LIVE from Clemson, SC - Clemson vs. Texas A&M

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LIVE from Clemson, SC - Clemson vs. Texas A&M

Memorial Stadium

Clemson, SC

Kickoff: 3:30


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nikkisteele® - 7:11 PM
Chase Brice leads Clemson out for Victory Formation
nikkisteele® - 7:09 PM
A&M snuck the tight end out of the backfield for a touchdown with six seconds remaining. Clemson will win 24-10.
nikkisteele® - 6:50 PM
Lawrence underthrew Justyn Ross and was picked.
nikkisteele® - 6:38 PM
The number of players on the field is currently being reviewed.
nikkisteele® - 6:37 PM
An illegal substitution by Texas A&M negates a safety.
nikkisteele® - 6:36 PM
A review shows that Muse's knee was down on the one-yard line.
nikkisteele® - 6:33 PM
Tanner Muse with the pick in the endzone to give Clemson the ball on the 20.
Knuck® - 6:20 PM
A completed pass can't have one foot in and one foot out on the catch... Even though her was dragging the left foot, the right foot was out
nikkisteele® - 6:19 PM
At the end of the third quarter, Clemson leads Texas A&M 24-3.
nikkisteele® - 6:14 PM
A&M is forced to punt again after getting into plus territory.
nikkisteele® - 6:13 PM
The Clemson fans obviously don't agree with the review of a completed catch.
nikkisteele® - 6:03 PM
Clemson extends its lead over Texas A&M to 24-3, 5:50 3Q.
nikkisteele® - 6:03 PM
Lyn-J Dixon fights his way four yards into the endzone.
nikkisteele® - 5:56 PM
Nolan Turner with a nice pass breakup to force A&M to punt.
nikkisteele® - 5:52 PM
Jashaun Corbin injured after a catch on run.
nikkisteele® - 5:50 PM
Cornell Powell comes up just short on third down and the Tigers had to punt.
nikkisteele® - 5:43 PM
Aggies will punt on their first possession.
nikkisteele® - 5:41 PM
Clemson can't do anything with its first drive of the second half.
nikkisteele® - 5:13 PM
Clemson leads Texas A&M 17-3, :33 2Q.
nikkisteele® - 5:13 PM
Clemson marches down the field that culminates in a one-yard Lawrence rush for a touchdown.
Winyah - 5:10 PM
Did the same thing at Florida state. It’s a strategy to slow momentum and let his team catch their breath.
Winyah - 5:08 PM
Jim os teams always have somebody flop after an opponent has a big gain.
TigerAg02 - 5:03 PM
Has any T A&M injured players returned? This seems like strategy.
Winyah - 5:03 PM
God to see the D coming alive
nikkisteele® - 4:55 PM
Xavier Thomas is back in the game.
nikkisteele® - 4:54 PM
Potter's 29-yard field goal was good. Clemson leads Texas A&M 10-3, 4:57 2Q.
badkitty85 - 4:54 PM
One, how many aTm are going to get injured?!

Two, with 2/3 top Dtackles out, we should run up the middle a lot.
nikkisteele® - 4:51 PM
Clemson fans are getting slightly annoyed with all of the A&M injuries.
nikkisteele® - 4:49 PM
Xavier Thomas has come out of the injury tent and is joining his teammates on the bench.
nikkisteele® - 4:43 PM
Mond with a big run but he fumbles. Skalski with the recovery.
nikkisteele® - 4:41 PM
Logan Rudolph takes his place at defensive end.
nikkisteele® - 4:40 PM
Thomas being helped off the field and not putting a lot of weight on his left leg.
nikkisteele® - 4:39 PM
Xavier Thomas down with a leg injury.
nikkisteele® - 4:34 PM
Clemson takes a 7-3 lead over Texas A&M, 10:52 2Q.
nikkisteele® - 4:33 PM
Lawrence moved the pocket and kept his eyes downfield the entire time to find a wide-open Ross.
nikkisteele® - 4:33 PM
Trevor Lawrence finds Justyn Ross for Clemson's first touchdown of the day.
Winyah - 4:30 PM
Defense just walking around after plays...not showing their usual energy.
nikkisteele® - 4:29 PM
Jayden Peevy - A&M defensive lineman went down with a leg injury.
talkingtiger - 4:23 PM
Gotta make that tackle !
nikkisteele® - 4:23 PM
Texas A&M takes a 3-0 lead, 14:18 2Q.
nikkisteele® - 4:22 PM
Defense stood up in the redzone to force a field goal.
talkingtiger - 4:19 PM
Gotta make that tackle !
nikkisteele® - 4:18 PM
Clemson and A&M are scoreless at the end of the first quarter.
nikkisteele® - 4:17 PM
Nolan Turner missed a tackle on third-and-long to set A&M up on the 15.
Dantzler on the keeper - 4:07 PM
LB need to step it up, especially Skalski
Dantzler on the keeper - 4:07 PM
LB need to step it up, especially Skalski
nikkisteele® - 4:05 PM
A&M calls timeout to talk about the call on 4th-and-inches.
nikkisteele® - 4:00 PM
Lawrence missed Overton high and it went off his fingertips. Clemson to punt.
nikkisteele® - 3:59 PM
Amari Rodgers making his season debut after tearing his ACL six months ago.
nikkisteele® - 3:55 PM
A&M picked up a first down behind RB Jashaun Corbin but threw on the next three downs and is punting.
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