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Question: groover going to miss anytime?

Answer: No. The bullet bounced off of the ground and shattered. The bullett is still in his thigh and will stay there but Groover is niot expected to miss any time. He will be 100%

Question: Aside from the first game, what game are you most looking forward to in 2005-06?

Answer: Miami

Question: How 'bout those Yankees?

Answer: Back to back shutouts but the A's can't. ESPN tonight Randy Johnson on at 7:00. We still are not very good

Question: Are we finally seeing a change in the number of "draftable" NFL prospects coming through Clemson? Who are some who you feel will be NFL-caliber after this coming season?

Answer: Mel Kiper has Whitehurst #2 QB and Tye Hill #4 corner. I think Adams can make it in two years

Question: brawl story? If you need a source, I will volunteer. Swoffy screwed us over.

Answer: I think I would have a better chance to find the guy who shot Groover than get some one on the principles to talk about the deal

Question: What is your biggest position of concern heading into fall practice?

Answer: WR, kicking and special teams

Question: So what do you think of the cock and misfire?

Answer: I am not big on any nickname crap

Question: You talked to Emmanuel Francis yet?

Answer: No. I understand the staff thinks they are in good shape. They would take the first of about three or four QBs that would commit

Question: Your thoughts on Clemson's destination in the baseball tournament?

Answer: They better play better or they will not have to think about tournaments. VT is not good so last night hurt

Question: Cock and Fire , sponsored by Valtrex

Answer: I am not sure what Valtrex is but I take it that was an insult

Question: Concerns on special teams = returns or coverage?

Answer: Returns. Justin Miller will be missed more in the return game than as a corner

Question: Will the new ACC instant replay policy reall make officiating any better?

Answer: It will make them accountable. We will know it for sure when they do. They need to be graded and/or fined when calls have to be overturned. Hold them accountable. The camera doesn't lie

Question: If you had to pick one football player to come out of nowhere to make a name for himself this season, who would you think it would be?

Answer: As much as we talk about every player, coach and prospect how can someone come from nowhere. I think Demerick Chancellor has a chance ton be special

Question: Does Hamlin beat out Gaddis?

Answer: Maybe in October or November. Both will play a lot

Question: Who would you trust the most to return punts . . . not just speed, but sure hands as well.

Answer: Stuckey

Question: Who will be our long-snapper opening day?

Answer: I am not sure. I need to ask about the snapping

Question: How about the Westside WR Mo Brown?

Answer: I am not familiar with him

Question: How much longer can we expect games to last for them to review plays? Is it going to be anything like the O & W?

Answer: In the ACC they should last three days. No the O & W game they just experiemented. I would think two plays a game would mean an extra ten minutes

Question: Does it embarrass you that Dabo is one of the lowest paid assts in the ACC/SEC?

Answer: Doesn't embarrass me but he is underpaid

Question: At what position fo you feel Demerick Chancellor can and/or will be doing most of his damage?

Answer: I think RB and returner

Question: It's my understanding that the Big 10's system uses the replays provided by TV for their instant replay system. Because of that all of their conference games were carried by some network, be it ESPN Regional, ABC, etc. Will all of the ACC's conference games be televised?

Answer: There usually is only one or two per week that are not but they will have the system on non-TV games

Question: mickey... i know BC has a lot of people back... but look at their results last year.... 9-3 with a marquee win over a 6-5 UNC team that had no defense...my pick for biggest disappointment in the league.... your thoughts on BC?

Answer: They are big and powerful. BC is a lot like UVA. If yiou play bad they will beat you. If you play well you will win

Question: If the Tigers only manage 6 (or heaven forbid, fewer) wins this season, how ugly will it be for Bowden?

Answer: Not too bad. he has the program going in the right direction. Who would you get?

Question: Who is our # 1 target at QB? WR? CB?

Answer: They are still putting the entire board together. QB-Richardson, Francis and a couple more WR-Maybe Rose. Rb-Cox, Adams maybe. They are still putting it together

Question: any prospects from Camden High School on Clemson's board?

Answer: I have not coached to coach Neal yet but I know some schools like Drakefield, Carter and Harris. Plus Austin's little brother is a junior

Question: do you agree GT will be the letdown of the league considering how weak they are at OT and DT?

Answer: They will be good on defense as they return 10 of 11 but the one injury makes it 9. On offense they have a great WR, vry good back and an avg OL. They will be as good as Ball lets them be, he can beat you or them

Question: Do you see one of our young qb's transferring now that we are going more towards athletic qb's again?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: How far ahead of S Carolina is CLemson in fb talent?

Answer: According to some Clemson is way behind. I think Clemson is deeper and more talented than South Carolina. Youn could make an argument that Clemson is better at QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DE, DT, LB, DB

Question: Do you think S Carolina coaches encouraged them to start the brawl?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Is Clemson going to offer Prince Miller?

Answer: Right now no but that could change. He is a very good player but is only about 5' 9"

Question: Do you think Clemson has a shot at Alex Rose if FSU offers?

Answer: If FSU comes in it will be tough

Question: Where do we stand with DeAndre McDaniel?

Answer: They are in it but so is AL,SOCAL,LSU,AUB,LSU and a ton of others. Dabo will do a good job

Question: What is your projected 3 deep at running back for Texas A&M game?

Answer: Merriweather, Browning and Davis

Question: Thoughts on ROH, who should get in?

Answer: Danny Ford should be in. Years down the road Rod Gardner and Woody Dantzler

Question: Do you agree that we have enough challenge with conference schedule and that a 12th game should be gimme (hopefully) division I school?

Answer: Not every year. it is OK some years but mix in UGA

Question: Don't you think it's time for Jon Solomon to take a one-way trip back to Maryland?

Answer: Lets get up a fund

Question: Do you see Brandon Nolen getting at any PT ever?

Answer: No

Question: Do you think Kris Harvey is really the only guy that we need to worry about leaving early for the draft?

Answer: Yeah. He will go, But none of the others will have much of a choice tbhat I know of

Question: Do you think Spurrier is aggitated with the situtation he finds himself in? Was he misled?

Answer: I think he has a lot of confidence

Question: Sounds like TJ Williams will have a hard time qualifying. What other recruits might not make it in?

Answer: One or two more but right now all have a chance

Question: If Tommy has the program going in the right direction why did we win 3 fewer games this past year then the year before. Also, in order to have a program going in the right direction I don't think getting beat by duke is a good milestone for that goal.

Answer: Because they played at Texas A&M, Miami, UVA and FSU. They had no excuse against Duke. That was aweful. GT was a ffuke. They endded the season by winning five of their last six. It was a step back from 2003 but the season ended strong with wins vs MD, NCSU, MIA and USC

Question: Has the Ring of Honor always been open to other sports besides football. Shouldn't it be limited to football since its in DV??

Answer: BB has it in Littlejohn

Question: do you think any other players will leave the program before the fall?

Answer: I still think a player or two that is not getting any playing time may decide to go to a place where he can play

Question: Did Lovett recruti any players that are going to make an impact?

Answer: Conner runs well but Lovett was not a great evaluator

Question: Could you outline for the glass always half-empty idiots what all you mean by the program being headed in the right direction.

Answer: There is improvement in the program. They have been bowl eligible evry year. The talent level is rising. There is depth building. The facilties are improving. The schedule is difficult but the program is moving forward

Question: Do we offer Geathers as an OL or DL? Are we still top 2 or 3 with him and Sapp?

Answer: I still think OL. Clemson is is in the top three with both. Thanks for coming by. Gotta run to the day job.

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