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Question: How bad did losing to Mississippi Suck?

Answer: Anytime you lose to a team that you are better than hurts and anytime you let one slip away it hurts.

Question: Where is up with Byrd's official visits? Does Clemson still have a good shot at him?

Answer: He will go to Southern Cal in October. I still think it is a Georgia-Clemson battle

Question: Of the DL still on the board that have not committed already, who are we most likely to get?

Answer: Hopefully McKissick will fall back in line. The Tigers could not afford to lose him. It is a terrible year for DL in SC. I think Merling could play DE when he gets back.

Question: Bowl outlook for $CU and Clemson?

Answer: USC needs to win two of their last five but the schedule gets tougher. Clemson needs needs to win five of six. I think both can still make it but neither can play like they did this past week.

Question: Mickey - where would you rate the Clemson football staff 1 to 12 against their peers in the new ACC, 1 highest, 12 lowest

Answer: About 6

Question: why dont you get Columbus day off?

Answer: Good question. Just kidding. I love my job and don't need anymore time off. I am not sure Columbus Day is a big day but in our country I think we need to emphasis Veterens Day and Memorial Day more.

Question: next years OL should be better, how about the DL (w/o relying on first year players?)

Answer: I think a more experienced Tate, Groover, Clark, McDuffie will help. Also Jackson and Scott will help.

Question: Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Answer: I think they should enjoy some good red meat

Question: is 6 out of 12 good enough to go where Clemson wants to go?

Answer: I think Maryland has a great staff. NCSU, VT, VA are really good staffs. I think if Clemson wants to get where they want to go they need better facilities, better support from the administration and stability

Question: Do you feel that on offensive play calling, that Clemson out thinks itself alot of times leading to the ineffictiveness on offensive?

Answer: I am not sure. I think players make plays and Clemson's OL need to make more plays. WRs stop dropping balls. From a coaching standpoint my two second guesses wuld be 1-Throw more screens to RB. 2-Stop playing Keith Kelly

Question: Are those skates or rollerblades on some of our defensive linemen.

Answer: Skates

Question: Another week, the same question - when do you start the youth movement? Playing young players over seniors - preping for next year?

Answer: Soon

Question: mickey... any idea what Richardson and Dukes graded out vs. UVA?

Answer: Not yet. I wil find out Tuesday

Question: How many recruits did the Wolfpunks lose this weekend when their chatrooms imploded?

Answer: I did not see that. I did see the end of the game.

Question: Obviously TB is "loyal" to seniors...but after the 1st drive, Coleman disappeared. TB used to say "stay w/ the hot hand". Has that changed?

Answer: I cannot figure out why Keith Kelly plays one play. Coleman, Merriweather and Browning can make a play or two. They can catch the football and are athletic enough to kae people miss

Question: Saw where Watkins is no longer a co-starter. What's that about?

Answer: Waters played better Thursday night. Both will still play

Question: Would we have more wins with CJ Byrd playing for us this year?

Answer: I think maybe one. He may have been able to make a play to beat GT

Question: Do you think the 1-4 start has hurt recruiting for the Tigers?

Answer: Yeah. They had a lot of momentum but that is lost now

Question: Why is "rollerskate" Tate starting?

Answer: The coaches think he is better than I think he is

Question: Is it too early to say that the coaching position changes are a failure?

Answer: I think you can look at several apsects and that is one. The lines played better last season so I think it is fair to ask about the coaching changes

Question: agree on better facilities, better support from the administration and stability. But how do the coaches get better than 6th? staff changes?

Answer: I would make two or three staff changes

Question: When does Brandon Cannon step it up?

Answer: Ask him. He needs to have a sense of urgency

Question: Has our offensive play calling from the bench been figured out? Time to go back to a huddle or true hurry up? Does an offensive lineman in a 3 point stance for 20 seconds hinder run blocking?

Answer: They huddled a bunch Thursday night. I think it does hurt the OL to be down for that long if he has to stay there

Question: Doesn't TB have a responsibility to the entire team to put the best players on the field regardless of class rank?

Answer: The team, the program, the school and its fans

Question: Can we put Coach Bowden on the hot seat again, if it would help us win out?

Answer: He is not on the hotseat and will not be for a few years. I get your statement though. Anything to just win a game

Question: Why change position coaches if "it ain't broke"?

Answer: I agreed at first and saw the logic. It kept anyone from getting complacent. Hindsight says it has not worked though

Question: Will we be kicking ourselves in 2 years for not recruiting bigger, run-stopping LB's

Answer: I don't think so.

Question: How much do we miss Chad Jasmin?

Answer: Tons. Jasmin had character. He played hard for his teammates and could be counted on. He was dependable

Question: do you think TB will make staff changes if that is what is takes to get to next level or is he too stubborn/loyal?

Answer: I think he understands that changes have to be made

Question: Attendance estimate for Utah St?

Answer: It is homecoming so I think 80,000

Question: can you think of one other coach that would run a fake punt from their OWN 20 yard line?

Answer: It turned out to be a great call. When it works people say great call like Saturday. Against Florida last year people were booing

Question: Which Assistants should be feeling the heat if Clemson were to go 3-8?

Answer: Come on. You know I can't do that. I would think it would be obvious

Question: How much support does Clemson get now from admin?

Answer: They talk the talk. But Cecil Huey and his folks still don't get it

Question: you didn't answer my question

Answer: What was it?

Question: Ask Walt if he can give me a refund for his K-State "lock"

Answer: LOL. He has been loyal to KSU and they are playing terrible

Question: how much better will we be next year? one year downswing or two?

Answer: I think one. I think both lines of scrimmage will be better. The schedule will be difficult but not as difficult. I think Clemson reminds me of Arizona State from last year

Question: Why do our coaches refuse to make halftime adjustments? We are getting dominated in the second half.

Answer: I agree. Get Kelly out of there and throw the screen pass

Question: can you thinnk of another coach that would run fake punt from their OWN 20 yard line?

Answer: Maybe Mike Ayers or Bobby Bowden

Question: even if Huey does not get it, what impact does he have on the program?

Answer: A tremendous affect. The administration needs to row in the same direction as athletics. The admissions needs to back off a little. Three Olympic sports coaches are terribly upset about lack of support of athletics

Question: Has Friedgen decided if Steffy will start for MD this week?

Answer: He played more last week. I think he will get more snaps

Question: Should we consider a 2-QB system to shake things up?

Answer: No

Question: If we go 3-8, should any coach be safe? If so, who might that be?

Answer: Swinney, Blackwell, Burns, West should be safe

Question: You say both lines will be better next yr? Who have we recruited/are recruiting that you think will step up next year?

Answer: Akeem Robinson, Barry Richardson. Hutchinson is a player the staff loves so far. Plus one more year experience for everyone

Question: if Bowden knows there are weaknesses on staff, shouldn't changes have already been made? isn't that what he gets paid big $$$$ for - tough decisions?

Answer: I agree

Question: What do we do on offense too much, and what don't we do enough?

Answer: I think they play Kelly too much. I think they do not throw underneath enough. I do not think they throw to the tight end near nough. I do not think they throw the screen to RB enough

Question: What 3 Olympic sports are upset and why?

Answer: I cannot get into it now but am doing some research

Question: Will ACC let us have both Miami & FSU at home next year?

Answer: I think so

Question: Mickey... where did you go?

Answer: I am so sorry. We lost our internet connection here at the station. We are repaving the parking lot and I think they cut the line. Anyway, we will rescedule anothe chat later in the week. Sorry again

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