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Question: Were you surprised by our Thurs. nite showing?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope everyone is well. I was a little surprised. The running game was awesome. The passing game looked sharpe. Defensively it was nice to see a ton of QB pressure with more blitzes.

Question: Richard Javkson has a strong leg, doesn't he?

Answer: Nah. Just kidding. He is legit

Question: Any chance we get Peanut Whitehead?

Answer: I doubt it. I think that will be extremely difficult

Question: How much do you Proctor will play Saturday?

Answer: I think he will get the most playing time of his career

Question: Assess the state of tiger football- we gonna win out?

Answer: I don't see them winning out but 7-4 looks better. The future is very bright

Question: How do you think we'll fare without James Davis?

Answer: OK this week and in three weeks. Davis could be missed if he doesn't play vs GT

Question: Why did Whitehurst stay in the game when things were decided? Any idea?

Answer: Bowden is more comfortbale with him in. In Bowden's mind the game was not decided yet

Question: mickey... merling has a shot to the best defesive lineman since who? I say trevor pryce... think he'll be unreal in a few years

Answer: That is fair to say. He is so athletic plus he plays extremely hard. He has perhaps the brightest future of anyone on the defense

Question: Just how good will our Oline be next year?

Answer: Everyone but Myrick comes back. A year under the system plus the addition of Austin, Humphries, Grant, Lambert and Ruffin

Question: Is Chuck Amato a good coach in your opinion??

Answer: Nope

Question: Think Davis can get back for GT?

Answer: I doubt it with what I am hearing now but it depends on his healing power. I know he wants to play in his hometown

Question: Two WEZ questions: Are we still considering a major corprate sponsor and will there be those two tiger "statues" at the entrance?

Answer: I don't think the University would turn down several million dollars from some corporate sponsor. The Tigers have been ditched as far as I know

Question: I read that we told Lee Tilley we dont have room for him...accurate or not???

Answer: I think that is right.

Question: How's Charlie healing from his shoulder surgery? Just kidding, what is hurt on his leg, ankle, foot, toe? How's it healing?

Answer: His shoulder made a turn for the better last week. I think is toe is the problem now

Question: If we dont get Whitehead what do we do with Cumbie?

Answer: DE, TE or interior line

Question: Any commitments to fall our way in the near future? Who are our best bets to sign on the off. and def. line?

Answer: I am not sure if anymore will fall before the end of the season.Geathers, Thomas, Michel, Johnson

Question: What blue chip RB do we have the best chance of signing for next year? Is Spiller a decent possibility? Josh Adams??

Answer: Both are possibilities. I am not sure who the number-one target is at this time. I know they would like to sign two

Question: How many DL and DE's do we sign this year and OL??

Answer: 5 total DL. two OL

Question: All thes little nagging injuries hurting CW's NFL chances?

Answer: No

Question: How much of an upgrade in your opinion will Muse and Berry be from what we have now?

Answer: Both will be good ones. They ned time to develop though

Question: What is this deal with the coots throwing the balls out of the stadium?

Answer: I am not sure what you are talking about

Question: Are all 11 commits solid?

Answer: As solid as they can be with several months until signing day

Question: time for a little Huey bashing? Did his inbox light up last week?

Answer: He is clueless. Thank goodness he is schedule to retire before Clemson becomes Duke

Question: Since you feel 7-4 is probable, is it safe to assume you see Clamson losing to Florida State?

Answer: Either FSU or GT

Question: Have either Muse or Barry been used at all this year?

Answer: No

Question: extent of CW's injury? Is it the toe? And how serious?

Answer: I think it is toe. I will ask him tomorrow

Question: Can Jackson kick 64 yds off the ground?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: So how does Mike Davis feel about coot U now that he has been replaced by good ol' Syvelle? They are getting pretty desperate to put him at RB, I just hope he makes it to Nov. 19th!

Answer: He is average

Question: Do we have a realistic shot at J. Massey? I saw where he is coming to CU on an official visit.

Answer: Yeah. Vic has done a really good job with him

Question: Do we have a shot at Whitehead, or are we pretty much out of it? What about Geathers also?

Answer: Clemson still has a shot at Whitehead but it will be difficult. Geathers is so quiet but I think Clemson is in it

Question: Please describe how Cecil Huey is hurting our program...

Answer: He is the NCAA faculty rep. He has tried to start several programs that are very hurtful to atheltics. Some he has been able to get through and some have not. For instance, even if a prospect is qualified academically with NCAA standards but he/she is not in the top 1/2 of his high school class, then they have to go infront of an academic committee of three people, Helms, Bowman and Huey. That is not a level playing field. If Matt Leinhart were at Clemson he would have to take 12 hours this semester. It costs IPTAY money. He hurts athletics. Olympic sport coaches are very upset too

Question: Which would you say is more likely? Beating FSU or beating GT? And why?

Answer: FSU because of home field

Question: Are Vic and Spence recruiting? How are they doing, I know they wont carry the load like it seems Dabo, Burton Burns and Coach Scott do but are they having an impact?

Answer: Yeah. Vic is very good recruiter.

Question: This Saturday...Charlie plays first two qtrs...Proctor plays 3rd and most of 4th. Harper/Reese to end of game. How realistic would this scenario be?

Answer: Sound about right

Question: Any chance we take the redshirt off D Chancellor if push comes to shove?

Answer: I doubt it. Bowden will address it tomorrow

Question: So Huey is scheduled to retire?

Answer: Yeah at the end of the year

Question: Is TB really looking at taking D. Chancellor's redshirt away? I would hope that D. Coleman could fill that role temporarily. If Coleman moved back, how would the secondary shape up? More Haydrian Lewis?

Answer: I will ask tomorrow. Coleman is progressing enough as a boundary corner. Lewis is coming along and can play more

Question: Will Alabama's sudden success hurt us in recruiting there?

Answer: With Whitehead

Question: Any chance at all that JD is back for the GT game?

Answer: They will know more this time next week

Question: Where do you ultimately see Demerick Chancellor fitting in next season? RB? WR?

Answer: I think RB

Question: Who starts in the secondary next year replacing Fudge and Hill?

Answer: CB-Gilliam, Coleman S-Hamlin, Clemens

Question: I'm surprised by the lack of love for Reggie. He looked pretty good against Tech last year, right?

Answer: Yeah. He will play well

Question: Who else might we get a commit from in NC?

Answer: Adams, Whitley and Bell are evry interested

Question: Think Trevor Adair is missing his best recruit that clemson did not let in even though he met ncaa requirements?

Answer: Absolutely. The adminstartion strikes again. He has lost several players in recent years

Question: Think Coleman will be eligible next year?

Answer: He has a long way to go but he can make it

Question: So for the next few weeks, the extent of out running backs would be Reggie and Kyle... is that right?

Answer: Sounds right

Question: What have you seen from Ray-Ray and Chris Chancellor so far?

Answer: Ray Ray impressed during the pre-season. Chancellor had a great scrimmage last week

Question: What's being done to correct the special teams problems? Kick coverage, punting, etc...

Answer: The KO coverage can be addressed by kicking the ball through the endzone. Punt team is the bigger problem. Snaps are slow, timing slow. Punting is bad

Question: Would you agree that our beating GT is more in the hands of the defense than whether or not James Davis plays?

Answer: Sounds right

Question: I thought Demerick Chancellor moved to safety?

Answer: He is there now but could be moved in the spring

Question: Will Demerick Chancellor wind up at rb?

Answer: Who knows right now

Question: Are the coaches getting about what they expected out of Clay and Josh Miller?

Answer: Very. Both have really progressed

Question: What have you seen from Elsmore Gabriel and Xavier Littleberry.....where is Littleberry now?

Answer: Littleberry is at DE. Both will have a hard time

Question: What is the going on with Chris McDuffie, I saw him at OL, is he there to stay?

Answer: Yeah. He is much better there. he will see much more playing time there

Question: Think Jimmy Maners will play any at punter?

Answer: He has the better leg. He just doesn't get it off fast enough right now

Question: Here's the solution to the punting problems... Score touchdowns and don't punt!

Answer: Sound good to me

Question: Will there be any noticeable improvements to the WEZ since the last time we were there?

Answer: Yeah you will be very impressed. Seats should be ready by Duke or FSU

Question: How is Kavell Connor doing?

Answer: I have not heard.

Question: Is Rashad Jackson still hurt?

Answer: A little naged up but he played vs NCSU

Question: Which players still have to serve suspension, and will they all be done for Temple game?

Answer: I think all will be done after this week

Question: Is there any chance that Akeem Robinson will make a noticeable impact at tight end?

Answer: Next year

Question: Will Richard Jackson push Jad next year for his job? It appears that he will surely push Chason for his.

Answer: On kickoffs and punts but not FG

Question: Chances with Darius Gaither?

Answer: Pretty good. I tink it is Clemson and Tennessee

Question: Should we be very excited about our WR verbal, K. Johnson? I don't know much about him, how good is he?

Answer: Yeah he looked terrific at the summer camp in Clemson

Question: What OL/DT on the board do we have a good shot at landing?

Answer: See above

Question: What is the scoop on J. Crawford? We kept hearing that Clemson has stopped recruiting him, but now we're hearing that Clemson is still in contact with him? Obviously, we are his favorite. Will he wind up in Clemson when it said and done?

Answer: I doubt he can qualify and I doubt Clemson is all that interested

Question: So you really think Duane Coleman will hold off the young corners next year?

Answer: It will be a battle. I really like all three freshmen corners

Question: Are there any freshmen who lost their RS that, looking back, you wish the staff had been able to redshirt?

Answer: Not really

Question: Are they still going to try to do the WEZ in one phase, rather than two? Would they go ahead and add another level of club seats now?

Answer: They will have an announcement at the Duke game

Question: Where do we stand with Geathers?

Answer: Who knows. The kid says nothing

Question: Will Coleman be moved back to tailback?

Answer: I will know more tomorrow at the press conference

Question: Is Coach Blackwell still happy at Clemson, are we close to possibly losing him for a DC position elsewhere?He has done so well for us since he has been here I'd hate to lose him

Answer: I talked to him twice in the last two weeks and he sounded happy to me

Question: Why would it not have been advantageous to redshirt Miller? Clay I agree with but Miller? Why?

Answer: Miller has played a ton of special teams and getting more reps at LB

Question: Progress of Dorrell Scott and Jock McKissic?

Answer: Scott played his best game vs NCSU. McKissic is playing well but needs to get stronger

Question: In your opinion who will start at TE next year? The go-to guy . . .

Answer: Barry

Question: your projected starting OL for next year?

Answer: The ones taht are starting now

Question: What kind of shot do we have with the TE Massey?

Answer: Clemson is in the top three

Question: Where do we stand with Safeties, Warren and Gaither?

Answer: Top two for both

Question: will j. davis be ready for fsu or is he likely gone till a possible bowl game?

Answer: I have no idea right now. It depends on his progress

Question: Aside from Gaines, who will be starting on the D-line in 2006?

Answer: DE-Merling DT-Clark DT-Jadckson

Question: any idea as to how many snaps Gaddis and Hamlin got last thursday?

Answer: I will not see the participation chart until tomorrow

Question: great game last thursday, gaddis still looks lost / can he play cover corner?

Answer: No

Question: Is Groover in the doghouse?

Answer: Not that I know of. He just needs to play as hard as he dances

Question: Do the chickens have large talons?

Answer: Not the 2005 chickens

Question: gaddis still looks lost at safety, can he play cover corner?

Answer: nope

Question: any thoughts on fixing the punt protection?

Answer: snap it better, kick it quicker

Question: Should we see a lot of the freshmen in the Temple game, as in production?

Answer: I think they have been productive every game

Question: Where do you think Courtney Vincent ends up lb or de?

Answer: They do not know right now

Question: Coots beat Vandy?

Answer: I think so

Question: Where will the OL from Carver's Bay end up?

Answer: Who knows

Question: got your tickets for the next lotto? $340 million....

Answer: I could use it

Question: Are we going to sign a long snapper this year?

Answer: I don't think so but the Greenwood kid looks impressive

Question: I liked the move of Hamlin any others we may see soon?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Do you think we'll see any Harper or Reese late in the Temple game?

Answer: Harper maybe

Question: are we recruiting anyboby that can score from any where on the field?

Answer: TJ Williams

Question: Do you think this class will end up in the Top 10?

Answer: It depends on the last few days of January

Question: Coots record coming into our match up with them?

Answer: 4-6 or 5-5

Question: Can Gaddis catch the ball?

Answer: I don't know

Question: Think TJ Williams will make it in?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Reese becoming odd-man out in QB stakes??

Answer: Right now

Question: If we are able to land McDaniel and Gaither would both start next year or just see significant playing time? What about Butler and Maxwell?

Answer: Hamlin will start. The freshman of next year will be impressive

Question: do you think clay will be pushing watkins for pt? clay getting better every game

Answer: I think so. He is really progressing

Question: Who from Clemson do you think may poossibly make 1st or 2nd team all acc?

Answer: Whitehurst, Waters, Hill, Bennett

Question: Do you think Jock needs to add some weight to be more dominant or is it just good ol' fashion weight lifting?

Answer: Both

Question: Does Nelson Faerber develop into a contributor at wr?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Will corner back position wide open to true freshmen next season?

Answer: Yes. All three are impressive

Question: What is the status of Terrell Smith?

Answer: They are still evaluating

Question: How firm is McDaniel?

Answer: I will belive it when I see it.

Question: How is Rendrick doing with his injury? Is he close to 100%?

Answer: I think he is getting better but have not asked

Question: Not Dean for All-ACC?

Answer: Yeah. Sorry for the omission

Question: Whatever happend to Terrell Smith?

Answer: They are still evaluating

Question: Taybor to lb in the spring?

Answer: Doubt it

Question: James Davis Rookie of the year?

Answer: Greg Carr is a candidate

Question: do you drink heavily before answering these questions? I would

Answer: Nah. I have to go on the air at 3:00

Question: Who will be the fullback next year?

Answer: They will have to move at least one player. I am not sure who it may be

Question: How do you feel about Tyler Grisham? Will he be a good WR for us in the future?

Answer: He will be a big part of the offense

Question: How is Maxwell recovering from the knee injury?

Answer: So far so good but it is early

Question: Will Dukes finally move to OG next year as Ruffin and Lambert come in?

Answer: It depends on the development of the tackles

Question: When will T.J. Williams enroll?

Answer: If he can get eligible he can come in January

Question: Do you see yourself as being Kornblut-like in 20 years? Do you think you will be in a position to be mentored by him at any point?

Answer: I hope not. No

Question: Out of the freshman ols, who has looked best?

Answer: Austin, Humphries and Lambert. Grant has also been a surprise

Question: Mickey - is there a possibility that Davis may be in the Ga Tech game?

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: How close to eligible is Williams?

Answer: About the same

Question: Think we get Xavier Harris?

Answer: I think so

Question: How long will the administration stick with Amato up in Raleigh?

Answer: GoPAck.com has a letter from the NCSU AD

Question: Who is better Mike Davis or James Davis, seems some of our feathered friends think Mike is being hampered by their pitiful OL and that James Davis could do no better than what Mike is doing

Answer: Please

Question: which thomas were you talking about when mentioning the OL recruits?

Answer: The Lousiana kid

Question: Mickey - when will Walt be on your show next? I can't wait to listen for an hour about Minnesota's zone blocking scheme!

Answer: He is the most popular guest every week

Question: How close are you to getting your M.D.? Medical questions coming hard and fast!

Answer: I am still need my pre-med, med and residency, etc. I am no closer now than before

Question: Looking like Bowden's best recruiting class to date (on paper anyway) if we close strong?

Answer: Yep

Question: Is Grant a tackle or a guard?

Answer: Right now a tackle

Question: I thought Ruffin was suppose to be a stud coming out of high school...havent heard much out of him

Answer: He got hurt this summer and is behind. He will be there

Question: Will SPurrier stick around?

Answer: I think so

Question: What do you mean"about the same" re.Williams?

Answer: About the same as he was

Question: Will West Zone be ready by next season?

Answer: The seats will be

Question: grant...left tackle or right? What about Tez Ruffin?

Answer: Probably right for Grant. Ruffin is left

Question: Any chance Grant moves to D?

Answer: No

Question: Do you know or have an idea as to who may sit out game Sat from last years...chicken fight??

Answer: The rest of the suspensions will served this weekend

Question: How much PT will Ricky Sapp get next year? Biggest hurdles for him going from HS to college? Is he a bit on the thin side now?

Answer: I think he could be Adam's backup

Question: How many WRs are we going after?

Answer: 3 or four

Question: Prince Miller look a little short to you?

Answer: A little

Question: Do we see DC back at running back for awhile or does Browning now get the shot I feel he deserves?

Answer: Browning will play much more. I think DC stays but will find out more tomorrow. Gotta run to the show. WWW.wccpfm.com

Question: How soon will Kron enroll? Does he graduate early? Just curious

Answer: December of 2006

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Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week

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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
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