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Question: Thoughts on the baseball team?

Answer: Good afternoon. Sorry about last week but my car decided to head to the junkyard. I think this team has so much potential but next year should be great. Young and talented and fun to watch

Question: Will Groover's shooting affect his staus in the fall? Surprised they didn't retrieve the bullet from his leg.

Answer: I have talked to a few people that say he should be back to 100%

Question: does anyone know where the link to the fake clemson promo video is

Answer: I have not seen it

Question: Just heard on the news that a Clemson football player got shot...who was it?

Answer: Corey Groover. Shot at 10 times. Hit once in the leg and should be 100%

Question: What are our chances with D'vontrey Richardson?

Answer: Good right now. I think FSU and UGA will get more into it but Clemson is the current leader

Question: does anyone know who was shot

Answer: Groover

Question: Bloods or Crips?

Answer: Neither hopefully

Question: What's the latest on the WEZ and EEZ projects?

Answer: WEZ will get back on track and get on this week. EEZ is the new scoreboard and should be up and running soon

Question: Think we'll sign more out of Alabama this year?

Answer: Yeah. Dabo has done a great job of creating a Clemson connection there. Also Hobby has good ties there. Koenning knows the state and the high school coaches well also.

Question: Do you think we might have a special package for Proctor, regardless of Charlie's health? I know Charlie's mobility is underrated, but Proctor really lets us do some things.

Answer: I think Spence would change the package to take advantage of Proctor's feet. I think he would roll out of the pocket more

Question: Teri Hatcher or Eva Longoria?

Answer: I have no idea who Eva is but how could you ever go wrong with Teri

Question: Do you think the Tigernet social was a factor in the Groover incident?

Answer: I would not put anything past you guys

Question: Is Newton the leading suspect in the Groover shooting?

Answer: Him or Moe or Marco or...

Question: mickey...now that JDH has run Barakat off, he needs suggestions of who else to run off. Anyone in mind (Soloman/Huey/etc)

Answer: Call Tony Soprano

Question: Do you think they showed all of the offense and defense changes or systems that are being changed during the spring game or do we have to wait until the fall

Answer: No. They showed very littlein the spring game

Question: What is your opinion of our new coordinators and new coach after spring practice?

Answer: I think they passed all of the tests in the spring. The players liked them and the schemes make sense. Now we will see how the gameplan each week, adjust during games and recruit

Question: Appears we are trying to do more IN NC this year. Any players we are working hard this spring?

Answer: Yeah they have put more coaches in the state. The Athlete from Asheville, the OL from Durham and the running back from Ralaiegh have told us Clemson will be among the leaders

Question: Who were the biggest surprises during the spring?

Answer: Hamlin, Clemens, Lionel Richardson, Proctor, Harris

Question: How do you think our golf team will do in regionals? Why have we fallen? Do we have new talent coming in?

Answer: The talent level is down and the leadership is lacking. Larry has a superstar named May coming in next year plus two or three great in-state players. I am not sure they will have a great regional and NCAA run

Question: Where are we gonna find 2-3 WRs....if FSU offers Rose, he is a Nole

Answer: Finding WRs is not a huge deal. There are about six or seven top notch wide outs in Georgia. Florida has more than that. Finding skill players is not that difficult

Question: Breakout year for Charlie to make him a number #1 draft pick?

Answer: He has the tools. If he has a big year and tests well he can move into the first round

Question: Do we beat TAMU this year?

Answer: Too early to tell. The best thing Clemson has going for it the night game and atmosphere. The Valley should be rocking

Question: We are in a tough division for fb? Who is the favorite and where will we end up?

Answer: FSU is the favorite. Clemson and BC should be considered the next level. Maryland should be improved. NCSU should be very good on defense and WF is tough

Question: Read that theilen Smith was interviewing with Marshall....heard anything further?

Answer: I did not know that until Friday. I have not heard who all is involved

Question: Do you think that Proctor presses Charlie for starting job? Will we see more of him this year if Charlie is not playing well?

Answer: No. I think he proved he could play and will get a look if needed

Question: Know it isn't the season to discuss it, but does Purnell have any ideas about the freed up scholarship? How are we looking with big men coming in soon and who might give us a look?

Answer: I tlaked to Nickleberry the other day and they still are not sure. They could always save the scholarship and go hard in 2006

Question: what is the qualifying situation for the incoming recruits? Do you expect Merling, Barry, Williams, and Grant to make it?

Answer: I checked about two or three weeks ago and everyone was on schedule. I still think the way the system works that one or two maynot make it

Question: If finding skill players isn't that difficult, why are we wooried so much about our receiving core? do you think grisham and taylor avoid redshirts?

Answer: I think both play this year. Clemson got spoiled with the wide outs the last ten years. They were very inexperienced last season

Question: are you worried about the size of BC's OL against our front 4?

Answer: Yeah. They know how to run the football. But One thing you can count on with Koenning is he will put as many men in the box as needed to stop the run

Question: Heard anything about Coleman and him returning to the team?

Answer: I think things are in motiion more now than two weeks ago. When it first happened I thought it was 100% he would be back. Then after a couple of weeks I thought it was 49% he would be back. Now I think they will work it out. Coleman needs Clemson more than Clemson needs Coleman

Question: Do you think we have a better overall team this year than last? Who is the key player?

Answer: Yes. I think this is more of a complete team. There are fewer question marks. There is more depth. The key player is still the quarterback but also the kick returner replacing Miller. The corner replacing Miller, the MLB replacing Hill, etc

Question: How do you see our OL doing this fall?

Answer: I think they will be improved

Question: Do you think Vincent stays at Bandit? What does the depth chart looklike for the position?

Answer: Two factors with Vincent's future. First, if Merling or Littleberry is ready Vincent could move. Second, If Josh Miller and Clay are ready Vincent could stay at Bandit.

Question: I know it is early but where do we satnd with Maxwell, Cumbie, Geathers, and Sapp as of today?

Answer: Great with Maxwell and Cumbie, good with Sapp and pretty good with Geathers. I think Clemson is a solid leader with both Maxwell and Cumbie. They have to beat UGA with Maxwell and ND with Cumbie. Sapp is a UGA and Clemson fuy right now but FSU and others will be there. I think Geathers stays close to home and both in-state schools will be a factor

Question: are you woried about the kisking situaiton? How long has it been since we had an All-ACC punter?

Answer: Gardocki. I think the kicking and coverage will be OK. I would be concerned with who is replacing Miller as a kick returner

Question: How did Charlie look this spring...does he come back to his 2003 form?

Answer: He looked good late in the spring. It took him a while but now the pressure will be of of him in this offense

Question: Mickey, what do you know about the following: D Richardson, J Cumbie, R Sapp, Geathers and Carl Johnson. What are the Tigers' chances?

Answer: Clemson leads very early with Richardson, Cumbie. They are in the top five with Sapp and Geathers. Johnson will give Clemson a good long look but I think Hobby has his work cut out for him

Question: Do Harris,Diomonde, and Kelly play a lot this year? How do you rate them?

Answer: Harris and Kelly will play a big role in this offense. Diamonde may be one more year away

Question: How many would you expect us to sign next year?

Answer: 20-22

Question: I am assuming the players will be studying the playbook this summer. How much interaction can they have with spence?

Answer: they can come by and meet on their own. he cannot supervise any practice

Question: Do you think Hobbs can match what Dabo has done since he has been here?

Answer: No way anyone can match Dabo. Hobby is good but Dabo is a legend

Question: What do you think of Akeem Robinson at tight end?

Answer: I think it is a great idea. It makes so much sense. I am not sure he has the instincts to play defense. I am not sure he will ever have enough mass to play OT. Tight end makes the most sense

Question: So no more SAFA offernce this year, will we still be in a hurry up mode?

Answer: They will change the pace often but they will short huddle a lot

Question: any chance we sign more out of Georgia than SC this year?

Answer: It would not surprise me. The state is down and Georgia is loaded again

Question: How long do you think Dabo will be satisfied being a receiver coach here?

Answer: I think he has goals like anyone else. I think he will be ready for an offensive coordinators role soon

Question: Wonder if Ben Hall wishes he had one more year left under Spence's offense?

Answer: That would be a dream offense for Hall

Question: Who/what/where are the prospects for USC and/or Clemson to host a regional?

Answer: USC has a better chance than Clemson. I think Clemson would have to win the ACC to host

Question: How has Gaddis looked? Have we finally found a spot for him?

Answer: He looked good but Hamlin is a future star. I think Gaddis has a good future as a return guy

Question: Is Cory Groover going to play this season?

Answer: Yes. He is expected to be back full time but it is early

Question: How has Williamson looked at TE? Better than on defense? Will he stay at TE?

Answer: I think he did much better than expected at DE but he is a natural TE

Question: Did you ever scout Roddy Whote when he was coming out of HS. Thoughts on his development?

Answer: He was an acadmemic guy from what I remember

Question: Do you like the new uniforms? Any favorite color?

Answer: I liked them all. I need to see them all and all combinations but I love the purple

Question: Have you heard anything on the Hurley? Rumor I keep reading is that he was arrested

Answer: I have not heard anything

Question: Will we host a regional in baseball?

Answer: I do not see how

Question: On paper, looks like we finally have a pretty solid OL ? Whats your impressions of the starters?

Answer: LT-Richardson LG-Fry or Myrick C-Fry RG-Bennett RT-Dukes

Question: What do you see as our biggest recruiting needs this fall, or is it too early to tell yet?

Answer: DE, safeities, one QB, RB, WRs, TE, three or four OL

Question: Is Richardson gonna fall victim to his 'work ethic' or is he getting straight?

Answer: Like Jim Davis says, "The bench is the great motivator." He will get it going or sit down

Question: What is going on with recruiting now? Mailings or what?

Answer: Caoches are allowed on the road in May for evaluations. Also they are allowed one phone call

Question: Do you think any Leroy Hill types will emerge (in the sense that they don't do a whole lot for a couple of years, then produce very well)

Answer: Hopefully Kelvin Grant

Question: Do we sign any rbs this year, who are our best prospects?

Answer: They really like the RB in Cary, NC.

Question: Does Grant and TJ Williams make it in?

Answer: Right now yeah

Question: What do you mean by evaluations pertaining to recruiting?

Answer: They can go out and see kids at the school and practice

Question: Do we have a solid 2-deep at OL? If not, where do we need to 'plug in'. And will any incoming true frosh get to play OL?

Answer: The interior OL is fine depth-wise. One or two offensiev tackles are needed for more depth. Gotta run to the day job

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