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place Rone'neck, VA
school Clemson, UGA, VCU
brush Fishing, hanging out with my family.
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Grew up in the CSRA, eatin' Crosby's BBQ (RIP) and pullin' for the Tigas. I am proud of my family heritage - I come from a long line of white trash.

I was at CU during the glory days of Danny Ford.

I love hoops. I'm down with OPP.

In general, I'm very happy. I've got a wonderful wife, a great lil'APM and lil'APMette, and a nice life, livin' the vida loca down in Rone'neck, Virginny.

Oh yeah - even though I live in Roanoke now and lived in Minneapolis and Richmond before that, I took a vote and people wanted me to remain APM, since I've held that handle since about 1996.