Friday update: Swinney talks salaries, first day of pads
Swinney said his assistants deserve their raises

Friday update: Swinney talks salaries, first day of pads

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CLEMSON – Clemson is on the map because of its success on the football field in 2015, and with that success comes luxuries for the players and compensation for the coaches.

The new football operations facility is already under construction, which will provide amenities to the players, and Friday afternoon Clemson’s Board of Trustees rewarded the assistant coaches and support staff with significant raises.

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables will receive a $75,000 raise and will earn $1,425,000 in 2016. Venables oversaw a defense that led the nation in tackles for loss.

The biggest boosts go to co-offensive coordinators Jeff Scott and Tony Elliott. The first year coordinators led an offense that finished 16th in scoring offense (38.5 points per game) and 11th in total offense (514. 5 yards per game). Elliott and Scott each received $400,000 in their first year last season, but will get a raise to $625,000.

In total, the nine assistants will receive salaries that will total $5.3 million in 2016, up from $4.215 million last year.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media after Friday’s practice and he said his staff is now in the upper echelon of college football in terms of salary and benefits, something that is much deserved for the entire staff.

“I think our staff collectively were going to be sixth or seventh - we don't know what a couple of those private schools are - but we are probably in that six or seven range and I think that these guys have earned it,” Swinney said of his staff. “I think everybody is kind of a market of their own. It was great to be able to reward my staff per the market they are in individually. We have come a long way as a program. I think today was a big day for us and a big day for me to be able to say thank to these guys for the job that they've done and to just be able to continue to build our program. It's all part of it. Clemson is a place that can compete and we've proven that. We are still growing our revenue and we are very efficient in how we go about our business here. I am thankful to Dan (Radakovich) and the board and the administration for all the support they've given us and the resources that we have to compete on and off the field.”

As for spring practice, the Tigers are just three days in, but Swinney said he has been focused on teaching the players how to do things the right way and making sure they are coachable.

“Day three is getting the pads on and kind of adding that physical part to all of the mental stuff we've been doing,” Swinney said. “To be honest with you, my focus these first three days is re-installing our core values of the program. We have so many young guys, and it's teaching them how to practice. It's little things we've been re-teaching, and we've corrected some things from that first practice. That's been a big emphasis. I think we can be a good team. I really, really love this team and I am excited about the attitude I've seen so far and seeing how they respond to coaching and their body language. I think this will be a football team that will be a lot of fun to coach. That's something I am really excited about. Today was the first day of pads and we'll watch the tape and get a good evaluation.”

Swinney said there hasn’t been anyone who has stood out in a negative light and that he has been pleased with his team overall.

“All of them [have been impressive]. I am not displeased with any of them,” he said. “They are all working hard. There's none of them that are under my skin or anything like that. We are just getting started. In year's past, there's always been one or two guys that I've wanted to rip their helmet off or something. But that's just not been the case. Some aren't as good as I wish they were right now or don't know as much, but that will come if we continue to get the effort we're demanding. “

Injury report

Kaleb Chalmers kind of separated his shoulder the other day. He has been limited for a couple of days but he should be back soon.”

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