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Question: Where is Schaffer going?

Answer: Hope all is well. Mickey has hit the links once again today, so this is Trey. Schaeffer is laying low right now, we will have a story on him tonight

Question: How many commits do we get after camp?

Answer: Everything has been very quiet so far, but maybe one

Question: Chances of getting Tebow?

Answer: There is a slim chance. I would say right now at best there is 20% chance that Clemson would sign Tebow. He is coming back for the A&M game, which is a good sign, that Clemson stands a very good chance to be in his final five.

Question: Do you really see Brent Schaeffer coming to Clemson?

Answer: I see why it would make a lot of sense for him to come to Clemson. He would have a very good chance to start, and plus the system is a perfect fit for him. If he takes another visit, I think he will go elsewhere, but if A&M was his final stop then I expect him to enroll at Clemson

Question: Is Mickey playing golf with his former roommate?

Answer: I do not believe so

Question: Any scoop on passing camp?

Answer: Things have been quiet thus far, but I expect some news in the next couple of days

Question: Trey - break down the keys to the aTm game for us.

Answer: The line of scrimmage is a big key. aTm overwhelmed Clemson at the LOS last year. No turnovers! You have to take away McNeal's legs. Force him to beat you in the pocket.

Question: Trey - will Tiger eventually pass Jack for number of majors won by a golfer?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do Mickey or his former roommate actually work?

Answer: Occasionally

Question: In you ropinion, what will be Clemson's final record in FB this season?

Answer: 7-4

Question: Will James Davis see significant playing time this season?

Answer: Absolutely. He did not sign with Clemson to redshirt and Burton Burns did not recruit him for three years to watch him sit the bench for another year. JD has taken a great approach to the off-season, and he may even be ahead of where I thought he would be

Question: Why would anyone in their right mind choose to be a Gamecock fan?

Answer: Bad Parents

Question: Are Lewis and Grant good to go for admission?

Answer: Terrell Smith and TJ Williams were the only two I was told had some work left to do

Question: Will Reggie Merriweather be our 1st 1,000 yard rusher in quite a while? ... even with James Davis on campus?

Answer: If he stays healthy, I believe he will be. Clemson will be more committed to the run this year than they have been since Bowden's second season

Question: When is the ncaa going to come down on usEc?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Was Richard Jackson offered on thursday, per TigerSource?

Answer: We have not been able to follow up since Thursday. We will try and get in touch with him again tonight. I would be shocked if he wasn't. I haven't known Bowden to meet with too many kickers that they didn't offer

Question: the 4 losses coming to?

Answer: aTm, Miami, FSU, and NC State or Wake Forest

Question: Top 20 class in recruiting this upcoming year for Clemson football? Top 25? Thoughts?

Answer: Top 25 is definitely possible with the great start. Byron Maxwell and Jamie Cumbie were very big for the staff. The staff has done a great job early, but for another top 25 class this team has to win games on the field.

Question: What are the odds that Merriweather will get 1000 yards rushing and James Davis over 500 yards rushing this year?

Answer: I think Merriweather will hit the 1000 yard mark, you have to factor Duane Coleman in on James Davis. If Coleman returns it may be difficult, if not then Davis has a good shot

Question: What other true freshmen will see significant playing time?

Answer: James Davis, Ramon McElrathbey, Rendrick Taylor, Tyler Grisham, Quentez Ruffin, Josh Miller or Antonio Clay, Demerick Chancellor

Question: Is it football season yet?

Answer: When did it end

Question: Any updates on the West End Zone?

Answer: I watch the camera daily as you do

Question: Just how important will the WEZ be to Clemson recruiting?

Answer: Very vital. If you attend road games, it is clear that Clemson had fallen behind. Look back through the archives, at how many of the signees talked about the West Endzone before and after signing. Cumbie and Maxwell both have already discussed it

Question: How many signed Baseball Recruits have signed to play pro ball this year?

Answer: 2 signed pro, one will attend JUCO

Question: Your thoughts on the new football unis? Jad Dean likes them.

Answer: I like the real ones. The replicas sold in stores are not very impressive.

Question: In your opinion, could Tebow be scared off by a Schaeffer committment since playing time is a priority? If so, should he expect to face competition no matter where he goes?

Answer: Tebow is a very bright kid. He knows he will have to compete anywhere. I do not think he would be scared off by Schaeffer. Michigan and Florida, his apparent favorites, both have a wealth of talent at QB, especially Florida

Question: How successfull will Spurrier be at Carolina ... shortterm and longterm?

Answer: I believe his hopes of an SEC title will never be realized. He is competing against Urban Meyer at Florida, and I believe Meyer is about to build Florida into a major powerhouse.

Question: What instate players do you see Clemson grabbing this year in recruiting when all is said and done?

Answer: A very early guess, Sapp, Maxwell, Wilkerson, Jackson

Question: Think Terrell Smith gets in?

Answer: I believe he will, he was one point shy on his ACT so he stands a good chance

Question: Is Tebow seriously considering us or are we just part of his visiting circuit?

Answer: He is making a return visit in September, a second visit means serious consideration

Question: Why our hesitation on Prince Miller?

Answer: There are other corners ahead of him on the board

Question: What about Schaeffer?

Answer: Nothing new, we will have an update tonight or in the morning

Question: What kicker do you see us getting?

Answer: Richard Jackson

Question: What do you see our basketball team doing next year?

Answer: NCAA Tournament third or fourth in the ACC. My expectations are very high, but I very excited about the whole 2005-2006 year at Clemson

Question: Do you think Charlie will bounce back and enjoy the same success he did in 2003?

Answer: Yes he will complete close to 70% of his passes, and the INTs will be less

Question: Now that Cumbie is safely in the fold, what available recruit would you place as our number one priority . Somebody we have a decent chance to sign...

Answer: Ricky Sapp he has been all along

Question: What players on O and D have a 'breakout' season?

Answer: Offense-Stuckey and Grant, Defense-Tramaine Billie, Anthony Waters, Nick Watkins

Question: What players on O and D have a 'breakout' season?

Answer: Offense-Stuckey and Grant, Defense-Tramaine Billie, Anthony Waters, Nick Watkins

Question: Can you rate the teams in ACC-Atlantic?

Answer: FSU, Clemson, Boston College, NC State, Wake Forest, Maryland

Question: Think SC will out recruit us instate this year?

Answer: No, the continuity has really paid off for Clemson. SC's staff just has not built the ties, Clemson has

Question: What 2 freshman do you think Dabo was talking about that will get playing time next year?

Answer: Rendrick Taylor and Tyler Grisham, they are the only two he is for sure will be available

Question: Can Wake hang with Nebraska?

Answer: Absolutely, I believe Wake will beat Nebraska in Lincoln. Nebraska should have hired Grobe instead of Callahan

Question: Do you think our basketball ball team will be able to sign a true center?

Answer: I am not sure they want a true center. They want to run and press all game.

Question: Will NCst get a qb that throws to his own team?

Answer: Davis should be improved under Trestman, but they will still rely on their defense to win games

Question: You think with a 7-4 record we will pull in a top 25 class?

Answer: Depends on the whose the 7 and whose the 4

Question: Are you proud of our baseball team? I am

Answer: More than you will ever know.

Question: Who does USC start at QB next year?

Answer: Blake Mitchell

Question: True or False... Charlie Whitehurts is a 1st round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Answer: False

Question: IMO, most of Charlie's troubles last year had to with poor protection and dropped passes. Do you see that being much better this year?

Answer: The protection will be better, but I am concerned about the receivers

Question: Chances with Clifton Geathers?

Answer: Not good

Question: Best def. line player potentially among the younger players?

Answer: Jacquez McKissic

Question: Will we finally win a Thurs nite game?

Answer: It is going to be extremely difficult. It took 5 turnovers for Clemson to win at home

Question: Even with a real good year, you don't see Charlie working his way into the first round?

Answer: A great year maybe, but he is best case scenario the fourth best QB available for the draft

Question: Any chance Clemson gets one of the First Coast boys to commit?

Answer: Maybe later in the summer

Question: I heard Quentez has been recruiting DeAndre McDaniel for us - where do we stand with him?

Answer: Clemson is a slight leader, and Quentez never stops recruiting for us

Question: Is it safe to say that our linebacker corps is finally getting back to where it should be with Waters, Watkins, Dunham, Billie, Vincent, Miller and Clay?

Answer: It certainly has a chance. I really like Watkins and Billie. Dunham is a work horse. If Vincent moves back to linebacker, he could be starting by the middle of the year. Miller and Clay both have very bright futures.

Question: How much will Georgia slip this year?

Answer: probably third in the east. Tennessee and Florida are better teams, and Georgia better be careful of Boise State. They have some question marks on defense, and Boise State can score on anyone, and they have Daryn Colledge who is one of the best tackles in college football

Question: A poster on Tigernet was saying that USC leads now for Patterson- what gives? 1.) we own them 2.) they stink otherwise? 3.) they are under serious investigation and will likely face probation 4.) a large percentage of their players end up in jail 5.) Columbia is dangerous for players (see item 4) ???

Answer: Patterson has not stated anything to indicate that to me.

Question: Do you see Quentez beating the redshirt this year?

Answer: yes

Question: Opinion of Maryland?

Answer: Slipping a little, but they will be back

Question: Is it Sep 3rd yet?

Answer: Spot the ball

Question: Do you think anyone will surpass Raymond Priester's career rushing total?

Answer: Maybe one day, but it would have to be a great player. Priester ran in an offense that was more geared towards running the football

Question: Were you as hyped up on CLay's film as I was?

Answer: Yes, and so was OU, FSU, Miami, LSU, Georgia...

Question: with the huge raises that hall and tanner have gottewn, are we going to be talking to jack about an extension?

Answer: I would hope so

Question: Will Lambert redshirt?

Answer: Most likely

Question: Will Barry and Merling get in?

Answer: Yes

Question: What one facet of the game will success this year most likely hinge on?

Answer: Who scores the most points, j/k, Clemson's receivers really need to step up, everyone else has

Question: Will clemson add another hoops player this summer for the fall?

Answer: It does not appear likely

Question: Long snapper decided upon yet??? :-)

Answer: LOL

Question: when does NCAA 2006 come out?

Answer: July 8

Question: Chances with Sapp?

Answer: Clemson is the leader

Question: Who are the top RBs and WRs on our board?

Answer: Josh Adams and JoJo Cox

Question: How much depth do we have at placekick holder?

Answer: Cole Chason will be a three year starter at holder, plus Duncan McLaurin is a solid backup

Question: when do you see the long snapper mystery being solved?

Answer: two-a-days

Question: What position do you see Cumbie playing?

Answer: DE

Question: Best qb in the ACC?

Answer: Whitehurst

Question: Chances with Adams and Cox?

Answer: Clemson has the edge with Cox, Adams will be tough to land

Question: We are pretty much dominating recruiting instate, got the westzone going, what's next for CU to reach "80's" status once more?

Answer: Win 10 games

Question: Trey - how are we with D'Vontrey Richardson now?

Answer: He has been MIA due to baseball. I hope he makes it up to the camp, so hopefully we will have some news on him by the end of the week

Question: Do the NC schools lead for Adams?

Answer: at this time yes

Question: Trey - Did you hear anything about Lavelle Parker getting kicked off his football team?

Answer: NO

Question: Does Coach Bowden being, well, Coach Bowden help us with Tebow, with his father being a missionary?

Answer: It does not hurt. There is a story I was made aware of that really hurt one of Tebow's supposed favorites

Question: Is Patterson really favoring USC?

Answer: He is not favoring anyone

Question: What receivers are atop our board?

Answer: Richard Jackson, Terrell Zachary, the First Coast receivers, they will only sign two so there is only areas that are getting priority

Question: When is the release date of the ACC offices screwing clemson out of a bowl game?

Answer: I think Scott's article put my mind at ease about the brawl. Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Question: Would that by the story about Meyer and his lack of vocabulary?

Answer: You are good

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WATCH: Dave Doeren laptop hype video
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