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Question: Anything to the Olu to the football team stuff?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope all is well. I have not heard that.

Question: How did Jamie Cumbie like his visit to Clemson?

Answer: I have not talked to him yet. I think he was getting home late last night. But I will check tonight. I think Clemson and Notre Dame will be in the final three or four

Question: Is it true God loves clemson?

Answer: I can't say for sure because I never had asked him but when I look around Clemson and see what I see I would have to say yes.

Question: How much of the WEZ will be completed before kickoff in Sept

Answer: I have asked a couple of people close to the project and it depends on the weather. However, I would not count on too much being finished. They are worried about having the lockerrooms ready.

Question: Do you think G-unit and Murder Inc will rumble?

Answer: I know 50 Cent is in G-Unit but I don't know any others in the group. I have no idea who Murder Inc. is. I would not want to be their body guards though

Question: Any Chance ashley judd could be the new wimmens hoops coach?

Answer: Since we broke up I doubt she has good Clemson memories

Question: Who was in your original final four bracket and who do you pick to win it all now?

Answer: I had Illinois, UConn, Syracuse and Gonzaga. Needless to say I have no clue. I still think Illinois wins it

Question: How about Stacey Dales-Schuman for wimmens coach?

Answer: Isn't she still playing?

Question: Was it Lou's fault" I say no...they've sucked for 100 years before Lou even got there

Answer: I think Lou added his touch

Question: how good of a chance do we have with tori childers, since he's from rock hill?

Answer: I think but I am not sure if they will offer

Question: Any thought on this week with the baseball team? Coastal for 2 and at FSU-Can we get 3 wins this week?

Answer: The pitching has been good. The freshmen are playing better and the key is Herman Demmick. Three wins this week would be the goal.

Question: How many ACC football teams will be ranked in the preseason top 25?

Answer: FSU, Miami, VT, BC, Virginia and either GT or NCSU

Question: Mickey - realistic goals from here on out with this year's edition of our baseball Tigers?

Answer: 40 wins, top-half in the ACC finish. Strong ACC tournament and strong regional

Question: Stacey is ESPN's expert analyst for the wimmen's tourney? Have you not been following the wimmen's tourney? lol

Answer: I did watch the first 5 minutes of Liberty and LSU when LSU jumped out to a 17-0 lead and I turned the station

Question: Considering we beat NCSU and Miami, should we not be ranked?

Answer: I doubt Clemson would be inthe pre-season but if Clemson beats A&M then they would be

Question: What early commits might we get in SC?

Answer: Maxwell is the best early bet. I don't think they will offer but say 10 or so in the state. Maybe 14 or 15 when it is all said and done

Question: Why would NC State be in the preseason top 25?

Answer: They are media darlings. They have some good defensive guys and a ton of skill players on offense returning

Question: Do you think Newberry College will have Brown softened up a bit before they head to Columbia tomorrow?

Answer: I don't think Tanner is losing sleep over Brown unless it is UPS

Question: were your memories of ashley judd the best 3 second memory of your life?

Answer: If I would have known she was going to make it I would not have broken up with her

Question: Did GT beat us in College Station?

Answer: Yes

Question: How many scholarships will be available next year?

Answer: 17 seniors on scholarship and with attrition I would guess about 20-22

Question: What kind of year do you expect from the following players: Aaron Kelly, Nick Watkins, Sergio Gilliam?

Answer: Kelly will have a good season but will take a few games to hit his stride. Watkins has to be more consistent and be more of a complete player. I think he has a good upside. I really think Sergio will have a good season. He is ready

Question: How interested are the Tigers in Prince Miller?

Answer: They have not offered but I think they will. Some schools are concerned over his heigth

Question: Old Daisy Duke or New Daisy Duke (Simpson)???

Answer: New

Question: Does Chuck Amato invite the writers in for cigars in the hot tub?

Answer: I think some may take him up on it

Question: Was the Kentucky guards toe on the line? Also, did the ref's choke by not calling a foul on the play?

Answer: I am not sure about his toe but I am glad MSU won so there is no real controversy

Question: A few more names then: Kelvin Grant, Gaines Adams, Duane Coleman??

Answer: I keep hearing how Grant is a new man. I hope so but I will believe it when I see it. Adams is very talented and will have a great year but needs to be more complete. I think Coleman will have a break through year

Question: Anything on Byron Maxwell recently?

Answer: No. Clemson is the solid leader. Burton Burns has done a terrific job with him. I think Clemson will ink him next February

Question: Best home crowd potentional in how many years for this upcoming FB season?

Answer: Yeah. The atmosphere should be electric

Question: So, I set you up. With all these improved players, where should our expectations be for the upcoming fb season?

Answer: The schedule is still difficult but the home schedule is easier. The key will be road games at GT, MD, WF and NCSU. If they can split the four tough home games (A&M, MIA, BC and FSU) and split the tough road games (MD,WF,NCSU,GT) then 7-4 sounds right

Question: loudest Clemson FB game you have ever been to ... home and away?

Answer: Home-ND in 1977, VT in early 1980s, UGA 1987, FSU 1999, 2004. Away USC 1987, UGA 1984

Question: Why is Spur 2001 in TAC all the time?

Answer: You would have to ask him

Question: Is it true that the only reason Olu is going out for the football team is that he thinks it's really soccer?

Answer: I have not heard anything about it

Question: Should we be concerned about TDP looking elsewhere for employment? I know that he's had a fight on his hands from Day 1, but IMO he's done an excellent job.

Answer: He said last week that he is not going anywhere. I agree he has done a great job

Question: Should I diversify my bonds?

Answer: No. Put all of your eggs in one basket. High risk but high rewards

Question: Is Purnell still recruiting for this year or are we just going with what we have?

Answer: Yes. I still think he would like to have another big man

Question: How will our facilities match up with others in the ACC when the WEZ is complete? Will it be THE best or just on par with the other top programs?

Answer: When it is complete I would say FSU, UNC, Clemson, NCSU, VA and VT would be ahead of the rest. Clemson would not take a backseat to anyone

Question: Most exciting plays you have ever witnessed firsthand in the Valley? (Leave out the puntrooskie please) lol

Answer: Treadwell's kick in 87 vs UGA. Underwood's 2 picks vs USC in 1980. Clemson's D forcing nine turnovers vs UGA in 1981. I think last year's last second wins and losses against WF, GT, MD, NCSU were pretty exciting

Question: The CUAD staff changes appears to be muchadoaboutnothing...when do we see real, necessary changes? Before or after your brawl article? lol

Answer: The brawl story is coming I hope. I think the changes were big. Jim Davis will be very good. Kyle Young will be excellent and is bright and energetic. Barbara Kennedy-Dixon is a step up. Bowman will help in Vickery. Ellison is an upgrade in compliance

Question: Do we lead with Ricky Sapp?

Answer: Clemson, UGA and FSU are in great shape

Question: Can you give us an update on your 'brawl' story???

Answer: I am just now making progress. I need for a big name to talk

Question: What's your take on the basketball team's GPA being below 2.0, will there be any repercussions?

Answer: No. They had to count 17 hours of F's for Troy Mathis. Plus the two walk-ons did bad. There is no real issue here

Question: What qbs are high on our board?

Answer: Spence will not take a pocket passer. He wants more athletic guys. D'Vontay Richardson is a guy they really like

Question: If Coleman graduates by August of 2006 he can gain another year of eligibility, correct?

Answer: Yes. He is on schedule

Question: Yeah, but those staff changes do not fix the issues w/ Huey, Match, Seketa, Jones, etc etc

Answer: Seketa does a good job. Remember he has no budget.

Question: How is Troy Mathis's academics/will he be able to play next year?

Answer: They are good. He was doing well before and is a bright kid. He will be eligible

Question: Has Clint Latray made any progress this year. I know Coach Scott said he had a disappointing year last year and the effort was not there.

Answer: He needs to improve his conditioning. I can't see him contributing too much next season

Question: Which qb do you think will be the no.2 man?

Answer: That is a good question and it is too early to tell. This race should continue throughout the fall but I think Proctor is ahead right now

Question: In your opinion, name our opening day starting OL ...

Answer: LT-Richardson LG-Myrick C-Dustin RG-Bennt RT-Dukes

Question: How can Mathis have 17 hours of Fs and still be doing well in school?

Answer: It doesn't count against his personal record. He had all Withdrawals. His academic record started over with a clean slate but the team's GPA had to count it

Question: Does the staff offer Ben Alexander?

Answer: Not yet but they may after camp

Question: if Spence will not recruit pocket passer does this mean the end for Reese & Harper

Answer: No. Both are athletic enough to move around

Question: When do we get to see the new unis?

Answer: I hope before the season but I am not sure.

Question: Will you be at the Clemson IPTAY meeting in Greenville in May?

Answer: I think so.

Question: How many scolarships are available next year in FB?

Answer: 17 seniors on scholarship right now but with attrition I would guess 20-22. I have to go to the day job. I hope everyone has a great week

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