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Question: What did you think of Jim Davis being reassigned?

Answer: I was really disappointed. Jim Davis is a personal friend. I cannot think of anyone that has more character and integrity than Coach Davis. He is a true gentleman, a great husband, father, grandfather, coach, friend, leader and man. He is a role model for me and I wish he could have finished his coaching career the way he wanted to.

Question: Mickey is our badketball recruiting done for the year? And if not who are the possibilities?

Answer: No. I think Clemson is still involved with two big men. I think Coach Purnell plans on signing one more post player

Question: Don't you think Jim probably owes everything he has accomplished to Bobbie??:-)

Answer: Absolutely. Plus he comes from a great family. I have so many great stories about one of the finest Clemson men I have ever been around

Question: Who's in your final 4 bracket?

Answer: Now or before? I only missed three in the first round. So 29-3 was great but the second round killed me. Know I would say. Illinois, Washington or Lousiville, UNC, Utah

Question: So they're running some 4 TE sets in early practice (per Source column)?

Answer: No four tight end sets but the position will be a major part of the new offense

Question: What is the status of Carl Johnson; is he the top rated OL in the country, what are our chances?

Answer: He has camped at Clemson and been here many times. He came to junior day and had a good time. Johnson is a monster but Clemson will have to beat everyone in the country to get him

Question: Mickey, when are we getting rid of the dead weight in the CUAD? Now would be a good time....

Answer: The recent moves make sense. Kyle Young will be a tremendous asset. He will do a fantastic job. Jim Davis in whatever role he has will also be terrific. I like Bowman and Grayson moving. Now is only more that really needs to go.

Question: Please comment on the apparent fact that Clemson is now a pretty popular "official visit" with top 100 players as copmpared to 1999.

Answer: I think you mean in basketball. Purnell and his staff have been working these type of prospects. Nickleberry is an incredible recruiter

Question: Mickey, how would you have liked Jim to finish up? It is unfortunate that very few of us get to go out the way we would like.

Answer: I understand. But he had everyone coming back and they played so many freshman that had so much potential. Whoever they hire will inherit a young, talented team

Question: Do you not think both Coach Davis and TDP had a feeling that stepping down now might save him from further heartache down the road?

Answer: No. I think Coach Davis feels this team improved and has a bright future. I saw almost every home game this year and saw a ton of improvement. The freshmen are talented. They had a couple of poor classes a few years ago and it hurt but this program was coming around

Question: what is kyle young's new position?

Answer: He has been hired as an assistant AD. He will get another degree in May then go full-time as an assistant AD. Right now he is training in a bunch of different areas as Dwight Rainey's assistant

Question: Mickey --- re earlier question. Was talking about football. Seems like we had a tough time getting officila visits from blue chippers in TB's first season and now it's a matter of picking and choosing which ones we want.

Answer: Yeah. I agree. I think anytime you have stability and have some momentum these things happen. Big wins, facilities and schedule have players attention. The recruiting system is in place. They have had good camps that have really helped

Question: What are our chances with the 3 kids from Anderson, especially Alexander?

Answer: I am not sure Clemson will offer. They like Alexander but wish he was taller. Ameer is a very good player and will get some other offers. I think a lot depends on how they look in camp

Question: How did Clemson's junior day turn out? Was anyone turned?

Answer: Great. They did a great job on Sapp and Wilkerson

Question: How does Julius Powell compare with James Mays coming out of high school, can he be an impact player next year?

Answer: Powell was more of an offensive threat but mays runs better, jumps better, is as athletic and is a much less selfish player. Mays has a huge upside but is not the scoring threat of Powell

Question: So, if Coach Davis saw improvement, will someone else come in and take the credit next year?

Answer: I hope not. Coach Davis is the winnigest basketball coach in Clemson history.

Question: Will this baseball team make the post season?

Answer: Too early to tell. I talked to Bradley LeCroy (Assistant coach) last week and he said, "Stay with us. This team will turn it around sooner rather than later. We will be a good team. The talent is there and the young guys will be special." As it turned out they looked great this weekend

Question: how does Gaddis look at the Cat position??

Answer: So far so good but they have only had one day in pads. His attitude is great

Question: Mickey, your thoughts on Jenn Rizzotti or Ashley McElhreney as replacements?

Answer: Aren't they really young?

Question: Who will be the surpises of next football season? What freshman may see the field?

Answer: I am not sure how anyone can surprise with all of the media attention on every aspect of the program but Duane Coleman will have a good year. Merriweather is a guy that I would go to war with. Whitehurst will get back to his old self. Stuckey is he is healthy. On defense you can count on Bennett, Adams, Groover, Billie, Hill, Fudge. Hamlin will be a good one. Vincent will play a lot. I think one TE, two WRs, one OT, Merling, Clay, Miller and maybe a corner will play next season

Question: Any thoughts on a replacement for Davis?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Are there ACC caliber basketball recruits remaining uncommitted this late in the year?

Answer: Yeah a couple of the big men are still out there

Question: Your opinion on Roscoe Crosby's pro potential...

Answer: I think it is going to be a big uphill battle. He is so inexperienced and rusty. He needs time and patience. Crosby has not been the most patient guy

Question: What type of impact will the new fb coaches have in recruiting? We are hitting the state of AL big time.

Answer: Hobby is a great recruiter. he will have some of Alabama and North Carolina. It is a great year in North Carolina, Koenning will have a lot of Georgia and is a very good evaluator

Question: mick, you get any broken bones over the weekend.

Answer: No, but it wasn't a lack of effort. I tried to hurt myself including my first black diamond run

Question: Are LOI valid before someone from TAC signs approval?

Answer: No

Question: what are the biggest position battles (other than Gilliam v. Croley)

Answer: Backup quarterback, tailback, fullback, left guard, center, 2nd team bandit, Dunham and Watkins, Gaddis and Hamlin

Question: Heard any candidates for the women's HC job? Pederson from AC would be a nice pick

Answer: I have no idea. I would think they would have to look at a female first

Question: Is the running back from Atl, good enough to be a break out talent as a freshman?

Answer: Davis will get some time but he will have to be special to beat out Merriweather and Coleman

Question: We know Tye Hill is great, Sergio is good, how is the depth at corner?

Answer: Croley and Clemens are talented but have no experience

Question: Do you see us getting back close to where we were recuiting N.C. and Ga. in 70s and 80s?

Answer: Both are tough because of the in-state competition. But they are doing a better job there now.

Question: Will Clemson ever wear orange jerseys again?

Answer: Yes

Question: Mick, Disappointed that you are not up to speed on wimmen's coaching candidates.......lol

Answer: I have been out of town

Question: Mickey, any rumors floating about USC hearing from the NCAA soon?

Answer: I have not heard anything

Question: Mickey, Who are our top recruiting targets in Georgia and North Carolina for FB next year?

Answer: North Carolina players like Carl Johnson and Josh Adams. In Georgia players like Jo Jo Cox, Lavell Parker and D'Vontay Richardson

Question: Is Justin Miller still projected in the first round after the workouts?

Answer: A lot can change but I think he will be late first or early second

Question: Mickey....who do you see as our starting safties next year? I like Walker, but I know from experience that his torn knee ligament won't be 100% until 2 years. Who do you see starting?

Answer: Fudge and Gaddis. Hamlin and Walker will be very good players with more experience

Question: I've heard mixed reviews on b-ball recruit KC Rivers... what are your thoughts??

Answer: if he is healthy then he will be very good. A lot depends on his health

Question: What can be done to improve our horrid free throw shooting next year?

Answer: Practice and bring in a specialist to teach them

Question: Okay, when will we wear Orange jerseys again?

Answer: Texas A&M

Question: Is it excepted that KC Rivers will be ready by next year with his injury?

Answer: I think so but that is seven months away

Question: How are you doing on your brackets? Did UW-Milwaukee screw yours up too?

Answer: No, I seriously had them in the sweet 16. My first round I got 29 out of 32 but the second round killed me. I still have 11 of the 16 but only one of my final four is still there

Question: What role has Levon Kirkland played since coming back to Clemson?

Answer: He is in minority recruitment

Question: Is this year's football team the most talented team in years?

Answer: In some areas but question marks in others

Question: If TB had a hot tub and a big ole hairy chest, would we have a better shot at NC blue chippers?

Answer: Please do not make me lose my lunch thinking about Amato

Question: know anything about johnny white or crezdon butler from asheville

Answer: I do not

Question: Mickey---who is still out there that is an ACC caliber recruit for hoops? Most of these guys committed almost a year ago I thought.

Answer: I know they would like to sign one more

Question: You're gonna post this chat on TigerSource right?? You guys forget sometimes.

Answer: Yes

Question: Who will the hurricanes have at qb come Sep 17?

Answer: I have not kept up with their spring but that is the big battle. They are loaded on the DL

Question: mickey - has it got increasingly harder for a male to be successful coaching women's b-ball?

Answer: I think so. With few exceptions the women are taking over the game

Question: I know it's early, but do we beat aTm to open the season? Wouldn't you say that game is crucial for Bowden and the program longterm?

Answer: It is early and both have question marks. I would think Clemson can win a close one. I thought the last loss to UGA was a big one and he rebounded. So now it is not crucial

Question: Other than transfers how many "ACC" type recruits did Vermont and UWM have on both teams?

Answer: I know Vermont had a couple of very good players but not many ACC-types

Question: With the absence of Ford next season, where will our points, rebounds, blocked shots come from? We saw what life would be like without him when the freshmen center from aTm plowed over Mays and Akingbala.

Answer: Points from everyone including more from Hammonds. rebounds and blocks from Mays and Akin. The A&M freshman is talented

Question: Is this a down year instate for recruiting?

Answer: Great talent at the top but little depth

Question: Does women's basketball even matter? it seems like that money would be better off spent on football or mens' hoops.

Answer: TDP says womens' basketball is very important

Question: Are there any great bastball prospects coming through the state SC that are only sophomores at this stage that OP can start to get on?

Answer: The kid from Lower Richland is a junior named Mike Jones. Clemson has been in it with him. Tyrone McNeal is a 6-11 junior from Clover. I think Bishopville has a very good sophomore

Question: How many of those top SC recruits do we have good chance at getting? Will Spurrier own us instate?

Answer: Clemson has a shot at all five of the top players (Geathers, Sapp, Maxwell, Gaither, Miller). I am not sure how many USC will offer in-state either

Question: How about Ricky Sapp/

Answer: Clemson had a very good junior day with him

Question: Oxford, Miss or Athens, Ga for wimmens?

Answer: Close but Athens

Question: What are our chances with McNeal?

Answer: I think very good

Question: with MD's Josh Allen out, do you think MD is a must win game for the Tigers in week 2?

Answer: Way too early to tell. Gotta run. Hope evryone has a great week. Thanks for the interest

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