Tiger Source Chat Transcript

by - Correspondent -

Question: ok settle it... spiller to Clemson?

Answer: Clemson has done a great job. We think Clemson is a strong player with Spiller, but nothing will be settled until he sends in the LOI tomorrow

Question: Spiller update ... any and all info????

Answer: No concrete, I will say his FSU visit did not go as I thought it would

Question: What is your gut feeling on Spiller?

Answer: He will keep me very busy tonight and tomorrow. He will also make the fan in me toss and turn in my sleep tonight

Question: Where do we finish in the rankings if we land Spiller?

Answer: 13-15

Question: will coots pull any last minute surprises?

Answer: The ball is not bouncing their way right now

Question: mick: we waiting on anyone other than spiller?

Answer: This is Trey. Spiller and Sims are all that is left

Question: mick: where does this class ranki w/out spiller and w/spiller?

Answer: w/o 18-21, w/ 13-15

Question: Sounds like Sims didn't have a great FSU visit either.

Answer: We have dug and dug with Sims, but the Sims family handles everything very close to the vest. I said Sunday I would be shocked if he didn't go to FSU, I will downgrade that to "surprised"

Question: Do we keep Sapp?

Answer: YES!

Question: Any surprises tomorrow minus Spiller?

Answer: Tomorrow is NSD anything can and probably will happen

Question: Does the ball ever bounce South Carolina's way?

Answer: It did on their little winning streak

Question: What's with the Rivals' rumors about Sapp changing his mind? Anything to those rumors?

Answer: No some people just will not let things go

Question: Might Sims wait and see what Spiller does and then possibly commit to Clemson?

Answer: No, Spiller will not affect Sims. Sims and his family know where he is going

Question: Who will decommit from the coots tomorrow?

Answer: I would watch Captain Munnerlyn closely

Question: What went wrong with Spiller @ FSU?

Answer: Nothing necessarily went wrong, but if you tracked their weekend, he did not come away sounding as overwhelmed as the kids that committed

Question: How much does Spiller play next season if he signs with us?

Answer: Thats an if question I'd rather answer around lunch tomorrow

Question: Does Clemson REALLY have a shot at anyone left? Will there be the 'Clay' shocker or could we get McIntoshed?

Answer: No indications of a McIntosh, and Clemson is a factor with Sims and Spiller

Question: so in year #2 spurrier still having problems? losing stock must have hurt

Answer: Stockstill was a major factor in their recruiting, and his loss has hurt. There is no way in my opinion Adam Patterson goes to Michigan if Stockstill is at South Carolina

Question: Spiller?

Answer: 10:30 in the morning, Clemson has done everything it needed to do

Question: trey: which former or current tiger rb would you compare cox to?

Answer: Reggie Merriweather

Question: Is Kornblutt on suicide watch?

Answer: Nah

Question: What's the deal with geathers?

Answer: The school did not release his transcripts at the request of the family. He was not able to take any official visits. One of the strangest scenarios I have ever followed.

Question: So, other than the Spiller stuff in the morning, should be an uneventful signing day for the Tigers?

Answer: That is the hope. Uneventful outside of Spiller would be a very good day for Clemson

Question: Is losing Stock hurting the Gamecocks ability to close the deal with recruits this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where will the coots class end up ranking?

Answer: 34-37, just a guess

Question: Trey: Why is UF having such an incredible year? Is Meyer that good of a recruiter?

Answer: Yes, and he has a much easier sell in Gainesville

Question: If Sims signs, ultimately where do you see him in 2 years? RB or LB?

Answer: LB

Question: What type of back is Spiller? Compare and contrast his abilities with those of James Davis?

Answer: Davis is the thunder, Spiller is the lightning

Question: How do you like our junior commits so far?

Answer: The junior commits are great and they are just getting started. The momentum is continuing

Question: Chances that Spiller WON'T sign an LOI tomorrow?

Answer: 5%

Question: how good is chambers?

Answer: Sadat Chambers will be the second string cat safety the first day of spring practice, he is Jamaal Fudge

Question: Already 4 commits for next year? How many should we expect by summer?

Answer: as many as 12

Question: Tough question without them on campus, but who do you see on our verbal list that is not even close to being able to contribute (ie lots of potential, but raw)?

Answer: Medlin needs to be coached, Campbell and Alexander will take off in about two years with Blackwell. Ogren will be thrown into the fire sooner, but he will develop nicely under Swinney

Question: Does Tommy finally win 10 in 2006?

Answer: If I made my final prediction today, yes

Question: OK. Enough is enough. Quit beating around the bush and tell us where he is gonna sign so we can all get some sleep,

Answer: LOL! Sleep is overrated

Question: Did Louisville have to sell off any campus property to afford Whitehead?

Answer: No

Question: So Stevie Superior can't close the deal without Stock? If Stevie can't, who can?

Answer: It is difficult to recover losing your RC in December

Question: Would Spiller and Davis ever be in on the same play?

Answer: Possible

Question: Mickey Plyler -- tigernet.com . . . . 9:11:21 PM Then what's Jocby Ford?

Answer: An extremely fast player who will contribute immediately

Question: Is membership to Augusta really worth all this to Spurrier?

Answer: Some ppl would give up their first born for that membership

Question: What effect can we expect the Nike camp at Clemson to have?

Answer: Great exposure. No telling how many kids will see the campus that might not ever have gone to Clemson

Question: I am a Red Sox fan, and hubby is a Yankee's fan..will our marriage make it?

Answer: No, but you have all the power

Question: How good is Ray Ray?

Answer: The best NFL prospect Clemson has at corner on campus right now.

Question: More speed than Fudge?

Answer: I am guessing you are talking about Chambers, and he is a little faster than Fudge

Question: Top 10 class for 2007?

Answer: Within reach, 10 wins on the field would help a lot, I know that is an obvious statement, but its true

Question: who will stand out the most at spring practice?

Answer: Murchison, Thomas Austin, Will Proctor, Chambers, Kavell Connor to name a few

Question: gonna be in clemson tomorrow watching the faxes coming thru?

Answer: no Louis Garmendia will be the lucky man by the fax machine

Question: Anymore talk of Hines leaving?

Answer: I think a decision could be reached very soon. Watch for maybe a young guy, like Billy Napier to be mentioned if there is an opening

Question: How much will having Korn committed now help next year's class?

Answer: Its huge, just like Cumbie was for 2006

Question: sleep is overated?? what is sleeps ranking then?

Answer: LOL, I'd give you a point if I could

Question: XM or Sirius?

Answer: XM

Question: Will Ford play any RB or WR only?

Answer: both,

Question: Most underrated player in this class?

Answer: Kendrick Johnson

Question: Are our punting woes solved with our recruited punter/kicker???

Answer: Hopefully

Question: Offer sheet for DB Chris Duvalt ??

Answer: Not sure

Question: Hell freezing over or Tiger win in Chapel Hill... which comes first?

Answer: I really like Clemson's chances on Wednesday and Saturday, but I could just be delirious from focusing on Signing Day

Question: Has Thomas Austin gotten bigger? Will he see the field in 2006?

Answer: Not sure on weight room numbers, he will see the field in 2006

Question: how good is chris chancler?

Answer: Great ball skills, he is undersized, but he makes plays. He could make some noise in the spring

Question: what about perman?

Answer: Not sure the budget would work to get Pearman

Question: just got in, wtf did i miss?

Answer: Not much, just a lot of anxiety

Question: Is the sophomore Bowers a lifelong tiger fan?

Answer: No, but Clemson is in good shape

Question: Chances for Barnes and Caleb King next year??

Answer: Clemson will be in the mix with both, probably will get official visits with both

Question: Jack Hines annoucement by the end of the week?

Answer: Most likely

Question: Will Rendrick Taylor be a big impact player this year?

Answer: He will be a be bigger factor, but Stuckey and Kelly will get most of the passes

Question: AJ green.... any chance a tiger?

Answer: he is only a sophomore, nobody is out

Question: Getting rid of Hine's would free up at least $100K for Perman.

Answer: from my people, if a change is made, I would look for a young coach who would recruit his rear off

Question: Where do we stand with Junior Hemmingway?

Answer: in the mix, but he may be headed out of state

Question: from what you know who is the worst at negative recruting?

Answer: probably NC State just from what I know, programs that negative recruit aren't good enough to just sell themselves

Question: Has Godfrey answered his phone yet?

Answer: No, congrats to the network who reached him, they must have went to his house or picked him up from school

Question: Is it true that Mickey is a big Brokeback fan?

Answer: No

Question: Are our chances better with C King if we don't get a RB this year??? How do you think our RB depth is if we don't get Sims or Spiller?

Answer: Not really, running backs like seeing productivity more than anything

Question: Any chance with Bentley coming on board? Will we have a special teams coach now?

Answer: Small chance, but the moves may be moving towards a special teams coach

Question: did you really think Hawthorne was USC bound or was that an awesome joke on USC?

Answer: In recruiting players change their minds daily

Question: Where do you think Jonathan Hannah ends up??

Answer: UNC

Question: Other than Napier any other names that you may have heard?

Answer: I actually heard Mal Lawyer, but I am not even sure what he is doing right now. His name was mentioned to me a little before 8 tonight, and I haven't even had a chance to check on him

Question: is the staff worried about mcdaniel at all

Answer: No

Question: Should Coach Purnell get Gvegas to coach free throw shooting??

Answer: Gvegas has his hands full already

Question: will cumbie make an immediate impact?

Answer: I believe he will, he projects to be #2 behind Merling

Question: You glad recruiting is coming to an end? How long to recover for you?

Answer: Zero, we are trying to make a smooth transition to junior coverage

Question: How much impact did fans have on recruiting, particularly the support at the Miami and FSU games?

Answer: Game day atmosphere always helps

Question: who does not qualify??

Answer: We are watching Cox and Wilkerson

Question: So how did our feathered friends blow it with that "lock" Patterson???

Answer: Stockstill

Question: Sapp behind Adams this year?

Answer: yes

Question: any possible committs tomorrow from players not offered scollys and any of those possible sleepers to watch?

Answer: no watch Spiller and Sims. 10:30 and 2:30 tomorrow

Question: Is there any reason to worry about sapp whatsoever?

Answer: Yes, he may oversleep and cause a message board meltdown

Question: Where is Mal coaching now? I didn't know he was in coaching but I did know about Hafley? What do you think about Mal being a coach for us??

Answer: I am not real sure about Mal. Hopefully, I can post an update with him on the board tomorrow evening. It was completely out of the blue for me this evening and I wanted to give a bonus chat to the evening crowd

Question: 2006 2 deep on d-line?

Answer: DE- Merling, Adams, Sapp, Cumbe DT-Jackson, Scott, McKissic, Clark, Murchison

Question: How will Clemson's class rank in ACC?

Answer: 3-4

Question: so "no fall back" is for real?

Answer: No fall back is for real

Question: ogren, iv'e seen film on him seems to have great hands what do you think?

Answer: Great hands great football IQ

Question: Sapp quality??

Answer: Quality great, just in case you meant qualify, yes I believe he will

Question: Who will be the early riser and be the first to fax in?

Answer: my guess is Wade or Jackson

Question: will whitehead to l'ville stick? no imo

Answer: Yes

Question: What about the sapp rumors?

Answer: laughable

Question: Will there be any potential suprises (good or bad) tomorrow?

Answer: Potential for good is there

Question: Mickey - How can some people (Mike Farrel) still be projecting a possible surprise decision by Sapp? He has shot down all rumors so far.

Answer: This is Trey, and some people never give up

Question: Mickey - How much of Clemson's recruiting success over the last 2 years do you attribute to Bowden replacing a good portion of his staff?

Answer: The staff is doing a great job

Question: Speaking of Stockstill - he always said that Tommie Frazier was his toughest recruiting loss because of the reason that he chose Nebraska. Do you happen to have any insight as to what really happened?

Answer: No I do not

Question: Is all this Spiller talk for real?

Answer: Spiller is really looking hard at Clemson

Question: Is there any chance we pull the daily double tomorrow and land Spiller and Sims?

Answer: 10% chance Clemson lands both

Question: if you had to pic witch one korn or clauson

Answer: Korn

Question: How is our depth/needs at LB

Answer: LB is set

Question: Any feeback on the freshman corners - Ray Ray, Chancellor, etc.??

Answer: All very impressive and should have good springs

Question: Does Jackson start at Punter right away??

Answer: He shoudl

Question: do we still get sapp

Answer: yes

Question: Does Proctor have competition for the starting job?

Answer: no

Question: What about Dan Pearman coming back to CU if Hines leaves?

Answer: not likely as once believed

Question: Pre-season thoughts on ACC finish next year?

Answer: 1) Miami 2) VT 3) UNC 4) UVA 5) GT 6) Duke 1) FSU 2) Clemson 3) Boston College 4) Maryland 5) NC State 6) Wake Forest

Question: is LOuisville doing something "funny"??

Answer: no idea

Question: How deep is the State's 2007 class? Deepest position?

Answer: very deep, OL

Question: IMHO Simms is nole

Answer: I agree

Question: can you get that brilliant guy named "greg" to call tomorrow - haven't heard from him in a while

Answer: he knows the numbers

Question: Are we out of the running for Godfrey?

Answer: yes

Question: O-lineman from '05 class that has made most progress?

Answer: Grant

Question: Were there academic issues w/ Peanut Whitehead? Strange that he chose Louisville...

Answer: there are some issues

Question: Will the Dems stand up and clap for Dubya?

Answer: It has to go better than Stanford's pregnant pauses

Question: Who signs their LOI first tomorrow morning?

Answer: Wade

Question: what happened with godfrey to make him change his opinion of clemson??

Answer: Not sure, he doesn't answer his phone

Question: what do you think about the rivals report of sapp not going to clemson possibly

Answer: Garbage

Question: just walked in, wanted to ask if you were in a better mood today, and congradulate you on giving Wood alil hell the other day

Answer: This is Trey, and MP is in a better mood

Question: Is this Bowden's best class?

Answer: Add Spiller, yes

Question: will we live through tomorrow?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any truth to t rumor that Sims parents have been in touch with CU coaches as of today?

Answer: I heard rumors that Sims text a few players not sure about coaches

Question: why is nc state doing so bad in recruiting this year?

Answer: Look at them

Question: NCAA or NIT?

Answer: NCAA

Question: sorry Mickey I just got in, any idea where spiller is headed

Answer: Not really

Question: What is the dropoff from Proctor to Harper/Reese?

Answer: big but will be less at the end of spring, Harper/Reese need reps

Question: where will Hines end up? Who would have him?

Answer: Not sure

Question: is tymere zimmerman coming back this year?

Answer: yes

Question: Trey, you and Mickey need to have the 13yo kid guesthost on radio

Answer: He is job shadowing with Mick one day

Question: how many more times will you have to tell everyone that you are Trey, not MP?

Answer: Until I get my proper respect, and Crump gives me my own icon

Question: Does Rose Qualify at USC? Are you impressed at all with that class? Seems like a lot of 2Star scrubs and Jucos very Louish?

Answer: To be honest, MP has covered their class, I have been so consumed with Clemson I am not real sure

Question: Is Hines going some place?

Answer: 90%-gone 10% staying

Question: who is #2 behind Proctor @ end of spring ball?

Answer: Harper

Question: does Korn start as a true frehman?

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: What's Clemson's biggest ? coming into 06?

Answer: Cornerback

Question: does fla depth at rb help our chances with spiller

Answer: JD is more proven than anyone they have

Question: what happens to tigers season if proctor goes down

Answer: they will likely struggle, but we will get our first real look at Harper and Reese in the spring

Question: If spiller does come, what position will D. Chancellor play?

Answer: WR

Question: Cullen Harper and Tribble Reese? Haven't heard much...are they legit?

Answer: Harper is ahead right now, but neither have gotten enough reps to tell

Question: Who is Trey?

Answer: The editor of Tiger Source

Question: Does JD have a chance to be Heisman contender?

Answer: not this year, but maybe his junior year

Question: just got here, is Hines officially gone?

Answer: Expect an announcement this week

Question: does roscos crosby coming back help the receiving corps?

Answer: LOL thanks

Question: How long is Rob Spense under contract. He seems to be the real cheeze....

Answer: He was signed to a three year deal. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Stay tuned to Tiger Source as we will have updates throughout the day on Wednesday!

Question: Who is in the running to replace Hines?

Answer: Watch for Billy Napier

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