Tuesday update: The Chihuahua vs the burglar....The legend grows
Lawrence had an interception but was tackled by a wide receiver

Tuesday update: The Chihuahua vs the burglar....The legend grows

by - Staff Writer -

CLEMSON – The lore that is Hunter Renfrow continues to grow with each and every passing day.

Did the 5-10, 180 pound wide receiver battle fire breathing dragons with his bare hands? Not quite, but he did single handily take down the biggest player on Clemson’s roster during last week’s stadium scrimmage.

The Myrtle Beach (SC) native took Clemson nation and the college football world by surprise when he had an instant impact on Clemson’s offense last season. The more opportunities he receives, the more he adds to his future book – The Legend of Hunter Renfrow.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Scott met with the media following Monday’s practice and recounted Renfrow’s heroics in taking down 6-5, 340 pound freshman defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence and saving a touchdown.

“I thought it was really interesting. I really thought Hunter was going to jump on his back and get a free ride into the endzone,” Scott said of the play. “I think those extra five or six pounds he's put on since last year really were the difference to get him down. I think if Dexter would've known that was Hunter, he might've been able to hold him off. I think it was kind of a surprise attack. I told somebody it looked like a Chihuahua chasing after someone that broke into a house - nipping on his heels. It wasn't pretty but it got the job done. Coach Swinney said that all Dexter did was enter himself into the Hunter Renfrow book - The Legend of Hunter Renfrow.”

Scott spent majority of the time breaking down many of the wide receivers and what they need to improve on during the remaining spring practices and during the summer, and he said he’s been pleased with how each member of the wide receiver corps has improved individually.

“All of those guys have stuff to work on. In the spring, it's about each one of those guys improving their individual game and then when we get to the fall it's about bringing that group together and how they play together,” he said. “Right, now it's about improving them individually as players. They've been working every day. It's not always perfect. It's not always pretty, but it's really the consistent effort and the intensity they show up with each practice. I've been pleased with I've seen through 10 practices.”

Trevion Thompson

“He's been a lot better. He's a guy that's been challenged a lot. This has been a big spring for him, especially because he's gotten a lot of scrimmage opportunity. Mike [Williams] has been doing pretty much everything except scrimmaging. We take him out during scrimmages, which is good for guys like Trevion who get those reps. I've seen a lot of good things out of him. I'd say these last four practices have been his best practices. This is a big year for him and he's getting a lot of opportunities and a lot of reps. I like where he's headed. He's not there yet, but he's headed in the right direction. These last few days, he's made a lot of big plays, which he needed to show us he could make.”

Ray-Ray McCloud

“I've been pleased with what I've seen out of Ray-Ray McCloud over the last four practices. He finally looks healthy and is playing a lot faster. He had a good first year and was really improving a lot and then he had that injury that set him back towards the end of the year. It's the same thing we challenged Artavis [Scott] with after his first year - become a complete receiver. Ray-Ray is a very talented guy with the ball in his hands. He can run, but you've got to be able to do more than that to be a great receiver. You've got to be able to get open versus press coverage on all of inside and underneath routes, not just the vertical routes. Working on his break points and his releases and all of those types of things, that's really what he's focusing on. I've seen progress from the beginning of spring to where we are now at practice 10.”

Mike Williams

“I feel good. I've watched to try to see if there's anything at all from his year off. The biggest thing was probably the first three or four practices he was out of breath a little bit as he tried to get back into that practice shape of going four or five reps in a row, but I've been very pleased with where he is. He's made a ton of plays and really looks like he's picking up where he left off last year. This is a big year for him. He's got an opportunity to make a huge impact on our offense and I know that's what he's wanting to do after having to sit on the sideline all last year.”

Shadell Bell

“Shadell has been banged up right now. He's got an Achilles injury [strained muscle and nagging injury] that's holding him back a little bit. His routes have gotten better but he's still kind of held up and not able to play full speed right now with his injury. Hopefully, he can get healthy over the next week so he can have a good last week of spring ball.”

Artavis Scott

“He looks like he's as healthy as he's been and he's made a lot of plays. He's getting better, so I've been pleased with him.”

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