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Name: Edward Stone III
City, State: Atlanta , GA
Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Personal Fitness Functional Strength Trainer
Affiliation: Fan
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Hobbies: CU fan from birth. Weightlifting, personal fitness.
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CU fan from birth into Columbia area Tiger fan family. Left home city, state, Columbia, S.C. 1991 for good. Customer service specialist. Personal Fitness trainer-primary training facility is Urban Body Fitness in Atlanta, GA.
BTW- you know when some of you guys accuse posters of being a "coot" it's much more of a negative comment on you as a rational thinking person/poster. In my case if you care that much, you could check and see that Charles E. Stone Jr. , my dad, graduated in 49. Mary Rebecca Stone, class of 79 is my oldest sister. My only nephew, William Byrnes Brown enrolled, attended in 2011? We are trying to get him to back to school. Long story. LoL.
I was too spoiled, unfocused and short sighted to attend Clemson. I was however born and raised and proud to be FROM Columbia. It is the most forward thinking , largest urban area in S.C. I have evolved and I do try to lead by example and not "hate" on any other schools including South Carolina.
I'm not a great fan any more as I don't hang on , obsess over every play, depth chart. I've dialed back my passion. If don't see the Tigers playing great and or winning it totally upsets me. I can still get hooked and fired up with whatever any Clemson team is doing though. Tiger football in particular will always make my heart beat fast!

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