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school Clemson - Mechanical Engineering - 1992
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Move to Spartanburg when I was 6. Attended Clemson 1987-1992 majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Yes that's 5 years as I was a Co-Op student and worked 4 semesters for Norfolk Southern Railroad at the old Hayne Shop on Asheville Highway in Spartanburg).

Went to work for NS after Clemson in Atlanta then moved to Roanoke, VA. Switched to another railroad, CSX, and moved to Jacksonville, FL.

Moved back to Spartanburg in 1999 to work in a small engineering consulting company (still in the railroad industry). Now I work for one of the companies I used to consult with.

Married a Clemson grad (Education 1993) and our daughter is also a Clemson grad (History 2017). So we are all orange through and through.