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Name: Nick Hussman
City, State: " AZ"
Occupation: Director Engineer
School: Clemson Univeristy
Major: Computer Engineering BS (1985)
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Hobbies: computers
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Lived in Clemson early 80's and actually went first to tri-tech. Then transferred to Clemson after a year (1981). Growing up did not know football at all. Fell totally in love with it in 1981 when we won it all. Yes, Clemson forces students to purchase season tickets with their tuition. Initially, I used to sell them (hey, extra money and I was broke). Then I went to one game (cannot remember which) but fell in love and never sold my tickets. I've been a die hard since then and crazy about the tigers.

30 years later and I am still in love. I wish I can retire soon (used my Clemson education wisely). Then I just want to follow the team on every home/away game. That is how I see my retirement playing out.

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