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Question: Do we still lead with James Davis? In your opinion, who would be better for Clemson, him or Mike Davis?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. A couple of things first, be sure to join us every Wednesday night in January at Logan's Roadhouse in Anderson and Greenville for a recruiting show. We will have film of Clemson's commitments and propsects from 7-9 PM starting Wed. Jan. 5th at Logans in Anderson. Also the recruiting radio show will begin on WCCP-FM starting Sunday Jan 9th. Last, we are putting a story up later today about Lorenzo Ward of VT being a candidate at Clemson. Ward is recruiting Davis at VT. Now, I stink Clemson has a slight lead for Davis heaing into the new year. Mike Davis is also a slight lead but both will not attend the same school

Question: Mickey....Antonio Clay seems to be our #1 un-committed target at the critical LB position...How do WE look with him?...Also Do WE have a chance with Baker from Columbus,Ga?

Answer: We are the only ones that have maintained that Clemson has a legitimate shot here with Clay. He is close to Ron West and David Blackwell. I think they have a shot but when was the last time Clemson beat OU,FSU,MIA,GA,MD for a player? Baker will still go to Florida unless the staff can turn him in January

Question: Mickey, I heard over the weekend that we had gotten a new commit but never heard who it was, can you update me?

Answer: The last commitment was Demerick Chancellor from Miami. RB who chose Clemson over TN,FL,MCHST

Question: Which of the remaining prospects do we have a better than even chance at?

Answer: In the top two right now with James Davis, Mike Davis, Jerrell King, Hivera Green. Top 3 for Jamie Robinson

Question: Which Davis do we get, Mike or James?

Answer: Right now I would James

Question: MP--Do u think that Coach Bowden is 'forced' into a 'minority' hire, and that is the reason for the delay in announcing the OC & DC?

Answer: I think there is not a staff in the country that does not have two minorities on staff. Many now have three. They will hire at least one more minority. The reason for the delay is the coaches are still in bowl games

Question: Do we still have a shot with James McKinney?

Answer: Surprisingly yes. The staff did a great job to get in it. But I still think Michigan

Question: does walt d. have a real job?

Answer: I am not sure but he is terrific. He is unbelieveable

Question: What kind of impact do you think Levon will have on recruiting?

Answer: It can't hurt. Levon is a high character guy and his presence will help. I am not surehow much in athletics yet but he will continue to grow in his role at Clemson

Question: Mickey, thanks for chatting with us today. What current verbal commitments are the weakest? Strongest?

Answer: I think they all are strong but some will take visits. I think Sadat Chambers may visit USC and VT

Question: Mickey seeing how you were at the Shrine a few weeks back now, do you think we turned any guys there that might not have been considering Clemson as strongly before that week?

Answer: I think they made up a ton of ground with Davis, Neal, Green, Robinson. Also solidified themselves with the current commitments

Question: Mickey what do you think Clemson's chances are of landing either Crouch or Mckinney?

Answer: Slim on both but they are still in it with both and who knowswhen January hits. I still think slim

Question: Can we expect an announcement on staff additions by Jan 7?

Answer: I think all of the positions will be filled around the 7th

Question: Do you think any of our current committments could make a solid contribution at WR next year?

Answer: Tigerbdog is here!!!! Taylor and Smith are physically ready. Williams has the skill but needs to add strength like Aaron Kelly from last year. I really think Grisham will be a solid guy and may be the one that can play earliest.

Question: Mickey, what's your gut feeling on the new coaches? Who do we hire?

Answer: OC-Spence or Fisher. DC-Blackwell or Muschamp. Other assistants-Smart, Ward, Davis, Nunn, Jones

Question: Who will be the oc?

Answer: Spence or Fisher

Question: How about Charles Gamble?

Answer: The staff has not offered right now

Question: Would Ward really leave VT for Clemson? I think this would be a very good hire.

Answer: I am not sure he would leave but he did play with Dabo when Bowden was at Alabama. He is also a big FCA guy. I think there are some connections there but it may take a big offer to lure him away from VT

Question: Lorenzo Ward or Kirby Smart?

Answer: Both are bright, young, energetic guys. Ward is more experieced but Smart is a fast rising star in coaching. You could not go wrong with either

Question: Mcikey what happened with Groh playing chess and Fresno St playing checkers?

Answer: They still can't beat FSU. I guess checkers won again. But Al would tell you if that play happened in the NFL it would have been reviewed by the refs. BTW-Did you know Groh coached in the NFL?

Question: don't wait till later. give us a little on lorenzo ward

Answer: Played at Alabama. Nicknamed "Whammy" because he hit so hard. Played with Dabo when Bowden was there. Has been at VT for about 6-7 years. Great recruiter. Recruited Kevin Jones, nation's number-one player. Great coach, great guy, great recruiter

Question: Any chance with J.C. Neal?

Answer: Better chance now than before the Shrine Bowl. He does like NCSU but they lost their OC and their thrid coach in three weeks so it has opened back up

Question: How many more committments will Clemson take?

Answer: As many as they can get of those top rated guys

Question: Mickey,

Answer: What

Question: So everyone is having a coronary worried that Blackwell bolts immediately if he's not made DC. Your thoughts? Would he not be interested in being co-DC, or more $, or many other ways to keep a guy on staff?

Answer: Blackwell wants to stay at Clemson. He and his wife love it here. His family is here. But he also needs to keep his career moving and other DC jobs and NFL jobs will call. He loves Bowden and Clemson so I hope it can work out for him here

Question: Do u feel Ward be hired as DC--and if so--will Blackwell stay?

Answer: Ward would not be the DC as far as I know. I think he would be the secondary or whips and rovers coach if he even came to Clemson

Question: What was your take on watching Rob Spence's offense last night?

Answer: QB hurt, RB hurt. UCon was the better team and loaded the box. Spence is a very good offensive mind and should not be judged from last night

Question: you have any idea what Lou Holtz was doing in Pickens county on Tues of last week?

Answer: Picking up trash?

Question: Mickey, There is nothing wrong with Lance Armstrong being named male athlete of the year. Signed, NASCAR drivers, professional bobsledders, and Playstation All-Americans.

Answer: Yes there is. Signed the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and basketball

Question: Who's looking at the LB from Irmo? I've heard great things about him from high school coaches. He's not extremely big for fast but he always makes plays.

Answer: Will Newell really impressed me at the Shrine Bowl. I think Vandy has gotten in with him. You know Irmo and Vandy are highly thought of academically

Question: What do you think about Jerrell King?

Answer: He is a great looking prospect physically. He has long arms and a great frame. he really has no clue what he is doing right now on the field. But he has a great upside. Plus high character kid who went to Boys State this past summer

Question: I really hope Charles Warren does well on the tour next year, you think he'll be ready? When is his frist event?

Answer: I think Charles is much better prepared now than before. he is much more experienced. I think he should be able to get into the Hawaii event the second week in January. If not I think the next two weeks

Question: What did you think of the game Spence called last game? Kind of tough to evaluate with all of Toledo’s injuries.

Answer: Yeah. Look at what Charlie Taffe and Ralph Friedgen did this year without a QB and RB

Question: Who are the strongest recruiters of Smart, Ward, Spence and Fisher?

Answer: Ward and Smart

Question: What is the "Deal" between Hardesty and phat phill?

Answer: I think they have a tentative thing where if he secretly committed then UT would drop some guys

Question: Can we run off Lovett's commits and save face?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Does Clemson have it's big recruiting weekend too early? Does that not leace too much time for other schools to confuse and turn a player?

Answer: No. January 14th is perfect. if you don't bring them in until the 21st maybe they are all committed elsewhere

Question: Mickey, is there really a good reason why Bowden does not seem to ask the folks of tigernet for more coaching and hiring advice?

Answer: I can't think of any good reason

Question: If we oversign this year, would we retract any offers or greyshirt prior commitments to make the numbers work?

Answer: The numbers always work out

Question: Can we steal former NCSU LB verbal Voght now that he's back on the market??

Answer: Yeah. Doc Holiday leaving helps other schools recruiting Vogt. He told us he will visit Clemson January 28th

Question: Are we trying to sign and place Alonzo Higgins and/or Travil Jamison?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where does our current class rank in the ACC?

Answer: I have no idea.

Question: Do we go to the NIT?

Answer: I think so. This team has a chance to continue to improve but the schedule is brutal

Question: Who do you like tonight in: Iowa State v Miami (OH) and ND v. OSU?

Answer: Whoever Walt said. JK. I think Miami (OH) and OSU

Question: Latest on Vogt?

Answer: Committed to NCSU but will visit Clemson Jan 28

Question: How disrespectful is it to an NFL fan who paid $100 to go to a game and watch his team send scrubs out when they don't want their star players injured before the playoffs?

Answer: Not as disrepectful as putting the stars in there and them getting hurt and missing the playoffs

Question: What do you know of Yesef Kelly’s scholarship being partially reduced?

Answer: A lot of schools are doing what Clemson is doing this year. For the guys who have already graduated they are only paying tuition and not room and board. Many guys across the country who had graduated but still had eligiblity were signing up for classes in the spring semester. They did this only to get the check for room and board thern not going to class. Clemson and other schools figured this out and will now pay for classes but not handing out checks for those just to get checks

Question: Did we recruit Frierson from Irmo? If not, why not?

Answer: The staff liked other WRs better

Question: Mickey since Bowden has indicated he would like to stay as a spread team does that not lead one to believe that spence is a more viable hire than fisher??

Answer: Yes

Question: What's the latest on USC and the stolen goods? Exactly how long does it take to investigate things in Cola?

Answer: I have no idea. I lived in Columbia for 19 years but never stole anything

Question: Why?

Answer: Why not?

Question: What do you think of Derrick Hamilton's stellar performance in the NFL this season?

Answer: As I said last January, he made a tremendous mistake

Question: Speaking of Lovett's recruits- what do you think of Kavell Connor? LB?

Answer: I think he is a big safety that can grow into a LB

Question: Are we on the junior phenom wr from Summerville?

Answer: I know of him and the corner at Fort Dorchester

Question: From a recruiting perspective, as a Clemson fan, would you pull for other conference teams to do well, or pull against them??

Answer: Always pull against the conference and anyone you are recruiting against

Question: Spike entwork has a James Bond marathon on adn I was wondering when an evil spy has him at gunpoint, why do they not just shoot him?

Answer: I have never seen a James Bond movie. But would it not make for a short movie and career if they shot and killed him

Question: James Davis and A. CLay?

Answer: Clemson and VT leaders from Davis. He will also visit Florida. Clay has finished his visits to CL,FSU,MIA,OU,MD. he will make a decision in January

Question: Of those in the upper tier who have yet to verbal, who are the most realistic to be coming to Clemson when it is all said and done?

Answer: Hivera Green

Question: What is the latest on Justin Miller's intentions or turning pro?

Answer: I have always thought he is gone

Question: Did Phat Phil drop J. davis per deal with Hardesty?

Answer: I think they felt better about Hardesty and their ability to sign him

Question: Is Mickey your given name?

Answer: Michael

Question: How about Boswell from Greenville?

Answer: Good junior wide out. Nees to improve size and strength

Question: Lets say MP is the HC at Clemson.. Who does he hire as his assistant coaches?

Answer: QB-Norm Chow RB-Burton Burns WR-Dabo Swinney OL-Brad Scott OT,TE-Danny Pearman DL-Ron West LB/DC-David Blackwell DB-Lorenzo Ward R/WHIPS-Kirby Smart

Question: Can Prince Miller bulk up to a LB, or is he a WR/DB at the next level?

Answer: DB/WR

Question: Roscoe to USC???

Answer: No

Question: I though McKinney disliked his trip to Michigan, much like Hivera Green.

Answer: He did but I think he will still go there

Question: Of the OL commitments, who is likely to avoid a red shirt?

Answer: Ruffin because they need depth at tackle. Austin and Humphries will be ready but more depth is needed at tackle

Question: Ard vs Philpot in a steel cage......who wins??

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Is Green a DE or does he move to DT?

Answer: DT in the future

Question: Any word on where Lovett and O'Cain may go?

Answer: I left O'Cain a message tghis afternoon. I think there are some in the community that are tryiong to offer him jobs not in coaching in order to keep him in the upstate. Lovett will coach again for sure.

Question: Any idea if OP has figured a way past those long scoreless droughts? They seem to be the bane of Clemson basketball.

Answer: That is a problem for most of college basketball. The defense is better than the offense. I watched several games over the holiday and teams went on long droughts. Press more and create off of the defense but you have to make baskets in order to press. How about shoot better?

Question: Will Dorell Scott or McKissic see any burn next year?

Answer: Both will pay

Question: Does J. McKissic (sp?) step right in a play?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Bart Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin in a war of whits...who wins?

Answer: Who is Stewies Griffin?

Question: Who is the FS next year, Hamlin or Walker?

Answer: I think hamlin has an edge. Both are very good prospects

Question: have you heard anything about Miller turning pro?

Answer: I think he is gone

Question: Would Clemson turn Taylor into a LB instead of a WR?

Answer: He could but I think his personality is more suited for offense

Question: Which RB will Clemson get before signing day?

Answer: I would guess James Davis but Mike Davis could be the one also

Question: Is any of this stuff about Yusef Kelly true??

Answer: See above

Question: Is any of this stuff about Yusef Kelly true??

Answer: See above

Question: Spurrier to LSU? how much weight does that have?

Answer: None

Question: Can Clemson transition to Fishers offense without a waiting period to get the right type of player in?

Answer: Yeah. They already have the right players. Clemson's strength is now at running back and in the big offensive line. The WR are the question mark. Give me Merriweather behind Jackson in the I formation and that big offensive line

Question: Did Simon end it all after yesterday? Get that guy a segment on the show everyday.

Answer: He is hilarious

Question: Who is TB looking at for coordinators?

Answer: OC-Spence/Fisher DC-Blackwell/Muschamp

Question: Does Gaddis or Gilliam step in for Miller at DB?

Answer: I would say both will be a huge battle in spring. That and the free safety spot will be fun to watch this spring

Question: Who does the staff want mor, Mike or James Davis?

Answer: James

Question: I have liked Duane Coleman from the start, but I don't see him taking playing time away from Reggie. What is Duane working on this offseason to get better?

Answer: He got a little heavy i his weight after the injury. He also lost a little quickness. You will like him again aspecially as a receicer out of the backfield

Question: who are the top three LBs on our board right now, and what chance do we have with each of them?

Answer: the staff will only sign 2. Miller is number one and committed. Clay, Vogt, Baker, Stamper all still on the board. We have an updated board on TigerSource

Question: Is Gaddis on the wrong side of the ball ?

Answer: No

Question: Does the 2005 football team have more talent than any since the TB era?

Answer: In some areas. The OL will but still inexperienced. WR as much talent or experience

Question: does lambert or gabriel come in Jan ?

Answer: Right now no on Lambert and still checking on Gabriel

Question: Who of the WR’s step-up next year?

Answer: Kelly and a healthy Stuckey

Question: When do you go to 4-7 and get that Charlotte crap off the air?

Answer: Call Aly at 864-654-4004

Question: Think Lambert will get in?

Answer: Yeah but doubt in January. Probably more like August

Question: Was the AP all-state team at all reflective of the best group of players in the state??

Answer: I have not seen it or pay any attention to it. Who made it and who did not?

Question: any idea of players with eligibility left leaving to make schlorship room for this class ?

Answer: Not right now but I have made a point to check on that in the next semester

Question: Merling, Gabriel, and Barry on track to get in?

Answer: Yeah

Question: any idea if chris mcduffie gets a look at OL?

Answer: I doubt it.

Question: Are all of our commits holding firm?

Answer: Right now yes

Question: Will there be any players transferring out this year?

Answer: Maybe a one or two due to a lack of playing time

Question: Rendrick Taylor, Josh Miller, Thomas Austin, Eric Huggins, nor Travil Jamison made the AP all-state. What do you think?

Answer: Typical newspaper stuff

Question: is there still a player or 2 out there--that we the fans dont know about?

Answer: Not really. A couple of guys that are committed to other schools that the staff is messing with. Gotta run to my day job. Remember Logan's on Wednesdays in January for the recruiting meetings and Sundays in January for the recruiting show. Have a blessed holidays. Thanks for stopping by

Question: is there still a player or 2 out there--that we the fans dont know about?

Answer: Not really. A couple of guys that are committed to other schools that the staff is messing with. Gotta run to my day job. Remember Logan's on Wednesdays in January for the recruiting meetings and Sundays in January for the recruiting show. Have a blessed holidays. Thanks for stopping by

Question: I though McKinney disliked his trip to Michigan, much like Hivera Green.

Answer: He did but I think he will still go there

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