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Question: How bout those Yankees? LMAO

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope everyone is well. That one hurt really bad. For the first time in years I haven't sen the first pitch of the world series

Question: Mickey--When will Clemson get its next commitment?

Answer: I would guess after the season.

Question: Why don't the staff move Hall to WR, he could at least be a slot man and let the other TE block. We need to throw the ball to probably our best receiver.

Answer: He is TE. Maybe they should split him out a little mre often like UVA does with Heath Miller but still have him at tight end

Question: mickey - is spurrier a viable candidate for Florida?

Answer: I think it is a no brainer. Heloves Florida and is a Florida man. It makes to much sense

Question: Mickey, what did you think of our punt coverage this week?

Answer: I thought it was great except for one return. One snap was fairly slow and it got blocked. The coverage was great. I have been on Keith Kelly all year but he has played well in the special teams. Also the punts were very good. Seven straight over 40 yards

Question: Is Lou going to take the Fla job to shorten his commute.

Answer: I think they may go a little younger than Lou.

Question: Is the NC State Defense the best we will have faced this year?

Answer: In some aspects. I still think FSu has the best defense they will face. FSU gave up 10 points in regulation to Miami. NCSU gave up a ton.

Question: any idea how the OL graded out on Saturday?

Answer: I won't find out until Wednesday

Question: does that mean the coots don't get spurrier?

Answer: I think he would not be a major factor at USC

Question: who was the last guy to return to his old job and be successful ? majors and robinson, among others, didn't work out.

Answer: I need to do some research but many on this site thought Danny wolf work out. Billy Martin won some of his returns with the Yankees but he had a bunch of chances

Question: Have you ever found out exactly why Bowden shuffled his staff during the offseason? How have the players adjusted?

Answer: He wanted to strengthen the staff and thought that would take care of complacency. I think the players have had a hard time

Question: Mickey - is more wrong with the offense besides the o-line? specifically a lack of talent at wr and maybe rb?

Answer: Yes. The O-line started the deal, Coleman's injury hurt. They have few playmakers on offensive. Now Charlie has suffered and hasn't played well

Question: Do you think we will sign Walko?

Answer: I do not think so

Question: I haven't seen State play much this year. Is Herring still blitzing like a madman?

Answer: More. He has never blitzed as much as he does now. Live by it and die by it.

Question: mickey - prediction on the NC STate game?

Answer: I think NC State is a tough match up for Clemson. I think there is a chance it could get ugly

Question: Gut feel for this week? An L or a W?

Answer: L

Question: Any word on how the unofficial visits went this past weekend? M. Davis, R. Taylor, etc. Any new news on Byrd?

Answer: No major news so far. I think they had a good crowd there and things went well but no major news

Question: How will we matchup against NCSU?

Answer: I do not like this matchup. I am not sure Clemson can protect Charlie vs State. I am not sure the WR can get open against some good corners. Defensively, NC State is much better than Maryland. Davis is better than Stratham, McClendon and Washington are better than Allen and Maldonado. Washington is better than any Maryland WR. The only advantage MD has is they have a better staff. This is a tough matchup for the Tigers

Question: not meant in a negative sense, but how does an offensive minded head coach end up short on playmakers six years in? is it recruiting failures at both OL and the skill positions

Answer: They missed on some players. One went pro early (Hamilton). One went baseball (Crosby).

Question: What do we need to do Saturday to move the ball?

Answer: Hit some big plays. Hit NCSU in the mouth and be more physical. Screens and draws. Misdirection to slow down the blitz. Hit a big play to Ben Hall.

Question: UNC seemed to match up pretty well with NCST. what's the diference there ?

Answer: NCSU turned it over a few times. Durant is more mobile. UNC's offense is better than Clemson's

Question: remember mickey, state put a lot of eggs in that basket saturday night.

Answer: I agree. I think they have to be down emotionally and the Valley needs to be rockin.

Question: Mickey, should we just not show up on Sat then?

Answer: I would still show up and take my chances

Question: do you really see us being that much better next year?

Answer: Yes. The OL will be better. Whitehurst will have time to get confidence back. Some of the red-shirt guys will help like Aaron Kelly.

Question: How does our "D" match up against their "O"?

Answer: OK. They have weapons though. They have a few playmakers. Richard Washington is a player. McClendon and Bobby Washington are players

Question: Can our OL not hold up to their blitz?

Answer: I think that is a tremendous uphill battle

Question: If NCSU brings the house every down, don't we eat up their man coverage with three step stuff? Afterall, if they don't leave a cushion, Currie just blows by their guy on a fly.

Answer: There corners are talented. Their scheme works a lot of the time because they have talent. They returned nine starters on defense and their secondary has three seniors and a junior

Question: Charlie reminds me a lot of how Vinny Testverde looked after Penn State stole his confidence in the Fiesta Bowl that year. How does Charlie get his confidence back?

Answer: Success. That is a catch 22 though. How does he get it without having it

Question: How do we have an uphill battle? Our field does not have a crown.

Answer: LOL. I think this is a tough matchup

Question: Which team has the edge in special teams?

Answer: I think Clemson. The Tigers have been very good there the entire year

Question: Mickey - I know the facilites are not good, but has our recruiting not been what it should have been regardless? might this have been a reason Stockstill left?

Answer: This staff has recruited well in certain areas and has recruited better the past two seasons. Stockstill left because he wanted to be a coordinator. He left ECU because he hated the situation there and USC threw a boatload of money his way

Question: State's o-line got pretty banged up Sat night. How much does that help us?

Answer: That really helps. I know Morris looked like he was hurt bad.

Question: Teams used to burn the hell out of us when Herring was our D-Cord with the dump pass to RB's and draws...why will that not work Saturday against NCS?

Answer: I think it can. I think Coleman has to be a huge factor out of the backfield

Question: What is NCS injury situation on the OL? Understand they are missing some starters.

Answer: There were banged up before last week and Morris went down inthe second half bs Miami

Question: Do you think the team reads the transcripts of these sessions? Perhaps your white flag will cause some anger and additional focus.

Answer: I doubt this chat has any influence on any game or player

Question: How is ncst so much better than when they lost to Ohio St which has been proven to be a very weak team?

Answer: They shut OSU down but turned the ball over a ton. Go back and look at the stats. Look I am not am NCSU fan. I think Amato is trash but they are better than Clemson this year and I think this is a terrible matchup for the Tigers

Question: the last two years - you mean stockstill's last class and blackwell's first class?

Answer: Yeah plus Blackwell's class this coming February is string right now

Question: If we played USC this weekend, who wins?

Answer: Southern Cal would beat Clemson by three touchdowns. Seriously Clemson and South Carolina look like the same team. Fairly strong defense and anemic offenses.

Question: Let's talk some real football....why can't Newberry win in their conference?

Answer: 0-5 in the conference is not very good

Question: is TB the long term answer are just the placeholder till facilities are in place? how are Maryland's behind the scenes facilties? better than ours? their stadium is a dump

Answer: Yes. Bowden is the answer. Maryland's facilties are about average.

Question: Know that NCS's line and linebackers might be better...whose secondary is better...Clemson's or NCSU's?

Answer: I think both are good. Clemson's secondary played its best game Saturday and NCSU played its worst vs Miami. But the talent level is close

Question: Have you noticed a slight return to the power running game in CFB this year?

Answer: Yeah but some of that comes from personnel.

Question: in some respects might we be better off with a "terrible" season 5-6 or 4-7? might that force TB do take a closer look at what we are doing and some of the assitants? if we go 6-5, want TB just rationalize and "stay the course"

Answer: I think win as many as possible and still look at the weaknesses

Question: Do you think that the comeback victory drive, might spur the Tiger offense on?? or was Maryland's defense worn out?

Answer: I think the protection was changed and it worked. Whitehurst looked more comfortable and the receivers caught the ball

Question: The personal fouls on the OL, is this a concern?

Answer: No. Cedric Johnson's was stupid but Bennett's was a terrible call. I have said it many times, if the ACC wants to be a football power then the officiating has to get better

Question: I talked with a couple of Maryland coaches after the game. They seemed to think the new additions to the league wouldn't have any affect on their recruiting - good or bad. Do you agree?

Answer: No. I think it opens up South Florida more and The north more. Remember newspapers, radio stations and websites are taljing about the schools in these new regions. TV is now in play more there. Kids hear more and see more of the ACC teams

Question: Mickey - will Phil Prince pull the plug on your internet connection again if you criticize the administration?

Answer: If he wants to close his ears to it again then try if he might

Question: I hate to sound negative but with the new expanded ACC we have a tremendous way to go before we will be able to challenge for our division title. What are your thoughts?

Answer: I think so but it can be done

Question: What impact does playing blitz happy Md have for our chances v Blitz happy NCS? Has to help having sen so much of it.

Answer: I think some but NCSU has different personnel and blitzes

Question: grade for Bowden after 6 years? "c" with hope for improvement?

Answer: B-

Question: Any thoughts on why it took us to the last possession to figure out to change the pass protections scheme?

Answer: Great question but it made a difference

Question: Is anything gonna come down on South Carolina and the NCAA investigation?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Mickey, with all the talent coming in next year on the offensive line, one question remains. Will our staff be able to develop a good offensive line?

Answer: It is easier to make a good player great

Question: Mickey, is there anything we can do this year to help our OL. I am afraid for Charlie's life as we prepare to face the two best DL's we will see all year in Miami and NC State

Answer: I think they will get better with experience

Question: Why hasn't McCloud or Jefferson gotten any PT?

Answer: They are not ready. They are not the best players

Question: Why do football coaches never run the same successful play two times in a row, or for that matter three????

Answer: I don't know of many teams that run the same play twice or three times in a row

Question: B-; you must grade on a curve!

Answer: LOL. Five straight bowl seasons

Question: Mickey, do you think that Brad Scott and Mike O'Cain should be fired after this season?

Answer: No

Question: Can we still get bowl eligible? Or does that quest end this weekend?

Answer: I think they still can but this weekend is a must

Question: whats wrong with Stuckey?

Answer: Hamstring until last week and ankle on saturday

Question: Mickey, if you had to fire one Clemson coach right now, who would it be?

Answer: That is the easiest question ever. You know the answer to that question. Gotta run do the day job. I hope everyone has a great week

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