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Question: what is new for tiger source this year?

Answer: We will begin our practice coverage this Friday. We will finish up the schedule previews and 10 questions this week. We have practice reports all year long. We will have in depth position by position breakdowns for each game. We will do a free 7-day preview the week of Texas A&M. Of course, we will continue our coverage of the 2006 recruiting class throughout the season.

Question: Is it true that there has been almost complete participation in the voluntary workouts this summer? If so, what does that say about the dedication and leadership of this group of kids?

Answer: The team has been stellar in voluntary workouts. The dedication is a direct reflection of the outstanding senior leadership of this year's team.

Question: credzon Butler from Ashville . . . what position does he project to play? Also, does Clemson get him?

Answer: Cornerback and yes

Question: Will we hear from Butler later this afternoon?

Answer: according to the high school, it will be Thursday at 2 pm

Question: What happened with Schaeffer?? Got any details?

Answer: Will Korn was a factor. The staff did not want to do anything that could potentially scare him away. I do not believe Schaeffer would have affected Korn. Schaeffer had more baggage than is or will be discussed. It was in Clemson's best interest to back off. Will Proctor is capable of winning games this year and next year as the starter.

Question: Why didn't we offer Price Miller??

Answer: They already landed Byron Maxwell, and Crezdon Butler will pick Clemson on Thursday IMO. They will be done at corner after that. Maxwell and Butler are better players than Miller

Question: Is this Mickey or Trey?

Answer: Trey

Question: If it's Mickey - congratulations on your marriage!!!!!!!!

Answer: He will be back in town tonight, and I will pass along your sentiments

Question: Mickster, how goes it? What are your thoughts on long term effects of the Spurrier schollie yanking on in state recruiting? Was it a mountain out of a mole hill or what? I'm a gamecock fan, I don't agree with the timing of his decision and don't think he'll handle it the same way in thefuture, just wanted your take on the effect on recruiting if any?

Answer: It will affect recruiting, but I think only in the short term. The letter he sent out to the coaches was a smart move. I think it is a big deal, strictly because of timing. If this decision was made following spring practice and it would not have been such a big deal. The biggest thing is Spurrier must win games.

Question: How do you think Korn will stack up against the best after his senior year. Care to hazard a guess??

Answer: I think he will be among the top 40 players in the nation regardless of position. When I first saw film, I was really impressed how well he moved around. He will be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the nation by my estimation

Question: Belated Congtratulations ( I assume this is Mickey)..About Time...lol

Answer: sorry Trey, but I will let him know

Question: when was the last time Clemson has an early recruiting season like this?

Answer: A numbers standpoint last year, from a player ratings standpoint this may be the best ever, but you have to remember, players have not always committed this early. At Clemson, the early commitments have really picked just the last two years.

Question: Is this not shaping up to be one of the best recruiting classes in Tommy Bowden's stint in Clemson? Any already verballed who may be obvious to consider jumping ship?

Answer: This is shaping up to be another solid class. The season could determine whether or not it will be the best. The current verbals are firm, with the exception of JoJo Cox

Question: Trey...other than Butler, can we expect anyone else to commit in Aug.?

Answer: maybe Jocques Crawford, early September Garret Anderson will make his decision

Question: How much of an impact will J. Davis have on the running game this year? How much will he contribute?

Answer: It all depends on how well he picks up his blocking assignments. If he struggles blocking, his contribution will be limited. I think he stands a good chance to be a big factor by the middle of the season

Question: Might this be USC's worst showing in-state in many, many years??

Answer: It may be a rough year for South Carolina in-state, but the numbers are down in-state this year. Clemson has only offered 10 players this year, five of whom are already committed.

Question: How do you see Akeem Robinson transitioning to tight end? Does he have the hands to catch a few passes, or is he mainly there just for his girth in blocking situations?

Answer: He will be used primarily as a blocker this year, but his hands are improving. In the end, Coach Scott and Akeem will tell you he will be back at tackle

Question: How much impact is the WEZ construction having on recruiting?

Answer: It has made a difference. There has not been one player that is committed or interested to Clemson that has not mentioned it in their interviews. To me, that says it is a pretty big deal that was long overdue

Question: Have you noticed the aire of confidence that has been portrayed in the media by not only coaches but many of the players as well. Is it show, or do they know something we don't??

Answer: First of all, they know a lot of things we all don't know. Personally, I like the confidence. Coach Bowden was exactly right when he said the expectations should not be lowered. They have recruited well and plus they are quickly putting the "Death" back in Death Valley.

Question: What's the early word on Rendrick Taylor? He catching the ball well?

Answer: Early word, says he struggled catching the ball in the summer. He will work very hard this August with Coach Swinney. I am FULL BELIEVER in Coach Swinney. Everyone has said, if his hands become better to watch out, because he will be very difficult to stop.

Question: Trey...how many total do we take this year? And of the ones still on the board howmany do we take regardless of the numbers?

Answer: Around 22 or 23, not sure of the number they would take regardless, but here is a few off hand: Morrice Richardson, Tim Tebow, Clifton Geathers, Jocques Crawford, Adam Patterson, Deantwan Whitehead, Lee Tilley, DeAndre McDaniel, Reshad Jones, Kenrick Ellis

Question: If Akeem Robinson is moved to tackle, looking ahead to 2006, how would you see him fitting into the 2-deep?

Answer: I would see him right there in the mix at right tackle, because I really believe Marion Dukes will be a guard in 2006

Question: Who do you think takes the 3rd WR spot - Harris or Rose?

Answer: Harris is higher on the board. It is not out the question they take both, but unlikely because TJ Williams will be a part of this class.

Question: A little off topic . . . Do you think Rod Gardner will flourish with the Panthers?

Answer: Yes, Rod has the talent and will become a solid deep threat for the Panthers. I expect he will revived by being back in the Carolinas

Question: Will Korn can't be over 6'0, can he? Do you know how tall he really is?

Answer: I can't say for sure, but I trust Bobby Bentley. He is probably a little over 6'2

Question: Do you have any insite of how the WRs have looked this year?

Answer: Stuckey has been a leader. Everyone is excited to see him stay healthy for a season. Curtis Baham, Kelvin Grant, and Aaron Kelly looked solid, but they will benefit from having the coaches around. Tyler Grisham was the story late in the summer. Grisham stands a good chance to make a big contribution. I expect La'Donte Harris to continue after a strong spring showing, and Diomande is a year away

Question: How do you see the top 5 WRs on the depth chart shaping up after fall practice for the Tigers?

Answer: 1) Stuckey 2) Grant 3) Baham 4) Harris 5) Kelly 6) Grisham

Question: Trey have you heard that great song "When the cocks come struting in"? Or something like that.

Answer: No please T-Mail me a link if you have one

Question: Which Safeties do you think Clemson has the best shot at landing this year?

Answer: DeAndre McDaniel

Question: I say we either start out 5-0 or 1-4 what do you think?

Answer: Do you see the glass half-full or half empty? j/k. 5-0 would be remarkable and 1-4 would be disaster, I think Clemson stands a good chance to start 4-1 or 3-2

Question: You think the coaches are chompin' at the bit to get going or what?

Answer: They are very excited. This is the most excited I have seen Bowden at this time of the year, and I expect that has had a trickle down effect

Question: When is first day for pads?

Answer: Wednesday I believe

Question: Who is the man on offense this year? Can you break it down by position??

Answer: Stucky and Merriweather will be the men on offense. QB-Whitehurst RB-Merriweather TE-Williamson WR-Stuckey OL-Richardson, R. Fry, D. Fry, Bennett, Dukes

Question: Where do we stand with Gaither - who's his leader?

Answer: Clemson and Tennessee are the front runners IMO, although he has not publicly stated any leaders

Question: Take a guess at first 5...which ones we win, which we lose, tossups? A&M, MD, Miami, BC, Wake

Answer: A&M-T, MD-W, Miami-L, BC-W, Wake-T

Question: Have you ever watched MBRO's quality work? He is tops in CU film production

Answer: No, but I do read the reviews on Tiger Board

Question: Have you heard anything about the recent stalkings of our baseball players?

Answer: I hope you are kidding

Question: Is it important for you to put the plug in your boat before you put it in the water?

Answer: That is a good suggestion, I had a friend who forgot and the result was not very good.

Question: Have you heard of the amazing artwork done for MBRO's work? DaVinci-like, one might say!

Answer: I know MBRO does a great job with anything, and is valued member of the Tigernet family. Thanks to everyone for stopping by be sure to checkout Tiger Source this week!

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WATCH: Dabo Swinney makes sub sandwiches at Subway
WATCH: Dabo Swinney makes sub sandwiches at Subway
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Clemson uniforms for NC State game
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