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Question: What are some of the bigger questions you have relative to the Tiger Football team heading into fall practice?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope all is well. Wide receivers but they looked good Saturday. Kicking looked bad. Schedule is biggest concern though.

Question: About the Spring game, how did well did Sergio Gilliam play? Have not heard much about him. Also, what do you know about the progress of Akeem Robinson at TE?

Answer: Sergio is a kid that is solid. He is solid is assignments. In a zone system he will not hurt you. However he must get more physical and tackle better. I think Robinson is a natural at TE. They played three tight ends/H backs a lot on Saturday.

Question: If the Gamecocks opened with Tennessee, would they be happy enforcing their suspensions in the first game??? Your opinion?

Answer: LOL. They could play eight on eight.

Question: What's up with Kelvin Grant, The State says he is still in the doghouse.

Answer: Kelvin was doing great academically then after spring break he fell apart again. Stopped going to class and study hall. Typical Grant, as soon as you think he has it he drops the ball again.

Question: How do you see the starting 11 on defense panning out for the 1st game of the year, including any true frosh?

Answer: Good. A lot of speed. I think the defense will be fine.

Question: How much should we read into Proctor's stats from Saturday?

Answer: I think you can read a lot of it. The main thing is this offense takes pressure off of the quarterback. Proctor is a good athlete and this offense requires some mobility

Question: How would you rate Gaddis compared to Hamlin at this point?

Answer: I thought Hamlin looked great. He is a future star. Gaddis is a terrific player but if I were him I would not miss any workouts this summer. Hamlin is lurking

Question: The biggest thing I noticed about Saturdays game, is how much more athletic and fast we are from top to bottom from years past. Can you comment on that?

Answer: Speed was there. They looked quick. Also the offensive skill looked sharp. QBs threw the ball on time. WRs caught the football. I thought the defense tackled pretty well

Question: Mickey, the argument today among gamecock and tiger fnas is the proper time for suspended players to serve their penalty...With the current suspensions, when should those players sit out a game? The very next game which happens to be a cupcake for USC or against a conference opponent, like, say UGA?

Answer: Pay me $1.2 million a year and I would gladly make those decisions. Other than that just let the coaches decide on discipline.

Question: What's the latest on Noah Whitesides?

Answer: He had surgery and should be back in time for the fall.

Question: With Spring Practice over, what spots do you see true freshmen legitimately having a chance to step in and compete immediately?

Answer: A couple of WRs, a TE, an OT, a TB, a couple of LBs, many one or two DBs.

Question: Who were some of the unofficial big time recruits this weekend at the game and did they enjoy the experience?

Answer: I have not talked to any yet. I know Sapp was there. I saw him. Man he is a good looking athlete

Question: Did Grant's success have anythng to do with the fact that he was running routes against the #2 defense.

Answer: Maybe. But he did catch the football. Last year against Miami and Duke he was wide open and still dropped it

Question: Just how scary (bad) is the depth at offensive tackle?

Answer: Not bad in the interior OL. I would like to see the athletic tackles come in and play next year

Question: How great is it to get through Spring with no major injuries??

Answer: Wonderful. Every year you see it happen to some schools. This year GT lost their starting DT

Question: I thought out WR's looked very good Saturday but on the sidelines Rendrick Taylor looked like a beast Saturday...does he start at WR before the end of the year.

Answer: I am not sure if he starts but I do think he will play

Question: Do you think Ruffin has a chance to play this fall? Read on another site where Lambert is very skinny now- any idea of how hard he is training?

Answer: Ruffin is the best of the tackles. Lambert has never been a monster specimen but he will need to change his body

Question: Where does Gabriel play? Can you have too many athletic, 6'5" 250 lb players?

Answer: I am not sure if he is athletic enough to play bandit. I think he will end up at DE

Question: Are we too light at DT to stop the TAMU running game?

Answer: No

Question: How about Charlie's performance Saturday?

Answer: I thought he played well. He looked crisp and sharp. He threw the ball on time and was pretty accurate

Question: Which incoming OT beats a redshirt in your opinion? Quentez Ruffin looks more ready...but Corey Lambert looks like the more natural left tackle, and that's where the need is.

Answer: Ruffin

Question: I think if Grant can stay out of TB's doghouse he is poised to have a solid year. What are your thoughts?

Answer: This is the same story every year. Until Grant does it you cannot count on him. Do not get excited about Grant because as soon as you do he lets you down. If he contributes anything it will be icing on the cake but IU can't count on Grant

Question: Why did Jad struggle so much this spring? Is there an injury we don't know about or is it just mental?

Answer: Mental. He has never been an accurate kicker. The poor boy got blasted on the internet all spring for the uniform deal. The three he missed on Saturday were from 54, 47 and 45 into a good wind.

Question: What are your thoughts on VK's 3/4 after Spring Practice?

Answer: I did not see any 3-4. I saw the bandit have his hand on the ground a ton

Question: Can the D contain McNeal from A&M? Those kind of QBs can give us fits.

Answer: McNeal light up a lot of defenses last year. That will be the key to shutting them down

Question: Enjoyed your play by play Saturday, do you think Duane Coleman will make it back?

Answer: Thanks. I thought he would be back then I thought no way. Now I think they may work something out.

Question: Can Richardson get any lazier?

Answer: No. His motor gores one speed right now

Question: SO you were not impressed with Grant's big pose after that catch?

Answer: I wish he could pose more in the classroom

Question: Gaines Adams . . . will he be able to put as much pressure on the top QBs on ous schedule as he put on Charlie Saturday?

Answer: Yes. I thought he put some pressure on Saturday.

Question: How high would you personally rate WR Alex Rose out of First Coast?

Answer: I saw a highlight film on him. I can see why so many schools have offered. he does a bunch of things well.

Question: I realize that CW is our man at QB, but do you think Bowden will use Proctor's performance to further motivate CW?

Answer: I think so. The system actually fits Proctor's feet better.

Question: When will we see your story on the Brawl??

Answer: Whenever some one sings

Question: Is there a weak link in the football coaching staff now?

Answer: One

Question: did you talk to any recruits at the spring game?

Answer: No. I was busy with the play by play

Question: How does Richardson go from Freshman star to "lazy-boy" over one off season?

Answer: He was lazy last year. But shows so much potential

Question: Are you prepared to break your story on the brawl in the Clemson-USC game last year?

Answer: Not yet.

Question: Did we make any big strides with any recruits Saturday? Have you heard anything about how Ricky Sapp's visit went?

Answer: I have not talked to anyone yet but it will be addressed this week. I think the recruiting is going very well right now going into Saturday

Question: Do you worry about Clark and Tate being "too light in the pockets" or will McDuffie and/or Groover make it to #1 before A&M

Answer: No they are fine. The staff will play the best players and the guys they think will give them the best chance to be successful

Question: MP - have you talked to any chickens who got the boot for the "singing" that you seek?

Answer: No

Question: Will Spence and Koenning recruit off campus? Their area if Yes?

Answer: Yes. I know Koenning will have a lot of Georgia and some of Alabama. I am not sure where Spence will be but I think he will probably have some of the northern area Lovett had.

Question: mickey... your 2 biggest areas concern on offense and defense... mine are #1 - finding one more CB; #2 - finding a run stopper up front; offense - #1 - offensive tackle, #2 catching the ball out of the backfield

Answer: Defense-1. Depth at LB, DB, DE Offense-1. WRs 2. Depth at OT

Question: On the subject of tackles...IS Quentez Ruffin athletic enough to push Richardson at left tackle?

Answer: I doubt it.

Question: Has Clint LeTray solidified his backup center spot?

Answer: No. I think if something happened to Dustin they would move someone there like Roman. Also Humphries or Austin could play there

Question: Hobby or Smith a better recruiter?

Answer: Hobby is so much better. He is a terrific recruiter

Question: In keeping with the idea of getting the best 11 on the field, do we have to figure out some type of way to get Hamlin and Gaddis out there at the same time?

Answer: I would add Walker to that.

Question: What was Brian Dawkins doing in town Saturday? How important is it to have guys like that come back and be around the program?

Answer: It is a good sign that guys like the program and enjoy coming back. It sends good signals to prospects

Question: What kicker/punters are we probably looking to sign next year?

Answer: I know the kid at Riverside is a top notch kicker and punter. He has been over to talk to the staff

Question: Why does everyone on Tigernet think they are experts?

Answer: We are all experts. I went to my doctor the other day and told him what was wrong with me

Question: Speaking of Akeem Robinson, can he catch? Also, will Olu be back in August?

Answer: Robinson is not a natural receiver of the ball but in this offense he will be used as a blocker. I am not sure about Olu

Question: How comfortable do you think Whitehurst is with the new offense?

Answer: I think he made major strides throughout the spring. At first it was rough but he really improved

Question: Did you ask your doctore is Cialis was right for you?

Answer: Maybe in about 50 more years

Question: Does Whiteside need to redshirt to be on the safe side?

Answer: No. They need him now

Question: How much of an improvement is this year's O-line from last years? They didn't impress me much on Saturday, especially run blocking.

Answer: I thought they did OK. The offense was limited in what they could do because of how vanilla they were

Question: Who will be the starting WR's? Baham was not very active in the Spring game. A. Kelly looks like he could be a starter.

Answer: Stuckey and Harris maybe. I feel much better about the depth after watching the spring game

Question: What's your guestimation of the Chickens' record for this year?

Answer: 5-6

Question: What are your thoughts on the WRs, are we up or down compared to last year?

Answer: Up. Harris is improved. Stuckey is healthy. Kelly adds a lot. Diamonde will be solid.

Question: Don't you think one frosh RB will play immediately as well?

Answer: Yes. Davis will play

Question: What big recruits did you see at the Spring Game?

Answer: Sapp is the biggest one. There was some guys there I did not recognize but I was busy with the radio stuff

Question: Do you see Browning getting much time at rb?

Answer: Yes. I think you can count on Kyle Browning. I think he is a football player

Question: How hard is the staff working with Kelly in the weight room? Looks like he has gotten bigger though

Answer: He still needs another year or two. But he has worked hard

Question: Will Olu be a factor?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Does the USC spring game get shown on ESPN if Spurrier is not in town? How big a recruiting aid is something like that?

Answer: No. It can't hurt

Question: Any more info on our incoming recruits with regards to qualifying okay?

Answer: I have not heard. But we will start to check in late May or early June

Question: The QB's looked really good on Saturday, was that just Spence's unbelievable ability to coach or the defense's mess up?

Answer: Spence's system gives the QB a good chance to be successful

Question: Who'll be the first commit of the 2006 class for the Tigers?

Answer: If i had to guess I would say Maxwell or Cumbie.

Question: If, as you predict< Spurrier goes 5-6 next year, how much will his stock with the fans plummet?

Answer: Not too much. We are talking about South Carolina where hope springs eternal.

Question: One concern mentioned was depth at CB. I know we have at least two incoming talented freshman at that position. Will C. Chancellor and Ray Ray redshirt for sure?

Answer: I think one will play. I think Ray Ray is ready. Also do not foget about Haydrian Lewis. he is a tough kid.

Question: I thought Maxwell was talking up the Dawgs now.

Answer: He may but Burton has done a great job. It is too early to count anything yet in recruiting

Question: Why are you so sure Davis will outshine Chancellor at runningback?

Answer: He is a better player. Davis is the best RB Clemson has signed in years

Question: Do you still think Maxwell will be our first instate commit?

Answer: Maybe

Question: Do you believe Kelvin Grant will be on the Clemson roster when fall practice opens up?

Answer: How can anyone know what is next for Grant

Question: Did you see the writeup in The State where coot fans and players were bragging about an incomplete pass play?

Answer: No

Question: Think we get Cumbie?

Answer: I think Clemson has a slight leader over ND

Question: Will Mike Davis run the ball on the first play against Texas A&M??

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Is K. Grant's eligibility something we should worry about right now?

Answer: No but how could you ever count on him?

Question: do we take any olinemen this year unless they are top notch guys like johson and geathers?

Answer: I think they would like to sign 3-4 OL

Question: What do you think the Tigers' record will be this year? I'm really hoping for 8 wins, I think we can do it.

Answer: I think they can win 8 but the schedule is difficult

Question: will currie get drafted?

Answer: I think so.

Question: What about all the idiots that were dissapointed in "the format" of the scrimmage???

Answer: I have not heard that. It is one of 15 practices so you have to get as much out of it as you can

Question: How much does Cole Downer contribute next year?

Answer: A lot. The staff is very proud of his work ethic

Question: What do you think about Mc Kissic and Jackson?

Answer: Both have very bright futures. Both are athletic and have good bodies

Question: Where will Eric Coleman get drafted now?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: I saw Rendrick at the game, he looks physically ready, could he become a starter by season's end?

Answer: I doubt it but he will play

Question: We seem alittle smallish at LB, do you see that as a problem against A&M?

Answer: No

Question: Does it look like we'll have better in-state talent this year compared to last?

Answer: No. There is no depth right now. There are about five or six prospects in the state. It appears to be a down year

Question: Kinda of a crazy question, but how tall is Coach Hobby? I was near him on Saturday and he looked like he was around 6'6"

Answer: I think he is a little shorter than that but he is a big guy

Question: What do you think about our kicking game?

Answer: It is not very good right now. I think that is my biggest concern

Question: is patterson from RNE still favoring us?

Answer: I am not sure because it is too early. He went to Columbia Saturday. He has a lot of offers right now

Question: Lessee here...OT Clifton Geather, OG Jake Johnson, CB Byron Maxwell, CB Darius Gaither, CB Prince Miller (lotta CB's), plus who...LB Julius Wilkerson, maybe?

Answer: Patterson

Question: is cumbie only a te or will they lok at him for de as well?

Answer: both and maybe an interior lineman

Question: Who will handle returns next year?

Answer: Gaddis, Stuckey, Grant

Question: Do you see Josh Miller getting playing time or does he redshirt this season?

Answer: I think he plays

Question: darius gathers and clifton geathers, where are we with these 2?

Answer: Yes. I think they are in the top three with both

Question: Where do you see us picked in the Atlantic? 1,2,3,4,5,6?

Answer: 3

Question: Do you like the new uniforms? Me and about 5 other people like them, seems like everyone else hates them

Answer: I think they are OK. They are much better than I first feared. Gotta run to the day job. Thanks for coming by. I hope everyone has a great week

Question: Cumbie's a pitcher and helluva longball hitter - I've seen him play baseball in Andrews years ago. Is he getting pro baseball inquiries?

Answer: I think he will but I am not sure

Question: What do you think about Brad Scott's son being named head coach of a AAA football team at the age of 24? (Blythewood high School)

Answer: I think Jeff deserves it. He will do a good job

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