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Question: Mickey- How good is Cameron Sexton?

Answer: He is a terrific athlete and getting better at QB

Question: Any thoughts on the future of the Big East? Do they keep their BCS Conf. Standing?

Answer: I think so. Their additions will help. They still need one more big time program like ND

Question: Bowl Projection for Clemson? Opponent?

Answer: Peach Bowl vs. Florida.

Question: Some people are talking UVA to challenge for the ACC title this year, do you buy into that?

Answer: Not if Al Groh is still the coach

Question: How many times does C. Stuckey touch it Saturday

Answer: 8-12. He will play a mjor role

Question: Gonna watch the republican national convention this week?

Answer: Every last second

Question: Is Ruffin still waivering on his commitment?

Answer: He says he may take other visits

Question: Is Damien Wright solid to USC?

Answer: Yes

Question: mickey - that is not a chop block. A chop block is engaging with a player below the watse while he is already engaged with another player

Answer: I thought that is what I said

Question: If Clemson goes to the Peach vs. Florida...who do you pull for?

Answer: Post Spurrier I am notthe biggest Florida guy. It is not the same without the Ole Ball Coach

Question: Is 63-17 a factor in USC's recruiting of Canadian prospects?

Answer: I think they will have more success out of the state right now because of the game

Question: Which of the Frosh QBs looks better so far in practice?

Answer: Both have looked good but both will redshirt. This battle will continue. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope everyone has a great week. Be careful in your travels this weekend. Thanks again

Question: What was cameron sexton's impression of the game?

Answer: We talked to him when he got home and I think he really enjoyed himself. At one time I thought Clemson was not really in the picture but I have flip-flopped. I think O'Cain and company have made a very good impression. We will follow him closely from here on out. he is a really nice kid

Question: Mickey, now that we have seen game one, what is your opinion of what we need to do to get better?

Answer: Running game on offense. I think backs have to make some defenders miss. Coleman will do that when he is back. I still think Browning needs a bigger role. On defense, tackling. Also the long TD pass put WF back in the game. That is a fluke play but it needs to be made

Question: My biggest disappointment saturday was the lack of a strong running game. What do we do to get improvement?

Answer: Give backs a better chance. A few more two-point stances with the OL and give them a chance to get a push. Biggest thing though is backs need to make some defenders miss

Question: What is the most positive thing you saw from Saturday's game? What area worries you the most?

Answer: Determination. The great comeback and fight. Other positives were Stuckey, Currie, Special teams (outside of one field goal)

Question: Mickey, was the official shuffling of our staff after last year because of the late success? Why fix it if it ain't broke?

Answer: To stop complacency and to take the program to a higher level. Based on one game it was a 31-point improvement from last year's WF game

Question: How much action do you see McDuffie getting this week?

Answer: I would think he would be in the mix as a reserve but without seeing the replay yet, I thought Groover and Clark played hard

Question: Have nothing wrong with Tommy Sharpe, but was wondering exaxctly what Dustin Fry can't do that Tommy Sharpe can do? I am just thinking that on the goalline we need a guy that weighs 300 pounds , instead of 270..the guy in front of the center was blowing the play up before it ever got started

Answer: Sharpe is a great drive blocker and effort guy. Great leg strength. Plus better techinique guy

Question: Do you think we'll see Duane Coleman vs GT?

Answer: I think there is a slight chance. I would like to see him get a chance top play a few plays just to get him back into the flow. The offense really misses his energy

Question: mickey--do u ever have time to go to high school games and scout the top players in the state as u used to?

Answer: I am starting back now. I was doing TV for Friday nights but am not anymore. I will be back on the road more now in the future. That is my favorite part of the job. I love getting out and seeing the kids in person.

Question: Can we get a HUGE impact RB this year? We can't seem to get a good QB and RB at the same time.

Answer: Who really has an All-Conference QB and RB? Given a choice I will take an All-Conference QB. They like the backs they have on campus and are recruiting somem talented players now at the position

Question: Where in the world is Reggie Merriweather?

Answer: He will see more action starting this week

Question: And when are we gonna put a few plays for our fullback just to keep the defense honest..

Answer: I think they may see more short yardage carries in the future

Question: Why don't we utilize our TE's more?

Answer: They utilized Ben Hall all day Saturday as a blocker because that is where he is really needed. The one time they tried to get the ball to him Whitehurst forced it into double coverage and threw the pick at the goal line

Question: where will the difference be made this week? (what matchup)

Answer: I think Clemson will have to run the ball better and stop PJ Daniels. Reggie Ball is much more effective when they can throw it when they want to rather than when they have to

Question: Which second string players looked the best Saturday?

Answer: Groover, Clark, Watkins, Monts, Barry Richardson, Browning, Grant

Question: Why do the coots now thing they are MNC material after beating VANDY???

Answer: They looked good versus Vandy. I think the UGA game will be a close one.

Question: why in heck is ESPN coming to the ghetto to see UGa beat up on the gamecocks?

Answer: ND lost badley and Texas-Arkansas was not in there interest.

Question: r u familiar with the kicker from emerald HS

Answer: I am not. Please e-mail me info on him

Question: Mickey- have you evaluated Myles Potter, the other receiver from North Augusta? I

Answer: I have not. Their staff usually does a good job of getting us PR. I will investigate

Question: Will someone step up and claim the placekicking job, or is it by committee this year?

Answer: I think Furr did OK. 2-3 is OK. He made his XPs

Question: Mickey, your thoughts on James Davis.

Answer: He was impressed with Tennessee. I think it will come down to UT and Clemson

Question: What exactly is Hines doing in the press box during the game?

Answer: I am sure he is helping evaluate what the defense is trying against the Tigers.

Question: Do you know if our coaches have Jad Dean kick it short of the endzone or is he struggling to consistently get it deep?

Answer: Great question. I wil have to ask the staff this week. I say if you can, kick it throught the endzone. I think he was trying to do that

Question: Mickey,whos the most under rated commitment CU has so far for 05?

Answer: Grisham

Question: mickey... after seeing WF, what kind of ballclub do you think they are... I think they are a 6-5, 5-6 type team... but one that will challenge anybody other than a FSU or Miami

Answer: I agree. They more athletic than they have been under Grobe and play really hard. They have to stay healthy but this is a bowl team and a very difficult matchup

Question: Can you explain the intentional grounding calls or lack of...

Answer: A QB can throw it anywhere as long as it goes past the line of scrimmage after he escapes the imaginary box where both offensive tackles are lined up. I think that is correct

Question: Did Ben Hall leave his hands in the locker room? Why no action at TE?

Answer: He was busy blocking and helping the OT all day. This is something we discussed in chats and on my radio show several times in the pre-season

Question: What is it about Wake that we can't figure out? Some teams blow them away.

Answer: Clemson is very aggressive with their DL and LB. This causes over pursuit. This will continue to be a difficult match up. But remember the game was 19-3 and the long pass kept WF in the game emotionally

Question: Coach Bowden's initial response was he thought the OL played good ....only gave up one sack. Do you agree with that? Seems like Charlie had to dump the ball on several occasions avoiding the sack and the line never gave Yusef much of a chance to run

Answer: I don't think they played great but I also do not know what they were asked to do. Give WF credit. Their defense is better than last season and Clemson scored 37 points

Question: GT: Better in what areas than last year? Worse in what areas as opposed to last year?

Answer: Better at QB because of experience. Better at RB and WR. Not as good on the OL (lost Dorsey). Not as good at LB. Better at Safety

Question: GT: Better in what areas than last year? Worse in what areas as opposed to last year?

Answer: Better at QB because of experience. Better at RB and WR. Not as good on the OL (lost Dorsey). Not as good at LB. Better at Safety

Question: GT: Better in what areas than last year? Worse in what areas as opposed to last year?

Answer: Better at QB because of experience. Better at RB and WR. Not as good on the OL (lost Dorsey). Not as good at LB. Better at Safety

Question: Last year our D got run over like a freight train when we played WF and the bounced back to play well the rest of the year. Is that because of the WF scheme? Do you think our D will bounce back this week?

Answer: Yes. Clemson does better against teams that try to man up and play staright up.

Question: How is Anthony Waters' hand? Will Leroy Hill be 100% for this week's game?

Answer: I think Waters will play. He is a tough kid who played with it in the second half. Hill should be OK but shoulder problems are tough for LB

Question: Will Merriweather get a rea l shot? Seems like we lack breakaway speed at the RB position right now? And will Barry Richardson end up starting before long?

Answer: Merriweather will get whatever shot he earns. I think Richardson will play more and more each week

Question: latest on CJ Byrd?

Answer: He was injured Friday night and may not play this week. He did not go to UGA on Saturday and may go to Clemson-GT or USC-GA this week

Question: MP, what is the reason behind all the media hatin on us? Is the pres of ESPN a coot lover?

Answer: LOL. I have not seen a lot of it.

Question: Rendrick Taylor is visiting Cola this week for the game do we still have him locked up unless they offer an Escalade?

Answer: He will end up at Clemson. He was at Clemson this past weekend.

Question: Currie/Stuckey vs Youngblood/Hamilton

Answer: Currie and Stuckey. Look at the numbers and speed. I never saw Yougblood or Hamilton block kicks and level players on kick returns blocking. Better hands and better effort with Currie and Stuckey

Question: Mickey - are the problems at OL and DL "fixable" this year or are we in for a long year?

Answer: The DL will play better because they will get more aggressive this week. Against WF the DE were having to stay at home all week. The OL will play better each week as they get more experienced

Question: Charlie throwing 2 easy picks, and we still won.

Answer: One bad decision and one bad throw, He played OK

Question: Mickey - Can Clemson compete for a top spot in the ACC with 2 walk-ons playing on the OL?

Answer: Yes. But this is the toughest league in the country, You guys are hung up on walk-ons. No one said anything about Rob Bodine when he was here. Get off of the walk-on deal. The best players will play each week. Sharpe is an excellent player and Pickins will play until Richardson is ready

Question: Do you think Reggie will get on field this week?

Answer: Yes. He was on it this past week

Question: Mickey - in your opinion, did the staff get too cute with play-calling?

Answer: No. They tried a bunch of different things in the 3rd quarter. Give WF credit with their nickel scheme in the second half

Question: Do you think Coleman will be ready by the aTm trip?

Answer: I think so. But this week is a key for his recovery

Question: Mickey - how do we match up vs the GT defense?

Answer: Pretty good. Their LB are very inexperienced but safeties are highly thought of. If Henderson plays he will present a problem

Question: We've got 2 walk-ons now starting on the OLine and lots of guys on scholarship backing them up. What is the key to getting better quality depth there? What need to be done to get better "bang for the buck" out of the guys on scholarships?

Answer: Recruit better players. Austin, Ruffin, Grant, Humphries-type players. Richardson and Robinson-type players

Question: Mickey - is Death Valley finally living up to its name again?

Answer: Seven straight home wins and a very loud crowd vs. WF. This week is a sellout. It seems that way

Question: 1. What will the new uniforms look like? 2. How large a marine battery do I need to run a tv and a satellite dish receiver for 7 hours? 3. Have any new recipes for chicken wings? ;^)

Answer: LOL I am the least domesticated man in America

Question: Do you think it's wise for Airese to be returning kicks based on the lack of depth in our WR corps?

Answer: I think he has the speed to make a big play in the kicking game.

Question: mike davis - where does he go?

Answer: He is so quiet. We have talked to him several times and he says he is wide open

Question: do you think clemson will ever see another quarterback like woodrow dantzler, and subsequently have an offense centered around his mobility?

Answer: Maybe. I like this pocketb guy though. Whitehurst is on the verge of breaking every offensive record in school history. Why change? 5 game winning streak, ranked in the top 20. Why change?

Question: Does college Gameday LIKE fairggrounds?

Answer: They do. I don't. Too much dust

Question: Have you ever seen a team win a game and then drop 5 spots in the polls?

Answer: I can't remember but that is so wrong

Question: tell us again why walk deptula is the best thing since sliced bread.

Answer: He told everyone on Thursday that OSU would give LSU a great game and he picked Rutgers to beat MSU and Fresno State to win

Question: Your thoughts on Bowden's comments today about DHam...

Answer: He is right. Stuckey is a better football player. If Derrick would have received a trophy then everything would be OK

Question: What happened with the NCAA troubles in Columbia? Noticed they've done some subtle personnel moves. Is this thing now officially over and have they avoided any real trouble?

Answer: They are still looking into the matter

Question: Were you surprised that R. Fry did not start somewhere?

Answer: No. The staff plays the guy they think has the best chance to win

Question: How is our backup QB situation?

Answer: OK. But like a ton of other schools there is a drop off

Question: Did the WF QB have his eyes closed when he tossed that Hail Mary for a TD?

Answer: I know Mauck lead WF to two TDs. But he was not impressive as Randolph. IMO Randolph is better than Reggie Ball. Ask me next week

Question: Mickey, are you a walk-on?

Answer: I had zero scholarships offered coming out of high school

Question: Will Ben Hall be more of a factor against G Tech, at least in the passing game?

Answer: If the staff feels the tackles can handle the DEs

Question: Were you aware that WF had that many fans?

Answer: LOL. They should be proud. WF played hard and is more athletic than last year

Question: Mickey, I heard your head was in the way when Charlie threw the one pick

Answer: We would have an eclipse if my head was in the way

Question: did we deserve to drop 5 spots in the polls? i know, polls mean squat.....

Answer: No. that is ridiculous but it doesn't matter. It is early and the season will take care of itself

Question: whats the word on the ncaa and GT? seems like no one is talking about some ineligebles playing for the rambling wreckers

Answer: I think that is huge. They better hope the NCAA is more forgiving than I think they will be

Question: There wasn't much dust at the fairgrounds last November. The majority of people had left by the time the game was over.

Answer: I like to park on asphalt or grass, not dirt

Question: Which guys on the team are the most passionate about playing for Clemson University?

Answer: Duane Coleman, Tommy Sharpe. It looked like Stuckey was pretty passionate Saturday.

Question: How early does Richardson take over as the starter?

Answer: As soon as Scott thinks he is ready. i think about mid-season

Question: How early does Richardson take over as the starter?

Answer: As soon as Scott thinks he is ready. i think about mid-season

Question: How early does Richardson take over as the starter?

Answer: As soon as Scott thinks he is ready. i think about mid-season

Question: So you're saying this is a better Wake team than last year?

Answer: More atheltic yes, But they are inexperienced. They also have to stay healthy

Question: Do you think we will attack GT long all day?

Answer: If they stay in cover two and get no pressure like last year yes.

Question: Any idea of the recruits that will be at the CU/GT game this weekend?

Answer: Clay, Davis, Battle are three we know for sure, They expect close to 100 on Saturday

Question: What were your impressions of our offensive line vs. Wake? What can we do to improve?

Answer: They played OK. I think they need to get in two point stance and get some push. Without seeing the replay yet it is difficult to tell though

Question: will we drop out of the polls if we win in OT again this week?

Answer: With the current logic--yes

Question: Did you re-assess your prediction of our season after Wake?

Answer: No. 8-3 sounds aboutn right

Question: Will we see Browning catch more passes out of the backfield this week?

Answer: I think so. He is dependable. I trust him more than any other back

Question: What is our injury situation going into the game Saturday?

Answer: Pugh, E. Coleman, Waters, Hill should be OK. D. Coleman may get a few snaps

Question: Which receivers do we have a good shot at?

Answer: Byrd is GA-CL. Taylor and Grisham are solid. TJ Williams, Josh Briscoe will visit. Carlos Thomas and Billings are kore long shots

Question: Who wins the matchup between underachieving QB's ... FSU or Miami

Answer: Until FSU beats Miami in Miami, I say the Canes

Question: With Gameday coming to Columbia, how would a.) blowlout loss; b.) close loss; c.) close win, each effect the recruiting for Lou and Crew?

Answer: A-Realy hurts. B-Not a factor c-Really helps

Question: Mickey, where do you tailgate and sit for the games?

Answer: Lot 1 tailgate. Used to sit in press box but now in the stands

Question: Is it Wake, or is our run defense looking rough?

Answer: Wake is so difficult to defend. They have averaged over 200 yards a game rushing each year under Grobe

Question: Mickey - do you see Sexton playing QB w/ us if he signs?

Answer: he would get a long lookm there. yes

Question: What recruits were at the game Saturday?

Answer: Taylor, Humphries, Miller, Sexton, Hannah and about 75 more

Question: Why did Merriweather not play?

Answer: He did play

Question: Mickey, is it safe to say Lambert would have seen significant minutes Saturday?

Answer: No

Question: Where do you think Gaddis should line up for the Tigers?

Answer: Right now on the second team at CB, He made some mistakes Saturday

Question: Will we EVER get more touches for Ben Hall?

Answer: When the offensive tackles can handle it

Question: Does the WR play seemed overall to have improved since Dabo came to town?

Answer: Yes. They play hard and catch the football. They also block well

Question: Do you think the lack of big runs Saturday was more of the line's fault or Yusef's fault or a little of both?

Answer: Both. he has to make someone miss

Question: When does the coaches poll come out?

Answer: Great question. All of the Labor Day games got it pushed back but I don't know when

Question: My friend tailgated with Derrick this past satdy.

Answer: I am sorry

Question: Go back to sitting in the press box. You know your girlfriend really wants to sit with me.

Answer: E-Z. I trust you B-Dog

Question: Is Sexton a good enough athlete to play wr or safety if he could not win the qb job?

Answer: Yes. he is a terrific athlete

Question: Mickey, Thanks for making yourself available for questions. -You're OK!

Answer: Thank you

Question: Your thoughts on Gaddis and his progress

Answer: I thought hwe struggled a little Saturday but it was his first game. He will continue to improve but needs to concentrate on one thing at a time

Question: Mick, have you answered Ginger or Maryann yet? What about Daisy Duke or Ellie Mae from Bev Hillbillies?

Answer: Jenna Bush

Question: did you like the jump ball 2 point conversion call (when the ball was in the air)

Answer: Not when it was in the air

Question: How could TB use Browing in a more effective way running the ball?

Answer: Yes. He was effective with the draw last season

Question: Mickey, have our fans forgot that WF had just as long to prepare for us as we did for them?

Answer: Great thought. Another thought-Clemson now doesn't have to play WF for another year and they are 1-0. Thanks for the interest. See you guys next week. Be careful in your travels.

Question: Mickey- do you find Rusty the Rooster to be a football expert?

Answer: No

Question: Mick, who coached better Sat? Bowden or Saban?

Answer: Both won

Question: How do you think OL Pickens played?

Answer: From what Bowden said, he played OK

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