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I grew up near Clemson, and I've been a fan my entire life. In the Fall, when the sun is shining, and the skies are blue, there's nothing to match the "magic" of being in Death Valley and watching my beloved Tigers run down the hill. I get chills just thinking about it. Clemson is a very special place.

Oh, about the picture of Khan: Ricardo Montalban - in the role of Khan Noonien Singh in "Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan" - just cracks me up. All of us "experts" on T-Net, myself included, take ourselves a bit too seriously at times. Wit and whimsy are good things to embrace. A great quote on this subject is: "Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death." by Tom Robbins. Let's do keep our sense of humor, all.

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