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Question: Do you know anything about the stadium being renamed, corporate sponser, etc.?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope evreyone is well. Like a lot of secondary education, Clemson has budget issues. Everyone is looking to create revenue somehow. Look around you and see what is happening. I haven't heard specifics but I know the athletic department is looking at every way posible to create revenue

Question: Will Yusef see the field the rest of the season?

Answer: I don't see how accept for special teams. The three best tailbacks will play and they are Coleman, Merriweather and Browning

Question: After 4 games, your predictions for final W-L's for Clemson and USC??

Answer: Hard to say. Clemson's schedule remains difficult. If Clemson turns it over nine times in two game stretches then they will not win again. If they can stop turning it over they can beat anyone on the schedule. We know USC has an improved defense but their schedule has not allowed us to learn anything about them yet. We won't anything on USC until the last four games

Question: Are We DOOMED?

Answer: Short term yes. Long term no.

Question: Why is the offense so bad - The ONE MAIN REASON?

Answer: Several factors. lack of protection, Lack of running game and commitment to running game, dropped balls, way too many tunrovers. His teammates are not giving him a chance but Whitehurst has had nine turnovers in 2 games

Question: Does the success or failure of the Clemson season hinge on the game @ UVA?

Answer: Yeah

Question: How can our offense be so inept yet TB says he is not making scheme and personnel (not CW) changes?

Answer: The only scheme thing I see is they are not committed to the run enough IMO. How is Bowden accountable for nine turnovers in two games by a pre-season Heisman candidate? The Tigers are last in the country in turnover margin

Question: How much has Bowden's coaching changes on Oline and Dline impacted this team?

Answer: At this point it appears to be a factor but its hard to say. I thought the OL played well last year

Question: Is the truth about what happened that caused Kelly to be suspended going to be made public?

Answer: No

Question: Can you ever reamber a Clemson team that this many turnovers in the first four games?

Answer: I think they had a ton 1985. Remember Randy Anderson and the Tigers turned it over a ton versus Kentucky, UGA and GT. The Tigers were 1-3 the start that season. Rodney Williams took over and the team went 6-6. BTW the 1981 team forced 42 turnovers this team has forced 2

Question: Is it acceptable for a coach in his 6th season at a prominent football school to have our offensive line woes?

Answer: I hate to bring up other programs but look around you. Is it accepable anywhere? Is FSU that talented up front right now? If so why did they have 96 yards at the half. The Falcolns and Cardinals score was 6-3. The same score as the Braves. Bobby Bowden said it in his post game show, everyone in college and the NFL is blitzing on evrydown and people are having a hard time picking it up. You guys were the ones that wanted to fire Reggie Herring a few years ago and his team is the top ranked defense in the nation now

Question: How many recruits do you think de-committ due to our poor season

Answer: Not sure now. Ask in November

Question: what adjustment have defenses made to swallow up Chansi? How do we counter?

Answer: The staff needs to find more ways to get him the ball like slip screens. The are coming after Charlie more and more each game

Question: are you a play station all american.

Answer: I am terrible. I only play one game every two weeks. If you want to see bad, watch me. BTW, I got your Bowden joke

Question: MP - in your opinon, was the loss of William Henry and Greg Walker this big? or is it new coaches, tinkering with the OL, etc that you think the OL has turned in subpar play thus far?

Answer: Henry and Walker were dependable. They were not great but experienced and dependable. The staff is asking more out of their tackles now though and the game is changing

Question: How is the mood of the players have they thrown in the towell or are they going to come out fighting in Charlottesville?

Answer: I thought they fought hard Saturday and will continue to fight

Question: We seem to be sufffering from a lack of people stepping up to replace those who left are graduated particularlt at OT DT and WR. Do we have the ability to get players doing some good consistent work at these positions?

Answer: I agree. Also lacking of leadership. Inexperience and lack of play-makeing is killing this team

Question: With a bowl big looking like a distant dream, which assistant coaches should be brushing up their resumes?

Answer: Ask me in November.

Question: shoud a coach that make $1.5 million a year forget to recruit o-linemen? Was this failure Bowden's or Standstill's fault?

Answer: Come on. Don't be ridiculous. They did not forget they just got beat on many OL three and four years ago. His salary had nothing to do with it. Tommy West was one of the lowest paid in the conference and you guys still demanded more. Salary is not a factor

Question: Do you know of any off field issues between Grant and Whitehurst or Whitehurst and any of the receivers?

Answer: Nope

Question: When do we start playing for next season - youth movement- 6 losses?

Answer: I do not think it is fair to fans or seniors to throw in the towel. Many would have said after the WF game last year to start playing for the future. The best thing for the future is winning

Question: What kind of impact has disappointing start had on recruiting? Too early to tell??

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: To beat the Hoos, what's tops on the to-do list (besides stopping turnovers?)

Answer: This is a bad matchup for Clemson. Mobile QBs and Tight ends hurt this defense. Hagens, Miller, Lundy

Question: What is the biggest problem for CW, protection? Lack of confidence in WRs? Confidence in himself?

Answer: I think all three have become issues. Great observations

Question: if you had to pick one recruit that may decommit, who would it be? Ruffin?

Answer: I have no idea. He talks that way but it is too early

Question: Why the lack of creating turnovers by the D?

Answer: I have no idea. This has to turn around

Question: You guys were the ones that wanted to fire Reggie Herring a few years ago and his team is the top ranked defense in the nation now - Did Clemson's defense decline statistically each of the final 4 years Reggie was here?

Answer: I think they did.

Question: Where are the leaders on the team? Who is stepping up?

Answer: I have not seen the tape but I thought Miller, Billie, Fudge, Ty Hill, Waters all played well

Question: Yeah, Reggie Herring's defense, in typical style, let the offense drive down the field for the winning score...He got lucky that the FG was missed....

Answer: Remeber this though live by scheme and blitzing and die by schemes and blitzing. Emotion and schemes work for a while but talent is the key. BTW-NCSU has recruited well defensively in the past few years. They also have a $50 million dollar football facility

Question: What about trying Justin Miller at Wide Receiver some to jump start the position?

Answer: What about Justin miller on the offensive line

Question: Are Clemson fans expecting too much?

Answer: I hate to say that because you have to expect to be great but also understand the environment

Question: Where has Airese been...are the defense's taking him out?

Answer: He has been incnsistent as well. A few drops this year

Question: We were pondering this morning. On the TD pass by FSU, was Miller burned or was the safety out of position?

Answer: he got burned but the receiver ran out of bounds and came back in

Question: I will rephrase - should a coach making $1.5 mill a year have a back up plan for recruiting o-lineman? who dropped the ball - Bowden or Stockstill?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely. Bowden is the ultimate responsibility

Question: How do you think Mcduffie played sat? What is your impression of the rest of the DL?

Answer: From the stands he look like he played well. I think one of the starters played on roller blades

Question: Why do idiots continue to take shots at Bowden with their questions...Let me just make an announcement to them. BOWDEN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

Answer: Agree

Question: So we should continue to give Sharpe and Pickens over Fry and Richardson if we are 2-6?

Answer: At 2-6 I would play younger players but still be fair to seniors

Question: Does Clemson not have a big booster(s) that can step up to the plate for the West Endzone like the NC St farmer did for the wolfpack?? If so, then what is the hold up??

Answer: If they had one on the line it would not have taken this long.

Question: Why was teh WR allowed to come back in and catch the pass?

Answer: Bad call by the official

Question: What was the downside of Yusef? He was poised to have a good career at Clemson.

Answer: Attitude. Accountability. Ask his former teammates

Question: Do you think bandwagon fans have been a problem at Clemson this year?

Answer: No.

Question: Is UVA better this year without Shaub?

Answer: No. Virginia is terrific on both lines of scrimmage.

Question: Did Tommy bring any red clay with him to the statue ceremony?

Answer: I am not sure I follow the question

Question: Ruffin mentioned that he wants to play for the coaches that recruited him. Is he being fed false info from other schools that Bowden's job is in danger? Do we aggresively address those types of issues with recruits?

Answer: Yes and yes. Negative recruiting works with some kids. I think he will be OK. Ruffin is an intelligent kid. You can trick the dumb ones

Question: On the whole, do we have a "team" mentality or an "I" mentality?

Answer: I think 95% of this team is on the same page. Only a couple need to get in line. BTW-How many of you guys think Bowden needs to hire a special teams coach now? Knee jerk reactions are not worth risking the program

Question: Will it help us vs. UVA that we have faced better competition so far this year?

Answer: I think it does but remember UVA is full of confidence right now. They will get their first challenge vs Clemson.

Question: Is it fair to say that Justin's performance on special teams will influence the way teams kick to us for the rest of the year?

Answer: Two blocked kicks, good coverage this year. Besides missed field goals and extra points the special teams have been the best part of this team. I was making a point about knee jerk reactions. Bottom line is stop turning the ball over

Question: Care to ellaborate on the DL on roller blades?

Answer: It has to be obvious

Question: Does UVA’s D go after the QB now or do they still sit back?

Answer: Great question. They usually stay back but I think they see the success others have had and now come after Whitehurst. Plus they have 10 days to prepare

Question: Did Playboy put a curse on us???

Answer: I have not seen it yet

Question: Did you just say you could trick the dumb ones?....LOL

Answer: Yep. Once I asked a coach how did you get that guy on signing day and he said I tricked em. Negative recruiting and fake depth charts work on the dumb ones

Question: Mickey, I know we can not change offensive scheme in mid-year but do you think the coaches will re-evaluate after the season? We are placing too much pressure on the QB position in my opinion.

Answer: No. Defenses are coming after QBs. The OLs that can handle it put up numbers. Did you watch VT-NCSU? USC-Troy? Falcolns-Cardinals? Miami-FSU? The trend is to come after the QB.

Question: How do you think they will approach the bye week? Intense like before FSU game or give the players some time off like UVA is doing?

Answer: Good question. I am not sure. I haven't talked to the staff yet today

Question: you said Kelly's former teammates- who were you refering to?

Answer: Ask several. It is not fair to mention them by name but you can ask them off of the record

Question: On the UVA defense again. If they sit back I feel pretty good about us being able to run the ball. What are your thoughts on attacking that type of scheme?

Answer: It is opposite of anything they had done vs Clemson in the last three years. I like mixing the blitz and changing the coverage on every play.

Question: Are we catching UVA at a bad time? Thursday night game, a chess player with an extra 5 days to prepare, wanting to make a statement on national tv?

Answer: I think anytime is good now. Clemson just needs to play and chance to beat a top 15 team is a great opportunity

Question: "Former teammates" implies that Yusef is no longer on the team. Is this the case?

Answer: No. I am talking about guys that have graduated

Question: I don't think its a knee jerk reaction to say that kicking and recruiting offensive linemen have not been addressed properly by TB

Answer: I agree on the OL. But again is this a surprise? Did you follow recruiting three and four years ago? On placekickers how can you tell? Jad Dean had offers from LSU and UGA.

Question: Mick, forget Walt Deptula, SI Tiger has all the answers!!! ask him to be on your show?

Answer: Walt Deptula went 10-0 versus the spread last week. UNBELIEVABLE

Question: With the D's blitzing, it seems like Ben Hall should be able to release right beyond the blitzing LB's and be a bull vs a safety. Why is he not more of a factor besides having to help block???

Answer: Good question.

Question: Mick, Do you think Virginia will show us how to use a TE?

Answer: That is a main weapon in their scheme

Question: "From what I've heard, they ran out of money and bronze and they're going to make him thin," cracked Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, Bobby's son. "It's not realistic, so I'm going to get some red clay and fix that belly."

Answer: OK. I did not hear that one. The statue was nice. Stadium great on the outside, terrible underneath. New Moore building is impressive. FSU fans getting more like Maryland and NCSU every year

Question: Does Walt have a 900 number yet?

Answer: He is losing tons of money everyday by not publishing his wisdom

Question: Who will be covering UVA's TE in pass coverage?

Answer: Linebackers and safeties

Question: Mickey, do you think we are getting enough players out of South Dakota?

Answer: Do they have good OL

Question: Mickey, thanks for coming in every week! I enjoy your show as well.

Answer: Thanks. Speaking of the show I have to run do it now. Thanks for everyone's interest. I hope everyone has a safe week.

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