I think it will happen again

Question: With all the blitzes that opposing defenses are throwing at the OL, what is it going to take to protect Charlie better? Experience?

Answer: Better schemes and better execution

Question: Let's say we go 6-5 ... how far does this set us back as a program?

Answer: 11%. I really don;t know how you can quantify it

Question: Is Duane Coleman 100% this week for FSU?

Answer: I think so

Question: why can't we stop the run?

Answer: Poor tackling

Question: Is it safe to say that we are having trouble more with attitude on this team? Scheme? Coaching? Or all three?

Answer: All three but attitude is the biggest in my opinion. Lack of fundamentals, blocking, tackling, execution, attention to detail

Question: Any chance we will see some younger WRs like McCloud or Jefferson this week?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Who votes for Ron West to be put back in charge of the OL?

Answer: I thought he did a terrific job with the OL last year

Question: How much impact is the offensive tackle position having on CW's ability to pass?

Answer: A ton

Question: Mickey....knowing how weak we are at DT, don't you think Lovette should be more agressive with our db's. blitzing, bump and run, etc

Answer: They had A&M down inside the two and the corner gave up a pass of 30 yards. How can you count on the corners right now?

Question: Do you know why Kelly was suspended?

Answer: yes

Question: Is it safe to say that Bowden will make this week a living hell for the players?

Answer: I woud think so. I have to go do the show now. Thanks for the interest. I hope everyone has a great day.

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