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Myself and family have been going to Clemson games home, away and bowl games since late 79. I would carry my infant children to the top of the upper deck, climbing that monsterous hill behind the south side. When we started IPTAY our seats were four rows from the top. This did give our children room to go along the top with their books, etc and not be in anyone's way. Over the years our seats improved. In 2005 I developed Pulmonary Fibrosis, aspergilious, pseudomonas and other severe lung diseases. Obviously this made it impossible for us to continue as I cannot climb the upper deck at all. We have been blessed through the years and have partnered with others on occasion and gotten some tickets on the lower deck mostly north side by the band and even had some parking on Champion Blvd. my children are now 39 & 33. Totally with my two step sons we have 10 wonderful grandchildren. They also learned there is nothing in the world like tailgating with Clemson fans whether it be Death Valley or away. My children today say their best child hood memories are from our trips from Charleston to Clemson. There is not another campus as beautiful nor fans as great. I miss terribly being in those stands helping and cheering our tigers on. So many good memories.. Being so loud against Maryland that year we were on probation from ACC for additional year and them winning the conference but we beat the starch out if them and was so loud their cheerleaders just stopped and leaned against the wall. Today Clemson is one of if not the best football program. We have done incredible upgrades to all athletic facilities and im looking forward to all of our athletic teams rising to the top. Go Tiger