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Question: Give us the scoop on Whitehead. Do you think he'll visit Clemson on the 13th? As of now, do we get him?

Answer: Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a happy new year. I do believe Whitehead visits Clemson on the 13th. There is no way to tell right now, who will get him

Question: Will we get one of these two......Sims/Grant?

Answer: I would say a better shot of getting Grant than Sims

Question: Do you think we can sway Crowell is he indeeds visits with us on the 20th?

Answer: If he visits on the 20th then he can be swayed. He visits Auburn on the 13th, so if he takes an official visit after that, then he can be swayed

Question: If we get Whitehead, will Cumbie most likely go to TE?

Answer: yes

Question: Will Louisville get Alexander? At this point, who else will we take? What's your gut on the remaining verbals we get?

Answer: Clemson will get Alexander. Right now, Medlin and Alexander are the only two I feel comfortable forecasting to Clemson.

Question: Will we get Kevin Alexandar?

Answer: Yes

Question: any ships opening due to attrition ?

Answer: Kelvin Grant has opened up one, Xavier Littleberry situation is being watched closely, and there is always attrition in the spring

Question: any way james mays will be able to get eligible again?

Answer: Not this year, but I do expect him to be back in uniform next season

Question: any idea on possible position moves this spring ?

Answer: Demerick Chancellor has been moved back to offense, Akeem Robinson may move to tackle, CJ Gaddis or Chris Clemons will likely be moved to corner

Question: what RS Fr do you see having a major role next year ?

Answer: Chris Chancellor and Ray Ray will see significant snaps. Kavell Connor has a chance to make the two deep, and Barry Humphries should slide into the #2 spot at center. Durrell Barry and Paul Muse will play as well

Question: Will Ford give us a Devin Hester/Ginn type playmaker?

Answer: He is from the same mold. Before he can draw that high of comparisions, he will need to do it on the field

Question: Will James Mays be in school this semester? If you will he continur to practice ?

Answer: Mays is still enrolled in school. I believe he is able to practice with the team

Question: any rumors on new miami assts, or mtsu assts ?

Answer: No news yet

Question: HOW does a guy like Mays gain entrance to Clemson and then can't keep himself eligible with all the tutors and other advantages!?!

Answer: Mays made a big mistake. He let his teammates down, himself down, and all of the fans who came out to support the basketball team. He is not the first player this has happened to, but hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and come back next year

Question: 1. At this point will the bowl win have THAT much impact on recruiting or was it pretty set. 2. Does the loss of Mays pretty much eliminate the Tigers from Post Season?

Answer: The bowl win will not be a big factor in recruiting this year. A loss could have hurt recruiting, but a win ensured everything remained status quo. The loss of Mays does knock Clemson out of a shot at the NCAA tournament. I do think was the team gets adjusted they can make the NIT

Question: how hard a run is Brad going to make at RNE since Stock is gone?

Answer: The staff will recruit there just as hard as before Stock left. Stock had built a really good relationship at RNE, so it will be easier for Clemson to recruit now that he is gone. Markevius Barnes is a top recruit for next year, and Clemson is closing ground with him. Barnes has developed a pretty close relationship with Willy Korn

Question: Do you think our coaches will try and sway any Miami commits after Coker canned his staff?

Answer: No

Question: Va Tech - New Thug U - discuss

Answer: Virginia Tech was a very chippy team all year. In some of their blowout victories, they had several personal foul penalties late in the game, where it looked like they were really rubbing it in the face of their opponents. I wouldn't say Thug U, but they have a lot of room for improvement

Question: Another web site says Gaines Adams not a sure thing. Whats your take?

Answer: Its never a sure thing until the date passes. He has maintained all along that he was coming back to school. I do not get the same feel with Gaines that I had with Justin Miller last year. Gaines wants to come back to school, and I think Mario Williams declaring for the draft helps Clemson

Question: i just appointed you special teams coord. what changes do you make ?

Answer: Scrap the spread formation, sit Cole Chason permanently, allow Richard Jackson to handle kickoffs and punts. Put Jacoby Ford and Ray Ray McElrathbey on kick returns

Question: does the loser of the harper/reese battle leave after spring practice ?

Answer: No, b/c I see Reese losing that battle and he is very happy at Clemson

Question: Is Mays still in school? Can he take some courses during short semester and become eligible?

Answer: Mays will start back school on January 11th with the rest of the students. The only short semester is in May. He is lost for the season

Question: Is Mays still on scholarship? Can he be with the team? Will he have to pay his own way to regain his eligibility to play?

Answer: Yes, he is on scholarship and he will be on the bench with the team at home games just like Troy Mathis was last year.

Question: What will be the final ranking of our fb team?

Answer: 19-21

Question: Why push so hard on Medlin with what is already on campus and what SC and Ga have next year? Can't you get a Jamal Medlin anytime you want him?

Answer: The staff scouted him in person at the Shrine Bowl. They really liked what they saw. He dominated Adam Patterson all week. Medlin is a good player, and you will always take good offensive linemen

Question: Did the team enjoy Orlando?

Answer: The team had a very good experience in Orlando. The Champs Sports Bowl is a very good bowl for the players. A lot of players had a chance to go to many of the tourist attractions in Orlando that they couldn't go to as kids

Question: Wouldn't OP and advisors know that Mays was on thin ice?

Answer: Yes, but ultimately it is up to James Mays to get the job done

Question: What do you think the preseason ranking of our fb team will be next year?

Answer: around 16

Question: Who are the folks to watch at tightend next year?

Answer: Durrell Barry

Question: If this is Mickey, you prediction for our preseason ranking? Will Swofford screw us on the schedule?

Answer: This is Trey, but in my opinion it has already happened with Clemson having to go to Wake Forest for the second year in a row

Question: so mr. swofford, what is your punishment for the miami/lsu brawl. people ended up at the hospital from this one.

Answer: Suspensions have to occur or if I was TDP or Bowden I would go nuts

Question: Your vibe on Whitehead?

Answer: Will come in on the 13th, Clemson is a factor

Question: Is Patterson really a big deal?

Answer: Not by what he showed at the Shrine Bowl

Question: What is/will be Capote's status?

Answer: He is still recovering, and he will likely be re-evaluated in April as far as football is concerned. He may be a candidate for a medical hardship

Question: Did Crump send you to the bowl as a reward for all you do here?

Answer: It was a nice Christmas present

Question: Do you think we win any ACC bb games this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: you think marcus vick should get suspended by the ACC? and will they?

Answer: He deserves to get a one game suspension, much like Butler at Virginia

Question: Will West End be completed by next year?

Answer: yes

Question: two trips to WS - certainly other teams got a tougher draw than that - not Swoffords fault we lay eggs against mediocre WF

Answer: Clemson had to go FSU two years in a row in the early 90s, it seemed this time they would get consecutive home games regardless the opponent, instead of having to travel two years in a row

Question: What were Capote's injuries?

Answer: The extent of the injuries have not been released, but his head was heavily bandaged at the bowl game

Question: Is Mickey now too big time for us? We made him what he is.....

Answer: No, he is still involved but he has a lot going on at the station right now. He will be back

Question: Who wins tonight? and who wins NC?

Answer: Penn St -10 1/2, Texas upsets USC

Question: Will Ray Ray and/or C. Chancellor push for a starting spot at CB? What other RS freshman will push for an early spot?

Answer: One will likely push for a starting role. Humphries, Muse, Barry, Connor

Question: Marcus Sims is being reported to be visiting Clemson.What kind of Shape are we with him?And Do we have a real shot at him even though FSU will be hard to beat in getting his services.

Answer: Simis will visit Clemson on January 13th. Clemson has a real shot if Sims really wants to play running back

Question: Will we have to play a Thur night game at home next season?

Answer: Most likely yes

Question: Of the current verbals, which will avoid a redshirt next year?

Answer: DeAndre McDaniel, Ricky Sapp, Crezdon Butler, Kendrick Johnson, Jacoby Ford

Question: What do you think about Jacoby Ford? My guess is that he'll be returning kicks from day one. How big is his commitment?

Answer: His commitment is very big. He is a true speedster, and he will have the opportunity to return kicks from day one

Question: How close are we to getting Grant out of Mississippi?

Answer: They are close, but there is a long ways to go

Question: any word on when the acc will release the football schedule?

Answer: late February

Question: mickey, guys have to love to look on TV and see our Defense play as well as they have, and the fact they get along and have fun out on the field, i think the kids call it, "getting Crunk"?

Answer: Players do love it, several have mentioned it in interviews

Question: when will the schedule be released?

Answer: late February

Question: Do you know where Kelvin Grant will end up?

Answer: SC State is my best guess

Question: How bad did Ricky Sapp get hurt the other day in practice?

Answer: not sure yet, expect to hear something later this afternoon

Question: Will Sapp qualify?

Answer: He is closer, but not there yet

Question: Who will start in the secondary next year?

Answer: Coleman, Hamlin, Gaddis, C. Chancellor

Question: Have you ever seen a great collection of degenerates than the ones assembled last night at the Georgia Dome? I couldn't tell if it was "Deliverance", "Porky's" or "Wrong Turn"!!!

Answer: LOL

Question: May have already been asked, so sorry - Just how good can/will our 06 recruiting class be? Any chance for top 10?

Answer: Need Whitehead and Sims for top 10. Top 15 class is looking probable.

Question: How sweet was it seeing UGA lose to WV?

Answer: It's always nice to see a school that Clemson heavily recruits against lose on national television.

Question: Happy new year and thanks for putting up with us

Answer: Same to you.

Question: where we stand with Geathers?? is he for sure nonqualifier?

Answer: He will not qualify.

Question: what is the story on the co def coordinator at carolina?? is he still employed ?

Answer: Expect a resolution in the next two weeks.

Question: Tell us about Barnes. Is he a WR? Do you think the "Willy Korn" effect can make a difference? Compare him with Xavier Dye?

Answer: I do think he is a WR. Relationship with Korn can make a difference. Not as tall but runs better than Dye.

Question: Do you see Hill's staying for his Senior year and Adams now doing the same helping to reverse the come to Clemson, play 3 years and go pro trend of the recent past?

Answer: yes

Question: any of our commis in real academic trouble?

Answer: Sapp, TJ Williams

Question: Speaking of Reese, what happened to him? I always thought he was supposed to be the better of the two. Is he not grasping the offense well?

Answer: He's had a little too much fun and he will need to begin to take football more seriously in the spring

Question: Some of the stuff I've read lately is looking pretty good for us with Peanut, has your opinion on our chances with him changed any?

Answer: no, still a long ways to go.

Question: Where will Adam Patterson wind up? Has his stock fallen since his Shrine Bowl performance?

Answer: South Carolina and Yes.

Question: Compare T. Grant's ability to J. Davis.

Answer: I have not seen film on Grant yet.

Question: What's the latest on Peanut?

Answer: He will visit on January 13th.

Question: Any other JR prospects high on Clemson like Jenkins and Dye?

Answer: Yes a JR Defensive End at Fort Dorchester.

Question: Do we get Grant?

Answer: Clemson has a shot but a lot will depend on the official visit.

Question: Last year at our big recruiting weekend we secured the commits we already had and gained one. Do you feel that will be the same case this year, mainly just firming up our commits and maybe the possibility of getting maybe 1 verbal from someone new?

Answer: I would imagine it will be very similar to last year. The current verbals will heavily work the non-committed players.

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