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Question: They can't be serious on this handshake thing. You think Alabama and Auburn would ever force their teams to shake hands before the game?

Answer: Good afternoon, the handshake will take place. I think it is ridiculous, but its not worth getting that upset about.

Question: What do you think of Gene Sapakoff? You missed the lovefest last week

Answer: Don't know him

Question: Your take on our game with the Coots?

Answer: Clemson has to avoid making early mistakes if Clemson avoids the early mistakes they have a good chance of winning.

Question: Will we get Kendrick Johnson, chances with Peanut Whitehead?

Answer: Yes with Johnson, Alabama and Clemson for Whitehead, Alabama leads

Question: With Sowell commiting to Louisville, who are our best options to sign at rb?

Answer: Josh Adams and Anthony Allen

Question: Do we still have a shot at Carl Johnson?

Answer: Not a very good one

Question: What kind of impact should we expect from C Butler and B Maxwell next season?

Answer: Right now, I would expect Butler to come in with the edge. Maxwell will be a very good player, but I think with the knee injury he will be a little behind at the beginning

Question: Are we seriously pursuing Josh Adams? If so, who is our main competition?

Answer: Yes and North Carolina, NC State, and Virginia

Question: Who is looking at the QB From Greenwood??

Answer: No major schools

Question: Spiller even a remote possibility for Clemson??

Answer: I don't see one

Question: Must have been cecil huey's idea on the handshake?

Answer: Sounds logical to me

Question: Is it true that on Saturday - "We're DOOMED?"

Answer: If you listen to some people, Clemson is still the better team. Clemson has to go out and execute. Punt protection is a big concern on Saturday

Question: Don't you think with Carolina playing at such a "high" the last few weeks, that they are due a "flat" or poor performance?

Answer: They haven't played great the last few weeks. Spurrier even said the ball has bounced their way. It stops at some point.

Question: What's happened with Terrell Smith, recruit from last year??

Answer: He had some academic and personal issues. They are still evaluating him, but I do not believe at this time Clemson resigns Terrell Smith

Question: Any idea whether the Peach prefers us or usc?

Answer: Right now, I would say SC. South Carolina vs. Florida State would be my prediction for the Peach Bowl

Question: All white? Orange pants? Purple pants?

Answer: Most likely Orange pants

Question: Where would NC State put a Josh Adams if they signed him?? Seriously.

Answer: Probably, the same place Florida State put Geno Hayes

Question: Who is the #1 player the coaches want??

Answer: If qualifying wasn't an issue I would say Clifton Geathers, so probably Peanut Whitehead

Question: If Clemson shuts down Sidney Rice and plays mistake free, how badly do they beat the Coots?

Answer: probably 17 points

Question: What's worse? O'Cain leaving Justin Miller in at QB on the Duke 10 yard line after we got an illegal formation penalty or this idiotic handshake idea?

Answer: Leaving Miller in

Question: Was TE Brent Pupello at the game last Saturday?

Answer: I did not see him

Question: Can our defense truly throw enough different looks at Blake Mitchell to frustrate their offensive game plan?

Answer: Yes they can. FSU has issues on offense, but they were the #1 offense in the ACC coming into the game. Clemson's defense held them without an offensive touchdown. The key is putting pressure on Mitchell.

Question: Is Sidney Rice even close in talent to Calvin Johnson or is it Spurious's play calling?

Answer: They are close. Both players are putting numbers without much help. Johnson is better at going over the middle, I haven't really seen Rice go across the middle a lot

Question: When was the last time the cocks were so confident, fans and players, coming into this game?

Answer: If you remember, they were pretty confident going into 2003. On the morning, South Carolina was actually favored. By the time of kickoff, Clemson was favored, as apparently a lot of people made the right decision

Question: your poke at the final score Clemson vs USC?

Answer: Not sure on a score, but I think Clemson wins

Question: Will we see a new punter next season?

Answer: One can only hope

Question: If we win - what bowl? If we lose - what bowl?

Answer: Win/lose no worse than Orlando. Win there is a scenario where Clemson could go to the Gator Bowl

Question: Can Jabari Levey block Gaines Adams?

Answer: He can, but Adams is playing at much higher level than Levey right now

Question: USC hasn't block a punt all year....we won't be their first will we?

Answer: Lets hope not, but our punt protection has been awful this season

Question: Is this Mickey or Trey?

Answer: Trey

Question: Former recruit Phillip Morris getting it done in JUCO? Do we resign him?

Answer: Clemson will not resign Phillip Morris. He is being looked at by Central Florida, and I think he has a good chance to land there

Question: Any ideas on coaching changes within the ACC this year? Is Amato safe? What about UNC?

Answer: Bunting is safe, Amato needs to win out. Everyone else is safe. Some schools may come after Jim Grobe

Question: james davis still in a cast for this sat?

Answer: He will wear a cast the rest of the season, including the bowl game

Question: Has Clemson lost some recruiting moment this year, especially to USC?

Answer: No. Clemson has beat SC on every player they wanted to get with the exception of Adam Patterson

Question: How will USC be able to run on our front 7?

Answer: They haven't ran on anyone, and I don't see them having success on the ground Saturday

Question: When the Tigers finish 7-4, what's your best guess as far as a bowl game?

Answer: Orlando

Question: Can USC block Groover with one guy?

Answer: Not the way he played against FSU. He has really come on strong. It is a shame it took 10 games for the light to come on

Question: Any parting words for Jon Solomon?

Answer: See Ya

Question: Can we pressure Mitchell with 4 or blitzes required?

Answer: I think Clemson can pressure Mitchell, the most encouraging thing last weekend was the play of Cory Groover. When Clemson gets solid play from the middle, it is hard to stop Bennett and Adams

Question: Do we have Mike McIntosh to thank for Rice being at USC?

Answer: Thats fair to say

Question: How can S. Rice be close to C. Johnson given his 4.8 speed?

Answer: Speed isn't everything. Look at the numbers he has put up with basically no one else doing anything in that offense. On jump balls, he is basically unstoppable, b/c he is 6-4 and has basketball leaping ability. Johnson is the better receiver, but Rice is a talent

Question: which recruit will USC try hardest to sway theri way vs Clemson this year?

Answer: Their is not really any of the commitments Clemson has or prospects that USC could sway. This game will have more of an affect on the in-state juniors

Question: Who wins the matchups CU O-line vs Coot D-line, CU D-Line vs Coot O-Line and vice versa?

Answer: Clemson wins both

Question: Mitchell completed only 7 passes last week and they still won...Why is pressure on him the key?

Answer: It is a key but not the only key. If you look at the numbers, it is really amazing South Carolina has won their last four games. The biggest key is for Clemson to not make the mistakes Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida made

Question: How many times does Blake get sacked?

Answer: 2-3, pressured much more

Question: any instate recruits that might decide based on saturday's outcome?

Answer: No

Question: percent chance we'll see another "brawl"?

Answer: 0%

Question: Can their other OT block Charles Bennett??

Answer: They can slow him down, but I expect a big game from Bennett in his finale versus the Gamecocks

Question: Spurrier to A&M a possibility?

Answer: No

Question: What will expectations be like for Clemson next year, with what looks like another strong finish this year? Are they going to be realistic?

Answer: They should be. I think looking at the schedule now, and what Clemson has returning 9 wins is not out of the question

Question: What is the deal with Patterson? Does he want to be punked for four years by the school that he visited repeatly last year?

Answer: He just doesn't feel Clemson is the right place for him

Question: Best dance moves - Goover or Waters?

Answer: Groover

Question: Will Rice's speed will keep him from playing at the next level

Answer: It is hard to say. Too much is put into what a player measures, Rice makes plays and that makes him very attractive

Question: Pre-game handshake -- good idea or silly PC crap?

Answer: PC crap

Question: Update on recruits at the game and how they currently stand with us?

Answer: The trip put Clemson over the top with Chris Russell. I think they significantly increased their chances with Kareem Crowell. Everyone else was impressed, but have not noted any major changes

Question: Any truth that Carl Johnson is wavering? Can we get him in for a visit?

Answer: He has not told Coach Hobby to stop recruiting him, so it is a possibility, but I still believe he signs with Florida

Question: What's our chances with Whitehead? 50/50?

Answer: 40/60

Question: I don't know whether to be confident this week or not.Will Clemson play with the same emotion and fire this week? What think ye?

Answer: Motivation for this game has never been a problem. These two teams do not like each other, and the players know what is being said, and this team wants to put the talk to rest. I think the players feel a little disrespected considering how dominating the last two games have been

Question: Whats the deal with Kendrick Johnson?

Answer: He is looking around, but committed

Question: So D. McDaniel is firm, but what are our chances with Cromwell? Also, what about Whitehead? 50/50?

Answer: McDaniel is firm, I think there is a good chance Cromwell follows McDaniel. 40-60 with Whitehead

Question: Mickey- how good are the chances for Josh Adams?

Answer: Pretty good, Clemson has to win the battles against UNC, UVA, and NC State

Question: Who are the top OL targets this year?

Answer: Clifton Geathers, Zhamel Thomas

Question: JoJo Cox --- Is he solid?

Answer: yes

Question: Do we lead with Josh Adams?

Answer: no leader at this point

Question: will you sing the usc alma mater?

Answer: No, i will stnnd but not sing

Question: Tell us about our latest commitment, Russell. Would he and Warren play right away next year?

Answer: Warren is no longer being recruited by Clemson. Russell will play right away, b/c he doesn't have a redshirt. Look for him to crack the two deep at safety

Question: This has probably been asked, but I just got here. Is Whitehurst 100% healthy now? He looked it against FSU.

Answer: He will never be 100% in a Clemson uniform again. He is feeling better, but there is a problem they won't be able to find out about until after the season

Question: Who talks more smack? D. Coleman or Stanley Doughty...follow up who dances better A. Waters or C. Tucker

Answer: Doughty, Waters

Question: Does Rendrick Taylor stay at WR?

Answer: yes

Question: Question on injuries....will JD have a smaller cast this week and is Charlie going to be full speed?

Answer: No and No

Question: Who will we play at fullback next year? Pearson?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do we still have Jo Jo Cox?

Answer: yes

Question: Will Michael Wade be a QB at Clor will they move him with the depth and Korn coming next year?

Answer: At I am not sure what other position he could play at Clemson

Question: Will Richard Jackson be punting in our first game next year?

Answer: Unless Chason has a dramatic change in work ethic

Question: Ok then, if Charlie can't be 100%, do you think that we're better off going with Proctor? Do you think he is ready? IMO we need the best prepared athletes on the field regardless of tenure or previous success.

Answer: Charlie was at 90% last week and looked pretty good

Question: Are we still encouraging the long snapper from Greenwood to walk on?

Answer: yes

Question: of the top receivers still on our board, who do you think we have the best shot at?

Answer: Xavier Harris, Tim Hawthorne is the top receiver target

Question: How many yards will James Davis have Saturday

Answer: 100+

Question: who are the top linebacker prospects we still have on our board and who will we most likely sign?

Answer: Brandon Spikes is the top target, Jeremy Campbell and Alonzo McQueen are the most likely

Question: Who else is our chance at running back to sign?

Answer: Josh Adams and Anthony Allen

Question: Chances with Peanut Whitehead or Torrell Johnson?

Answer: 40/60 with Whitehead, Johnson will come to Clemson if he gets an offer

Question: Carolina in the Peach even with a Clemson victory on Saturday?

Answer: Yes

Question: Bowden basically said that Clemson picked AAron Kelly over Sidney Rice. Is this true, and do you think it was good choice?

Answer: Kelly is very talented, but he has not had the opportunity Rice has had. It was the right choice

Question: Who are competing with for Spikes? Do we have a good chance?

Answer: Everyone, he hasn't really narrowed it down. FSU is a big player there

Question: Think we can turn Allen since Sowell signed with Louisville?

Answer: I think so

Question: Why do we continue to miss our blocks on the punt protection. Why has this not been corrected

Answer: Everyone's favorite coach is responsible for punt protection

Question: What bowl will we wind up at?

Answer: Orlando

Question: If coots go to the Peach even with a loss to us, what bowl do you project for us? Is it a higher rated bowl than the Peach?

Answer: Orlando or Gator,b/c I expect VT and Miami to go to the BCS

Question: mickey, do we pick up any other big time db's this year?

Answer: Darius Gaither

Question: Why don't you get your own handle?

Answer: Ask Crump, I get no respect

Question: Will Charlie have surgery on his shoulder before the bowl game or after?

Answer: after if it requires surgery

Question: chances with Crowell?

Answer: 50/50

Question: Will Zhamel Thomas come in for a visit? Have we offered him?

Answer: Yes and Yes

Question: where will this recruiting class stand in the rankings?

Answer: Top 20

Question: What about Jonathan Warren?

Answer: Warren is not being recruited by Clemson anymore

Question: Why are we no longer recruiting Warren? I thought he was ready to commit??

Answer: He has character and academic issues

Question: Where is Spikes from?

Answer: North Carolina

Question: So you think Gaither is a lock to Clemson?

Answer: not a lock, but I do believe Clemson leads

Question: Think we'll get Gaither?

Answer: yes

Question: Seems like we are loading up on dbs this year. Is this directly because of this year's performance?

Answer: b/c there is need

Question: who of the commits is mosy likely to change his mind?

Answer: Johnson

Question: Do we lose Kendrick Johnson?

Answer: no

Question: most likely bowl for clemson?

Answer: Orlando

Question: Chances with Jonathan Massey?

Answer: 30% He is favoring Ole Miss

Question: Is GT out of the bowl picture with this probation thing?

Answer: I am not aware of GT probation

Question: My copier repairman said that we are a lock for Charlotte if we lose Saturday. What other bowls would look at us if we lost?

Answer: Orlando

Question: What tight ends are we most likely to get a commit from?

Answer: John Lubischer

Question: Seems like we have 40 DBs now. Where will Kavell Connor, Sadat Chambers, Ray Ray, C. Chancellor, and D. Chancellor play? That's not counting D. McDaniel, Gaither, Butler, and Maxwell??

Answer: Connor is at LB, not sure D. Chancellor stays on defense

Question: you think we beat SC?

Answer: yes

Question: any surprise recruits we may not know about yet?

Answer: Yes but it will stay that way

Question: who"S the next super qb at clemson after proctor?

Answer: Korn

Question: Please tell us that Boise is not an option.

Answer: not out of the question

Question: do you think gilliam moves pos?

Answer: I think it will definitely be looked at.

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