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Question: I have a few questions regarding next years team. Firstly, are we going to be able to stop anyone withought coleman plugging the middle? Second, can anyone step up and fill millers shoes in the secondary? MY main concern on offense is will these receivers come around? Lastly are there any freshman that you see c ontributing immediately

Answer: Good afternoon, Mickey is attempting to qualify for the state match play championships today, so this is Trey. The defensive line will be better at Clemson this year. DT is actually one of the deepest positions on the team. Cory Groover, Chris McDuffie, Trey Tate, Dorrell Scott, Rashad Jackson all add beef up the middle. Tye Hill will have to fill Miller's shoes. Sergio Gilliam and Chris Clemons will be tested early and often. Both players had solid springs, and I expect good things from them in the fall. The receivers have a chance to come around. La'Donte Harris and Aaron Kelly really stepped it up in the spring. Kelvin Grant is taking the necessary steps to break out much like Currie did his junior year. Rendrick Taylor, James Davis, Quentez Ruffin, Ramon McElrathbey are just a few that could make an immediate impact

Question: Mr. Plyler, I just want to thank you allowing the Clemson fans to get an insider view on the future of clemson football. I am wondering if Clemson is going to take a nosedive on defense after the key losses of Coleman,Hill, and Miller. These 3 were clearly the best clemson had to offer among the D-Line,LB's, and Secondary. Will we stop anyone without Coleman plugging the middle? On Offense will the receivers come into theyr'e own? And lastly, will any of the incoming freshman contribute immediatley?

Answer: The defense will be fine. Anthony Waters is stepping up in the middle, and Nick Watkins and Tramaine Billie are starting to come into their own. In the past, one star has emerged to replace another, I really believe as a whole the defense will step up together and make good things happen

Question: How about those Clemson Tigers,, Regional champions, Tell all to get back on the bandwagon

Answer: The bats came alive when needed, but Faris, Cribb, and Rohrbaugh are pitching great. Those who were questioning Leggett simply did not look at the youth and future of this team. Harvey will likely be the only bat they lose in the draft, and look for D'Alessio and Colvin to really break out next season. However, with the starting pitching Clemson is getting right now it is going to be an exciting run.

Question: Who may be the next few recruit to verbal for Clemson?

Answer: This summer currently is not shaping up like last summer. Recruiting is going well, it just doesn't appear that as many of the Clemson prospects are looking for an early decision. It all could change very quickly. Just a guess, Ricky Sapp, Byron Maxwell, and D'Vontrey Richardson all could do something in a month or so. Clemson is currently a slight leader for all three

Question: Trey, Any word on Carl Johnson (Blue Chip OL) from durham? This kid has NFL potential right now!

Answer: Carl Johnson commited to Florida over the weekend. Marion Hobby made a great push to draw interest from him, but the recruiting in North Carolina the past three years has been awful. Hobby will do a great job in the state, but it was too late to land a player the caliber of Johnson. Write this down...Hobby's recruiting in North Carolina will be as important if not more than the impacts Spence or Koenning has on the future of this program

Question: Slow day, huh?

Answer: not if you are still celebrating the Regional victory last night

Question: Who is in the lead for Geathers?

Answer: Geathers is wide open right now. Burton Burns is recruiting him, and will keep Clemson in it. As of now, he has not given as much as a sniff towards a leader

Question: Who wins tonight, GT or USC?

Answer: Well GT was pick to win it all, so I will stick with GT. They have a extremely powerful lineup, but I did not expect SC to win a game. GT has traditionally choked in the postseason, while SC has thrived recently. Still this year, GT is too talented to drop this one.

Question: Any guess on the times for the Super Regional games this weekend.

Answer: Television coverage is up in the air right now, so much like every other sport game times hang in the fate of the TV people.

Question: How is the coaching staff coming together? Does it seem like the changes have been the right move and chemistry between and among coaches is where it needs to be?

Answer: I believe the staff is coming together very well. Both coordinators in my opinion were the right hire, and you definitely received an upgrade with Marion Hobby.

Question: Any idea on what Brent Schaeffer will do?

Answer: Schaeffer will take a visit to Texas A&M, and then I expect him to enroll at Clemson by the end of June

Question: Any new status of Duane Coleman?

Answer: I spoke with Coach Burns on Friday, and he seemed very please with the progress Duane had made. His GPA this last semester was like 3.2, and that really impressed the coaches. The odds have improved to 80-20 that Duane returns this fall. He will likely return to the same fate Eric Sampson had, in which he will be placed at the bottom of the depth chart and have to earn his way up

Question: Will Schaeffer really have an impact?

Answer: With his talent, I would have a hard time imagining him not. Proctor has the leg up already knowing the offense, but Schaeffer will have a full year to learn it. One thing going for Proctor is he has shown that he understands the system and can run it effectively at least in practice and scrimmages.

Question: What is the latest on Alex Rose and DeAndre McDaniel?

Answer: Rose has been extremely difficult to reach. If FSU stays away, I would have to think Clemson is a solid contender with Swinney's ties at First Coast. McDaniel is laying low as well. Both of these players should be in camp at Clemson and we will learn a lot more then

Question: Any word on qualifiers? What is the current situation?

Answer: TJ Williams has to hussle, and everyone else from my understanding is in good shape. There also may be one player currently on the team that is in trouble from a disciplinary standpoint. Hopefully, we will have the news on the current scholarship player by the end of the week

Question: Will Schaeffer have three to play three or will he have two years left?

Answer: 3 to play 3

Question: will duane coleman get his 4th year? if he does with davis and chancellor back would we take more than 1 rb and if so why?

Answer: Coleman is on pace to get his 4th year. It would depend on the player, in Chancellor case I am not sure he stays at running back. He may be start there, but ultimately I see him at WR or in the secondary

Question: I understand Schaeffer is quite an athlete. Possibility that he changes position later?

Answer: Schaeffer is a quarterback. Do not believe a position change is in his future.

Question: ASre we close to getting any verbals commitments from any other players?

Answer: Today, I would say they are at least a month away from the next commitment. In this business everything could change by the day. A kid grows tired of the process and makes a decision to put it behind him. I did not expect Carl Johnson to make a commitment this past weekend. Also there are some kids if Clemson offered they might commit right away

Question: What are our chances with Schaeffer? 50-50%?

Answer: I would say the odds are better than 50-50 with Schaeffer he had a great visit

Question: Your guess as to how many "verbals" by end of July!!

Answer: 3 or 4

Question: How about our tigers? Did you ever believe they would be where they are now in the middle of the season?

Answer: Actually I did. Mickey called me delusional all season, but this team was very close to putting things together early in the season. Things are clicking right now with the club, and it is going to be very exciting watching them in the Supers

Question: Do you think Schaeffer could unseat Proctor, Harper or Reese in 2006?

Answer: He has the talent to do so, but it all depends on how he picks up the system. Schaeffer is too talented for the staff to pass on despite have four QBs on scholarship

Question: Any chance Roscoe Crosby goes in the Supplemental Draft?

Answer: No, draft picks are too valuable for a team risk with Crosby. He may benefit from being a free agent.

Question: In your opinion is there a "character issue" that we should be concerned about with Schaeffer?

Answer: If the staff takes him, no the staff is very careful with character and I trust their judgement of the situation

Question: Your ideas on the baseball draft tomorrow and any info on incoming bb players?

Answer: Kris Harvey will go between rounds 2 and 3, not sure about the other players. Hopefully, Will Kimmey will join Mickey for a few minutes tomorrow

Question: Won't signing Schaffer hurt us with any qb recruits we are looking at?

Answer: they will not worry too much about if they get Schaeffer

Question: Do you see Reese or Harper transferring if we pick up Schaeffer?

Answer: Possibly, but that would be up to them. Reese I know pretty well, and I honestly believe if he did not play football he would still have loved the opportunity to attend Clemson University

Question: Do you think Schaffer favors us over AM?

Answer: yes

Question: Does getting Schaeffer hurt us with D'Vontrey?

Answer: I wouldn't think so

Question: Do we get Ricky Sapp?

Answer: If siging day were today, yes

Question: What's the latest on Byron Maxwell?

Answer: dead heat between Clemson and Georgia

Question: Have we offered Prince Miller?

Answer: no and most likely will not

Question: How are we looking with Crezdon Butler?

Answer: Still in good shape, just a lot of things came at him at once. He wanted to sit back and make sure he had everything in line, but Clemson is still a slight leader with him

Question: Did Carl Johnson commit to Florida?

Answer: yes

Question: Who are the ols in the state that we'll offer?

Answer: Geathers and Harrison, and maybe Johnson

Question: How are we with Geathers and Harrison?

Answer: Both are wide open, they will begin to narrow down by the end of July

Question: When do the incoming freshman report?

Answer: end of June, the papers are going through the clearinghouse as we speak

Question: Will we offer Baldwin,the kicker from Greenwood?

Answer: not sure

Question: Will Jack Bauer return for the next season of 24?

Answer: honestly, I have never watched a single episode

Question: There's a rumor that Tanner will leave USC if they lose tonight. Confirm or deny?

Answer: I can't do either, but I have a hard time believing he would leave with a new stadium being built and his wife being from Columbia.

Question: First offensive play vs A&M?

Answer: A triple oop dee oop statue of liberty double option reverse

Question: Will TJ Williams make it in?

Answer: right now I would have to say no, but he still has an opportunity

Question: how did longwood,radford and niagra do in the tournament?

Answer: LOL Wait til next year.. Thanks for coming by, Gotta run, Go Tigers!

Question: Name your starting 11 on defense against aTm...

Answer: Bennett, Groover, Tate, Adams, Billie, Waters, Watkins, Hill, Fudge, Gaddis, Clemons

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