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Three hunters went on a big game hunting expedition. After 5 days in the bush, tired and hungry, they came across a little cafe out in the middle of nowhere (just east of Walhalla). They went in and quickly realized the restaurant was run by cannibals. The hunters sat down and looked over the menu. There were only 3 items listed: Georgia Fan plate $5, Georgia Tech Fan plate $7.50, South Carolina Fan plate $10. The first hunter asked the waiter "Why is the Georgia Fan plate only $5?" The waiter responded ... "they're plentiful and dumb, so they are easy to catch". The second hunter then asked "Why is the Georgia Tech Fan plate $7.50?". The waiter responded ... "there are not quite as many of them and they're somewhat brighter than the Georgia fans -- tougher to catch". The intrigued third hunter quickly asked "Well, why then is the SC Fan plate so high?" Agitated, the waiter yelled: