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Tyson is ranked the No. 8 forward in the state of North Carolina by Phenom Hoops and ESPN. According to ESPN, Tyson is ranked 34th nationally at his position. Last season at Piedmont High School, Tyson averaged 27.1 points, 9.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks per game. He scored 704 points as a senior and shot 46.0 percent from the field. Tyson chose Clemson over Michigan, Davidson, Tennessee and Wake Forest.


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Hunter Tyson FAQ

What high school does Hunter Tyson play for? Hunter Tyson plays for Piedmont Community Charter HS
What position does Hunter Tyson play for Piedmont Community Charter HS? Forward
What were Hunter Tyson's top college choices? Hunter Tyson's top college choices are ,Clemson
When did Hunter Tyson commit to the Clemson Tigers Basketball Team? 2017-09-25
What school did Hunter Tyson sign with to play basketball? Clemson
When did Hunter Tyson sign with Clemson to play basketball? Hunter Tyson signed to play with Clemson on 2018-04-13
What is Hunter Tyson's national rank? 156
What is Hunter Tyson's overall rank? 156
What is Hunter Tyson's Forward rank? 38
What is Hunter Tyson's state rank in NC? 10
How tall is Hunter Tyson? Hunter Tyson currently stands at 6-8
How much does Hunter Tyson weigh? Hunter Tyson currently weighs in at 180 pounds
What state is Hunter Tyson from? NC