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Name: Wells Hungus      
City, State: Piedmont" , SC"
Occupation: no-goodnik, writer, and sometime entrepeneur
Affiliation: Fan
School: Winthrop (hey...they gave me a free ride)
Major: Computer Science, Psychology (1996)
Fav Links: Boobies & More Boobies , The Straight Skinny , Fight Me. I Dare Ya.
Hobbies: cow-tipping, power-drinking, pornography, carjacking old folks' Rascal scooters          
Where I sit/park:


quozzel sez: "My lifelong ambition is to be a Viking, and to pillage and burn Columbia....I vill al-so grind Rusty de Rooster and Pooper Del underfoot and heah da lamentations of de womens."

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