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Name: Austin Healy
City, State: Abingdon UK" "
Occupation: Speed Demon
School: British Leyland Technical Institute
Major: Physics (1958)
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Hobbies: Working under my bonnet and loading up my boot.
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The Austin Healey "BugEye" Sprite was built between 1958 and 1961, based on a standard 948cc BMC 'A' Series engine and gearbox. The entire Austin Healey Sprite production totalled 48,957. The body and chassis were made at Pressed Steel in Swindon, rust treated, painted at Oxford and then assembledat Abingdon. The full car length, inclusive of the fitted front bumper reaches to eleven feet and five inches.

The car is unibody construction, there is no boot lid as the rear panel is stressed and the boot contents, including spare wheel are accessed from behind the seats. The entire bonnet and front wing assembly are hinged upwards from the


Original finish was sparse with non-reclining vinyl seats with only the driver's seat having any sliding adjustment, and rubber mats instead of carpet. The hood sits on a frame which is manually erected (not folded) and the doors have screw on side screens with sliding perspex windows.

Engine Size: 948cc A series

Engine BHP: 43 @ 5500 rpm

Torque: 52 ft-lbs @ 3200 rpm

Top Speed: 81 mph

0-60 Time: 20.3 sec

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