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Question: Mickey, based on the board it looks like we only have 3 visiting this weekend. Neal, Crouch, and Hayes. Anyone else?

Answer: Hello, I hope all is well with everyone. Thanks for coming by. Crouch will not visit. He committed to NCSU. We have not talked to Neal this week because he was at NCSU until today. Hayes says he will still visit but I think he is pretty firm to UT. I also do not expect King to visit.

Question: Of the LB's still on the board which do you consider us most likely to get a verbal from?

Answer: Clay but that is still a long shot. Clemson would take Clay, Hayes or Stamper but will not go below that list. Those are the only LBs they would take

Question: Will Vontrell get an extra year?

Answer: The paperwork has been filed. I think they feel pretty good about it

Question: Mickey, didn't I see you stumbling around on Tryon St. Saturday night? Is that why we got your scoop late yesterday?

Answer: I have no idea where Tryon Street is and I was a good boy Saturday night. The scoop comes on the radio show at the same time (8-10) every Sunday night

Question: What's your gut feeling on Robinson? FSU or CU?

Answer: Until this weekend I thought FSU. Now he is confused. Clemson did a great job with him. He goes to VT on 1/28 and will not announce until SD. I think he does not know where he is going yet

Question: What are you hearing about Chris Chancellor. Are the coaches nervous about Demerick visiting UNC?

Answer: Clemson is trying to make room for Chris. Anytime a player visits another school you worry

Question: Looked like a good weekend. Was there anyone the staff really feel "got away"?

Answer: No. The weekend could not have gone better. Everyone had a great trip. The previous commits are even more solid. Plus they landed James Davis and now lead on Mike Davis and Hivera Green. Jamie Robinson is now 50-50. It was a great weekend

Question: Mickey any chance that Davis does not take his other visits? He will be a huge addition to our class.

Answer: He told me yesterday that he is not taking any other visits but who knows. He is another key to an improved running game

Question: Any chance at all that James Davis sees a red shirt??

Answer: Yeah but I doubt it. I think if he is healthy then he will play

Question: Do we get Mike Davis and Hivera Green?

Answer: If today was signing day--Yes

Question: any word on the schedule? thought the 15th was the latest for it to be out.

Answer: I think it comes out this week but I have not checked

Question: Mickey, any recruits we are worried about losing? Been years since we didn't worry about someone.

Answer: You always worry but right now I think they are firm

Question: will u be showing video this wednesday at logans?

Answer: No. BTW-We are moving the Logans Rodhouse schedule up an hour this week because of the Clemson-UNC BB game. I will go from 6-7 and Tony will cover USC from 7-8. That way those coming to the BB game can make it to Logans in Anderson on Wednesday

Question: Any chance Jamie Robinson plays some WR at Clemson

Answer: If he signs there. yeah I think he could be a great WR

Question: How about Kalvin Baker and Derrick McPhearson?

Answer: Believe it or not, there is no room even if they wanted to come

Question: Is the talk of Blackwell taking another job over now?

Answer: For now yes. But jobs always come open. I know Gene Chizik at Auburn is interviewing at Texas now

Question: Is Demerick Chancellor visiting the Tar Heels?

Answer: Last night he told me he was

Question: Any idea what led to the decisions? I think we all figured Davis would leave still open.

Answer: He just felt comfortable enough to do it. The staff did a great job with him

Question: how can there be no room? I thought we would take anyone high caliber?

Answer: They think Baker is not in the top three among their LB board and Chris Chancellor is number two at CB

Question: Is this a better class on paper than the Crosby/Currie/etc class?

Answer: On paper no but on the field and in the classroom yes

Question: Are we going to place Jamison and Higgins?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any chance Davis and Ray Ray help with Clay or is he set to OU?

Answer: They will work him hard now. Clay is still thinking. Until he signs then who knows

Question: what position do you see KAvell Connor ending up playing?

Answer: Whip, rover, OLB. They are changing the whip name to a CAT LB. Those names will change but he will play that position

Question: Is Josh Miller going to get moved to another posistion....doesn't look very big

Answer: He is bigger than I thought and the staff thought the same thing. He is a LB and will be a terrific LB

Question: DId you here many of the recruits mention Koenning, Spense or Hobby?

Answer: Almost everyone did but we asked them their impressions

Question: didnt chizik just sign a 3 year deal with auburn?

Answer: I am not sure but he is in Texas interviewing

Question: Are we going to sign any more lbs?

Answer: If they could steal Clay, Stamper or Hayes but will not sign any other one

Question: Do you think Hivera Green will committ to Clemson this week? Who's next?

Answer: I think he will sign with Clemson but I am not sure when he will commit. Mike Davis says he will continue with visits. I think everyone else goes to SD

Question: Is Hayes visiting this weekend?

Answer: He told us last night on the air that he is

Question: Mickey, on the record, that NA coach stuff was made up by someone who was trying to be funny. Byrd was and continues to be a good young man with strong character. To suggest that he or his coaches conducted themselves inappropriately in his recruitment is misleading and insulting. Just wanted to clear the record.

Answer: OK. I get it now

Question: Academic concerns - TJ Williams and J Grant?

Answer: I have not heard anything on Grant. I think he will be OK. Williams is trying hard and the staff thinks he will make it

Question: would we offer a gray shirt to mcphearson or the other chancellor?

Answer: They would take a grey shirt. They have bigger offers for August

Question: Did the recruits talk about facilities?

Answer: Some mentioned them and talked favorably but I did not ask too many

Question: Odds of signing both Mike and James Davis?

Answer: Pretty good now. Better now than before the visit. Burns got both together on Friday and they hit it off pretty good. They were honest with both

Question: Is Jamison a 2 year JUCO or 1 yr PREP candidate?

Answer: I think 2 year JUCO

Question: What's the word on Lambert?

Answer: The clearinghouse has the paperwork and we should know something this week. The school has a 12 day waiver where they can still get him in school. The staff feels pretty good about it

Question: how many players did we offer that are ending up at sc?

Answer: To my knowledge Clemson offered Carlos Thomas, Damien Wright, Gerrod Sinclair.

Question: If Robinson and Mike Davis and Hivera Green ink with us will this class be better than the class with Crosby and crew in your opinion?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will Merling play both ways?

Answer: Maybe. he has the ability but I think he will wind up on one side and play often there

Question: Have you seen any film on Murchison? If so who would you compare him to?

Answer: Adrian Dingle

Question: Did we make sure each recruit got only one dessert?

Answer: LOL. After the fiasco a few years ago, they bar code them now and keep an inventory on every dessert on campus

Question: I think we could have landed Carlos, was the staff not too high on him or was it the academics?

Answer: Both

Question: Are Stalkers a common problem with todays college football players on campus?

Answer: No but the girls won't leave the radio host alone

Question: With Merriwether and Coleman around for 2 more years, how do we convince BOTH Davis' that they can get PT early??

Answer: They told them the best players will play

Question: What freshmen would avoid a redshirt?

Answer: The staff doesn't know yet but a guess would be a TE, maybe an OT, a couple of WR, a DT, a LB, a CB. The needs are more improtant when you consider who plays as a true freshman

Question: Do you think there will be any suprise signings?

Answer: If I knew about them they would not be a surprise

Question: What is the biggest problem with our basketball team?

Answer: Point guard. Three-point shooting. Lack of talent left for Purnell

Question: Does Bowden have to win 8 or 9 games to hold off Spurrier and Stockstill recruiting wise next year? How big of a threat is the old ball coach?

Answer: USC has a solid class this year. Much better than if Lou would have stayed

Question: Did Clemson back off Carlos Thomas?

Answer: Yes

Question: What is the deal with Carlos Thomas? First it was GT, then we had a chance, then Ohio State, then he ended up at sc

Answer: He is goingto USC

Question: Discuss our strengths and weaknesses on both sides of the ball next year (assuming all recruits sign and quailfiy). Will we be better/worse than last season on both sides of the ball?

Answer: Stengths-QB, RB, DE, DT,Kickers. Weaknesses-WR,TE,Return game. Too early to tell-LB,OL,LB,CB,S

Question: Who makes the decision regarding a 2 year JUCO or 1 yr PREP candidate? and what is criteria?

Answer: There is a sliding scale for both. You have to fit into the criteria academically to get into a prep school situation. If not then you have to go to JUCO

Question: Which linebacker prospect(s) left on the CU Board do you feel we will sign?

Answer: I am not sure they will sign another one but they will not sign one below Clay, Stamper or Hayes

Question: Better TE prospect - Barry or Muse?

Answer: Barry as a receiver Muse as a blocker

Question: Did Becky Bowman get plenty of christmas cards?

Answer: I would think so

Question: Where do we stand with Antonio Clay?

Answer: The Tigers are still in it. Ron West has worked his butt off here

Question: What did they do with the recruits over the weekend?

Answer: Toured campus, met with staff and administrators, ate, hung out with future teammates, etc

Question: Mickey, would you say we currently lead for M. Davis and H. Green? And are we about even with FSU for J. Robinson in your opinion?

Answer: Yes on both questions

Question: WR worries me next year? Other than Stuckey, do we have any play makers?

Answer: No but the gameplans will look different

Question: What changes have you seen in recruiting this year in light of some of the new NCAA rules?

Answer: The biggest is no school planes. They kids now fly commercial

Question: Who are the top recruits for this class and why?

Answer: James Davis is a great back with no weaknesses. All 4 wide outs are talented. This offensive line is big and physical. All 5 DL are very athletic. Josh Miller is an unbelievable LB. Both corners are very good players

Question: Did the recruits get a special presentation of the West End Zone project?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: How does the 2-deep at DB look?

Answer: Going into spring I would say: CB-Hill, Croley CB-Gaddis, Gilliam, Clemens Rover-Fudge, Nolen FS-Hamlin, Walker, Monts I think Maurice Nelson and Adrian Kindred will go to WHIP

Question: When will WE project start construction?

Answer: They are moving on it now but plans are still going. The project is a go

Question: Who are our potential players at safety? Are they studs?

Answer: For next year I think Hamlina dn Wlaker will be very good FS. Fudge is terrific at Rover. Conner will play WHIP. Chambers and Lewis could play Rover

Question: Has GV been trying to get some of those girls who won't leave the radio host alone?

Answer: I thought he was happily married

Question: Do you think Ray Ray will take any more visits?

Answer: He told us he will not

Question: Did not realize the girel chase thing was such a big issue for the radio dude. Does the 4.8 40 speed come in handy?

Answer: No, that is when I run a 9.8

Question: But you will agree (no excuses) we should have defeated VT? Why didn't OP call a TO before the turnover?

Answer: I don't think he thought the PG would give up a turnover and a dunk.

Question: You still sticking with that 40 time you mentioned last week?

Answer: yep

Question: When did or has Clay visited Clemson? Impressions?

Answer: He came in on October 26. He had a great time and the Tigers are still in it

Question: Are there degrees of three star/ four star players? If so, what is our avg. three star player rated? Four star?

Answer: I have no idea of that star stuff. Go back and look at what stars these guys had in recent classes. I think there are only three levels. Great ones, good ones and projects

Question: When did you get timed at 4.8 in the 40? Was it 40 feet?

Answer: The joke has taken on a life of its own

Question: Can a class so heavy on "skill" and light on "beef" like USC's seriously be thought of as top-25??

Answer: If they are great skill players

Question: Have you heard anything about the jr db from fort dorchester making an early decision?

Answer: I have not talked to him since the summer

Question: Is Lauren Bowden a successful recruiting tool? lol

Answer: She is a very nice person. I hope she gets into sports television. I think she could have a good future

Question: Do you really think we will miss Justin Miller that much?

Answer: In the return game more than as a corner

Question: Does SPence like to use the TE?

Answer: he loves the TE. It is a shame Ben Hall can't come back

Question: Did Jarriel King receive some bad Kool-aid while on his visit to SC? King had to go to the hospital this morning extreme pain in lower midsection

Answer: I have not heard that

Question: Who hosted James Davis?

Answer: Duane Coleman

Question: Who would you compare James Davis to in terms of style, and where can we see film of him since you wont have it Wed??

Answer: I will try to get the film for Wednesday. He is a complete back. I would say Justin Vincent maybe. He might not be quite as afast as Vincent. MaybeDeAngelo Williams, Kregg Lumpkin

Question: Ant chance Browning gets moved to a small slot receiver that Spence was talking about in his PC

Answer: Maybe. He needs to see the field. I love his effort and attitude

Question: Is the class USC is putting together going to give them depth problems on both sides of the lines if they don't find a few more quality guys?

Answer: I think they love the DT they signed last year. I alsothink they liked their OL last year

Question: Did you watch any of the HS all american games over weekend and how do our recruits compare?

Answer: I did not see it

Question: It might be that I'm just not paying attention but it seems that I'm hearing less about kids committing to one school then decommiting after a big weekend with a rival this year. Is it possible that the restrictions on the Bacchanalian feasts and private plane rides are helping recruits stay focused?

Answer: I have not thought about it that way. It may have an effect. But it is early

Question: Why did OP abandon the zone? Looked like V. Tech was pretty much a drive the basket offense.

Answer: The Tigers are more of a man-to-man team I guess

Question: mickey, for gods sake, please tell us if we are still recruiting clay. lol

Answer: Yes

Question: You think sc gets OJ Murdock?

Answer: No one can reach him. We tried to call him and could not get him. No websites can reach him. Colleges have not talked to him. He is the single hardest prospect to contact of any I have ever tried to reach

Question: when r u going to do that depth chart that u have promised?

Answer: After signing day

Question: Will Ko Simpson win the Heisman next year?

Answer: He would be the first true sophomore and the first free safety

Question: Any chance we land any more LBs in this class? Is Crouch still visiting this weekend?

Answer: Crouch will not visit. They are still recruiting Clay, Stamper and Hayes but will not sign another one

Question: How does Amato land Crouch and Baker, two HUGE commits, with all of the staff turmoil over the last few years?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Heard anything about the new unis?

Answer: I keep hearing rumors on the indoor arena or conference USA look

Question: Could Jamie Robinson start sometime during next season at Clemson?

Answer: yes

Question: Gut feeling on Jamie Robinson?

Answer: 50-50. I do not think he knows where he is going now. I think he thought it was FSU until this past weekend

Question: Did you ever firm up the story you teased us with about the way the suspensions were added after a bowl ban?

Answer: Not until mid-march

Question: Have you heard there will be an opening for a GA after Spring Ball and any news on Lambert?

Answer: I have not heard on the GA front. Lambert's paperwork is in the hands of the clearinghouse

Question: Have you heard there will be an opening for a GA after Spring Ball and any news on Lambert?

Answer: I have not heard on the GA front. Lambert's paperwork is in the hands of the clearinghouse

Question: Have you heard there will be an opening for a GA after Spring Ball and any news on Lambert?

Answer: I have not heard on the GA front. Lambert's paperwork is in the hands of the clearinghouse

Question: Do you think that UNC could wow Demerick Chancellor enough for him to change his mind and commit to them?

Answer: Whenever a guy takes a visit they have a chance

Question: What's the word on Lambert and the Clearinghouse?

Answer: They should know something this week

Question: Who's better, T.J. Williams or Rendrick Taylor?

Answer: TJ is better in the open field. Taylor is more physical

Question: What makes your show far and away better than Kornblut's?

Answer: I have not heard his lately. You would have to answer that one

Question: what about mckinney?

Answer: We talked to himlast night. He told us NEB,MCH and Clemson are top three and still will take one more visit

Question: This year's likely "McIntosh??

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Re: running out of room. Who else would we take in?

Answer: Mike Davis, Hivera Green, James McKinney, Three LB, Jamie Robinson

Question: Will Spurrious move Newton to WR?

Answer: I think so

Question: What is your opinion of our new coordinators and new coach?

Answer: So far so good. I am trying to get them on the show this week

Question: Are players upset that they did not get to go to a bowl?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you think James Davis is firm?

Answer: He said he was last night but keep both hands on the steering wheel

Question: Mickey do the Yankees get thier rightful title back this year as World Champions?

Answer: Absolutely

Question: Has not going to a bowl set back our team from a developmental standpoint?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: If Chizik leaves, is there rumors of Blackwell taking over at Auburn?

Answer: I am not sure he would be a candidate

Question: Can you say which of our current verbals may not qualify? Or, do most feel like they will get in?

Answer: only three or four still have to make it.

Question: Will your report on the brawl reveal anything surprising?

Answer: I think so

Question: Are you related to the Plylers from Lancaster County?

Answer: Yeah. That is where my family is from

Question: What are our chances with jamie robinson?

Answer: 50-50

Question: So we won't take Chris Chancellor?

Answer: They are trying to make room for him

Question: What about McPhearson the WR? Is he a Florida commit?

Answer: They will not bew able to make room for him

Question: How much will Spence and Koenning show in the OW game and how much will they save for A&M in your opinion?

Answer: I think they will show a lot

Question: Was Blackwell involved a lot with the recruits this past weekend as well?

Answer: Yeah. He is the recruiting coordinator. The entire staff was very involved

Question: When is the report coming out?

Answer: Mid-March

Question: What were the players doing if they were not practicing for a bowl? Where they working out or just going to class?

Answer: Both

Question: Will the Big Unit snap and kill a NY reporter before the end of the season?

Answer: No just a Red Sox

Question: Do you believe Mike Davis is sincere when he states James Davis' commitment will have NO impact on his decision?

Answer: I believe him

Question: Any contract/pay increases for Dabo and Blackwell?

Answer: They deserve it but I am not sure if they get one

Question: who do you think will be the surprise signee on 2/02?

Answer: I am not sure. Some years there are ad some there are not. I am not aware of any right now

Question: So is JD done with his visits?

Answer: He said he was but who knows

Question: In your opinion who do we have a better chance with Robinson or Chancellor?

Answer: Robinson

Question: If you were CU recruiting coordinator, what would your priorities be following this weekend thru to signing day?

Answer: Robinson, Green, McKinney, Clay, Davis

Question: Which of our new OLs have a chance to start?

Answer: Ruffin because of the lack of depth at OT

Question: Do you have any idea of the effect Koenning is having on recruiting?

Answer: He has helped so far

Question: If we take Chris Chancellor's commitment in the next 2 weeks - does that indicate our staff feels Jamie is lost to FSU?

Answer: Not really. It means they made room for him

Question: Is Duane Coleman on track to graduate on time, thus giving him an extra year?

Answer: I think so

Question: Who does Barry Humphries remind you of?

Answer: Kyle Young

Question: How many Clemson verbals were offered by SC?

Answer: Taylor, Williams, Austin, Ruffin, Grant, Lambert, Merling, Murchison, Miller

Question: What do you know about Lambert's work habits?

Answer: He will ned to improve them at the next level

Question: What about this Simmons kid?

Answer: I doubt they will sign him now. No room

Question: Who gets #1 - J Davis or TJ WIlliams

Answer: They will have to fight for it but I would say JD has a better shot. You would have to ask the staff

Question: Who is going to coach the secondary for the tigers next year?

Answer: Koenning. Gotta run to the day job, Thanks for coming by. Remeber Logans in Anderson this Wednesday is 6-8 instead of 7-9 beacuse of the BB game. See everyone Wednesday at Logans

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