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CLEMSON, SC -- Mark Packer was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Thursday night for almost 2 hours. Packer answered well over 100 questions from Tiger fans. We would like to thank Packer for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.

Mark Packer, a.k.a. The Packman, is host of "Primetime With The Packman" an afternoon sports talk show based out of Charlotte and also heard on WCCP-FM in Clemson. It airs from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and features guests such as Pat Croce, Mike Dryzewski, Ric Flair and others from the world of sports. "Primetime" started in October 1997 and has quickly become one of the most popular sports talk shows up and down the I-85 corridor with its combination of outrageous commentary from Packer and a slew of co-hosts and the unpredictable "Whiner Line" which lets the listeners vent about whatever is on their minds. Packer is a 1983 graduate of Clemson and is the son of ACC basketball play-by-play legend Bill Packer.

Question: Mark Tiger Dwayne here thanks for letting me on WFBZ during college world series. My Question is How big a difference will the crown not being in the field help us. I love your show and the whiner line

Answer: I don't know about the crown....I just hope there is grass in Death Valley ! I think the OL is a bigger conceren than the crown.

Question: No question, just congrats on having the Richardsons on your show! Cybercat!

Answer: I am glad that Mark and Jon decided to come on and interact with the fans....It is a win-win scenario and long overdue. I applaud them for coming on today.

Question: Do you remember an Ivan Lendl versus Mark Dickson ATP point final at Hilton Head. Probably around 1983 you attended with Billy. Met you there.

Answer: I don't even remember what I had for dinner last night, much less a tennis match in 1983....Sorry.

Question: Do you think Bunting looks like the actor Dennis Franz fom NYPD Blue or Wilford Brimley?

Answer: He actually looks like a combination of those guys. I enjoy his approach and interviews on the show....He'll have his hands full this year getting that "D" up to last year's standards.

Question: How many blunts do you think Derek Watson will smoke at SC State?

Answer: What is the over/under ?....I just hope he doesn't show during a game at SC State with his USC gear.

Question: Are you "live" or are you Memorex? Where are you doing the interview from?

Answer: Live....and from the comfort of my home....By the way, the Jets are up 7-0 on Pittsburgh.

Question: Why the decision to go to Clemson vs. NC State vs. Clemson vs. The Chickens with your Southern Fried Tour?

Answer: I wanted to do our "PrimeTime" show from a Southern Fried Football Tour stop location. When the game was moved to Thursday, it was a no-brainer.....As for going to Raleigh on 11/23....I was looking to spread the wealth, plus it does have the potential match-up of some Top 10 teams (that's assuming some things fall into place for the Pack).

Question: What is your middle name?

Answer: Anthony....but just don't tell anybody !

Question: Mark, why was Billy so shocked that you selected Clemson?

Answer: Because his alma mater, Wake Forest, promised me cash, cars and hot babes.

Question: No Clemson/USC game for the Southern Fried Football Tour?

Answer: Not this year....But it is without a doubt the biggest college football game in the Carolinas year-in and year-out.

Question: do you really think NCSt can live up to the preseason hype they're getting? We seemed to score pretty easily on them last year. Is it just because they have such an easy schedule out of conference that makes them a pretty easy pick to have a good record?

Answer: I think it is a combination of things....Rivers back at QB, the schedule is tailor-made for a quick start...and I think Amato has done a good job upgrading the team speed during his short stint at State.

Question: cash, cars, and hot babes in Winston-Salem??? were they going to let you live in Charlotte and just let you drive in for classes?

Answer: I was only joking.

Question: For the Clemson vs. NC State Game, please bring Hooter's Girls

Answer: We had some sweethearts in the studio and at the Whiner Roast a few weeks ago.

Question: Another SouthernFrid Football Tour question. Furman at App????

Answer: That game is a great change-of-pace for us. The atmosphere is refreshing, and the fans are terrific. Plus, ASU is pre-season #3 and Furtman has some history with the SFFB Tour by beating UNC a few years ago and putting the Heels on two-years SFFB Probation.

Question: Do you like Chuck's Amoto's Chest?

Answer: I'm not a chest-guy....I'm a leg-man....And no, I haven't seen his legs !

Question: Did QCB really graduate from USC with a major in English?

Answer: I'll let QCB answer that one....." Yis, i done gridu8 from Karoliena"

Question: Pack.Can't we just put UNC on permanent SFF probation?

Answer: If they lose to Duke....they're going back on SFFB Probation.

Question: hey Pack - doesn't QCB fit the description of a USC fan perfectly?

Answer: I'm not sure how I would describe the QCB....I guess the Ju-Ju Bones are a give-away.

Question: Mark, What kind of car do you drive??

Answer: 2003 Infiniti I-35....It is an awesome automobile.

Question: How was the Nature Boy to ahng out with last year? I would ahve had to get a picture with him putting me in the figure 4.

Answer: Nature Boy is the greatest....He is very different than his wrestling persona....He is a huge sports fan, and we had a great time together last year in Columbia on the SFFB Tour.

Question: what are the qualifications for obtaining a nic-name of "hayseed"?

Answer: What in the world is a nic-name ? Are you sure you didn't cheat off of QCB's paper at USC ?

Question: Pack, do you put a microphone in the opposing coaches box like Amoto does at Carter Finley, you know to try and catch some info?

Answer: It didn't seem to work to well for Chuck !

Question: Packman! How often do you visit internet sites like Tigernet? Tigernet specifically?

Answer: I read about 40 different websites a day in preparation for the show....I like to rotate some of the sites so I can run across some interesting off-beat stuff....I don't spend much time on messageboards, but I do like interacting with the fans.

Question: Mark, Are you a die hard Clemson fan at hear? You do a good job of being partial on your show...

Answer: I used to be a "sicko" when I was in school and running the Clemson Network.....I've been in sports for so long, that I really have become immune to "rooting for teams"....I always hope Clemson does well, but I NEVER lose sleep over the outcome of games.

Question: Pack - do you enjoy the color purple?

Answer: The movie ?...You know the one with Oprah !....NO...I'm not a huge fan of purple.

Question: Can you give a good Wilburn Autobody report from that ride?

Answer: Wilburn Auto Body Shops are the best going....If you ever have a Wilburn !

Question: Hottest women on SFFB tour?

Answer: Georgia.

Question: Who is your favorite caller on the whiner line???

Answer: There are too many to name....But for the most part, I don't know the majority of the people that call.....I finally had the chance to meet "Mike from Gastonia" last week.....what a trip !

Question: Pack-I think I know of a way we can get QCB to fulfill his dream of playing for Coach Holtz ... after all, he has to have a learning disability.

Answer: QCB is the "original Derek Watson".

Question: Pack - the better environment for college FB ... Clemson, SC or Columbia, SC?

Answer: When I was in school it was Clemson....right now, the folks in Columbia seem more in-tuned with their team. I applaud anybody that can lose 20+ games and still bring 80,000 on a consistent basis. I hope Clemson and "Death Valley" can return to being one of the most intimidating spots in college football.

Question: Will Mack Brown ever win a big game?

Answer: Nope....By the way, it is 10-3 Jets.

Question: How long do you think you can do Primetime before you get burned out??

Answer: Burned out ?....We have too much fun to worry about working for a living.

Question: I would guess Georgia holds two records for the SFFB tour. One for the hottest women and two for the biggest collection of inbred rednecks assembled in one location?

Answer: The babes in Athens are unreal.....I can't wait to get down there on 8/31.

Question: Pack.....he asked where the hottest women were, not the easiest.

Answer: I'd still give the same answer.

Question: Packman: Do you agree or disagree with Clemson being picked 5th in the pre-season ACC rankings? If you disagree, do you think we'll finish higher or lower? Thanks!

Answer: It is anybodys guess about the ACC finish. I thought it was interesting what Kirk Herbstreit said on the show this week....FSU #1, followed up by State and UVA ?...#2 through #8 are a complete toss-up.

Question: Chris Rix disagrees with you ... just last year he said Death Valley was louder than The Swamp.

Answer: Rix didn't seem to have a problem with the noise after the first few possessions. I remember when ther Valley rocked like that for four quarters, not ten minutes.....and that's what I'm talking about. Clemson and the fans need to get back to being a pain in the rear end for opposing teams. When I go back for games, I sense that the crowd does it from time-to-time...but not on a consistent basis.

Question: Pack, don't you think Chuck the Chest's team is over-rated going into this season?

Answer: It is really hard to tell....I really can't get a handle on the ACC other than FSU and pitiful Duke.

Question: Yeah, but Carolina fans have nothing better to do on a Saturday at the Dirt Pile, 25 years of loosing football is a great Tradition!

Answer: Maybe...but they are showing up and supporting their team the way you're supposed to...I applaud Lou for turning it around...I would love to see Clemson get off to an incredible start and rock the Valley and gain that reputation back for being one of the great, hostile places to play in college football.

Question: Will you take payola to say things on the air or recommend products for free if they pay you through the back door? I mean you are driving an Infinity.

Answer: I only endorse products that I like or use....I've turned down far more products/companies than ones that I agree to endorse.

Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Answer: Boxers.

Question: How do you list the ACC this year? Fla St is 1 I know

Answer: Duke #9.

Question: Ever read Under the Tarnished Dome?

Answer: Nope.....But I'm aware of the book.

Question: Mark, Darby can't really be that much of an airhead....Tell me it's just part of the show

Answer: QCB thinks she is a genius.

Question: Favorite Football Stadium? Or do you ever make it in?

Answer: Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

Question: Duke: Win a game this year, or continue the streak and set the all time record, and then go to 1-AA

Answer: I hope they win atleast one....They are pathetic.

Question: Pack, any thought of giving the QCB more minutes?

Answer: Nope.

Question: Did I hear you say Club Car Golfcart is a SFFT sponsor?

Answer: Club Car is a sponsor....In fact, I will be styling in the new 1200 Pioneer series cart...Wait until you see it !

Question: Who has been your favorite celebrity guest??

Answer: Croce is is Cuban....James Brown was tremendous, too....We've had so many great ones, it is tough to chose just one.

Question: This is Lou's last year at USC!! Its doesn't look good for him right now and you will find out soon waht I am talking about!!

Answer: Ok, I'll take your word for it.

Question: Who would be your dream celebrity guest??

Answer: I'd like to talk with Tiger or George W. Bush.

Question: Pack: Excuse me but the REAL Death Valley does not reside in Baton Rouge.

Answer: I didn't say it did...I was asked what is my favorite stadium.

Question: Worst fans in the ACC?

Answer: Duke...Does that count ? You used the plural form.

Question: Who replaces Lou? Skippy or God?

Answer: Maybe Charlie Strong...assuming that he doesn't land another gig.

Question: Is there any radio show or personality you modeled your show after?

Answer: Nope....I just roll it out there everyday and do my thing.

Question: Ever have your Dad on the show? Sorry I don't get you here in Atlanta?

Answer: Oh yeah....I beat him up pretty good....We always have a good fistfight when he comes on the show.

Question: Best ACC school to do some serious Tailgating?

Answer: Clemson has the best tailgating....followed up by N.C State and then FSU.

Question: How much for a couple of business stickers on the Club Car golfcart? We manufacture some parts for them.

Answer: What can you afford ?

Question: Will you mention the fact that you chatted in Tigernet tomorrow on your show?

Answer: I did today....I'll probably mention it.

Question: Who picks out the calls on the whiner line?

Answer: Either the producer (Daniel Norwood), QCB or an intern.

Question: Will you be having Kirkland on again this football season??

Answer: Yeah, I hope so....He is a great guy. I'v e really enjoyed having him on the show. Plus, I know he's happy to end up on the east coast...not to mention that Philly has a legit shot at the Super Bowl.

Question: Are you syndicated over the country or is a Southern thing?

Answer: In Charlotte and in the UpState on WCCP....The station owns the syndication rights, and they're in charge of expanding into other markets.

Question: Ever have beer can chicken?

Answer: Never heard of it...what is it ?

Question: I'll see what we can do.

Answer: Cool.

Question: So QCB knows how to answer the phone now?

Answer: took some time, but he's getting the hang of it.

Question: Did they get the sod fixed at Erickson Stadium?

Answer: Yeah....Jon Richardson says it looks great.

Question: I thought VanSeed produced the show?

Answer: Nope...Seed runs the board, Daniel produces the show, and QCB brings it to a hault.

Question: Did you put your radio team together or did someone else assemble it? How much input did you have?

Answer: I have input on every aspect of the show.

Question: Hodges or Sanford?

Answer: Lou told me to say "Hodges".

Question: I thought the Richardson's dodge all the tough questions today....

Answer: I think it was important for them to be present and try to connect with the fan base. Their biggest challenge is putting a winning product on the field.

Question: Tell us some more about Darby!!

Answer: She's in Las Vegas as we speak.

Question: How many games will the Panthers win this year?

Answer: I think they can 5+ games...the schedule should help (they lose 4 games with St.L and SF) and John Fox seems like a terrific guy....but he still needs some players.

Question: Thanks Pack for coming out tonight to chat!

Answer: I always enjoy it.

Question: What are your thoughts on Clemson basketball this year? Larry stand a chance?

Answer: I think they'll be undefeated in Littlejohn.

Question: Who are you picking to win the National Championship this year??

Answer: Not Texas. Not Miami. I'll give my pick on the show in a few weeks.

Question: Will the ACC expand? Your thoughts?

Answer: If they do...I'd add Syracuse, Boston College and Miami....It is always about $$$$ and tv markets.

Question: Should the ACC expand? If so, what team(s) should be added?

Answer: Ditto.

Question: Will you ever get as big as Mike and the Mad Dog? They have your Dad on some, and like him. Big here in NY>

Answer: Those guys are great....Plus, I know Mike Francessa...we have the same agent.

Question: Have you ever interviewed Lou Holtz? If so, how did you manage with all the spit flying around?

Answer: I love talking with Lou....In fact, he is scheduled to be on the show next week.

Question: Pro Sports are to expensive for the average fan to take his family....I hope College does not get that way What do you think?

Answer: Colleges have to be careful, too....the prices keep getting higher and higher every year....Just take a look at the cost of the CU-USC game this season and compare it to five years ago.

Question: Should the ACC expand?

Answer: Not yet.

Question: What is the worst seats ever for the SFFT? Do you have look at where they are or is it 1st come, 1st serve?

Answer: I've never had bad seats for the Tour. I ussually ride shotgun in the Big Unit or the Chicken Wing.

Question: What are your goals for the next 10 years???

Answer: Retire.

Question: You ought to bring a Southern Fried basketball tour to Anderson.

Answer: Why ?

Question: Sounds like its Tennessee!

Answer: I missed that one.

Question: So no serious thoughts on Clemson basketball as of now?

Answer: I think Larry is a nice guy, but I don't sense that CU hoops is a factor under any scenario for 2002-03.

Question: Who' better Tommy or Lou???

Answer: Well, Tommy is 2-1 in head-to-head match-ups.....Lou has done incredible job at every stop, and this is an important year for Tommy. I don't think he's on the hot seat like some folks have mentioned, but it is important for him not to be fighting at 6-6.

Question: Ask Lou what "strings" he pulled for DW.

Answer: I doubt I'll spend much time talking to Lou about a player that isn't on his team.

Question: What is your favorite sport to discuss?

Answer: College football.

Question: I thought Bill Harder was one of the most underrated players for Clemson's Basketball team in the last few years. Any thoughts? cush!!

Answer: Bill Harder ?....You've got to be kidding, right ?

Question: Any event sold out yet on the SFFT???

Answer: Every Tour stop is sold out with the exception of Clemson@Georgia (hint, hint)...GA-FLA...BAMA-TENN.

Question: How can you retire when you don't work in the 1st place? :0)

Answer: Don't tell anybody.

Question: Chest Amato vs. Friedgen in celebrity boxing. Who wins?

Answer: Chest....easily.

Question: Retire,,,,,You must not have any money in the market...

Answer: I've got a ton of cash in the market....Oops...I had a ton of money in the market.

Question: Pack....Have you ever been to Oregon??

Answer: Nope.

Question: My favorite announcing team of all time is Jim Thacker and Billy Packer. They did some great games at a time when the airwaves were not saturated with sports.

Answer: Thacker was a great guy...God rest his soul.

Question: Who's better Tommy or Lou??

Answer: I just answered that one.

Question: Alright then, ask Lou what strings he pulled for Ricardo Hurley.

Answer: OK.

Question: you could ask him why he would even consider letting DW back on the team. After all, it is well-documented that he was doing so.

Answer: When I bring a guest on the show, I try to spend time talking about topics and subjects that he would find interesting...Derek Watson would be the least of his concerns.

Question: Is your show a serious discussion of sports or is it more comedy?

Answer: A combination....I try to take a lighthearted look at sports and keep it in perspective.

Question: Should you not be home right now with your girls??

Answer: I am at home...and the girls are sleeping.

Question: People are probably scared of the "flying liquor bottles" in Athens. That's why it's not sold out yet.

Answer: I've dodged a few in my lifetime....Athens can be a wild place.

Question: Do You Know If Clemson Is Getting Purple shirts this year?

Answer: I've heard the rumor, and even saw a picture of a jersey....I'm not into the purple.

Question: Thanks for coming and anwsering all of the questions....Keep up the good work, I love your show!!

Answer: Thanks.

Question: What's the story on Athens? When does the train leave on August 31st and where will you guys be setup? By the way, Hayseed sucks!

Answer: I'll have more details when we get a little closer to the week of the game.

Question: Ted Williams: slushie or pop-cicle stick? which should it be?

Answer: slushie.

Question: mark -- what's the deal with the richardson's. do you think they're worried about becoming like the basketball ownership.

Answer: I think they are starting to understand that they have to continue to work the marketplace....especially after all the years of mediocrre football and the fact that the Hornets are gone and they have created another void in the market.

Question: do you think clemson will be improved this year or will the rest of the acc improve just as much so it won't really matter?

Answer: I think it is going to be critical for CU to get off to a good start...the Ga. Tech game is HUGE....Staying healthy, the OL coming together, the 'D" making a play or all has to fall into place.

Question: Why not go to the Clemson - USuC game with the SFFBT this year?

Answer: It is consistently the best football game in the Carolinas, but I went for a change of pace this year. I'm still looking forward to broadcasting LIVE from 2-7 on the Tour on 10/24.....another SFFB Tour first, and it happens in Tigertown.

Question: The Wolfies were 2-5 against teams with a winning record last year and only return 12 starters, do you honestly feel they will challenge FSU.

Answer: The most important stat that you left off is that State BEAT FSU last year.

Question: Are you on speaking terms with Annabelle Vaugh again? What was up with that?

Answer: Long story...But we talk...In fact, I spoke with her this week....We're cool.

Question: Where are y'all going to set up for the NC State game?

Answer: Probably at the Esso Club...but I'll have more details when we get closer to the date of the game.

Question: State is in for a big whoppin this year at the hands of FSU, in fact I feel sorry for all the NC teams vs FSU this season - PAYBACK!

Answer: That could happen....FSU is loaded and they have something to prove...."Let's Roll" !

Question: ACC expansion-Do you think the ACC needs to go to twelve teams and have a championship game in football? Seems like Big Ten is starting to lean that way.

Answer: If makes sense to Charlotte would be the perfect home to the championship game.

Question: Is the QCB as dumb as he sounds?

Answer: Nah.

Question: If Philip Rivers goes down, the Chest is in for a LONG season.

Answer: State needs some help at the position ...but you can say that about alot of teams....If Willie goes down, CU has to hope Whitehurst can come up with some big plays.

Question: Why Charlotte? You guys can't even support your pro sprts teams. Charlotte will alwas bee the Queen city amongst all the real (King) cities.

Answer: 62,000 PSLs sold for NFL....2 major NASCAR events....the NBA/Hornets lead the league in attendance for 8 years....I beg to differ with you.

Question: Ben tight end in the ACC?

Answer: He has great upside...

Question: Do you think all the NCAA trouble around the SEC will bring it down a notch?

Answer: It won't help the SEC if the NCAA continues to take away scholarships.

Question: so NASCAR is a sport now?

Answer: NASCAR might be the "hottest sport" going...Don't believe me ?...Check out the tv ratings and attendamce figures.

Question: Pack when do you think the tigers can and will be a major player again. You have a great show.

Answer: Thanks for the kind words....CU needs more players...The Tigers talent level is not close to being in the Top takes time, and that's why I think this is an important year for Tommy.

Question: Do you think Duke will make the new NCAA Attendance requirements, or will they be playing in the Southern Conference in the near future in football?

Answer: If Duke Football played indoors, I don't think Carl Franks can sellout Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Question: Thanks for coming on the board and chatting this evening.

Answer: No problem.

Question: need any tag-alongs for the CU-NCSU game or is it filled up now?

Answer: The CU-NCSU game is a sellout...but I have some spots open for the CU-Georgia game on 8/31.

Question: Is there a newspaper/website/magazine that Cobb Oxford won't write for?

Answer: Big Man is in charge !...Congrats to him on hois new promotion at AC.

Question: I have a feeling people we will surprise a lot of folks this year and people will find out that Coach Bowden is the real deal.

Answer: I hope so....I've always enjoyed talking wioth him on the show.

Question: I don't know if this has been asked, but where do you think Clemson finishes this year in the ACC basketball? I mean football.

Answer: Upper ACC echelon in football....lower echelon in hoops.

Question: It is vital to me that we beat the tarheels this year. How do you think we SHOULD match up with them?

Answer: By the time CU plays UNC, the Heels will have some experience on the defensive side....It has the makings of a high-scoring game. It has to be more competitive than last years disaster.

Question: Favorite NASCAR driver?

Answer: I like a bunch oif the NASCAR guys....Little E, Jeff Burton and even Tony Stewart.

Question: hey pac, you think we will beat the dawgs this year?

Answer: Nope....I think Georgia is loaded.

Question: Why is Don Imus a radio "legend"? He sucks. He's not even remotely funny.

Answer: Who called him a legend ? His brother ?

Question: Did you read the transcript from the recent chat session here on tigernet with Coach Stockstill? What question would you have for Coach Stock?

Answer: I saw a few questions/answers....I would have asked him how many freshmen would have to contribute to the 2002 team ?

Question: Dumbest question so far tonight?

Answer: This one.

Question: Pack - Is "the get some guy" going to the UNC/Texas game with you. That would be worth the price of admission!

Answer: I doubt if he'll go on that trip...The reason is because the game is on Saturday and he won't sober up until Sunday.

Question: Did you bet on the game?

Answer: Never.

Question: Nice show today. I can't believe you finally smoked out the Richardsons.

Answer: I'm glad they decided to come on the show....I've been working on it for a while.

Question: Mary Ann, Ginger ........ or the Skipper?

Answer: Mary Ann and Ginger.

Question: Ray Mysterio, Jr. is back in the ring


Question: Totally different style show, but have you ever listened to or seen ManCow? He absolutely sucks. Another who stinks is Don Imus.. I can not see how those guys made it big.

Answer: I seldom listen to sports talk radio....I listened to ManCow...only for a few minutes.

Question: Q: if the ACC did go to 12 teams, who do you think are logical candidates for the additional 3 teams?

Answer: Syracuse, Boston College and Miami.

Question: Is Tommy Bowden the man for Clemson?

Answer: I like Tommy....I think the fans need to be patient with him....Five years is plenty of time for CU to be a consistent Top 20 player.

Question: Just thought I'd say thanks for coming...and YOU SUCK!

Answer: I appreciate that....a PrimeTime tradition !

Question: I would like to come to your show one day, and kinda hang out...Is that allowed?

Answer: I loved having fans come by and chill out with us...but Infinity Broadcasting won't allow it is a securtiy issue....Go figure ?

Question: Latino Heat or The Next Big Thing?

Answer: The Next Big Thing.

Question: Mark, what does Darby llok like?

Answer: Blonde, very tall, very busty...super nice...a true, southern sweetheart....exactly like you imagine.

Question: More Guts. Mickelson or Norman?

Answer: Atleast Norman won two majors....Can I have a third choice ?

Question: Have you talked with new AD Terry D. Phillips?

Answer: No I haven't....I don't know a whole lot about the guy, but I wish him the very best.

Question: Would you say Chest is a C cup?

Answer: Atleast...he is borrowing sports bras from Mickelson.

Question: What teams do you like to watch when you're not on the tour?

Answer: Any SEC "primetime" game on ESPN.

Question: Is Fleming a wus in real life or is he just playing the politically correct, liberal journalist j.o.?

Answer: Flem if Flem...he is exactly what you think....There is no "role playing" on the show.

Question: Who from Clemson would you like to have on your show next?

Answer: Danny Ford.

Question: Why does Hayseed have to be such a jerk about football in the he just creating tension for entertainment sake?

Answer: He's just being Hayseed.

Question: Do you think the folks in Charlotte mind losing teh Hornets in general? Also, why didn't it work?

Answer: I think you would rather have the NBA , than not have the NBA....But Shinn and Wooldridge burned every bridge imaginable....I'd be shocked if the NBA isn't back in Charlotte in the near future.

Question: With all the renovations and buildings being built for recruits to pass through, where would you see Clemsons fb program on a national basis?

Answer: CU has to win...Going to the Humanatarian Bowl doesn't make you a "national player".

Question: Can you give us your predictions for how the ACC will finish this year?

Answer: FSU #1...Duke #9....Your guess is as good as mine for spots 2-8.

Question: How lonf before shinn and woolridge piss off the folks in New Orleans?

Answer: Last week.

Question: Who throws in the towel first? Name your order of Papa Bowden, Joe Pa or Lou.

Answer: Joe Pa, Lou, Papa Bowden.

Question: In your opinion how old does Lou Holtz look?

Answer: 65.

Question: Thanks to Chuck the Chest we were in Boise, nice of NC State to bring 5,000 fans to Florida, when Clemson would have brought 30,000, oh well payback is comming!

Answer: Clemson got outworked for the bowl in Orlando....I guarantee you CU would have brought a ton of fans to Florida.

Question: Don't you mean 650?

Answer: I know he can coach.

Question: The poop sheet (acc area sports journal)--how much credibility?

Answer: I read it every now and then....sometimes they have an some interesting takes and opinions.

Question: This to me is the best Braves team ever. Think they take it all this year?

Answer: Nope.....Greg Maddux might be in worst shape than me....He looks exhausted by the third inning every time he pitches.

Question: Who will NYY face in the World Series?

Answer: I hate to say it, but the defending world remember them don't you ?

Question: Thanks for doing the chat Pack.

Answer: You got it...Anytime....I always enjoy having fun with ther fans.

Question: Mark, I appreciate you coming here. I realize you have a lot of fans to keep happy. Clemson is a small part of your market. Q.: Is it true you discovered/hired QCB from a Bojangles chicken drive-thru, or is that just a legend? ?

Answer: was a Wendys. (that is a true story)

Question: In your opinion with the lack of WS titles throughout the 90's with all that talent has Bobby Cox wasted a couple title teams?

Answer: They've had an incredible run...sometimes the best team doesn't win...and sometimes the Yankees were too good !

Question: Thanks for coming out...also, thanks for actually answering all the emails. That is true commitment. Also us biased Charlotte Clemson fans would love to hear a little Clemson bias occasionally on the best sports show around !!!!.

Answer: I appreciate the kind words....If Tommy gives me a shocker on 8/ will start during the first week of the season.....Thanks again to everyone for all the support with the show.....I look forward to seeing you in Athens in a few weeks on the Southern Fried Football Tour.

Question: Pack, what are your thoughts on Kevin Garnett? Cornbread Maxwell? Bashman? Bash is a moron.

Question: Pack, what are your thoughts on Kevin Garnett? Cornbread Maxwell? Bashman? Bash is a moron.

Answer: KG has been paid 125 million to finsih the season early EVER

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Clemson to host Charlotte, Tennessee Tech
Clemson to host Charlotte, Tennessee Tech
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Midweek baseball game moved to Monday afternoon
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4-star CB releases top-8 schools
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Clemson Baseball vs. S. Alabama - Game 2 Photos
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