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Question: Mickey, it sounds like the coaching staff plans to attack the middle with Yusef. If the plan is a power rushing attack, will we see more beef (ie Dustin Fry) on obvious running plays?

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for stopping by. I think Dustin Fry deserves more playing time. He always plays hard. I think both centers need to get their shotgun snaps better plus Charlie needs to get the snaps.

Question: How do you think UVA will play us on kickoff returns?

Answer: I would be shocked if Miller sees any kicks. Al Groh is crazy but not that crazy.

Question: Does Justin Miller's ability onpunt returns compensate for his sometimes questionable fielding skills?

Answer: Good question. The first rule is to catch the ball. Can't run with it until you catch it.

Question: Is it a good sign that Byrd did not commit with UGA following his weekend visit? Do you think he was pressured to commit on the spot?

Answer: I think Byrd is a very bright young man. He has a plan and will execute it. I think he will take his time and take his visits.

Question: Could Billie be starting by the end of the year?

Answer: I think so. He is the much more productive player. It is so important for Clemson to play the tight end action this week. Billie and Sampson will get tested

Question: How much how Bobby Williamson progressed since his position change?

Answer: He has looked good at times and inconsistent at times. He has had three sacks in three games

Question: Will we do anything to minimize our liability on Richardson's pass blocking ability (helping out with a back, etc)?

Answer: Sometimes they have a tight end over with him and sometimes the back is responsible for helping the prtoection. Shorter passing routes and screens would help.

Question: Is it me, or are we throwing less passes underneath than previous seasons?

Answer: Yeah. Good observation. In the first two games it was because Keith Kelly was the back and they wnated his max protection. They really missed Coleman. But I think they need to force the action and catch teams blitzing with the backs in the passing game like when faster tempo teams play slower ones in basketball. You have to force the other team to play your tempo. Clemson should want teams to blitz.

Question: No question, Mickey. Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying Tiger Source.

Answer: Thank you. We will have so much more coverage soon

Question: Do you believe in Black Magic?

Answer: No. I believe in good defense, create turnovers, no penalties, blocking, tackling and scheduling.

Question: Is Groh's sweatshirt tucked or untucked?

Answer: Bowden has averaged 444 yards per game versus Groh.

Question: Is this the worst SEC in trecent memory? appears there are 5 really bad teams this year--bammer msu ole miss ky and vandy..

Answer: Yeah. Kentucky got beat by Ohio. Already this year MSU got beat by Maine. Ole Miss got beat by Wyoming. This is a down year for the SEC

Question: Of the OL still on the board that have not committed already, who are we most likely to get?

Answer: Garrett Reynolds

Question: What are your thoguhts as Hagans?

Answer: I think he is a very good athlete. He has good feet, makes good decisions and UVA gives him a chance to be successful

Question: Do you think Pops' visit to Letterman was a violation?

Answer: How?

Question: Is Duane Coleman 100% this week and will it help our passing game?

Answer: He is 100%. He has to make big plays in the passing game. he is the key to the offense. Coleman's injury hurt this team as much as any injury I can remember.

Question: Will Proctor see any reps this year...no matter how Whitehurst does?

Answer: No

Question: If the Tigers lose Thursday does that pretty much end all bowl hope?

Answer: No. That would give them 4 losses. They would have to win five of their last six

Question: mickey.... canty's replacement - will he be lined up on richardson's side or the RT's side? or do they act like John Kerry (flip flop) their DT's from side to side

Answer: Good question. I am not sure. I will ask their play-by-play guy tomorrow

Question: mickey... what's your Top 5 in college football?

Answer: 1. OU 2. UGA 3. SoCal 4. Auburn 5. Cal

Question: What is the status of Ruffin, James Davis and Mike Davis? Any other current Clemson verbals that may go elsewhere?

Answer: Ruffin is solid. Check out his comments on TigerSource. He was upset that two other sites reported his story the way they did. He says he is solid. James Davis is a longer shot than Mike Davis. James Davis is more TN and VT. He wants to go to a school where they run it a ton. Mike Davis is so quiet.

Question: No reps at all with the 2nd string qb? why not?

Answer: He is not the better player.

Question: If we land one of the Davis kids, will they compete right away for the job against Coleman/Merriweather? Also, any chance we land R. Rich?

Answer: I think Coleman would be tough to beat out next year. Clemson is in it with Rich but had not offered as of a couple of weeks ago

Question: why don't we run those short slant passes over the middle as much as we have in the past?

Answer: Good question. I think Clemson has to throw underneath coverage more in the future. Fans want a verticle passing game but I watched a ton of football this weekend and besides UGA, I did not see a lot of vertical passing. With teams blitzing more I think everyone wants to throw it underneath more

Question: are coots setting themselves up for a fall by early "success"

Answer: Their schedule is tougher in November

Question: mickey.... your prediction for thursday night?

Answer: I think Clemson does not match up well with UVA. Mobile QBs and tight ends kill Clemson. However, the Tigers can win if they start excecuting

Question: How bad did the GT game hurt? Are we over it?

Answer: It killed all of the off-season momentum. Hangover at A&M and more talented FSU defense lead to 1-3. Now three of the next four are versus ranked opponents. Home loss vs GT killed so much

Question: ginger or maryann?

Answer: You can keep them and give me Brooke Burns

Question: What bowl do you predict for the Gamecocks?

Answer: Peach

Question: Clemson's record with USC's schedule? Vice Versa?

Answer: Clemson 4-1. USC 3-1 or 2-2

Question: Will this be the year USC beats UT/Florida?

Answer: Maybe one but not both

Question: Peach vs. who in the ACC?

Answer: Maryland. I don't know my goodness its October 4th

Question: 5 sec teams will get better bowls than coots: LSU, Auburn, Uga, UT, UF. agree?

Answer: Its 10/4. Who knows. Those five teams are better than USC right now

Question: Mickey, Name the teams in this league that have better material than we do.

Answer: Miami, FSU, VA significantly better. Maryland, NCSU, VT equal or better.

Question: what's your pick in the (goose)egg bowl?

Answer: Wyoming over Maine. I can't belive that Ole Miss and MSU can be that bad

Question: Is the OL pretty much set now that Richardson has taken over or will Myric eventually get back to starting? The Bennett/Fry/Myric rotation hasn't been settled for two years now.

Answer: I think Myrick is the best guard on the team. He is so bright and helps this OL.

Question: is Miss St hurting from it's days of relying on JUCOS?

Answer: That and NCAA always being around

Question: would you put Fry at C instead of Sharpe?

Answer: I would rotate Fry in more often

Question: good article on status of our OL development, I agreed with it all. talent level is on upswing

Answer: Thanks. You could see this coming for some time. What I thought was the offense could hide some of this but schedule and Coleman's injury exposed it

Question: Are we going to be saying the same thing about the Oline this time next year (graduation losses)?

Answer: No. Next year they will have 19 scholarship linemen. However, some may not come back

Question: so will USC feel the same after NCAA finishes up with them?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: If Coleman had been in and healthy the early part of the season, how much difference could that have made?

Answer: GT and A&M especially. But, FSU would not have been different

Question: David Greene...Heisman hopes still alive?

Answer: 5 TDS help but I think he is way behind. However, if UGA goes undefeated he has a chance

Question: Any word on Lambert or the others getting in second semester?

Answer: He just took first rounds of SAT/ACT

Question: does CU get Higgins? will he qualify?

Answer: He wants to commit. His academics are improving but needs to make up some ground just yet

Question: If Clemson wins Thursday can they run the table except for Miami?

Answer: There is not a game this team can't win but they have to execute and not turn it over. Yeah this kind of win would help confidence

Question: Would you say our guards and centers are OK but tackles are still low in quality? What's the word on Willis and Tremel?

Answer: Tackles lack experience. I think they are getting better. Richardson played OK vs FSU. Dukes played his best game. Willis and Tremel need at least one more year

Question: some OL may not come back? as in we will tell them they might want to try elsewhere?

Answer: Yeah. There are a couple of OL that need to step up

Question: "However, some may not come back" Some leaving due to transfer?

Answer: Transfer due to lack of playing time inthe future

Question: I heard AGAIN this weekend that Spurrier was coming to Columbia...any truth to that?

Answer: I am not sure. I think it is way too early to start getting into the Spurrier sweepstakes. There are some great jobs out there but which ones could come open.

Question: Lou back for 2005?

Answer: I do not think so but only he knows.

Question: Hampering our recruiting more... inconsistancy or facilities?

Answer: Short-term inconsistency. Long-term facilities

Question: For all the hype on FSU's defense, we should have had 21-24 points at halftime to their 3.

Answer: I agree

Question: If you win the Powerball will the West Endzone be named Plyler's West Endzone

Answer: How much is the Powerball? I can tell you that there would be some golf courses in Ireland and Scotland that would get some calls and some Islands that would have some visitors

Question: UVA favored by 15-17 pts.....seems way high given the recent history of close games....are we that bad?

Answer: Virginia is good but that is too many points

Question: what 3 positions will we need to recruit most?

Answer: OL but commitments have shored that up. I think LB, DB and RB

Question: I don't understand how the staff complains about the size of the DT's, but McDuffie is running third team. Seems to me he'd be out there more.

Answer: I think he needs to play more. He is a force when he is in there

Question: What will it take for TB to be consistent?

Answer: Better players and a staff change or two. Also easier schedule

Question: Say the Tigers finish 6 wins or less... Tommy got the guts to make staff changes?

Answer: I think so

Question: Is the pergola thing played out?

Answer: They haven't given up on Jefferson yet. I think checkers and pergola are here to stay

Question: I though Tye Hill played lights out against FSU. Seems that Miller is the last one that needs to come around in the secondary.

Answer: I agree. Miller has given up big plays for two years now as a CB

Question: biggest surprise this year on O and D?

Answer: O-Turnovers, drops, inconsistency. Players-Richardson. D-Lack of turnovers, tackling. Players-Billie, McDuffie, Clark, Groover

Question: Who does Tommy change?

Answer: I have no idea who he will change but I know who I would

Question: Don't supposed you'd care to drop a sublte him about who on the staff YOU think should change

Answer: Is it not obvious? Come on you people are more intelligent than that

Question: Do you think Lovett will consider Miller to FS after Pugh graduates? If Gaddis comes around, I figure he could try it.

Answer: I said last year that Miller was a safety

Question: Ok...which coach would YOU change?

Answer: Come on. Are you trying to get me in hot water. Everyone in this room knows who I would change also

Question: if you'd make a coaching change, would you take into account their recruiting ability too?

Answer: Absolutely. It is one of the most imprtant jobs of a coach

Question: Hines? Y/N

Answer: Y

Question: Scott Y/N?

Answer: N

Question: What is th current attitude of the team? Positive? Focuses?

Answer: I think positive but I was not around yesterday or today

Question: What is Jack Hines' golf handicap down to these days?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: so if he lets Hines go, does Tommy buy a nice comfortable couch? :)

Answer: Not sure I folw that one

Question: Simon going to UVA game?

Answer: No. They have banned him from the Commonwealth

Question: Does our lack of production at tailback hurt our chances with tailbacks we are recruiting?

Answer: James Davis wants to run the ball 40 times per game. You could not run it enough to suit him

Question: What impact will D. Coleman returning to starter have this week and maybe the rest of the season?

Answer: It only helps. He is the best runner, the best blocker and by far the best reciever of all of the tailbacks

Question: Would you use Justin Miller at tailback a couple of plays to see if he can make something positive happen in the running game?

Answer: Yeah. I think it makes sense. Give him a couple of reps to see if there is a big play in him at TB

Question: does ANY school run a guy 40 times a game?

Answer: That is my point. You can't run it enough for Davis

Question: and for some odd reason james davis wants to go to tenn where he will be so far buried in the depth chart that he wont be able to touch a football for at least 3 more years??

Answer: They have one of the nation's best tailbacks already committed

Question: What's your thoughts on Lovett?

Answer: I think he has done a good job. I would blitzed Sexton less. The screens hurt

Question: Yeah but we can TELL Davis we will give it to him 40 times per game right? Like everyone else will do.

Answer: Show me don't tell me

Question: Not taking up for Hines...but he is not our problem....the whole staff is...we have been utterly our recruiting and play have been totally inconsistent since they got here....

Answer: 5 bowls in 5 years

Question: If C J Byrd doesnt go to UGa, chances he goes to Clemson?

Answer: 75%

Question: Do you think that our coaching staff has the guts to try Miller at tailback or at least some on reverses?

Answer: I think they will look at it

Question: why do the coots run their QBs so much with all those Rbs?

Answer: Adds one more blocker. 11 on 11 not 11 on 10

Question: MP, you have probably been asked already but do you think that the changing we did at the end of last year with the coaches is causing any of our troubles?

Answer: I think that has something to do with it

Question: Mickey, would it help if we sent the coaches the tiger active chat depth charts and playbooks?

Answer: LOL. My record on Playstation would get me fired already

Question: Have you ever seen worse QB play than what Alabama had Saturday night?

Answer: No. Maybe Anthony Martinez at UVA vs USC last year

Question: Will UVA come after us on D or will they lay back and play their normal style?

Answer: If it is not broke then don't fix it

Question: chardonay or zima?

Answer: I would not drink that stuff if you paid me. I am not a Tar Heel or a UVA guy. Give me a Budweiser

Question: 1 decent bowl win...1 bowl we begged to be in..and 2 bowl blowouts...

Answer: UT was just a decent bowl win? I would hate to go through life with such negativity

Question: Mickey, you still for Jenna Bush after the debate?

Answer: Yeah. Her approval rating is 100%

Question: Did we place the little rb from Lakeview that did not qualify?

Answer: Yeah. Tootie Boot Jones

Question: charlie back for senior season? 100%?

Answer: I would say so now

Question: Mickey, i just get the feeling if we can get teams to overtime we should be fine.

Answer: LOL. I would have taken OT vs GT,FSU and A&M if they lets us go back and do it again

Question: How good are the OL commits so far this year?

Answer: Excellent. Grant is the best tackle in SC, Austin is the best OG in SC and Humphries is the best center in SC. Ruffin has big-time offers. Lambert should make it back. Great class so far

Question: Should Watkins and Billie be starting on defense now?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Mick, will the 5 year issue be resolved soon emough for our curent seniors to take advantage for next year?

Answer: I doubt it. It is a great idea but I doubt it would be grandfathered in. Gotta run. Thanks for all of the interest. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week

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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
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