Depth Chart; Tech Trip

Depth Chart; Tech Trip

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Where there any surprises on the depth chart? I wasn’t truly shocked by anything we saw when it was released. Did anything surprise you? Thanks.



There were not that many surprises. With so much coverage now, it’s hard to have a lot of surprises. Jackson Carman as the second-team left tackle and Blake Vinson as the third-team right tackle surprised me. Cannon Smith has been hurt and I think that is the reason he is listed lower at tight end. I think the same can be said for Skalski at linebacker. Some were surprised by Choice being ahead of Feaster. Ross climbing up the depth chart at wide it was not a huge surprise. LeAnthony Williams as a fourth team corner was lower than I would have anticipated. Finally, it looks like Mike Jones may red-shirt and that may surprise some.


Hey. I just got tickets to the GT game in Atlanta. This is my first time going to an away game, so I was hoping for any advice you can share. Do you know the hotel the team will use? Also, I know the game time isn’t yet official, but do you know when they may arrive at the stadium and the location where they will arrive? Anything else you think I should know would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your hard work.



You will have a good time in Atlanta. I don’t know the team hotel. Maybe the football office can help you with that. They arrive a little more than two hours before kickoff. At Tech they come into the end zone in the north end of the stadium. The only advice I would give is to arrive early. There is limited parking at the Varsity and more in that area. It’s a short walk and there will be plenty of Tiger fans there to tailgate with. Hope this helps. Have a safe trip.


Clemson's depth chart for the Furman game looks pretty much exactly like I thought it would. Some things do stand out to me and the first is how "old" the defense is compared to the past several years. As we all know, the defense is experienced and ultra talented. The challenge Coach Venables has is finding quality minutes during the season because next year's depth chart will be very different after the loss of so many players.

On offense, the receiver position is the most interesting to me because of how deep the position is. If Derion Kendrick and Justyn Ross are 3rd team, the receiver positions must be loaded with talent and how they shake out during the year will be something to watch. I have absolutely no issue at QB because Kelly Bryant is the starter, period. My guess is with Bryant, the running backs and the line that is in place, we will see a very strong running game. The great thing about a potent running game is let the defense creep up just a step and the passing lanes open up. Pick your poison, let's tee it up.

Go Tigers,



I was also very excited to see the depth chart. You are right about the experience on defense. With so many guys going to the NFL early, I am not sure we will see this much experience again.

On offense, I think it’s the exact opposite. Can you imagine how good this offense is going to be in the next few years? There are more difference makers coming up in this system in the next few years than any time I can remember. Lawrence to Higgins, Ross, Ladson, Ngata, Rodgers and Kendrick is going to be a lot of fun.

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