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Question: who will be the biggest surprise in Spring practice?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hoep all is well. As far as the question, hopefully Kelvin Grant. I would think CJ Gaddis has a chance to shine. I am interested in all of the guys how have new positions. Hopefully the surprises will be from how fast the players catch onto the new schemes on both sides of the ball

Question: Mickey, what the heck is going on in Columbia?

Answer: They are having a run of bad luck, but if you sell your soul to the devil like Lou did eventually you have to pay your debts

Question: Have you seen Moe Thompson?

Answer: No. I can't believe in 2005 we can find things from sattelites and can't find Moe Thompson

Question: Is what's going on in Cootville such a surprise? This is their reputation for the past 100 years.

Answer: I am not sure for the last 100 years but IMO Lou Holtz should take blame for running this type of program

Question: Did I see where Gaddis is moving to LB?? How will that work out in your opinion?

Answer: He has moved to the CAT safety. It is a hybrid safety that will see a lot of action close to the line of scrimmage. I think he has the body and athleticism to do well there if he can pick it up. Last year he looked lost at times

Question: Roma Fry at center. what's happened to Hutchinson and LeTray??

Answer: LaTray has been a disappointment. He has been in bad condition physically. Hutchinson is doing OK but hurt his knee last year and still needs to get stronger

Question: Shouldn't MO MAMA be charged w/ harboring a fugitive?

Answer: I do not know all of the details

Question: mickey... you think any more USC players will be dismissed? and you think the NCAA is still sniffing around?

Answer: I think there is still a chance one or two more may be on thin ice. I think the NCAA has not closed there case with USC

Question: Will there be anymore dismissals for USC?

Answer: I don't think so but I hear one or two more are on thin ice

Question: Your personal opinion regarding the Tony Nelson scholarship thing??

Answer: Clemson tried to get him in at ECU and even calling Skip Holtz about it trying to help him and ECU said they could not get him in because of academics. My lasting impression of him is that if he is as good as his coach says and as close to qualifying as his coach says then why did he end up at UMASS?

Question: to get it out of the way. Cecil Huey SUCKS. How is the brawl article?

Answer: I have been busy the last ten days or so and haven't worked on it. But I agree with your evaluation

Question: So Dustin Fry starts at center with Roman Fry as 2nd team if the season started today?

Answer: Yes

Question: What will the offensive line 2-deep look like at the end of fall practice ..in your opinion?

Answer: LT-Richardson, DeBeer LG-Myrick, Pilgrim C-Dustin, Roman RG-Bennett, Roman or Tremel RT-Dukes, Capote

Question: What do you think of the assortment of talent at Bandit? Adams/Vincent aren't exactly clones. What does VK want here?

Answer: I think he wants a long, athletic DE type body but his Bandits at Troy were 6-1 or so. Now it that by design or could they not recruit bigger there?

Question: Is CJ Gaddis's move to safety official, and if so, who is in line to be starting CB next year other than Tye Hill?

Answer: Yes. Sergio Gilliam is ahead of Croley and Clemens

Question: IS there more to come out of USC (i.e NCAA sanctions)

Answer: I have no idea but I would not be surprised either way

Question: In your opinion, should the ACC suspend Chris Paul for his actions last night?

Answer: I did not see the game and keep missing it on Sports Center. I would like to see it first

Question: other than the obvious (Gaddis) who will help out in the return game?

Answer: Miller departure will really hurt there. Tye Hill, Stuckey, Grant, Coleman

Question: could moe possibly be with tymere waiting to enroll at clemson?

Answer: No. Clemson would not take Thompson

Question: Do you think the law should check Phil Kornblut's house for Moe?

Answer: LOL. I really find it hard to believe they can't find this guy but it is not like he shot the President

Question: Any changes on offense going into Spring Practice?

Answer: LOL. Yeah, a couple of hundred

Question: Several reporters around the state now seem to be blaming someone other than Clemson for the fight in the last football game. What has happened to enable these paragons of virtue to begin to see the light? have facts begin to come to light to which we unwashed are not privy?

Answer: People will believe what they want to believe. The fight should not have happened but the reasons why it happened are simple.

Question: Do you believe that Bowden will REALLY be hands-off re: the offense this season??

Answer: Yes

Question: Okay . . . 2-deep along the defensive front if you have can???

Answer: DE-Bennett, Robinson DT-Groover, McDuffie, Scott DT-Tate, Clark, Jackson, McKissic Bandit-Adams, Vincent, Littleberry, Gabriel

Question: What the heck is Bart Wright's problem? Can you ask him the next time you see him at the station?

Answer: I have never met him in person

Question: Did you think it was a little unfair that GT was in the bonus with 16 mins left?

Answer: Do you actually think a bubble team would lose the last weekend at home on senior day?

Question: Mickey, if Tayshaun Prince's sister married Ron Artest... she would become the Artest formerly known as Prince. What are your thoughts on this?

Answer: You guys are too talented or have too much time on your hands

Question: nc state lost. oh wait, they have sendek. never mind.

Answer: NCSU is not really a bubble team. NCSU has no shot

Question: How big a Tiger basketball fan are you?? Compared to football, that is?

Answer: I am becoming a huge fan of Oliver Purnell. He is first class

Question: Any position changes on offense heading into Spring? Good answer before though.

Answer: Capote moves from guard to tackle. Roman Frye moves to center. Akeem Robinson moves from tackle to defensive end

Question: Tough day at work. I need a hug. How 'bout it Mickey??

Answer: There has to be a female at the office that would do a much better job

Question: The bubble coaches--gillen and sendek--who stays--who gos?

Answer: If they can afford it both are gone

Question: Will Cliff Hammonds make the conference all-rookie team?

Answer: Yes. He has had a fantastic season

Question: Do you think Swofford will suspend Chris Paul like the Tiger FB players for his punch last night?

Answer: I did not see it but he has to protect his little basketball players doesn't he

Question: Capote has come along well enought that we can move Akeem R. back to defense? He must have really improved.

Answer: For the first time he is in much better physical shape. Plus Lambert, Ruffin and Grant are coming

Question: Do you think Rick Barnes would come back to the ACC to coach State or UVA?

Answer: He would be crazy to leave Texas but his ego tells him he can do anything. I wish he would because the tailgate shows would be better at NCSU or UVA football games

Question: Sendek is safe because of new chancellor at NCSU not wanting to rock the boat his first year (according to sources).

Answer: He has 1,000 lives anyway

Question: Do you think Tommy Hunt and Fred Barakat are competent or are they pawns?

Answer: Both have no clue what they are doing. Both are crooks

Question: Are we a lock for the NIT

Answer: Yes

Question: Who is Fudge's backup going to be at FS? What are your thoughts on Fudge at FS?

Answer: Walker will back up Fudge. I think he will do fine. Fudge is a great football player. He adjusted well to rover and will do well at FS. He tackles well and is atheltic enough. He will do whatever it takes. You can count on Fudge

Question: Who do you think will be the starting CB going into the football season - Gilliam, Croley, or Clemons?

Answer: Gilliam

Question: Which WRs are we looking at the hardest for the 06 class?

Answer: Clemson has offered Rose and Parker. They probably have offered five or six more

Question: Who do you think will be the biggest surprise of spring fb?

Answer: Hopefully Gaddis, Grant, a 2nd team QB emerging as the backup, Watkins

Question: Is siging Tebow next February going to boil down to wins and losses??

Answer: No. I think he wants to play early. Clemson will be right in the thick of it. he is an incredible player. FCA is a big deal and playing time is as well

Question: Think Monts has a chance for another year?

Answer: The staff thinks he has a very good chance

Question: Any chance we play against 5 on Thursday, or will we be playing against 8 like Saturday?

Answer: Maryland is not on te bubble. Did you see the foul they called on Robinson late Saturday? What a joke

Question: Will Spence make a concerted effort to get significant snaps for Charlie's back-up??

Answer: I think so

Question: Who might not qualify from this class?

Answer: They are waiting on a couple. TJ Williams is taking a night class that could help. I think evryone has a good chance to make it

Question: Why start Spring Practice on a Friday?

Answer: Why is that a bad idea? I don't think it matters what day of the week it starts. They have 15 practices to get in in the alotted time

Question: What is Akeem Robinson's weight right now? Ditto Sergio

Answer: I think Robinson is around 270-280. Sergio is around 190 I think

Question: what is the TE dept chart going into spring practice

Answer: Williamson, Green

Question: Do the players seem to like Koenning's scheme?

Answer: They like him a lot. he is a very personable guy. They like the intensity and discipline. I am not sure how much they know about scheme right now

Question: We aren't really going to offer Salahudein are we? He is NOT that good in games

Answer: He runs really well and is athletic. It is hard to tell about corners. I think he will camp at Clemson and they could tell more there but right now the staff loves him. We will have a story on both Hanna players and the sophomore prospect there later this week

Question: Any chance the O&W Game will resemble a little more of a real game this year due to increased depth on both sides of the ball?

Answer: I am not sure. I think the main thing is you want to accomplish as much as possible with each of your 15 days

Question: Hobby isn't getting much PR. What will we like about him as a coach/recruiter?

Answer: He is a great recruiter. I have talked to coaches he has worked with in the past and they thought he worked reallyhard and was a tireless recruiter. The Clemson staff likes him as a person and thinks he has fit in well in a short time. He will recruit a lot of North Carolina this year and it is a great year in North Carolina

Question: Did Spence use a lineup very much where TE was not involved

Answer: The last couple of years he began to use the TE a lot

Question: Sophmore at TL Hanna is Brian Maddox correct?

Answer: I can't recall his name. I know he is a RB/LB and his father played at Western Carolina

Question: Will new offense and new defense be implemented during Spring practice?

Answer: No they probably will wait until mid-season. Just kidding. Of course

Question: Has new playbook been distributed?

Answer: I have not gotten my copy yet

Question: is Clemson going after the RB from Daniel, McIntosh is his name i think?

Answer: Yeah they are recruiting him

Question: Were were homered on Friday's baseball game with all those balks?

Answer: I was not there and have not talked to Dan about it yet

Question: Has Spence stopped drolling yet with all of the Tiger talent he has at his disposal?

Answer: I think he has talent on the OL, QB and RB. I am not sure how much he has at WR

Question: What no copy of playbook for u yet - should we email TB?

Answer: Yeah I thought it would be here by now

Question: Has spring arrived yet for the coeds on campus?

Answer: I am 36 and should not comment on thousands of people's daughters

Question: My personal favorites were the charges on Perry. Schensher could do whatever he wanted though, and somehow could even draw fouls on the guy with inside position.

Answer: Big Bird should have fouled out of both games vs Clemson this season. What a joke

Question: Did Maryland try to steer Mike Davis away from us?

Answer: Hopefully

Question: Do you not think the WR will improve with the improvement of OL?

Answer: Yeah but more importantly with the new scheme

Question: Do we beat MD in first round, or are odds against us?

Answer: I haven't seen a line yet but Clemson matches up well with the Terps

Question: Did Mike Davis have insider information about what was coming re: Summers situation?

Answer: Not that I know of. He had inside info on what was coming with the James Davis situation

Question: Does Spence use the fullback ever?

Answer: Yes. In fact Harrell has been working very hard so far

Question: Are any practices open to the public?

Answer: I think so but need to check. Bowden is having apress conference at 11:00 tomorrow

Question: Clemson is actually recruiting a kid from Daniel again? Is he an actual D1 prospect?

Answer: They are recruiting him and will continue to evaluate

Question: will there be a surplus sale prior to the spring game this year?

Answer: I do not know. Call the SID at 864-656-2114

Question: anyword on new uniforms

Answer: Will Merritt told me he saw some the other day that were not as bad as orginally believed

Question: Does Simon really talk like that or is that a joke?

Answer: Talk like what?

Question: Bowden needs to make his way to Greensboro to recruit.....exp Trinity High School

Answer: It is a great year in North Carolina next year and Clemson plans on really doing damage there

Question: OF the 4 or so TE's we signed last couple of years, who stays and who moves to D-Line

Answer: Barry, Muse stay. Merling to DE, Akeen Robinson to DE

Question: Any truth to the rumors that NCSU football is being investigated?

Answer: I keep hearing it but don't know anything

Question: what's the latest if anything on ncaa investigation of usc?

Answer: I have not heard anything lately

Question: How many Freshman do you think will start on Offense next year? How about Defense?

Answer: Aaron kelly has a chance, Akeem Robinson and Courtney Vincent will play a lot as will Dorrell Scott and Rashad Jackson and Michael Hamlin. True freshmen that may play include Davis, the WR, Barry, merling, Clay, Miller

Question: DO you think that's Amato's hot tub the NCSU chicks are in in Playboy? (and don't act like you haven't seen it)

Answer: I swear I haven't seen it. Is it good?

Question: Should we be concerned about lack of speed at wr?

Answer: A little

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TV channel set for Clemson-Florida State
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Clemson moves up in AP Poll
Clemson DE to redshirt
Clemson DE to redshirt
Clemson makes return to No. 2 in Coaches Poll
Clemson makes return to No. 2 in Coaches Poll

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Clemson DE to redshirt
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TV channel set for Clemson-Florida State
TV channel set for Clemson-Florida State
Clemson makes return to No. 2 in Coaches Poll
Clemson makes return to No. 2 in Coaches Poll
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Clemson by the numbers: Etienne No. 1 in rushing, total TDs
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