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Question: Do you think we have a chance with Maddox?

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope all is well. Yeah, Maddox has always liked Clemson. Gillespie jumped on him for USC and is trying to make a name for himself. Bottom line is Clemson has a chance. I like Maddox but he is not Davis or Spiller

Question: Think we'll get Cliff Matthews?

Answer: I think Clemson is in good shape but i don't think Matthews is ready to do anything

Question: Think Carolina will beat us out this year in instate recruiting?

Answer: They will do better than last year. They will do well in the Midlands but they won't get Korn, Smith, Norris or Dye

Question: What do you think about our baseball team,were we overrated going into the year?

Answer: Maybe but so were a lot of teams. Texas was the number-one team. It is a long season. Check back in a few weeks

Question: Prognosis for next year's basketball team?

Answer: I think they will continue to improve. A lot will depend on the newcomers

Question: We take another basketball signee this spring and if so, what position and possible names?

Answer: I have not heard if they will take another player

Question: Are you still hitting the golf ball out at Furman?

Answer: No. I moved to Clemson and have played 27 holes since August 21

Question: Think Demerick Chancellor will see much action this year?


Question: Mickey or Trey?

Answer: Mickey. I lost the Demerick Chancellor question but yeah he will play. He has looked good so far in the spring

Question: Mickey, how do you make it thru an hour of this? Thanks for the show, and I'll hang up and listen to your answer.

Answer: LOL. I love you guys. BTW-We are starting a new web blog on tigernet hopefully inthe next two weeks

Question: Trey or Poppa?

Answer: Mick

Question: Who's meetings are longer, Spence's or Koening's?

Answer: Spence. His meetings are very long. Koenning is not much of a meeting guy. He gets in and gets out

Question: How is Akeem Robinson progressing?

Answer: He has had a great spring. He is one of the most improved players on the team

Question: best golf hole in the upstate?

Answer: Sixth at Musgrove Mill

Question: Think Sapp and Spiller will play next year?

Answer: Yeah. They will both play a bunch

Question: Opinion of Jacoby Ford?

Answer: Fast. He has looked great so far. he will play a significant role very early

Question: Would you like the Internet site for Magic 8ball responses?

Answer: I have never seen it

Question: MP: you're ad for a day...what is the one thing you change at Clemson?

Answer: The top 20 crap. What a joke.

Question: Worst Golf Hole in the State...#9 at the Walker Course? Was Devictor drunk that day?

Answer: I have not played it enough to know how bad it is.

Question: Think Stanley Hunter commits to us?

Answer: Yeah. Its Clemson and Georgia. He really plays hard. i think Blackwell will do a great job and I think it will be Clemson

Question: I think you told me once you played Augusta...did I hear you right?

Answer: Yeah. I got invited down to play in 1996. We played 45 holes including the par 3 and 36 on the real course. Best day of my life. Played with Woody McCorvey and a couple of great guys

Question: So as AD for day you dont not want teams in the top 20??? You're fired...

Answer: I misread the question. I did not see the AD part. That was an overall Clemson thing. As AD I would try to get the University to have this "One Clemson" thing flow both ways. It seems to me that one Clemson flows from Jervey to Sykes but not back down the hill. I would also fire three or four of the idiots that work in the AD. I would also get a new faculty rep

Question: Rendrick Taylor....Is he poised for a big season at WR this season?

Answer: Yeah. he has looked very impressive. The staff thinks he will play a big role in the gameplans

Question: Is Foxy Foxworth walking on at Carolina?

Answer: I guess

Question: Do you see hoops in ACC improving next year for everyone?

Answer: I would think so. UNC will be better. Duke will not. GT and WF can't be worse. MD has been down for two years.

Question: better not let the wife see that "best day of my life" thing.

Answer: Come on, its Augusta National

Question: who's got the best facilities in the southeast? worst in the ACC or SEC?

Answer: Best-Florida, UGA, UNC, FSU. Worst-Vandy, WF. Some sports are better than others but that is my overview

Question: You are getting your wish on the faculty rep...Understand we are getting a really good new one.

Answer: Do tell.....

Question: Chances with Scotty Cooper?

Answer: They are OK. Clemson is in the top two. It is early. I do not think Cooper is ready to end it

Question: mp...been gone from Greenville for a few years...what happened to your old am station?

Answer: I think it is Gospel now. They kicked out the demons and went gospel

Question: cheerleaders or rallycats?

Answer: From a distance both. Upclose it is hard to say. It would be hypocrtitical for me to talk about someone's weight though

Question: Chances with Mason Cloy?

Answer: I think they are really good right now. He has been very receptive so far. Clemson will take only one more inside guy on the offensive line so they will be very careful there.

Question: what others schools did you consider when you were in high school?

Answer: Any that would have me. Just kidding. I only applied to Clemson. Still don't know how I got in.

Question: Kyle Nunn?

Answer: He is a good looking kid. Clemson is still evaluating

Question: Who has been the surprise of the spring so far?

Answer: Akeem Robinson, Ford, Demerick Chancellor, Taylor, Diamonde, Proctor, Clay, Ray Ray, Chancellor

Question: Who will be recruiting NC now?

Answer: Nappier will for sure. I am not sure about the rest of the staff

Question: Do you work any harder than you did over at the am station...that hit balls at Furman routine and then work a couple of hours had to hard to leave

Answer: heck yeah. Man I have a family now. Selling ad (BTW-any company want some information about great ad rates on radio or web blog let me know mickeyplyler@hotmail.com.. I do pre-game shows, many more remotes, etc. I work much harder know than before, Plus living in Clemson I have to get by jervey and Mcfadden often

Question: how bout Claytor from Gainesville Ga? An offer?

Answer: No offer from Clemson yet. They would love to take Sturdivant from Wadesboro as their next guy.

Question: Think Diomonde gets into the rotation?

Answer: yes. He has looked very much improved

Question: what are our major concerns position wise for upcoming year

Answer: Punting, corners.

Question: How many schollies do we have this year?

Answer: 20-25

Question: any idea what Pearman is doing now?

Answer: He is the defensive ends coach at UNC

Question: how early in a players high school career do coaches start to follow?

Answer: Usuallty sophmore

Question: Chances with Sturdivant?

Answer: Pretty good. i think it is going to be Clemson and Georgia

Question: Why have we dropped NC as a MAJOR recruiting emphasis?

Answer: It is difficult to recruit there. but lzast year they signed one of the top five players in the state and aniother Shrine Bowl lineman. One of the starting corners is from NC. This year they would love to get the big OT. but is is hard. UNC, NCSU, VT, VA and many others recruit there. Florida has done a good job there

Question: Will we offer Devin Thompson?

Answer: I doubt it but they love Sam Hammond the sophmore

Question: how far ahead is UGA over Clemson right now in talent?

Answer: Not too far. they are actually pretty close now

Question: What wide outs do we have the best chance at right now?

Answer: Stuckey, Kelly, Taylor, Grisham, Ford, Diamonde and Harris will play. I think Ogren and Johnson may red-shirt

Question: Out of all the guys on the football team, who has the hottest girlfriend?

Answer: I have no clue. I have not seen any of them.

Question: After Ford, who are the next fastest on the team...

Answer: MAybe Chancellor

Question: I heard the Blackwell got Tommy out of a meeting to meet Sam Hammond...couldn't believe his size...he looks ready to play now

Answer: They are in great shape there. Imagine the DT cdombo of Hammonds and Bowers

Question: How are your brackets doing?

Answer: Terrible. I have only 10 of the sweet 16 left

Question: Where do you see Gary Gray going?

Answer: I think USC. He has been a Gamecock in my opinion

Question: Any real chance with Quintin Richardson?

Answer: Yeah. USC and Tennessee had the early lead but Clemson has hung in there. I don't think he is in a hurry

Question: Is Buckholz giving Chason a run for his job?

Answer: He was but missed some time for soccer before spring break. I think he will get a long lok after spring break

Question: is it fair to say that the 2006 version of the Clemson Football team will be TB's most complete team to date?

Answer: I think so. There should be fewer weaknesses than any other team. I think there is more depth and I think there are more play-makers. I also belive in the offensive scheme. The schedule eases up a little. i think this is his best team in most areas

Question: Chances with Carlos Dunlap?

Answer: Decent. He needs to do a little work in the class room too

Question: Think Wilkerson makes it in?

Answer: I have not checked on him lately. I will call tonight.

Question: Key to a big season....at least a split with BC/FSU in those 2 early season road games? Our chances at a sweep of those 2?

Answer: I thinkm they can win both, split or lose both. I know that is not the answer you are looking for but I can see a scenario with that happening. I think Clemson is as talented or more talented than both but both are on the road

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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
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Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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