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Question: What kind of hit are we going to take with our recruiting, with the year we are having?

Answer: Good Afternoon, hope everyone is doing well coming off the bye week. Right now, recruiting has not been affected. If Clemson goes 4-7, obviously the chances of a top 10 class are out the windown. I am not sure Clemson closes with a top 10 class if they win out. Recruits are not as quick to jump off the bandwagon as fans. They look at losses, and say well I could have made the one play that was needed. We will evaluate the shape of the recruiting class more closely in November

Question: Can we hold onto DeAndre McDaniel and Kendrick Johnson?

Answer: Right now, I say yes. McDaniel and Johnson both want to play early. McDaniel would redshirt at FSU, and Johnson would redshirt at UGA, so Clemson has that in their favor.

Question: At what point will people realize that Tommy Bowden is not going anywhere any time soon?

Answer: There has been Bowden detractors since day one. When he started 8-0, the detractors said he would leave for FSU. Now, that they have started 2-3, the detractors are taking the opportunity to pounce. This team has turned it around the last two years, and while it will be more difficult to do this year, it is possible

Question: has the ACC office issued any kind of punishment to the UVA OL yet?

Answer: Not that I am aware of

Question: Are we recruiting any big-time fullbacks? Who will play FB next year when Cliff and Steven leave?

Answer: Alex Pearson is being groomed right now. There are not any big time fullbacks I am aware of. They could move some people around, but to say who would be pure speculation on my part right now

Question: What is the worst case scenario for this program, at this point in time?

Answer: 2-9, losses to Duke and Temple would be disastrous, though highly unlikely that happens. Realistically, the worst case scenario would be 4-7

Question: Do you think Clemson can ever be successful again like they were in the 80's?

Answer: It will be difficult for Clemson to be a top ten program every year. I am not saying it can't happen, but there are only about 5 programs in the country who are doing it right now. The landscape has changed, but Clemson can be successful, I do not think

Question: What kind of impact do you think Andrew Diamonde can have and will Rendrick Taylor be able to contribute significantly this year???

Answer: Diomande will not make a big impact or he would have been playing. He is still very raw, but he has solid potential. With Taylor, I am not sure. I couldn't believe he played against Boston College. I think he could be a factor towards the end of the year

Question: So who sent out the memo to the press to beat up on Clemson...Ron Morris last week,,,Berger and Rhymer this week.....What's going on? Clemson make em play for lunch in the press box??

Answer: When you start 2-3, criticism is going to come. Every player, coach, and fan should be aware of that by now.

Question: Does the geographics and direct competition within clemson's recruiting base keep us from getting over the hump?

Answer: It would be easier if there was only one school in-state, but Clemson is starting to win a few battles over Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida State. When you win those battles in-state, then you start moving out trying to win bigger battles in Georgia and Florida

Question: With all the talk about Cecil Huey from last week, how is TDP helping out the football program? Seems like we need some kind of positive influence from him to go against the uphill fight we have with the admininstration

Answer: TDP is doing all he can. It is not a change that is going to happen immediately. Cecil Huey is expected to retire at the end of the year, hopefully, we will get a football friendly person in his position

Question: Any updates on the WEZ construction? Have they made the seating section on the side near the north stands open yet? It's getting crowded in there

Answer: The foundations are in on both sides. I believe FSU was the target game to have people sitting in those sections. We will have an idea next week of how realistic that will be

Question: Mickey, tell us about Charlie's health (shoulder).

Answer: His shoulder is sore, and they have tried to rested as much as possible. It is not going to get any worse or better during the season. It is something he will have to play through

Question: Any chance we see some major changes on defense for Thursday, obviously what we have been doing so far won't cut it. Especially against an NCSU defense that will force our offense off the field a bunch of times I hope we have something to slow down NCSU's offense. They are not Wake Forest

Answer: I think Wake has a better offense than NC State with Randolph at quarterback. The only personnel change on defense has been Michael Hamlin will start. Haydrian Lewis will probably see his highest snap total of the season. If the defensive line can create pressure, the scheme sets up well against NC State. Our offense will have to make quick decisions, b/c NCSU's front four will get be in the backfield all game long

Question: At what point is it just time for a change of coaching staffs?

Answer: When you feel, the program is not showing any promise. This team is close, but they have not made the one or two plays needed. Another solid recruiting class could make a difference. Keep in mind this coaching staff has not had a losing season, plus the staff's ties in South Carolina could pay huge dividends the next two years

Question: In the early 80's, Clemson and Georgia were about even. I feel like we should be where they are now. What happened?

Answer: They dominated the state of Georgia in recruiting. They improved their facilities we stood pat, but still they have only won one conference championship in the last ten years

Question: Are you impressed, through the first 5 games, with the new additions to the coaching staff?

Answer: The offense has made big improvements over last year under Spence. They are not where they need to be, but there are enough good things that show me they are headed in the right direction. Koenning is battling some depth issues in the secondary, plus we stated the defense would have a bigger learning curve. The defense made improvement each week before Wake Forest, now we have to see how they bounce back. Coach Hobby has been impressive. He is a players coach and will be a successful recruiter. He could not add thirty pounds to the DTs, but his group has played well. The future looks good with Merling, Jackson, Scott, and McKissic

Question: Are you impressed, through the first 5 games, with the new additions to the coaching staff?

Answer: The offense has made big improvements over last year under Spence. They are not where they need to be, but there are enough good things that show me they are headed in the right direction. Koenning is battling some depth issues in the secondary, plus we stated the defense would have a bigger learning curve. The defense made improvement each week before Wake Forest, now we have to see how they bounce back. Coach Hobby has been impressive. He is a players coach and will be a successful recruiter. He could not add thirty pounds to the DTs, but his group has played well. The future looks good with Merling, Jackson, Scott, and McKissic

Question: Is V.T. a good model for Clemson to follow?

Answer: I would say yes

Question: mickey.... do you agree with Rhymer that CU wasn't an elite program in the 80's?

Answer: No

Question: you honestly believe cecil huey is holding back the clemson football program? What is to stop a player from signing up for a full load and dropping all but 3 hours on the last drop/add date? Most kids take 5 years to graduate anyway, it's not like they could punish them.

Answer: Actually, yes they could punish them. If a player falls below 12 hours, they are not eligible. It is not Cecil Huey alone, but there are others that want Clemson to be Duke M-F, but in trying we may wind up being Duke on Saturdays

Question: Any truth to the rumor that CW is going to have his shoulder scoped after the game this week?

Answer: I have not been able to confirm that

Question: Say we end up 5-6; what kind of recruiting year can we expect then?

Answer: Probably a class ranked between 25-35

Question: If Charlie gets hurt or is ineffective Thursday who plays first, Proctor or Harper? Do we have any kind of chance with either???

Answer: Proctor would definitely play first. Clemson can win with Proctor, I am not sure about Harper right now

Question: What do you think should be done regarding cheap shot by UVA tackle on BC's de?

Answer: No bowl for both teams

Question: So you think States dl is better than Tigers ol?

Answer: They have three day one draft picks on their DL, so yes

Question: Prediction re State game?

Answer: I am still working on that my prediction will be up Wednesday night, but right now I'd say NC State

Question: What do you think we should change on offense and defense?

Answer: On Offense, more slants and crossing patterns underneath, less screens. Defense- Cover 2 man, and blitz more

Question: MP, So in Your Opinion, do you think we should "stay the course" and see what transpires the next few seasons?

Answer: Yes, look at what this staff is doing in-state recruiting wise, and look at the

Question: Any chance David Blackwell gets tired of waiting in the wings and departs?

Answer: If a coordinator job was offered, he would leave. He wouldn't leave for the sake of leaving. It would have to be a step up, not a lateral move

Question: What is exactly wrong with Charlie's shoulder - just bruise?

Answer: yeah

Question: How much does a lack of a real indoor facility hurt us not only for practice but in recruiting? Any chance we get one for the football team that is viable or are we stuck with what we have?

Answer: It really does not matter. Clemson has above average practice facilities as it stands now

Question: What are the most important things for both Dorrel Scott and Jock McKissic to work on to be very effective DL? They both have the size already wouldnt you agree?

Answer: They have the size, but they need to be in better shape first. Stopping the run is where they need the most improvement. Basically, read and react better

Question: if you only need 3 hours to graduate, you are allowed to take just 3 hours, unless clemson has changed policy in the last 5 years.

Answer: They have, at Clemson if you do not have 12 hours you don't play. For example, Whitehurst only needed 3 hours, but he had to take 12 to play

Question: Who replaces Kelvin Grant on KO returns?

Answer: Stuckey, J Davis, or Gaddis

Question: after getting the upgrades to facilities that tommy asked for how can he justify finishing 5-6 with a recruiting class of 25-35?

Answer: It will be hard to justify, but we will see how they finish up

Question: Do we have a chance with the big TE Massey? Or, will Cumbie be our TE?

Answer: Clemson trails with Massey, Cumbie may be the TE. I know Spence will fight for him

Question: Would you agree that if we get Whitehead, it'd make most sense to put Cumbie at TE rather than DE?

Answer: I don't think Clemson gets Whitehead, but if they did yes

Question: With the recent news of the RB J. Crawford, where does Clemson stand with him? Is he even on our board? Or, is Josh Adams our guy right now?

Answer: Adams is #1 now, Crawford has academic issues as well. I don't see Clemson making a move on him

Question: Who do you think will be our next commitment? Are the ones we have pretty solid?

Answer: Xavier Harris is the only strong lean to date, so he would be my best guess. All are solid except Kendrick Johnson and DeAndre McDaniel

Question: Any chance with Lee Tilley?

Answer: No

Question: Clemson is still missing a big, physical WR. Is there anyone on our board (or on campus now) that can fill this role?

Answer: I think Aaron Kelly is more physical than everyone realizes, he will continue to add weight and could become that guy, but Rendrick Taylor could be too. The guys on the board are more speed guys

Question: Who do you think is the most likely big time recruit to committ next to us?

Answer: There is no way for me to tell. The only one who is openly leaning to Clemson is Xavier Harris. I guess Jonathon Warren would be considered a big time recruit, so he is a possibility

Question: Gonna be at the Byrnes game tonight?

Answer: Mickey and Ralph Patterson should be there

Question: What would be your gameplan Thursday night?

Answer: Attack quick. If Clemson can score early, the natives in Raleigh may become restless. As much criticism, the schemes have received I actually like the way Clemson matches up Thursday

Question: Who will RS that will be a big contributor for us next year?

Answer: Ray Ray McElrathbey, Durrell Barry, Paul Muse, the OL,

Question: Will Tyler Grisham have more of a role Thursday due to Kelvin's injury? What are your thoughts on him?

Answer: I expected him to see more action. He struggled hanging on to the ball early in camp, but I like what I see from him. He runs good routes, and doesn't take plays off

Question: why didnt we offer sidney rice?

Answer: We felt we had better players on the board, the staff was a little concerned with his speed, but he has proven to be a very good player

Question: Think we'll get Warren?

Answer: 65% Clemson 35% Iowa State

Question: What will it to get over the hump,recruiting,younger players to mature,etc.?

Answer: Recruit like last year and this year, every year, then start winning the close game on the field

Question: Can Warren come in immeditely can play for us?

Answer: I need to see more film on him, but I would say right now he would have a shot, but I am not big on JUCOs. They have not really worked out well at Clemson under Bowden

Question: NYY-Angels....who you got?

Answer: NYY

Question: Why is our defense having such a hard time with Vic's system? They seemed to adjust more quickly to Lovett's when he came in.

Answer: Zone is more difficult to adjust to than man.

Question: How many OL and DL do you see us bringing in? 1-10 rate the quality of what we can bring in from those positions

Answer: 5-8 numbers wise, I guess may be a 7 or 8

Question: trey, what's the deal with us not trying to get our backs to the corners?

Answer: I am not sure, I thought they would have done more, but the strength of the OL is in the interior

Question: Does this year on the field hurt us in recruiting, do we hold onto McDaniel and Johnson?

Answer: Right now, no, but lets see how they finish. McDaniel and Johnson I still believe will sign with Clemson

Question: Do we sign another rb besides Cox?

Answer: Yes but I am not sure who

Question: how is Rendrick Taylor?

Answer: He will play and he was not wearing a cast last Thursday

Question: How many years does J. Warren have to play? Is he leaning to us?

Answer: 2 and yes

Question: Is R. Taylor's wrist okay for Thursday?

Answer: yes

Question: How can we take those short screen passes to the next level, it seems Wake can run them beautifully

Answer: other receivers blocking better downfield

Question: why won't Patterson look at Clemson?

Answer: Just never was that interested, he never really gave a reason. His high school appears to be a pipeline to South Carolina right now

Question: Shouldn't we be getting Proctor in for a series or two so we have some game experience going into next year.

Answer: When are you going to put him in, I agree, but there has not been any opportunities. Hopefully, he will play a lot against Temple and Duke

Question: Can Diomonde give us some quality time?

Answer: He has a chance, but there is concern b/c he is still very raw. He is one of the faster receivers, but he just has to become more complete

Question: How do you see us doing against Wolfpack and Yellow Jackets?

Answer: I expect them to play well, and I think they go 1-1

Question: Amato 52 DD?

Answer: Maybe bigger. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! Hope those going to Raleigh have a safe trip

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