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Question: Mickey, what are the rules regarding contact with a recruit during the 48 hours prior to signing day?

Answer: Good afternoon. Sorry, I am late. I kept getting kicked off computers here at the station. The final 48 hours coaches can make unlimited phone calls but cannot go off campus and can't jave visitors

Question: Do you think we have a good chance with McKinney/Hayes?

Answer: I think they still have a chance at McKinney, Clay, Hayes and Green

Question: Are we recruiting McPhearson?

Answer: No

Question: Do we place Jamison and Higgins?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is the Green news legit? Any chance he changes his mind?

Answer: Several people in Virginia have reported a VT commitment but we have not reached him yet. He will officially announce Wednesday at 9:00

Question: What is your gut feeling on Hayes? McKinney?

Answer: I think Clemson has a legitimate shot at both but my guess right now would be FSU and MCH. Stay tuned. I think Hayes has his mind made up. I think McKinney is still making his decision

Question: Is Hivera Green committed to VT or not?

Answer: According to several sources yes but I have not been able to confirm that

Question: Geno Hayes...FSU or Clemson?

Answer: We will find out Wednesday at 1:40 PM. He knows right now. We interviewed him last night but I do not know and all three staffs don't know right now

Question: Bottom line, so we can save you and the rest of us a lot of time...What happened to turn Mike Davis and Hivera Green elsewhere and how do things stand with Green going forward?

Answer: If you have followed the Davis situationly I have always said that James Davis decision would be a factor. Green has been a slight VT lean according to some but we have interviewed him every week and he says there has been no favorite

Question: Your comments on the lack of ethics in Solomon's article on Nelson? Timing?

Answer: Typical newspaper. The State had that story like every media source three weeks ago. They decided to wait until the Sunday before signing day to run it. That sounds like CBS owns The State newspaper. I guess Jon Soloman wanted to continue his poor relationship with the Clemson coaches. Also one side of the story can't be put out right now. The kid is not going to qualify. If he was so good and was going to qualify then why is he signing with UMASS?

Question: thoughts on Mike Davis going to sc?

Answer: I think he made the right decision

Question: FSU fans seem to think that have Hayes, what % would you give us of signing him

Answer: 25%

Question: Mickey you think the longer it takes for Mckinney the better Clemson chances are?

Answer: Yes. He has said he will announce Wednesday at 10:00

Question: any recruits we have committed that you are worried about signing elsewhere?

Answer: At one time I thought Ruffin or James Davis or Rendrick Taylor or Thomas Austin or Josh Miller. But right now I would be surprised if they lost anyone but you never know

Question: Will CU or USC have any big surprises on Wednesay? Kids that might decommit from other programs to either of these two?

Answer: I doubt it but you never know. Clemson may sign a kid that I may release tomorrow but he is a new name. Please don't ask because I can't release him right now but he is a completely new name.

Question: MP- How would you compare McKinney to Groover?

Answer: The are similar in size and speed. Both play very hard

Question: So does clemson stand a better chance today with Hayes than last thursday?

Answer: About the same

Question: Did Mike Davis do Clemson a favor by going to USC?

Answer: In my opinion yes. But many will not tell you that. I like Mike but the numbers are full and they already had James

Question: Compared to RB's in our beloved past, how would you categorize James Davis?

Answer: James is the best they have signed in recent years. Chancellor is a speed guy that looks like Charlie James

Question: What are the chances Jon Soloman ends up in a dumpster with 10 broked fingers?

Answer: LOL. I know who would be the suspects

Question: Some say Antonio Clay is still a possibility... your thoughts on being able to sway him to Clemson?

Answer: I think Clemson has a chance. Nothing would surprise me on Clay.

Question: Have you heard how we stand with all our current verbals........to me that is the real key to this class keeping who we got?

Answer: They all say the right things right now

Question: I know its early, but who are our top 5 targets for next year? I know the coaches are already recruiting them.

Answer: The ATH from Byrnes, the DL from Carvers Bay, the 3 players from Rock Hill, the QB from Spring Valley, the QB from Spartanburg, the LB from North Augusta are just some fo the ones we have collected info on so far

Question: We're got a pool on how many times you'll be asked about Green? What's your over-under?

Answer: 23

Question: Mickey- in your professional opinion, how many years do you think Hayes would start at FSU and how many years do you think he would start at Clemson?

Answer: 2-3 years at FSU 3-4 at Clemson

Question: when will our administration grow a set and start pulling some of these idiot reporters credentials.

Answer: I am not sure the legalities involved but it is funny to see The State guy circle McFadden Building all day and walk around the perimeter

Question: The new kid's not from Canada, is he?

Answer: No

Question: Mickey, What is you gut feeling on Geno Hayes? any thoughts?

Answer: I have no idea. He knows but the schools do not know and I do not know

Question: Do you think if we pulled the old whipped cream pie in the face routine on SOlomon at the game tomorrow night we would get arrested?

Answer: I would have to ask Rick Clark or Michael Ridenbauch of the CUPD

Question: Have you spoken with Clay recently? He seems to have been relatively quite since his Oklahoma commitment

Answer: We have. His family has been very patient and very hlepful. He was slightly embarassed by so many commitments and wants to make one final decision and just sign instead of making a biug deal out of it

Question: Will Lambert have to sign another LOI tomorrow? and has he been cleared to enoll this summer?

Answer: I think he will sign again

Question: Was the whole staff completely sold on Mike Davis? Or was it more Brad?

Answer: The staff was split. I feel bad for Brad because he worked hard but I would not shut the program down. The staff fought over this one a while

Question: Mickey, If you had to pick one Tiger recruit who might stiff us on signing day who would it be?

Answer: I have no idea. I think they all are good now but if I knew then it would not be a surprise

Question: How would you rankthe follwing cb recruits: Chancellor, Ray Ray, Lewis, Chamber?

Answer: Chancellor is a great cover guy. Ray Ray is a greathlete and return man. Lewis is a fantastic competitor with good fundamentals. Chambers will not play corner. I would rank them 1-Ray Ray 2-Lewis 3- Chancellor

Question: What do you know about Darian Thoimas?

Answer: Dang you guys are good. I was not going to say anything about him but you guys are so good. He is a DL from Clinch County HS in Homerville, GA. Koenning loves him and Clemson may take him tomorrow but the decision has not been made yet

Question: Mickey, can you tell us anything about this nameless recruit like position or height, weight, of 40 time?

Answer: The guy above just beat you to it. His name is Darrion Thomas 6-3, 245 DL from Homerville, GA. Koenning has been recruiting him forever at Troy and he is completely sold on him. Now they have to decide if they have room

Question: what do you take from the comment that Hayes had his decision made before the fsu visit?

Answer: I think that would be good for Clemson but I am not sure how to take it.

Question: New kid Darian Thomas?

Answer: You guys are very good

Question: ok Mic what are the initials or where is this recruit from????

Answer: DT

Question: are the days of the early commitment from juniors over like Zimmerman a few years ago?

Answer: No

Question: Why did Mike Davis choose USC???

Answer: He wants to play earlier

Question: So as it stands now it looks like we may go 0 for 5 with those last one's you mentioned..thoughts?

Answer: This is a good class and when you go to the wire you risk it but they have no room anyway so in a way it works itself out. They would still take any of the last four

Question: How would you compare J Miller to Hayes and Clay?

Answer: Very similar. He had close to the same offers

Question: FYI, UGA site had something on the thomas kid a week ago..that is how people know his name...

Answer: OK.

Question: Mickey...pay us some $$$ and we'll tell ya where Hayes is going! LOL

Answer: Are you guys that good?

Question: Who beyond Troy has offered Thomas?

Answer: I am not sure. I have never talked to him.

Question: I think we get Hayes on Wednesday, what do you think? Any chance left for Clay also?

Answer: I will not know until he announces. I could lie to you and blow smoke your way but if the coaches don't know and the kids either don't know or are not saying then I am not going to try to fool you into thinking that I know

Question: Travil Jamison . . . JUCO or possibly prep? Which?

Answer: Possibly prep but he will not know until his final grades are in

Question: My crystal ball says Geno comes to Clemson

Answer: Have you told Geno that?

Question: Are they looking at McPhearson?

Answer: No

Question: Mickey if you lurk in TAC, you will get some serious scoop...............and lies.

Answer: LOL

Question: Does our staff feel confident about McKinney?

Answer: They never feel confident on anyone this late. They feel thay have done an unbelievable job to stay in it this long and they feel they have a chance

Question: What do you know then lol

Answer: Not a lot I guess

Question: Do you have a read on Hayes or Clay if not do we have another LB on the board

Answer: I have no feel for Clay or Hayes. Clemson will not take any plan B guys at LB

Question: Any chance of getting Green since his family isn't 100% behind his decision?

Answer: Clemson and USC are still heavily involved

Question: Is Green going to VT???

Answer: Right now yes but both in-state schools are working

Question: Just to change the subject, any ACC coaches on the hot seat this fall?

Answer: Not really but GT, NCSU, DUKE can't be too far behind

Question: Are we still recruiting Travil Jamison? Did he visit this past weekend?

Answer: The staff wants to place him. No

Question: Would it surprise you to see a defection from our verbals like that of Mike McIntosh last year?

Answer: I have no clue

Question: Are there any surprises you see us getting on signing day

Answer: If I knew then they would not be a surprise

Question: Did Spurrier and/or Stock have any influence on the timing of the State article Sunday?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: What do you think of our defensive hires?

Answer: I really like both. All three new coaches will come on the radio show soon after signing day

Question: Will Jamison be a sign and place for CU?

Answer: Not sign but place

Question: What is more fun than TAC?

Answer: Nothing

Question: Mickey, are you still not a fan of Ruby Red shoes wearing Chuck Amato? lol

Answer: I just see through his act

Question: Mickey, what process do the coaches do through in the final 48 hours? Are we going to be touching base with all of our verbals?

Answer: They have unlimited phone calls but cannot have in-person contact

Question: Any chance for the LB from Atlanta?

Answer: I am not sure who you are refering to

Question: Should we listen to your show today to hear your comments on Solomon?

Answer: If you call and ask about it I will let it be known how I feel. I will also get the truth out

Question: Mickey, do you think Bowden should start smoking big cigars and meeting all the recruits wearing only a towel... and maybe a little bling bling around his neck? ..ala Amato

Answer: That is too scary. It is sick. The man is disgusting

Question: How long will it take for Ga Tech to recover from the recent troubles? It seems they weren't having a very successful recruiting season before this news broke.

Answer: I think GT will sturggle for a while

Question: How come NCSU gets so many great recruits?

Answer: What have they won?

Question: What about Cox... Clemson or Florida?

Answer: Prep school or JUCO

Question: Any chance M Davis pulls a hat trick on Wednesday and comes to CU?

Answer: No

Question: Ever seen Amato in his hot tub? Eeewwwww!

Answer: No and I hope you haven't either. Sounds like a 1970s pornography set

Question: Is it really true that Chuck the Chest is sitting in a hot tub, smoking a cigar, watching a recruit's film when the recruit is brought in to meet him for the first time??

Answer: Sick

Question: Any chance of getting Sesay?

Answer: No. he is going to UGA

Question: How does USC "put on a concerted effort" to win the in-state recruiting battle for Davis (As noted by another guru who shall remain namel;ess). What does that mean. Surely both Clemson and USC were putting on "concerted" efforts already, no?

Answer: That article was a joke and that should not be a surprise to any of you

Question: Amato: bro or manzier?

Answer: Please. I just ate

Question: Do they pay you by the message?

Answer: I wish

Question: Who will be the fastest commit?

Answer: Demerick Chancellor

Question: Is there any reason why Clemson does not seem to "close strong" year after year?

Answer: They have gotten signatures from Akeem Robinson, Michael Hamlin, Roscoe Crosby, Ben Hall,etc in the last 48 hours in recent years. When you go up against FSU and teams like that late then you run that risk

Question: Are you going to do another chat on Wednesday or Thursday regarding national signing day?

Answer: No time Wednesday. We might set something up later in the week

Question: Think Demerick may play receiver?

Answer: I think he could play RB,WR,CB,S

Question: Amato vs. Ed Asner: which has the hairiest back?

Answer: Harry and the Hendersons

Question: Other than Scott ans Burns, have any of out other coaches gotten raises (like Blackwell & Dabo)?

Answer: I think Dabo and Blackwell deserve a big one also

Question: Do we still have a chance w/ Hivera Green?? What about Clay?

Answer: Yes to both. We will find out Wednesday

Question: why do we not sign and place travil jamison

Answer: The admistration does not like the perception

Question: what do you make of story in STATE about nelson. why the timing?

Answer: Ask me on my radio show or see the above answer. Bad journalism, poor decision

Question: How much PT will James Davis see next year? and where? 3rd down back, ST or what?

Answer: I think he plays a lot. He is a complete back. He does not have to come out on third downs or short yardage

Question: so you are saying clemson didn;t want davis

Answer: No I am not

Question: What is the update on these guys: Etta-Tawo....Higgins...Gamble....Dollar...Ranson and finally Riley?

Answer: Etta-Tawo is firm to Clemson. Higgins is being placed by Clemson at SW Miss. Gamble is JUCO. I have not contacted Dollar in months. No longer recruiting Riley

Question: Has Cecil Huey caused more problems with recruiting this year?

Answer: He is a constant problem. He wants Clemson to be Duke.

Question: mickey where do you think nicholson commits to after 3 today?

Answer: UNC is my guess

Question: Will we use Chancelor at rb or db since we did not get M. Davis ?

Answer: He will begin at RB

Question: Well, if its true Hivera Green is to VT, what would have swayed him? He was supposedly a silent commitment to Clemson weeks back?? What could have stirred him????

Answer: Who said he was a silent to Clemson? VT is a great program

Question: How do you think Stockstill and the coots are doing?

Answer: They did OK

Question: Even if we dont get any of the one's remaining wouldnt you say this is TB's best class so far?

Answer: It is close

Question: Is it true Geno had his decision made before his visit to FSU?

Answer: That is what he says

Question: Who of our verbals are recruiting for us, and is it having any effect?

Answer: James Davis, Ray Ray, Quentez. We will find out their influence on Wednesday

Question: Just curious, do you know why Mike Davis is now at Glen Forrest instead of Columbia High?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Mickey...do you think we have fallen short at LB that last few years and do you think it could haunt us later? Everything else we're doing great, but LB to me seems like our achilles heel. Thoughts?

Answer: If they miss on Clay and Hayes then they came up one short in my opinion

Question: If we were Duke, we would've won last year. Plus we'd have good hoops.

Answer: LOL

Question: Are you saying Ray Ray and Lewis are better CBs that Chancellor? Or, did I read that wrong?

Answer: I think they are better overall but that is just my opinion

Question: Will Carlos Thomas and OJ Murdock be academic casualties? Rumor is UF backed off Murdock b/c of that.

Answer: FL can't take Murdock

Question: What position do you see Dammerick Chancelor playing in college?

Answer: RB,WR,DB. I have to go do the show now. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for the interest

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