Clemson fans saw a number of players get in on Saturday.
Clemson fans saw a number of players get in on Saturday.

Playing time breakdown: Absences mean opportunity down Clemson's roster vs. La Tech

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Clemson's defense was missing six starters from the week's depth chart for the bulk of the game versus La Tech.

That meant some opportunity down the roster, particularly on the D-line and in the secondary, with bigger snap totals for Payton Page (23) and DeMonte Capehart (17) on the line and particularly freshman corners Toriano Pride (48) and Jeadyn Lukus (28).

The 48-20 win also provided several (season or career) debuts on either side of the ball including running back Keith Adams Jr., lineman Dietrick Pennington, quarterback Hunter Johnson, wide receiver Adam Randall, tight end Josh Sapp, lineman John Williams and linebacker TJ Dudley.

Among the more noteworthy snap areas is receiver currently with Randall in the mix and Antonio Williams emerging, where Randall was in on 18 plays, Antonio Williams was third overall in snaps (33), three-game starter Brannon Spector was down to 19 and former high 4-star prospect EJ Williams saw 14 plays.

Check out the breakdown below and the full report is attached below for anyone else you're looking for.

Clemson snaps breakdown: La Tech

(Players' snaps assigned positionally by place on the depth chart; the initial participation report is provided by Clemson and represents all non-special teams snaps; season totals in parentheses; this breakdown notes all depth chart contributors and select scholarship players)


Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei 58 (181), Cade Klubnik 11 (30), Hunter Johnson 6 (6).

Running Back: Will Shipley 29 (81), Phil Mafah 22 (56), Kobe Pace 18 (62), Domonique Thomas 3 (17), Keith Adams Jr 3 (3).

Wide Receiver: Beaux Collins 48 (129), Joseph Ngata 36 (120), Antonio Williams 33 (86), Brannon Spector 19 (79), Adam Randall 18 (18), EJ Williams 14 (63), Dacari Collins 12 (63), Will Taylor 9 (22), Drew Swinney 8 (22).

Tight end: Davis Allen 40 (121), Jake Briningstool 22 (76), Sage Ennis 12 (28), Luke Price 6 (16), Josh Sapp 3 (3).

Offensive Line: Marcus Tate 62 (184), Blake Miller 61 (189), Will Putnam 60 (182), Walker Parks 58 (182), Jordan McFadden 51 (175), Mitchell Mayes 18 (36), Ryan Linthicum 14 (14), Tristan Leigh 13 (27), Dietrick Pennington 12 (12), Bryn Tucker 11 (35), Trent Howard 6 (26), Collin Sadler 9 (23), John Williams 4 (4).


Defensive End: KJ Henry 39 (113), Myles Murphy 38 (101), Justin Mascoll 29 (83), Kevin Swint 27 (80), Cade Denhoff 3 (17).

Defensive Tackle: Ruke Orhorhoro 34 (106), Payton Page* 23 (54), DeMonte Capehart 17 (32), Etinosa Reuben 4 (21).

Linebacker: Barrett Carter 51 (155), Trenton Simpson 47 (134), Jeremiah Trotter Jr. 43 (114), Keith Maguire 25 (90), LaVonta Bentley 17 (71), Wade Woodaz 16 (34), TJ Dudley 3 (3).

DB (CB/S/NB ): RJ Mickens 57 (124), Fred Davis 49 (122), Toriano Pride 48 (74), Jalyn Phillips 49 (94), Tyler Venables 48 (113), Jeadyn Lukus 28 (40), Malcolm Greene 20 (47), Sherrod Covil 15 (46), Sheridan Jones* 12 (86), Carson Donnelly 4 (10).

Special teams-only: DB Kylon Griffin, LB Kobe McCloud.

Players on depth chart listed unavailable pregame: DT Bryan Bresee (73), DT Tyler Davis (32), S Andrew Mukuba (72), CB Nate Wiggins (82).

Game-time decision held out: Tré Williams (36).

Did not play: DE Greg Williams (24), DT Caden Story (4), Xavier Thomas^.

*Noted as injured mid-game.

^ Working back from injury but not on the week’s depth chart.

True freshmen participation (NCAA redshirt rule tied to playing in over four games): CB Jeadyn Lukus (3), WR Antonio Williams (3), OL Blake Miller (3), LB Wade Woodaz (3), CB Toriano Pride (3), QB Cade Klubnik (3), CB Sherrod Covil (3), OL Collin Sadler (2), LB TJ Dudley (2), DT Caden Story (1), LB Kobe McCloud (1), DB Kylon Griffin (1), WR Adam Randall (1), TE Josh Sapp (1), RB Keith Adams Jr. (1), WR Cole Turner (0), DE Jahiem Lawson (0).

Out for the year: DB Myles Oliver, WR Troy Stellato, Sergio Allen (5 snaps; left team).

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