Notes: ACC says challenge should have been overturned

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RALEIGH, N.C. – NC State head football coach Tom O'Brien has been informed by Doug Rhoads, head of ACC football officials, that the play that the Wolfpack coaching staff challenged in the third quarter of Saturday's game against Clemson was a fumble and should have been overturned, giving NC State the football.

“Had we gotten the call on that one, it would have provided us with a much-needed boost in momentum," said O'Brien after the game.

The score was 24-14 Clemson at the time of the play and the Tigers eventually scored on the drive, increasing their lead to 31-14.

ACC Football Championship Ticket Deal

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ACC Football Championship Hotel Deal

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Clemson students to have 'funeral' for Cocky

CLEMSON — In anticipation of the football game between Clemson University and the University of South Carolina, Clemson students will lay USC’s Cocky to rest in a mock funeral service at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 23, on the lawn of Littlejohn Coliseum. The event is free and open to the public.

The “funeral” will begin with a pep rally featuring the Rally Cats, the cheerleaders, the Tiger mascot and Tiger Band. University President James F. Barker will be on hand and the a cappella group Tigeroar will perform.

Col. Sandy Edge, former Air Force ROTC commander and director of the College of Business and Behavioral Science Academic Advising Center, will deliver the eulogy for Cocky, and members of Tiger Platoon will serve as pallbearers for Cocky’s casket.

Student Alumni Council, which is sponsoring the event, will have T-shirts available for sale.

“This will be a great way to kick off the week leading up to the game,” said Student Alumni Council adviser Stewart Summers. “We encourage all Tiger fans to come out and get excited about the rivalry game. Fans can stick around for the basketball game against Winthrop afterwards and enjoy a fun evening at Clemson.”

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Subject (Replies: 44) Author
Notes: ACC Says Challenge Should Have Been Overturned
Did the ACC comment on whether the play should have been
Agreed, we had already run the next play and the ball was
I was saying the same thing when this was going on???****
the only reason it was not overturned is that fact the REF's
Did they manage to call time out in time...?***
no, but they came back and said Tom Obrian tried to***
Re: Did they manage to call time out in time...?***
it should have never been reviewed in the first place
did = didn't***
PLUS,the knuckle head officials let the next play go.
Prime T. Tiger
If you would have stopped us, it wouldn't matter***
It looks like a lot of tickets are gone***
Dang right
I was just thinking the same thing.***
Funny, the ACC never commented on the no-hold holding call
Also, the game was not won by 3 pts, but 20!***
Seems Swoffie is taking the SEC's lead
Plus,several BOGUS pass interfer. calls!***
Prime T. Tiger
Lessen a victory or any success by dem Tigers...
ACC says "Boy, wuffies, that's a tough break"
Was not overturned because none of the reviews can
We have a complaint too.
I agree...ACC refs suck...what can I say!
tgrfan42069 says the play should never have been....
All I can say is: I feel your pain Wuffies.
agreed. bad call, we know what that feels like.
clemsonphi of these so called sports writers should pin
So NCSU gets the fumble recovery on their 30 yd line?
This is the FIRST time I remember ever hearing any official
reference this comment
LOL. The challenge never should have occurred to begin
Re: LOL. The challenge never should have occurred to begin
Bad calls were made to make up for the previous bad calls***
What a load of crap. Where were they when that bogus TD
Completely Solid Orange®
It's good to be on the OTHER end of another blown call
El Tigre 1
The moral of the story is....
What I've wanted the Tigers to do for ages
Has the ACC come out and said the Maryland TD catch should
Re: Notes: ACC Says Challenge Should Have Been Overturned
One play away from losing by 13..., boy that sucks!***
don't forget that cheap touchdown they got at the end******
Re: Notes: ACC Says Challenge Should Have Been Overturned
oh well....$#!T HAPPENS***

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