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Question: Mickey, who was Hivera referring to "i will find out if they are cool in september" thought I heard VT coaches?

Answer: Good afternoon all. I hope all is well. I did not hear it that well. I need to go back and listen to the CD.

Question: Any news

Answer: Yeah. Mostly great news. Hayes is just now leaving campus. I was driving into town and saw him and Dabo leaving a local eating establishment. I understand his visit went really well. He will be home tonight so check our site.

Question: If Lance Armstrong had been QBing Pittsburgh, would they have won?

Answer: No, but the refs would have felt sympathy like SI

Question: Do you think Levon's help might be enough to sway some recruits?

Answer: I think so once he becomes more entrenched and established

Question: mickey..... what do you think of the staff's plan at LB? gambling too much in a position of need? or do you think they've played it the right way? just seems we may come up a LB short in a critical area

Answer: Maybe. Hindsight is the only real answer. What if they would have taken a plan B guy early and then did not get a chot at Hayes or Clay? Hindsight is the only real way to judge it. I say never take plan b guys at some positions because they can be four year mistakes

Question: Simon to get a regular segment?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Mickey...tough question, I know, but what kind of team do you expect to see in 2005 considering the changes on both sides of the ball not to mention the schedule Clemson is faced with?

Answer: I think they will be better at QB, RB,OL, DL. A lot will depend on the new coordinators and how well the team adapts. Plus the schedule is so difficult

Question: Please consider this the obligatory "Go Yankees" entry for the day.

Answer: Yes Sir. This is the year we break our long drought.

Question: How did Hayes' visit go?

Answer: Great!

Question: Any possibility of a player from out of the blue signing with Clemson, that none of the recruiting experts knew we were recruiting?

Answer: I doubt it. There is so much attention now that it is difficult to surprise people

Question: Any clue how Phllip Morris looked at his JUCO this year?

Answer: I have not checked

Question: What are our chances of getting Chris and Demerick?

Answer: Great if they can take both. Blackwell and Bowden go into their homes tomorrow

Question: mickey.... your gut on Mike Davis, Hiveria Green, the two Chancellor kids, and Geno Hayes?

Answer: Just a guess and it changes every hour but I would guess--Davis-Clemson, Green-Clemson, Chancellors-Not sure yet, but will have better feel tomorrow. Hayes-FSU. Just a guess

Question: How are Mike Davis and Hivera Green looking for Clemson

Answer: Good but a lot can change in the last few hours

Question: Is lambert in school? If not, WHY? Seems that a "free Spring Practice" could only help?

Answer: He is not yet. The clearinghouse has his paperwork. Spring would help but school has been in session for two weeks on Wednesday and you don't want to get him too far behind in his first semester

Question: What is your gut feeling on Clemson's chance to land Hayes after this "great" weekend visit?

Answer: I think they have a good chance but look out for FSU this coming weekend

Question: Mickey, is Tiger going to have a good year or is his wife going to "affect" his game?

Answer: I wish she would "affect" my game. He will have one of his best years ever

Question: any possibility of having walt daptula on 5 days a week?

Answer: I wish. He is incredible

Question: Do you really think we have a shot at McKinney? Is he still high on our board?

Answer: I think Clemson has a shot. They staff goes in this week to make their biggest push. I think MCH has been the leader though

Question: Mike Davis has made a decison, but won't announce until signing day?? Will James Davis affect it?

Answer: I am not sure Mike has a final decision. Mike will have no affect on James

Question: C. Chancellor is only 5'9 153lbs? He seems small to be such a highly rated corner. Will the Chancellor brothers end up at Clemson in your opinion?

Answer: He is about 5-9, 160. He is small but had big offers. We wil know more after tomorrow's in-home with both Chancellors

Question: Where did you find Walt? and how can some clown like Dan have a radio show and not Walt D?

Answer: Walt is incredible. We are lucky to have him. However, I think Dan and Mark do a fantastic job

Question: Do you think FSU taking 5 coaches into J Robiinson's home helped sell FSU? Do we ever do that?

Answer: Clemson and other schools are doing that more and more each year. I think Robinson has always been an FSU lean

Question: Mickey, any word on Travil Jamison?

Answer: He will start at a prep school

Question: Is playing time any kind of factor with Hayes? If so, is it not reasonable to think he would get earlier PT with Clemson compared to FSU?

Answer: Yes. hayes wants to play early. Yes, but remember FSU plays more true freshmen than Clemson every year. Go back and look it up

Question: What has happened to Hivera Green? I thought he was close to committing to us. Do you think he'll go elsewhere?

Answer: I think Clemson is in good shape. I never said he was about to commit. I think you are listening to the wrong radio show

Question: So Travil to prep than JUCO? Thats GREAT news for Clemson

Answer: Right now prep school is a decent possibility

Question: Mickey, who would win in a footrace between Dan Scott, Big Moe and yourself?

Answer: I feel pretty confident in that one

Question: If Travil Jamison starts at pres school, is it safe to say we could see him in 1 year?

Answer: Yes if he goes to prep school that is always the plan

Question: What are our chances with Mckinney? and is he a potential instant impact player?

Answer: I think Clemson is in second behind MCH heading into the last ten days. Ron West has done a great job here

Question: mickey do u think we will get both chris and demerick

Answer: I do not know now. The staff does not know now. They will know more after the in-homes tomorrow

Question: Mickey, what was your reaction to Brian Dawkins "display" after the trophy presentation yesterday?

Answer: I did not see it. We were here at the station from 1:00 PM until 11: last night working on the recruiting show

Question: Assuming nothing changes within this recruiting class, who are the 2 or 3 who you feel could really come in and make an impact immediately and why?

Answer: James Davis because he is the deal. Both tight ends because Spence will play the TE more. One of the offensive tackles because the need for depth there. Defensively whoever can help and also play special teams

Question: Mickey do we have any guys that are wavering besides Demerick? What do you think has helped in that area?

Answer: One coach told me this afternoon-"Recruiting this time of year is hour by hour. You have to keep both hands on the steering wheel." The staff has done a great job of securing the commitments and staying on them

Question: Heard one of the gurus compare Geno Hayes to Wayne Simmons, Your thoughts?

Answer: One coach told me the other day they thought he was another Derrick Brooks

Question: Are we going to look to grey shirt anyone?

Answer: Not unless they have to. A guy like James Simmons could be one of those though

Question: who esle do u think we get before signing day?

Answer: Maybe Davis, Green and one more.

Question: Did Hayes commit?

Answer: We have not talked to him. We will tonight when he arrives home

Question: Status /offer to D. Mcpherson ? Any visits?

Answer: No offer. There is no room

Question: Could Jamison end up at Prince Avenue? Are Clemson coaches looking to use that location in the future?

Answer: I think they like how close it is. You could see ore of that in the future

Question: who is the bandit next year?

Answer: I would say Gaines Adams has the ability.

Question: What are our chances with Mckinney?

Answer: Good but MCH is the leader

Question: Will James Davis be a starter?

Answer: Eventually

Question: Does losing out on Robinson help us with C Chancellor?

Answer: Yes

Question: Mickey, whats the status with Corey Lambert, he has enrolled but has he made it through the NCAA clearinghouse??

Answer: He has not cleared the clearinghouse and he is not actually enrolled in classes yet

Question: In your opinion, does Irmo LB Newell warrant Div 1 look?

Answer: I think he is a good player. I think he is a D-I player. But has ever D-I school made a big mistake? Are they all wrong?

Question: Do you think it is possible that Hayes commited to Clemson during his visit?

Answer: Yeah but won't know for sure until we talk to him tonight. Even then youhave to watch FSu next weekend

Question: Will our coaches still make the in home visit with Jamie Robinson?

Answer: No. Jamie was upfront with them and there is no reason to back in. He will go to FSU or VT

Question: Mickey how bad are your withdrawals from missing the NHL?

Answer: Its killing me.

Question: Would you think that Tyler Grisham is the most underrated player in our class?

Answer: One of the most underrated. He will be a good one.

Question: Is Hayes still committed to UT?

Answer: I have not talked to him. He does not get home until tonight. he boards his plane around 3:00 PM

Question: Who are some of the top juniors in the state?

Answer: The DB at Ft. Dorchester, three athletes at Rock Hill, LB at North Augusta, QB at Spring Valley and Spartanburg, ATH at Byrnes

Question: Mickey, what are your thoughts on the report that Global Warming is approaching the point of no return?

Answer: Is this Al Gore? Ask the northeast about global warming.

Question: If Hayes and Dabo went to Sardi's it's a done deal. (put him on the fridge peavy)

Answer: LOL. That is where I saw them

Question: will the usuck ncaa "investigation" ever end?

Answer: Only after people figure out if Tymere Zimmerman will qualify

Question: Are any schools still in contact with J. Davis? Anybody still buggin him?

Answer: Yeah, TN and FL still call and go by to see him.

Question: Going out on a limb, who are the last commits we get?

Answer: Davis and Green-Just a guess

Question: Going out on a limb, who are the last commits we get?

Answer: BTW-I can get to your answers a lot faster if you ask the question just once instead of 50 times

Question: Mickey? This is the Northeast calling. Global Warming is just fine. Tons and tons of snow and windy, bitter cold weather makes for fine sweater vest-wearing weather...

Answer: LOL. Just let me on the golf course in March

Question: Where does Mike Davis end up

Answer: He says he is still open. I have always thought Clemson is a slight leader over USC. KY has also done a great job with him

Question: why didn't Clemson hire Dexter Davis? It would have been smart to have a former player on staff. Your thoughts?

Answer: There is no room for him on the staff. Hobby is a terrific recruiter who has been in some recruiting battles over the last seven years or so.

Question: Did Hannah's decision to go to Va. Tech surprise you? Lots of folks had him pegged for NC State.

Answer: I thought it was UNC. I was very surprised. But if you think about it of the four schools he looked at the hardest, VT wins more and uses the TE more. I think he made the right decision

Question: Sorry if it's been asked...how many Chancellors will end up at Clemson?

Answer: The staff does not know right now. There is a scenario where both, one or none end up there. We will know more after the in-homes tomorrow

Question: Any idea on who we might lose?

Answer: Right now no but the staff is prepared to fight it out on everyone of the current commitments

Question: Based on need and potential who do you think are our top 3 remaining targets?

Answer: Hayes, Green, McKinney

Question: Briefly, please define "silent commitment". what does it mean?? And why?

Answer: It is when a prospect tells the staff he is coming but he does not want it out publically. It is so he can keep taking visits or relase it when he wants to

Question: Can you explain the deal w/ our GAs (Streeter, OPolk, Napier, and Young)....2 years as video,,,2 years a regular GA...then they're done? How much time does these 4 have left?

Answer: The GA rules have changed in recent years. I think you are right. I am not sure where those guys are in their time

Question: Mickey, you still feel Green to Clemson?

Answer: Yeah but keep both hands on the wheel

Question: Why did C.J. Bryd's stock drop so much in your state player eval. listing?

Answer: He had a good but not great year. At the Shrine Bowl, I thought he looked solid but not spectacular. I think he is a good athlete but I am not sure he is an NFL-type athlete. IMO I am not sure he is als talented at Derek Ross, Chris Hope, Anthony Simmons, Shaun Ellis, etc. like some of the other number-ones that have come out of our state. Look at the NFL draft. Their stock changes week to week. It is just a projection but Byrd is a great kid and a very good athelte and will be a very good player

Question: We had a discussion yesterday in the chat room on why Clemson can not get any kids out of Rock Hill. What are you thoughts.

Answer: The ones they lose are going to FSU or OSU or USC. USC has been stronger there but how can you balme a kid for going to FSu or OSU?

Question: Who do you see as the starting 4 linebackers for 2005?

Answer: It depends on what the staff plays each week. I still think you will see a lot of 4-3. Waters, Vincent, Watkins, Billie

Question: Thoughts on the 2005 schedule? Looking forward to another Thursday in Raleigh?

Answer: Me too. I think the schedule was a little more difficult last year but this might be the second most dificult schedule in school history. The home scheudle is incredible

Question: Who does Mike Davis sign with?

Answer: My guess is Clemson but there is a lot of recruiting to still do

Question: See any true freshmen starting for the Tigers this Fall?

Answer: I doubt anyone of the true freshmen will start

Question: Why does the Clearing house take so long? There must be more to the process than we know.

Answer: There is just a subjective look and a bunch of paperwork and transcript stuff.

Question: Mickey, of players who are not at the top of the conversation, who is one player that the staff would have liked to have gotten that we missed on, and who is one player we did get that we can't beleive we got or were surprised to get?

Answer: I would say the staff would love to get or to have gotten Clay or Hayes or Robinson. I would say James Davis is the biggest surprise so far but those questions can still be asked next week

Question: Why is that we continue to have TH night games (even though we don't want them) and UNC continues to not have to play them? Total BS in my opinion

Answer: UNC only gets 35K in Keenan and they would not get 3,500 if it were a Thursday night. BTW-here is a secret--UNC runs the ACC

Question: Is it conceivable that James Davis and Reggie Merriweather coould each get 750 yards each rushing in 2005?

Answer: Yes

Question: Rendrick Taylor . . . a wide receiver once he gets to town??

Answer: Yes but he could always move

Question: mickey... if the tigers close with Green and Davis... and the Chancellor kids... this would be the best class (on paper on signing day) since when in your opiniotn?

Answer: since the 2001 class. That was an incredible year if you go back and loom at it. Whitehurst, Currie, Crosby, Zimmerman, Tye Hill, Leroy Hill, Fudge, Dunham, etc

Question: Would you have played Texas A&M on Sunday if you were AD?

Answer: No. It takes away from a day to prepare for Maryland

Question: Duane Coleman to slot receiver to make PT for James Davis next year??

Answer: Maybe but I doubt it

Question: Mickey, Did we hire Spence to play chess with Groh?

Answer: LOL. I think he is more of a Dungeons and Dragons guy

Question: You going to give some air-time to Dawkins and Adams on the show today? They played outstanding yesterday

Answer: Yeah. It is a good story

Question: What former Tiger back does James Davis remind you of the most?

Answer: Maybe Kenny Flowers

Question: Which / Any of the WR's have an instant impact?

Answer: I think all four have chance. I think Grisham might have the best shot at early playing time

Question: I want to get my man Browning some PT...where can we put him?

Answer: He needs to play more. I love his attitide. Maybe he more carries or maybe slot receiver

Question: If there were an All ACC special teams player (not kicker) who on our team would be a good candidate??

Answer: Justin Miller. JK. I would say David Dunham and Steven Jackson

Question: you really think it's over for jamie robinson?

Answer: Yes. He will go to FSU with a slight chance to VT

Question: what was Ron Morris hinting at when he said Spurrier will have to deal with the NCAA violations coming up?

Answer: I do not know what he knows

Question: Any guys that have committed that you feel could possibly sign elsewhere on signing day?

Answer: There is always the chance.

Question: Any news on Vontrell Jamison re medical redshirt?

Answer: We posted on TigerSource last week that according to three of his teammates he did not get the sixth year

Question: who else commits to clemson that hasnt? and who is placed?

Answer: I would say Clemson is in pretty good shape with Davis and Green. They would like to place Jamison, Higgins, Cox

Question: Which of the current commitments do you see playing Bandit?

Answer: Merling, Murchison

Question: Who is the most underrated player in this class?

Answer: Durrell Barry

Question: what is it about FSU - they always seem to close strong they seem to come out of nowhere

Answer: Well lets see- The are in the national title hunt every year. They have the best facilities, best support, the allt-time winnigest coach in college football hsitory, the have FAMU as a recruiting tool, the nightlife is great, they are on national TV every week, consistently go to BCS games, great uniforms and helmets, put the players in the NFL and win Heisman trophies etc. What else is there?

Question: does it not matter to recruits that bobby is near retirement ast FSU?

Answer: Nope

Question: How much do wins help turn a player to a program?

Answer: I think it is the number-one factor

Question: Any comments on the breaking news on Hayes?

Answer: He is aout to board a plane to go home. We will talk to him tonight. The visit went great

Question: when do the coots get nailed for academic fraud?

Answer: I have not heard anything about it

Question: FSU ain't got no Hill!

Answer: They have twice as many national titles

Question: so lack of playing time must not matter to jamie robinson - timmons was mislead

Answer: Both will be in the NFL

Question: Do you think the DT at Hanna, Ben Alexander, will be a top recruit next year?

Answer: yes

Question: So with UT and UF still calling James, could they sway him or is he as firm as can be with Clemson?

Answer: I think he is firm. Burns is set for the final in-home Thursday. Gotta run to the day job. I hope evryone has a great week

Question: who wins between you and Derek in a footrace?

Answer: Me

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