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Question: Will you be at the Clemson IPTAY meeting in Greenville in May?

Answer: I think so.

Question: How many scolarships are available next year in FB?

Answer: 17 seniors on scholarship right now but with attrition I would guess 20-22. I have to go to the day job. I hope everyone has a great week

Question: is Pilgrim completelt recovered from knee injury??does he start or Myrick??

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope all is well. I talked to a couple of offensive linemen Saturday. Myrick is ahead and should stay ahead of Pilgrim. I think Pilgrim is healthy now

Question: has LeTray got his "hear on straight"???heard he was not happy with conditioning program

Answer: His conditioning has been a problem since he arrived

Question: tell us about C/B`s>> Gilliam start??

Answer: I think Gilliam is ahead. But, Clemens and Croley have been improving, I think the staff would feel comfortable with any of the three but Gilliam is still ahead going into this week

Question: Olu? Just a good story or real potential?

Answer: Both. He has to stay healthy and has a ton to learn. he does have a ton of potential but there is only a small chance he could be ready by next year. Since he has only one year I doubt he will see significant time

Question: is Grant playing like he has ability to play? still drops easy catches??

Answer: It is still day to day. Some days he looks like an NFL prospect. Other he can't line up right. Inconsistency personified.

Question: YOu saying Latray is not a "Junction Boy"?

Answer: No. He would not have made it one day in those conditions

Question: Any word on # 3 Duane Coleman returning to team and what exactly was he dismissed for?

Answer: The RBs were doing the drill where he got hurt last year. He refused to do it. When told he had to do it a shouting match ensued. Coleman was told to leave the field. As of last Wednesday or Thursday he had not called any coaches yet. At one time I thought it was a sure thing that he would be back. But now I am not sure

Question: Might as well as y'all, since everyone else has weighed in: what do you think about the new unis? Any word from the players?

Answer: I don't mind them. The players love them. They say they are lighter and they love the design

Question: Will Gaddis start at "Cat"?

Answer: Yes. Koenning does have some options there though. Walker and Hamlin can play free safety or CAT in the future.

Question: who starts on D/L?? second group??

Answer: DE-Bennett NG-Groover DT-Tate Bandit-Adams Second team still battles going on behind both Bennet and Adams but there is little depth there. Williams, Cannon and maybe Jackson at DE. Vincent has had some good days at Bandit. Depth at DT is better. Clark, Scott, McDuffie and McKissic

Question: is staff happy with Dules and Richardson?? anyone pushing them?

Answer: Dukes has been OK but Rochardson has been lazy. His off-season workout needs to improve. He is typical of some lowcountry athletes in that is no sense of urgency. He is just so laid back and his motor needs a jump start

Question: Personally I think Coach Scott would be nuts not to leave Roman at LG

Answer: Roman could play there. I think Myrick will be OK

Question: Howdy Mick, think we're gonna end up weak at WR?

Answer: It depends. Harris, Stuckey and Baham will be fine. Grant needs consistency. Kelly and Jefferson just need time. The freshman will have to play

Question: biggest disappointment thus far in spring ball?

Answer: Barry Richardson's condition and strength. Duane Coleman's suspension

Question: with Spence going to horizontal passing game does this help or hurt Grant?

Answer: I am not sure. Grant can do a lot when focused. It will prbably take a little pressure off of him

Question: Considering how the ball stopped at the lip of the cup with the Nike logo exposed, should Tiger's agents call Nike and demand a couple extra million for the exposure?

Answer: I don't think Nike would mind but do you think they have any money?

Question: When will Brawlgate finally be exposed?

Answer: Whenever someone speaks. I need the lid to come off.

Question: with us going to one-back more, does Jackson need to be on DEF??

Answer: I think they have room for him in the offense at FB. I thinkhe is a talented blocker and could be a good receiver coming out of the backfield

Question: that collar on new unis looks like @#$%@#$@#!! other than that OK

Answer: I agree but all things considered they are not as drastic as I thought

Question: Brawl story gonna happen or is no one else talking?

Answer: No one talking right now. I need to call Tony Soprano and get some people singing

Question: What exactly was the drill Coleman refused to do?

Answer: The one he broke his foot on last year

Question: What's up with the kickers? Just early season inconsistency?

Answer: Yeah. They have good days and bad days. There seems to be no consistency

Question: Do you think the fact that Reese and Harper are getting so little work this spring almost assures the fact that Proctor is #1 in '06, barring unforseen circumstances (such as a Tebow commit)?

Answer: Right now I would say he will be number-one going into next spring but both Reese and Harper should be more evolved by then

Question: we seem to have good depth @ O/G, not so @ O/T> comment please

Answer: I agree. Tackles are harder to find. The three coming in this fall will really help

Question: T.J. Wiliams qualify?? if not does he go prep or JUCO??

Answer: He says he will make it. He is taking some night class that will really help

Question: Who have been the best surprises over the Spring?

Answer: Proctor, Harris, Lionel Richardson, Watkins

Question: know anything about some plays w/ 3 tight ends?

Answer: Yeah they have run a bunch of three tight ends and use motion with it.

Question: describe the drill

Answer: I am not sure. I think it is a non-contact drill. I think it is a simple drill where the backs just cut

Question: I'll try again, lol, what did the drill consist of that Coleman refused to do?...stepping through tires, ropes, jumping a ditch?

Answer: I am not sure but I think it is a simple cutting drill

Question: Hey MP, was Deptula drinking when he said we'd win the ACC in hoops in 2007? I know we'll be competitive, but to predict a win is a little early

Answer: I like a man who goes out on a limb. Walt studied who is coming back for the programs in the conference and loves Oliver Purnell

Question: Do we have the firepower and brain power (Spence) on offense to move the ball vs. the FSU's of the world?

Answer: Not many teams do. Their defense is impressive.

Question: list incoming O/T in order please; include Lambert

Answer: Ruffin, Lambert, Grant

Question: Has gaddis finally accepted his move to defense?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is Fudge an upgrade or downgrade from

Answer: Upgrade. he is the heart and soul of this defense. Fudge is a tremendous talent. He is a great tackler. Some play the run well. Some play the pass well. Few play both as well as Fudge

Question: Are you from low country and the reason you are taking so long to take lid off brawl? Really is there much to the thing at all ?

Answer: LOL. I received a stunning story back in December of what went down but was told no one that really knew could talk about it. I think it is going to be difficult to get someone on the record

Question: Will the TEs be involved in this offense much more than last year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where do you think Miller goes in the draft? What other players do you see getting drafted?

Answer: Early second round. I have not checked the draft status of Currie, Hill, Hall, Coleman or Pugh. But I will check this week

Question: what is your 4/11/05 prediction for the top 3 in the big 12, acc, and sec?

Answer: Man. It is too early to tell because so many players will get arrested or suspended by August. Big 12- Oklahoma, Texas, A&M. SEC-Florida, Tennessee, LSU ACC-Miami, FSU, VT

Question: Is Fudge an upgrade or downgrade from Pugh? He seems to be getting a turnover every practice.

Answer: Fudge is a great one

Question: if he was hurt last year in that drill maybe coaches should give him a little "slack"???

Answer: Nah. I think he will be back though

Question: I did not like your answer about us moving the ball against FSU, please try again!!

Answer: You want me to lie to you? FSU's linebackers are awesome

Question: good to hera about Fudge; tell us about his leadership abilities!!

Answer: He is the leader of the defense and one of the team leaders

Question: I've heard Spence is a little "cerebral". How has offense taken to his schemes and coaching style?

Answer: They are complicated but the players like his scheme

Question: Do we have a shot at Tim Tebow? Any jrs going to be at Spring game?

Answer: Tebow will go to FL,AL or MCH. The staff is expecting a ton of juniors Saturday

Question: You may have answered this but what new WR has been most impressive?

Answer: Both Kelly and Diamonde has shown signs

Question: how good id Fudge speed?? as fast as Pugh??

Answer: Maybe not quite a s fast but great instincts

Question: how would you rank the lbs including the incoming freshman? Waters, Watkins, Billie then ...?

Answer: Then Richardson, Dunham, Kindred, Maurice Nelson, Josh Miller, Clay, Conner, Roosevelt Nelson

Question: i would really like to hear more about this drill. lol

Answer: Well you see it starts when....

Question: that answer no better than the first one!!!LOL

Answer: OK, Clemson 63 FSU 17

Question: Will Charlie be able to call audubles in Spence's offense?

Answer: I think some

Question: Who seems to be our top linebacker at this point???

Answer: I still say Waters. Watkins and Billie have had a great spring but I still trust Waters

Question: May have already been asked, but will R. Taylor play as true frosh or red shirt?

Answer: I think he will play if he can pick the scheme up

Question: How has Charlie adapted to the new system thus far?

Answer: I think he has done well. He had a great day Saturday

Question: Talk about La'Donte Harris. What kind of reciever is he, who do you compare him to that we've had in previous years, and is our offense in trouble if a guy like him can start, or can he contribute?

Answer: He is a little thicker than Ricardo Hooper. He is a tough kid who catches the ball well. Good blocker, good assignment guy. There has been a drop off in WR in the last two years

Question: Has Proctor moved ahead due to maturity or has his execution been better than others? Especially throwing?

Answer: Both. He understands the offense but he is faster than the other two. Proctor is a good athlete

Question: with that L/B order U think Miller and Clay R/S??

Answer: I think they play because of special teams and depth

Question: Who do yo think will lead the team in sacks - Bennett, Adams, or a lb?

Answer: Adams

Question: does spence use as much shotgun as we've gotten used to?

Answer: No. they will still use it but they have been under center more

Question: Got to get back to work... don't forget to post this on TigerSource please

Answer: You got it. Tell your boss it is too nice outside to work

Question: Does Clemson still lead for Maxwell?

Answer: yes. Clemson will sign Maxwell

Question: What's your take on the "improved" running game, the stats from the two scrimmages looked very similar to last year's statistics, is there a need for concern here?

Answer: Pay no attention to stats. The coaches can make the stats turn out any thing they want. Remeber the srimmages are scripted

Question: Hey Mick, what are the chances we have a outstanding year?

Answer: The schedule is so tough but I think this team can still find a way to win eight games if they are tough and have some moxy

Question: Where does TJ Williams stand? Anyone other signees close to not making it in?

Answer: I think TJ will make it. Right now all seem to have a good chance but one or two will inevitably fall short

Question: Does OP have any scholarships left to give?

Answer: I think he may be done now. They missed out on a couple of big men (Kentucky and SoCal)

Question: Are you surprised that Harris has been the best receiver of the spring?

Answer: A little. I thought Stuckey would have been the guy

Question: mickey, when are we going to get a commit for 06?

Answer: Probably after their summer camp

Question: How many recruits will we sign this year? What positions are the strongest needs?

Answer: Around 20. They will wnt to sign a great QB, a couple of RBs, about three WR, a couple of TE, about three OL, several DEs and bandits and some bigger safeties

Question: What are our chances with Tebow

Answer: Slim

Question: If you had to estimate the chances of Olu sticking with the team thru next year, what would you say the chances are?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: no L/B`s this year?? are we that well stocked now??

Answer: Yeah they will sign a couple

Question: Is the Zach Green move from TE to OT a surprise to you at all?

Answer: A little. I thought that was still a year away

Question: What are our chances of landing the OL from Durham NC who's dad played at Clemson

Answer: Decent. He has been to Clemson several times and Hobby will do a great job

Question: Are we in there with Prince Miller?

Answer: Yeah but they have not offered. Some schools are concerned about his heigth

Question: Which of the Anderson recruits are favoring Clemson?

Answer: Anderson would give a Clemson a long look if they would offer. Amer says he has been offered but he hasn't

Question: But Tebow has us listed as one of his favorites

Answer: I think he ends up at FL, AL or MCH

Question: Will we offer Ben Alexander?

Answer: I think so

Question: Are any of the Rock Hill guys favoring Clemson?

Answer: Not really. Clemson has not offered any right now. They may offer one or two. Gotta run to the day job. I hope everyone has a great week. BTW-Scott Rhymer and I will broadcast the spring game Saturday so take your radios and hear my play-by-play debut.

Question: Since you have been in the biz, which player has provided the biggest Clemson recruiting surprise (good or bad)??

Answer: Fudge

Question: Top 5 recuits in South Carolina are ...

Answer: Geathers, Sapp, Maxwell, Miller, Gaither, Wilkerson

Question: Does Olu count against the 85 scholarship limit?

Answer: No

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