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Question: mickey, how can superior comment in public about volunteer workouts when he is not even suppose to get a report on who is there and who is not.

Answer: This is Trey. I was surprised by Spurrier's comments. I think he wanted to get his players attention, and he judged it to be a worthwhile risk. Supposed to know or not, every coach in America knows who is there and who is not

Question: Korn? Tebow? Clemson have a shot?

Answer: Korn will commit to Clemson in the near future. Tebow is still considering Clemson, but I consider it a longshot. Clemson will have one more chance at the TAMU game to impress him

Question: What is the story on Terrell Smith? Will he ever enroll at Clemson? When? Why or why not?

Answer: We are not able to elaborate on the details, but his future is very much up in the air.

Question: Is TJ Williams still waiting on his test results?

Answer: TJ did not qualify, and he will enroll at Fork Union

Question: What is the deal with Terrel Smith?

Answer: He did not qualify

Question: Do you think J Crawford will commit soon?

Answer: I believe Clemson holds a sizeable lead with Crawford. He is still looking at his options, but I believe he will commit to Clemson, but later rather than sooner.

Question: are all of the eligible freshman on campus now?

Answer: All except Durrell Barry and Kavell Connor. It takes longer for Barry to get cleared b/c having to go over papers from two schools.

Question: do you think TJ resigns with us after this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are we still in the running for Patterson of Columbia?

Answer: Absolutely. I think Clemson is very solid in his top five. Burton Burns will keep Clemson right there until he makes his decision. I do believe this will be an in-state battle.

Question: Is Tilley on campus today? Any chance with him?

Answer: Yes he is on campus and there is very little chance Clemson signs him.

Question: Any chance Carl Johnson takes any visits other the UF this fall?

Answer: Clemson is still recruiting him, so apparently they feel there is a chance for a visit. It will be very difficult to pull him away from Florida in the end.

Question: So Terrell Smith will likely not be joining Clemson any time in the near future, correct?

Answer: Correct

Question: Who do you think is the best LB instate this year?

Answer: Julius Wilkerson

Question: If Schaeffer transfers, should we expect Tribble or Cullen to transfer elsewhere?

Answer: If Schaeffer chooses Clemson, I believe it would be very difficult to keep Reese and Harper on campus. I have not spoken with either player about the situation as it will not be relevant until Schaeffer makes a decision

Question: What linebackers does Clemson stand the best chance to land this year?

Answer: 1) Wilkerson-committed 2) Bani Gbadyu

Question: Are we on track to have WEZ at a % complete adequate for use for game one?

Answer: Last time, I heard they were ahead of schedule. Both locker rooms should be finished, and originally only the visiting locker room was expected to be completed

Question: if Korn and Schafer were to commit, would you expect any of the qbs to transfer after this year?

Answer: Most likely yes. I cannot speak for Harper or Reese, but I believe at least one would look to a school where they could see more playing time.

Question: heard Crezdon butleralmost commited a few weeks ago, do you know what changed his mind? where do you think he ends up?

Answer: Butler has been close to committing a couple of times. I think he just wants to be very careful in his decision. Clemson has always been very strong with Butler and they will remain the team to beat until he goes on record otherwise.

Question: Clemson will only take 2 linebackers this year?

Answer: Yes, unless they find a dream situation where they could land two more great ones like Gbadyu and a Morrice Richardson

Question: Who are the "big" remaining targets on our recruiting board this year? RB? WR? LB? DT?

Answer: RB-Jocques Crawford, Josh Adams, JoJo Cox/ WR- Xavier Harris, Richard Jackson, Alex Rose, LB- Gbadyu, Dekoda Watson, Morrice Richardson, DT-Adam Patterson, Kenrick Ellis

Question: Do you think the ncaa will accept sc's proposed violations?

Answer: I expect they will. Most the time, the self-imposed penalties are pretty much pre-arranged

Question: have you seen any film of kendrick johnson? if so who would you compare him to?

Answer: I would compare Johnson to Jawarski Pollock of North Carolina. He is not quite as fast as Pollock, but he just finds a way to get open and make a play.

Question: Has NCSate been playong fast and loose with the facts in recruiting butler?

Answer: Nothing he has said to me would indicate that. NC State is the in state school, so there may be some pressure from that, but it is still July and he is taking his time to make a decision

Question: Which players are you excited to see this year?

Answer: Of the returning players: Nick Watkins, Tramaine Billie, Gaines Adams, Courtney Vincent, Aaron Kelly, Dustin Fry. Freshmen-James Davis, Rendrick Taylor, Tyler Grisham, Ray Ray McElrathbey, Quentez Ruffin, Antonio Clay, and Demerick Chancellor

Question: Do you think Rendrick Taylor will play this season?

Answer: Barring injury I fully expect him to avoid a redshirt. Whitehurst's comments only strengthen his case for early playing time

Question: What is up with Adam Patterson? Is Clemson no longer in his list?

Answer: Clemson is still in the mix with Patterson.

Question: Compare J. Crawford to James Davis? Davis the better back? Who could Crawford be compared to?

Answer: Davis is the better back. Crawford is similar to Yusef Kelly coming out of high school. He has good moves in the open field, but he can also be a power runner

Question: Is MP Sending wife/girlfriend to Tommy Bowden womens clinic to listen to the new Coordinators?

Answer: Thats not a bad idea, but unfortunately I do not believe her new job will allow her to go.

Question: Who is the best in-state QB this year?

Answer: We have Michael Wade rated #1

Question: What's the take on Koenig so far?

Answer: Very positive. He has received numerous comments for concern he has shown for his players away from the field. Koenning will make routine trips to Vickery Hall to check on his players. He has been effective everywhere as a defensive coordinator. His defense at Troy showed they could compete in some very tough environments such as LSU at night.

Question: Trey, No way in hades the NCAA accepts those penalties.

Answer: I would be surprised if they didn't, but I have been wrong before

Question: which players would you expect to avoid redshirt besides Taylor?

Answer: J. Davis, McElrathbey, Ruffin, Clay, Grisham, and maybe Demerick Chancellor. We will have a story on this later in the week.

Question: What position is our #1 need right now for recruiting?

Answer: OT, there still needs to be more depth established. Ideally, they want to move Marion Dukes to guard. They will sign two OT in this class. Secondary and defensive line are still areas of need as well

Question: Two ships & 6 visits for lack of institutional control???????????

Answer: It will be four scholarships and 12 visits over a two year period. I am not saying I agree with the penalties, all I am saying is I think the NCAA will accept it.

Question: demerick chancellor at wr?

Answer: WR/Slot back

Question: If Brent Schaeffer chooses Clemson, does that affect Will Korn?

Answer: No Will Korn will be a Clemson Tiger

Question: How do things look with Crezdon Butler?

Answer: Clemson holds a slight edge over NC State

Question: Besides Anderson, who else are we likely to sign on the OL?

Answer: It is not certain they will sign Anderson. No one has really step forward of the OL recruits stating Clemson as a heavy favorite. Clifton Geathers is going away the top target on the board

Question: Do we have ANY shot at Kenrick Ellis? He looks to be a monster in the trenches.

Answer: It is a long one, but Ron West pulled off his long shot last year with Antonio Clay. If Clemson is able to land a visit, they will have a shot, and yes he is a monster

Question: Does Clemson still lead for D'Vontrey Richardson?

Answer: No, but I believe they have backed off on him slightly. Richardson has some worked to do academically

Question: Mickey, Is Ray, Ray as good as advertised? Is he going to be considered for major playing time?

Answer: I think Ray Ray will be the next shut down corner at Clemson. It is a gamble to say that this early considering, he has not stepped on the practice field officially yet. He has great athleticism, and he absolutely locked down everyone in camp last year. I think Coach Koenning will be very pleased with Ray Ray

Question: What's the deal with Jo Jo Cox?

Answer: I spoke with a source close to Cox last night, and they said Cox is a soft commitment to Clemson. We do not list him as a commitment, b/c if Auburn offered I think it would difficult to keep him.

Question: How do we stand with DeAndre McDaniel?

Answer: Clemson still leads for McDaniel

Question: Do we take both Alex Rose and Xavier Harris if they both commit?

Answer: No they will only take one more wide receiver in this class. Harris is ahead of Rose on the board at this time.

Question: What position would C. Butler likely play here? Also, how are things looking with D'Vontrey Richardson?

Answer: CB, Richardson is favoring FSU

Question: How do we look with D'Vontrey? It would probably hurt us if Schaeffer comes here.

Answer: Richardson stock has fallen with Clemson. He is favoring FSU, but I am not sold he has an offer from the Seminoles

Question: Question: Who is the best in-state QB this year? Michael Wade??? Is he better than Will Korn?

Answer: Michael Wade is the best of the crop in 2006. Will Korn is best quarterback in the state

Question: Mickey, what does Koenning think about the talent level on D at Clemson right now?

Answer: He feels pretty comfortable. Koenning really liked what he saw from Nick Watkins in the spring. One thing he has said is he feels there is players who could be very good, if they simply put out the effort he is looking for

Question: Mickey, how good do you think BC will be this year? What do they have returning?

Answer: They will be solid. They have the best OL in the ACC, and Mathias Kiwanuka is the best NFL prospect in college football. Will Blackmon is a solid playmaker at WR. Our BC preview will be up later tonight

Question: How has Thomas Austin looked in workouts so far?

Answer: Austin has been solid, but we will know much more on him after the first few practices. It is difficult to tell about OL in voluntary workouts

Question: Who will get playing time first? Rendrick Taylor or Tyler Grisham?

Answer: Taylor and Grisham will see basically equal playing time in my opinion

Question: Who will likely be the #2 and 3 TEs this season?

Answer: Durrell Barry, Cole Downer, Akeem Robinson, and Paul Muse will battle for the two positions

Question: Can Clemson break the 6-7 game barrier and really have a list 9+ win season?

Answer: It is not impossible, but it will be difficult. FSU is starting to slip, and there is not much separation amongst the other teams in the Atlantic Division

Question: Why is it that Akeem Robinson seems to not be able to find a home at one position? He seems like a natural at defensive end, no?

Answer: His instincts are not there on defense. I think he will remain at TE, but could be moved to OT.

Question: So Demerick Chancellor will probably not play RB? Will M. Dukes be moved to OG this year? Long-term, I think B Richardson and C. Lambert are our guys at OT.

Answer: Chancellor will play multiple positions. They will use him similiar to Tramain Hall at NC State. I do not think they will be able to move Dukes over this year. Richardson and Ruffin are the future at OT

Question: Does Akeem Robinson have the hands to play tight end?

Answer: They are improving, but they are not there yet

Question: Is Richard Jackson as good as Jad Dean was in high school?

Answer: His leg is not as strong, but the accuracy is better

Question: Do you think CJ Gaddis finally finds a home at safety?

Answer: Yes

Question: Who's the next to commit?

Answer: Crawford or Butler

Question: How are we looking with Whitehead?

Answer: Still in good shape, but Auburn and Georgia are strong as well

Question: How has Cory Lambert looked so far at workouts?

Answer: He is slightly behind from sitting out a year. He still needs to fill out more

Question: Everyone has heard about Tyler Grisham, JD and Rendrick Taylor from workouts. Any surprises?

Answer: I think Haydrian Lewis has been a little surprise. He is very coachable player, and he has been very willing to listen to the veterans and Justin Miller

Question: Will we hold on to Ricky Sapp?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any word on Schaefer?

Answer: Schaeffer apparently will make a decision this week, my best guess Clemson, but nothing will surprise me with Schaeffer. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Hope everyone has a great week, as the fun really picks up next week!

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